fanguard dating sim

… Don’t mind me…

  • Loves to cardfight. Has Royal & Shadow Paladin decks.
  • Psyqualia power may appear when cardfighting.
  • King of Knights, Alfred & Alfred Early are her favorite cards.
  • Always carries an Alfred plushie… Sometimes carries a Lionmane Stallion one…
  • Admires Ren Suzugamori
  • Enjoys voice acting & drawing
  • Usually quiet unless Infy is next to her
  • Loves eating sweets

…people often think I’m a cold jerk because I don’t get closer to anyone easily.
Idk, when I meet someone that likes something that I also like, it gets my attention.

….I think this is the only things that really makes me friendly.

… this description supposed to be this difficult?


I’m much more kind with girls, I hate real men so much.

I was even famous in school because I used to hit all of the boys adfddsfddfsdd

Good times.

Well, I’m always alone.
Except when there is a dool/cardfight.


…..Royal Paladins.