Freaky Fusion Freak Peek

Something this spooktacular can’t stay locked in the coffin! The first lurk at Frankie’s Freaky Fusion adventure has finally materialized, ghouls.


San Diego Comic-Con Screams to a Start

By Ghoulia Yelps

Ghoulia here, reporting live from day one of San Diego Comic-Con 2013! Arriving on the convention room floor this morning was an absolute scream come true. Though I have been to SDCC a time or two before, this is the first year that I am able to take part as a writer/creator! Yes, guys and ghouls, this year I am unlucky enough to have my very own booth at SDCC (and what a thrill that it was placed right next to the official Monster High booth)! I have been preparing for this day for months, ensuring that everything be perfect for my debut as a comic book writer and designer. For those of you who perhaps have been locked in the catacombs studying all scaremester, I am the author and illustrator behind the epic new series sweeping Monster High. It’s aptly named Power Ghouls and, of corpse, all of my beast ghoulfriends are the inspiration behind the empowering lead characters. I am beyond deadlighted to debut the comic here at SDCC 2013 and am itching to hear feedback from fans throughout the long weekend.

Upon arrival at my booth this morning, I found a welcome packet that left me gushing with emotion. I couldn’t believe this was all finally happening! After an initial panic swept over me (even Power Ghouls experience nerves from time to time) I took a deep breath and welcomed my first UHHH-mazing visitor. Suffice to say, total chaos soon followed as the convention room filled with monsters and normies alike. I spent most of the day selling comics, signing autographs and meeting those who call themselves my fans! Can you believe it? I, Ghoulia Yelps, have a crowd of loyal followers. Cleo is most certainly going to freak!

It wasn’t until late in the day that I was able to sneak away and grab a freak-peek at what my ghoulfriends over at the Monster High booth were up to. Let me tell you, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. A full-scale remake of the Monster High halls, including a frightfully detailed map of the catacombs! I thought I was one of the few who had haunted every dark corner of the school, but it appears the Administration has done more digging than I could have ever imagined! Not only that, but they revealed the creatures from down below (Critter and Creeper) who have always lurked mysteriously in the Catacombs. Aren’t they scary-cute? Speaking of cute, did you capture a look at the new Sweet Dreams Frankie and Draculaura that were revealed earlier today? The ghouls are going to die when they see these!

Well, that is about it for today. I am dead tired and am off to capture some much-needed beauty sleep. If you haven’t already creep over to Twitter and follow @MonsterHigh for an UHHH-nbelievable Webarella #MHGiveaway.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s exciting installment of Live from San Diego Comic-Con; same scary time, same thrilling place!


“We Are Monster High” Screams To Top of Charts

If last summer’s fanfare was any indication of success, then the latest revamped version of the “We Are Monster High” music video is sure to be epic. Madison Beer absolutely deadlights in her high-voltage, frightfully-fun new video staring so many spirited Monster High students! Never stop rocking your right to fright and enjoy this furrrocious new video!


Comic-Con Day 2, Ghoulia’s Dead-light

If San Diego thrilled on day one, guys and ghouls, I cannot begin to express my UHHHn-believable feelings toward the dead-lights that today brought.

Not only was today Friday the 13th (certainly my favorite howliday, by far), but it was also the first ever Monster High Panel at San Diego Comic-Con! I was absolutely ecstatic to be offered front row seats (along with friends Scarah and HooDude) to this other-worldly event. Imagine, if you will, Monster High designers and creators sitting mere feet in front of me (mere feet)! These guys and ghouls are legends at Monster High! It was so UHHH-mazing to witness their discussions up close and personal during the panel. I could not have crafted better questions than the ones that were presented from the audience.  The air was filled with an electricity that can only be described (in Frankie’s words) as “voltage!” The panel ended with an award (which in my opinion is how every presentation should end) and while I did not win the costume contest, I will admit that the [guy/ghoul] who did win was absolutely deserving of the crown.  Luckily, Cleo was not here, otherwise heads would have rolled, as she insists on always having the beast headpieces and always, well, winning.

Prior to the panel was another event that I had been anxiously anticipating.  Early in the day, dozens of monsters materialized at the signing area for a Monster Meet Up of epic proportions! I have never seen this many student bodies congregating outside the boundaries of Monster High! It was an enchanting sight to see. I truly wish that all MHGG readers could have been there to experience the monster love.  I am so proud to be a monster in this unique moment.  Additionally, the day was filled with excitement as fans got to experience the new MH photo booth!  I will surely be sending a few of those pictures back for this year’s Fearbook.

Finally, the day would not be complete without a report on yet another doll reveal.  Yesterday, it was our beloved Headmistress.  Today, administrators revealed that two of my closest ghouls will soon be transformed into superheroes! As you can probably imagine, I was shocked, awed and completely inspired by this creeperific revelation.

Until next time – stay comical, guys and ghouls!   

School Closed as Another Year Bites Dust

The Gory Gazette is beyond thrilled to put one final rumor to rest in 2013! With Boo Year’s Eve lurking just hours away, Headless Headmistress Bloodgood has officially announced that school will be closed for the epic celebration! Our offices received word early this morning that the coffin doors would remain locked today and tomorrow as guys and ghouls prepare to sink their teeth into what will surely be a night to remember!

Happy Boo Year’s Eve to all of our UHHH-mazing readers out there and we’ll see you in 2014!

New Ghoul Materializes Just in Time for Día de Los Muertos

Rumors of a new ghoul arriving at Monster High this screamester have been haunting the halls for months. Would the newest student body be a gargoyle, a werecat, or perhaps one of InvisiBilly’s fabled siblings? Luckily, all speculations were put to rest recently when Headless Headmistress Bloodgood announced the new student at the morning assembly. For those guys and ghouls who pressed snooze on their iCoffin’s this morning and missed the announcement the newest ghoul in school is Skelita Calaveras! She came all the way from Hexico to receive what most consider being the most esteemed monster deaducation in North UHHH-merica.

Skelita first heard of Monster High’s superior standards while touring the Scarisian Catacombs last summer. During the epic trip, she befriended MH freaky-fab friends Rochelle Goyle, Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein – who were also in Scaris for a voltageous group trip. Once she heard Monster High’s groundbreaking cornertomb motto “Be Yourself. Be Unique. Be a Monster,” she was hooked. She knew she had to transfer.

Of corpse, Skelita has arrived just in time for the calaca holiday; Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) when the dearly departed are celebrated throughout Hexico. In honor of her arrival, Frankie and the ghouls have decorated Skelita’s locker with skeleton beads and decorative sugar skulls. “We really just wanted to welcome her,” said Frankie, “and help her feel a little more at home.”

Breaking: Catty Noir’s New Romance

New ghoul, the furrrocious Catty Noir was seen at the Coffin Bean with a mysterious, unidentified monster this past weekend. According to on-lurkers, Catty was smiling from ear to ear and enjoying her favorite strawscarry shake. Her mysterious companion kept his hat on, shielding his face from public view. Rumor has it that Catty is secretly dating a monster she met on tour earlier this year. We’re dying to know who he is! Stay tuned as we haunt for more info.  

Enrollment Soars at Monster High

Fangs to a creeperific new campaign pieced together by the Monster High administration, enrollment on campus is at an all-time high! “We’re deadlighted to welcome so many new faces to our halls,” HH Bloodgood told our reporters. “Student bodies are eager to attend a school that celebrates differences and we are thrilled to have them.”

The ghouls prepping for a Halloween Bash

Halloween is lurking just around the corner and excitement is haunting the air at Monster High. As in years past, spirited ghouls like Frankie and her beasties are lending a hand to ensure that the biggest party of the year turns out terroriffic! Frankie has reportedly pieced together an army of party decorators to make sure the vampatorium is covered in the finest Halloween décor. Operetta and Holt have been appointed the task of a furrrocious playlist (of corpse) and Draculaura is leading a team of crafty bakers in conjuring up scary-sweet munchies. Lurks to us like this year’s party is going to be the most mind-blowing to date!


MH Desinger Thrills with Creeperific Costume Takeover

With Halloween lurking just around the corner, Monster High designer, Rebecca, has taken to Instagram with a furrrocious lurk into her costume pre-planning process. Ghouls across campus have been screaming over the epically inspired pics, so we thought we’d bring you a freak peek into the legend herself! Creep reading for a Gory Gazette exclusive lurk at this fangtastic designer. 

For those who may not know, Rebecca is a deadlightful Monster High designer who works her fingers to the bone to help students celebrate all that makes them freaky fab! This Halloween, she’s dying to transform her normie look into a creeperific vampire.

She began her transformation with the purrrfect color palate and this blood red eye shadow undoubtedly did the trick. Sources close to Rebecca report that she conjured up this haunting make-up without batting an eyelash!

But the most furrrocious part of all has to be her insane attention to detail! Staffers couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw this set of spirited accessories adorning her outfit (monsters are seriously losing their heads over them)! 

And when she finally pieced the whole outfit together…

Monster, did she lurk UHHH-mazing!

Happy Haunting, Monster High!

 Jinafire Arrives, Year of the Dragon Begins

New student body, Jinafire Long, brings with her not only a keen sense of monster heritage but a strong willed nature and fire-y spirit that will leave any guy or ghoul in awe. The MHGG was lucky enough to nab a coveted interview with her upon her arrival at school:

MHGG: Thank you so much for agreeing to speak to us, ghoul! We’ve been fired up to talk to you ever since we heard news of your arrival.

Jinafire: Of corpse! I am thrilled to speak to such an honorable publication.

MHGG: We hear you’re coming to us all the way from China! Tell us a bit about home.

Jinafire: It’s a creeperific place filled with a rich and warm history of tradition and strength. I miss it dearly, but am so excited to finally be at Monster High.

MHGG: How was the epic trip? Jinafire: Other than a rude fellow traveler that made me a little hot under the collar, all transpired as expected. MHGG: Hot under the collar, huh? I smell a fangtastic story brewing…

Jinafire: I’m a very strong willed ghoul, and keeping my temper tame can be a bit of a challenge. But I had my lucky charm (and scary-cute pet), Qing, with me, and he helped to keep my impulses in check.

MHGG: You sound like a spirited ghoul. What’s next for you?

Jinafire: I’m flying straight to the Creepateria to confirm that Sichuan is added to the weekly menu.

MHGG: Sounds spicy!

Jinafire: If you haven’t tried Pan Fried Kung Pao Eyeballs, you haven’t lived!

MHGG: May I join? I’m suddenly feeling famished.

Jinafire: It would be my honor!

Capture a lurk at more Jinafire photos on Facebook

Monster High Conjures Up New Instagram Account

Breaking news, guys and ghouls! HH Bloodgood has just announced that Monster High is all set to start haunting Instagram and monsters everywhere are losing their heads in anticipation of the creeperific new account. “I’m absolutely sparking!” Frankie told the MHGG. “I can’t wait to see what voltageous new images we unearth from the catacombs!”


Student bodies are encouraged to creep over now and follow @MonsterHigh for instant access to all things freaky fabulous. #MonsterHigh #MHhalloween

2013 - A Total Scream Come True

As student bodies prepare to close the coffin lid on 2013, many are reflecting back on a year of wishes and screams come true. “It’s totally voltageous to see what all of my friends have accomplished this year,” Frankie reported to our staffers. “Robecca reclaimed her baller SKRM status, Clawdeen traveled to Scaris to work on her first clothing line, and Ghoulia launched an UHHH-mazing new comic book! It’s all just… so freaky-fab!”


2013 has certainly been a furrrocious year at Monster High thanks to scary cool student bodies just like you. Now help us complete our latest MHGG poll: Did your epic screams come true this year?

Frankie Lights Up MH With Howliday Cheer

Nothing sparks a little unlife into the howlidays quicker than a tree trimming party! Talk of this week’s scary festivities, hosted by Frankie, has been electrifying the halls as of late. Turns out, monsters are totally charged up to see what she pieces together. “Like always, I’m sure it will be an absolute thrill,” Cleo reported. “Frankie has a magnificent way of hitting every seasonal celebration right on the bolt!”