Writing Update

Hello my beautiful fangsters, 

I have a few thing to talk about, so I would appreciate it if you took the time to read this. Don´t worry I am not quitting tumblr or anything like that, so need to panic (if you even care ^^)

You might have noticed the absence of writings lately, and I apologize for that. I simply have a crazy schedule. (For example I got home at 8:30PM yesterday after 11 hours of work). Working sucks.

Since I have a lot of writing requests in line, and I do not have the same amount of time to write as I did before, I decided to change a few things: 
I am unable to write every Imagine/Oneshot requests without letting you wait for a veeery long time, so I have come to the decision that if a requests is similar to one I already did (or one I am working on) I won´t be writing it. 
Sure there will be exceptions, if a certain character react differently to a certain situation, or I have a new idea, however I sadly cannot write every single request I get anymore if they are too similar. 

Please note, that this does not mean that you should stop sending in your awesome requests, I just have to use the little time I have as effective as possible, and I cannot do that if I have to think of new ideas for a similar storyline. It just takes too much time. 

I hope you understand. Have a marvelous day/night my darlings <3 I love you,


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