fangtastic friday

This Fangtastic Friday Koneko-Chan makes room in the spotlight and let’s her best friend, Prince Mono, bask in the late summer sunset! Hopefully y'all like his beach get up! ❤️ Remember that you can follow Koneko-Chan Facebook for creepy cute updates every Friday!

Happy Fangtastic Friday, everymonster! Hopefully you are all doing weekend’s eve! Your ghoul Koneko-Chan is transforming into a sparkling, summer-y chibi to pay tribute to the blogger, @LapinChocolat! Remember her amazing Koneko-Chan cosplay? She has kindly offered to post more reviews/hauls on Koneko-Chan themed merchandise in the future so make sure you pay her facebook page and blog a visit! Remember that you can also get new Koneko-Chan related updates on her FB page every Friday! 💖


Happy Fangtastic Friday!!!!! Today is dedicated to the my favorite Vamps and their awesome progeny (Yes, I know I left out Willa, she hasn’t been there long enough to make an impact yet)!!! :) Bill& Jessica have an amazing relationship although its pulled to its limits at times and Eric & Pam are awesome even though their relationship has been almost none existent for like the past 3 seasons. You can tell even though He released her, he still cared for her and the same goes for Pam!  This concludes *Fangtastic Friday* Hope Y'all have a fangin’ good weekend