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halloween: deancas + claire au, 1,3k; based on this prompt

Giving candy away is the closest to trick-or-treating a grown ass guy can have on a Halloween night. And if that ain’t just the worst thing about adulthood, it’s a strong second, if you ask Dean. Right after taxes, that is. Long gone are the times of ringing the doorbells with a cheerful chant on his tongue, counting the sweets as they filled up the bags. Best he can hope for these years are a few leftover sweets at the bottom of his very big and very empty bowl. And that’s only if the number of little monsters and superheroines at his doormat falls a little short of the anticipated.

On the bright side, isn’t it worth it? Just for the bright smiles on the kiddos’ painted faces, their gleeful chatter as they rush down his sidewalk to reach the next house?

Besides, who said Dean can’t have a little fun himself, while at it? The decorations, the costume, the whole shtick, even if the kids are the only ones who’ll see it? He spent most of the morning putting up fake spiderwebs and carving the coolest jack-o-lantern for the porch.

The costume he’s quite proud of, too, even if assembling it wasn’t too hard. It’s homemade, mainly, except for the fangs, of course. And the most invaluable help from his best friend’s artistic girlfriend. Once Gilda was done slapping make-up on him, Dracula got nothing on him. Art, that’s what it is.

Even before the sun began to set, he was ready. Climactic music — some playlist with horror movie themes on loop — and a good book for the slower moments in between the doorbells.

An hour later, he hasn’t progressed a page. Where the heck do all those kids come from? He doesn’t remember having so many of them in the neighborhood.

“The coolest costume, mister Winchester!” praises a short, green Hulk.

“Thank you, Todd, yours is awesome as well,” Dean lisps through the fake teeth.

The kid flashes his teeth in a grin and scoots to catch up with his friends. Dean closes the door behind him, but doesn’t even hope to walk far away from it. He doesn’t sink comfortably into his armchair, doesn’t even take out his fangs.

It’s hardly a minute or two before there’s someone at the door again. There’s one ring, then patient silence.

Dean reaches for the handle with the, well-practiced by now, grimace pasted on his face, fangs out. He opens the door. The hiss dies down in his mouth.

At his doormat, stands the tiniest Supergirl, staring up at his face with wide, wide eyes, mouth open. She pales, takes a step back. Her bag of candy drops to the ground.

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Teaser for Shklance Vampire porn. Inspired by @hardlynotnever and their amazing arm (check it out if you have’t. Such quality Lance action, my goodness.)  

Shklance, but some non-con Zarkon/Lance touching and Lance/Nyma kissing. 

One of Lance’s college goals was to get laid, often and in glorious fashion. And, yeah, so far it hadn’t worked out for him but that didn’t change his goal any. And striking out didn’t bug him any, he’d been shot down a ton in high school and if nothing else he’d learned that persistence and hitting on as many people as possible was the key.

He’d gotten a few quality make outs for his efforts and given a sloppy hand job in the bathroom near his Drawing and Composition class. So, if he thought about it in terms of progression, he was really going places. It was only a matter of time before he had a parade of lovely ladies and gentlemen gracing his dorm room bed.

So when a tall leggy blond calling herself Nyma actually responded to him at the house party he drug Hunk to? He didn’t think it was weird at all. Not the way she smiled brightly, touched his hands, arms, rubbed his shoulders, how she always seemed to be looking him in the eye, the way she laughed loudly at all his jokes. He didn’t even notice the way she kept going to the kitchen to get him drinks but never touched her own. And yeah, her skin was chilly but it was October and after a while they moved outside and he was warm and tingling and feeling more than a little drunk and…

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Joker Imagine - You’re a vampire

sotinycynthia-17 said:Could you please do an imagine where the reader is a vampire and j finds out?

/Here it is. I tried haha

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Your P.O.V.

I thought I had found the perfect resolution for my life. I thought that he’d never find out, but boy I was wrong.

I am a vampire.

A couple months ago I met my boyfriend, the one and only Joker. I was on a desperate hunt for fresh human blood. So I followed this juicy looking man to an alley where I attacked him. Little did I know that I was being watched. As I hit the guy’s head from behind and then got him down on the ground, I heard laughter. It made me tighten my grip on my victim and look around. I was so hungry, so angry and so bloodthirsty that I wouldn’t let anyone bother me.

As my victim was wiggling beneath my strong touch, the person stepped out of his hiding place. That’s when I saw Joker. I remember how his cold eyes met mine and his red lips curved into a wicked smile. ‘’I haven’t seen such a pretty girl take down such a big and strong guy in a very long time’’ Joker broke the silence with his carefully chosen words that sounded crazy from his mouth. I liked it.

I had just stared at him and held myself back from biting into my victim. I couldn’t let anyone see me, at least not fucking Joker. ‘’Why are you after..’’ Joker started and kneeled down. I watched as he kneeled down in front of the man who was scared for his life. Joker touched his jaw with his hand, hidden behind a white glove. I couldn’t deny that he looked very attractive all dressed up right in front of me. He was very interesting, I had admit it. ‘’..this fella here?’’ Joker finished his question. I yanked my victim’s hair and made him yell out loud, but I put my hand in front of his mouth.

‘’Just..killing my boredom Mr. J’’ I replied with a tough voice. He faced me again and smirked. I knew that I shouldn’t have kept looking at him, but I simply couldn’t bring myself to look away. I think at that moment he sneaked inside my soul and did something that made me want to stay.

I wanted him.

Not in a victim way, but something more..serious. I wanted to belong to this crazy man. I could already picture us together.

And my thoughts came true.

We saw each other at his club for a few weeks. I came by usually on Saturdays and he happened to see me there. Our ‘innocent’ talks developed into more heated discussions and until recently Joker and I took a big step forward. I wasn’t quite sure what I was thinking tho. He wanted me to be his partner, aka his girlfriend. I said yes.

How foolish.

We had been together for a little while now and I was just anxiously waiting for him to find out my big secret. We went out together at night, because I told him I hated days. I also slept all day and he did too so it was perfect. But I was scared to kiss him with tongue because he’d definitely feel my sharp teeth. I avoided mirrors. I just tried my best to act human. When we killed for fun and he left, I would come back to our victim and drink up the precious blood. 

There was a myth that vampires couldn’t eat anything else, but that was wrong. Or else Joker would have known something was wrong. 

       My eyes looked at the man we had killed a few minutes ago. His body was against the wall and he was bleeding from his wounds we made. Joker walked back to the car and I promised I’d be there soon. Little did he know I was going to suck this man completely empty of blood. I stepped closer to our victim and I noticed something. He still had a pulse.

It just made me smile. ‘’The fresher, the better’’ I muttered to myself and then grabbed his head so I could lean closer to his neck. As I opened my mouth, I already tasted his blood in my mouth. My senses were really sensitive which I liked. I could know what people’s blood tasted like by being close to them. For some reason I never got a temptation to drink Joker’s blood. It was strange, but right now I had other things to think about.

I sunk my sharp teeth into his neck, piercing his veins and then I attached my lips onto his skin. Then I could drink up. Just as I got started, I heard someone sneaking up to me. ‘’Y/N ‘’ I heard a familiar yet confused voice. My eyes widened and I dropped our victim down, quickly wiping my mouth with my arm. Then I did a cool thing where I made my fangs look like normal teeth again.  I turned around to face Joker. Our eyes met and I felt like a little girl caught stealing candy.

His face said it all. He was shocked and confused. Although I doubt he was scared, but I knew he was disappointed I hadn’t told him anything. ‘’I can explain..’’ I broke the silence between us. It didn’t make me feel any better. ‘’When were you planning to tell me?’’ Joker raised his voice and made me step back. He had never been angry with me so I wasn’t sure what to do. ‘’I kinda..uh I don’t know..’’ I mumbled nervously and looked away from his face. I screwed up.

Suddenly I felt his hand on my jaw. He was breathing heavily and he tried to make me look at him. ‘’Are you really a vampire?’’ He almost growled. My eyes stung, but I didn’t cry. I was just sad that I was caught. Instead of speaking, I just nodded. ‘’So that’s why my baby never made out with me’’ Joker purred and surprised me. I faced him and saw a big smile on his face. 

‘’W-why aren’t you mad?’’ I stuttered because I was surprised. His eyes were full of adoration.It really threw me off. ‘’Because that’s hot’’ Joker giggled darkly and then made me smile. I didn’t care about getting in trouble now, so I just jumped at him and gave him a big hug. Joker didn’t mind that I hugged him first. He wrapped his strong arms around me and then took a deep breath.

‘’Damn baby..You’ve got to show me all your tricks’’ He spoke happily and then pulled back so he could face me. ‘’With pleasure’’ I promised him. His blue eyes were darker. It’s like he was turned on. ‘’You need to promise me something’’ He suddenly got all serious. I nodded, allowing him to continue. ‘’Never bite me when you’re blowing me’’ He whispered into my eyes and it made me laugh softly. ‘’Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands’’ I tried to reassure him. J slapped my bum playfully. 

‘’I think that you’re the real batgirl Y/N’’ Joker thought out loud. I rolled my eyes. ‘’haha that’s funny’’ I tried to say seriously, but I couldn’t help but to chuckle. I knew he’d make so many jokes about me being a vampire and how vampires had things to do with bats.

‘’Now go get him baby’’ He encouraged me to finish our victim. I was more than happy to.

                                          Our Love is Criminal

Muse A is one of the most powerful crime bosses in the country. Their organization controls everything from petty theft and gambling to high ranking politicians securely nestled in their pocket, and has for generations. But, in recent years, the organization has grown into a level previously unheard of thanks in part to Muse A’s wife (Muse B). A strategic genius who, thanks in part to the connections from her own crime family background, has helped Muse A takeover or destroy all other competition in the area.

Together the power couple, equal, and devoted to each other and the expansion of their empire, begin to reach a level past untouchable to almost god or myth like in the criminal underworld; to the point that rumors spread that those who speak ill of the King disappear in the middle of the night, and no one wanted to even think about what happened to those that disrespected the Queen…..

Costumed Craving...

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11

Bog both looked and felt as if he was going to vomit.  

After Marianne’s screamed confession, he’d torn off his shirt as if it was on fire to see the evidence of her claim for himself.  The small, angry, red and purple mark on his pale chest, just to the right of his left nipple, he’d written it off as a hickey.  But how could a hickey last two months?  He’d treated it like all the others, but it was the only one that had refused to fade!  

This was too much, and Bog would’ve clambered through the ropes to try his luck with the metal door again, if he wasn’t so petrified he couldn’t move an inch.

But he could still talk.

“Th-then, ye…ye lied to me!”  He almost squeaked.  “Ye are a vampire!”

Marianne rolled her eyes with an irritated grunt.

“No, I’m not, Bog!”

“Ye jus’ said ye bit me!”

“Yes, but not because I’m a vampire!”

“Y-ye told me ye dorn’t drink blo-!”

“We don’t.”  Marianne emphasized before biting her lip and staring at the floor in obvious guilt.  “Unless…”

“Unless what?”

“…Unless we find our…God, I hate this term,” Marianne groaned, running a hand through her pixie-cut hair, “…our……s-s-soulmate.”


“…What?  What did ye say?”

Marianne couldn’t meet Bog’s eyes if her life depended on it.  Her gaze stayed low, but her face pinched in her battle to keep from crying like a child.  Turning away to one of the corners, she wrapped her arms around her middle to quell the irrational fear that she might literally fall apart otherwise.

“Lilin do have fangs, Bog,” she began slowly, “like a traditional vampire, but they only appear for two reasons: for defense…or for when we meet our soulmate.”

When Bog stayed silent, Marianne forced herself to continue.

“For every Lilin, there’s…one person out there, that they’re meant to be with, for life.  They can be either human or Lilin themselves.  Some think that through all the seduction and prowling, we’re just…searching for them.  Others say they’re our spiritual salvation, but what’s a definite fact is that when we’re blood bound to them, our craving finally stops.”  


Hearing his voice gave Marianne the courage to face him again.  

“When I first saw you at the Halloween party, I instantly knew I wanted to spend the night with you.  I loved your costume, and I thought you were crazy hot; I still do.”

Bog cleared his throat and awkwardly glanced to the side.

“I mean it, Bog.”  Marianne insisted, knowing full well his lack of confidence when it came to his physical appearance.  “You have no idea how sexy you really are.”

“Th-thank ye, but…can we please stay on topic?”  Bog asked, blushing like a peach and discreetly shifting his legs to hide himself.  

Pursing her lips to keep from smiling, she nodded and went on, growing more and more somber with every word.

“Right, sorry.  Well…while we were together, I…I honestly don’t know how else to explain it, Bog.  I just……I couldn’t control myself.  Nothing like that had ever happened to me before; not even in the three years I’d dated Roland.  My body knew you were my soulmate before my mind did; it was instinctual.  You made my fangs appear, and…the next thing I knew…”

She trailed off, not needing to state the obvious, so she skipped ahead.

“I was horrified at what I did.  After Roland, I…I let myself believe that my soulmate just didn’t exist; that it was all a mistake.  I tried to stay away from you, but…clearly, that was impossible.  There you were, practically everywhere I went.  And the pull to you was just too strong.  No matter how much I denied it to myself and to Dawn…being with you made everything better.  I’d never enjoyed talking to someone as much as did you.  All the things we had in common; you even understood what it was like to lose a parent, and to get your heart broken by someone you thought you loved!”

As she spoke, Bog’s expression changed; morphing from fright and discomfort to a look of shameless awe.  She didn’t know that he’d felt the exact same way!  

“Lord help me, Bog, I just couldn’t resist you.  I didn’t need to feed anymore, but I did anyway whenever we were…intimate.  I was too scared to face you afterwards, so I always put you to sleep, and left before you woke up.  All the while, lying to myself about what a goddamn coward I was, because those first couple of times after Halloween, I somehow ended up biting you again.  I suppose I was trying to subconsciously counteract my stubbornness by making sure the transformation was working.”  

Momentarily spent, Marianne studied Bog carefully.  He was still as a statue and watching her without even blinking.  His eyes were hollow and his mouth sullen, as if he’d aged thirty years over the course of this unbelievable exchange.  He said nothing, not even when he appeared to lose the will to stand, and trudged himself over to one of the opposite ring corners so he could sit down and lean his back against the pole.  His hands came up to cover his face, and she could hear his deep, shuddered breathing.  

This time, his silence was absolutely unbearable, and her quiet, long held tears began to quietly fall freely, from the terror and anguish that her Roland-induced doubts were about to come true; that he was going to reject her and prove once and for all, that she could not have a soulmate.

The soulmate she wanted and loved more than anything on this earth.  

She was so caught up in her despair, she nearly missed it when at last, Bog did speak again:

“There’s…no way to stop this, is there?”

And just like that, Marianne’s heart was crushed into a million jagged shards of glass, cutting her to bleeding ribbons from the inside out.  It was a miracle she was able to keep her tone even.

“No, Bog.  Not without dying.”

The Creeper (FF XIII AU)

“You know, Fang, I didn’t create a magical mirror for the gods so that you could creep on some mortal.”

Fang turned away from the magical mirror to scowl at her sister. “Vanille, I am not creeping on some mortal.”

The redheaded goddess raised one eyebrow. “Fang, you’ve been using a magical mirror that can show you any person or place in all of creation to watch one mortal - the same mortal - for about two days now. That’s creepy. Really creepy.”

“It is not.”

“It so is.” Vanille went over to peer into the mirror. Being the goddess of inventors, thieves, rabble-rousers, conquerors, blacksmiths, and scholars had its perks. “I admit that she’s good looking for a mortal, and she does seem to enjoy stabbing things, which I assume is what got your attention.”

“It was.” Fang had first noticed the mortal in question after watching her slaughter a band of ogres that had been menacing the local countryside. It had been very impressive. Sure, Fang could easily have slaughtered an entire army of ogres, but she was a god. Things were much more difficult for mortals. 

“Why don’t you go talk to her?” Vanille said. “It’s obvious you want to. I mean you are a god. What’s the worst that could happen? Even if she thought you were a weirdo and stabbed you with that sword of hers, all she’d do is break her sword. Heck, nothing short of a divine weapon crafted by someone like yours truly can even harm you.”


“Just look at this.” Vanille flicked her wrist, and a spear appeared in her hands. “This is a handy little thing that one of my more gifted mortal followers came up. It’s easily the pointiest thing they’ve ever made.” She stabbed Fang in the gut with it, and there was a loud shriek as the metal buckled and came apart. “See? No mortal weapon can wound you. You’ll be fine. Go talk to the pretty mortal.”

Fang grabbed the mortal spear and tossed it aside. Vanille spent entirely too much time wandering around the mortal world causing mayhem. It was a miracle that the High Mother and High Father hadn’t already unleashed their divine wrath upon her. Then again, Vanille was one of their favourites. The redhead had an absolute knack for talking her way out of trouble, and at least they didn’t have to worry about Vanille trying to overthrow them like some of the other gods. Vanille was perfectly content to wreak havoc. The responsibility of running the universe was not something she wanted.

“Fine.” Fang took a deep breath. “Maybe I will go talk to her.”

X     X     X

Lighting Farron, the Knight-Captain of the great and mighty city of Bodhum had just stopped by a small stream to let her chocobo drink when an icy gale forced her to cover her eyes. When she looked up again, she was no longer alone.

“Greetings, mortal.”

“…” Lightning tilted her head to one side. “Excuse me?”

“Greetings, mortal.”

“…” Lightning stared at the new arrival. A tall woman with dark hair and green eyes stood there with a spear draped casually over one shoulder. There was something strange about her, something inhuman. Wait… “Are you one of the gods?”

The other woman twitched. “What?”

“I mean… you don’t seem entirely human and -”

“Do you seriously not know who I am?”

“Uh… no.”

“Fang, goddess of the wind, dragons, warriors, spears… any of that ring a bell?”

“Hmm…” Lightning frowned. “I’m… not that devout a follower of the gods.”

“Oh.” Fang made a face. “Well, allow me to introduce myself. I am Fang -”

“Goddess of the wind, dragons, warriors, and spears. I heard that already. Why are you here?”

Fang’s eye twitched. Although she wasn’t particularly arrogant for a god, she had come to expect a certain level of respect. “You do realise that you’re talking to a god, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do. What do you want from me?”

“I have been watching you -”

“Have you been stalking me?” Lightning glared. “Because I feel like someone has been watching me for two days now…”

“As I said,” Fang continued, clearing her throat. “I have been watching you, and I would like to…” She trailed off. Damn it, she should have thought this through more.

“Would like to what?” Lightning’s eyes widened. “Wait - do you want me to become your lover or something? Is that why you waited until I was alone to appear? Is that why you’ve been stalking me?”

“Yes - no - wait!” Fang covered her face with her hands. “Let me try to explain this in a way that doesn’t seem creepy…”

X     X     X

Vanille banged her head on the magical mirror. Seriously? Her older sister was supposed to be one of the greater gods, a being of incalculable and terrible power, a being of unmatched wisdom and intellect… a being who apparently couldn’t string together two words when in front of someone they were interested in.

Good grief.

Maybe she should invent a dating advice machine or something? Although knowing Fang, she’d probably just spear it and pretend it was an accident.

Oh well, enough of this.

“Mirror,” Vanille said. “Show me this Lightning’s relatives. Maybe I can give Fang a hand.”

The image in the mirror shifted. Vanille smiled. Perfect.

X     X     X

“Cower in fear, mortals!” Vanille appeared in the middle of a courtyard in a flash of divine light, energy blazing around her binding rod. “I, Vanille, goddess of heaps of stuff have arrived!”

As the servants in the courtyard cowered in fear, a pink-haired young woman came forward. “Please tell me you’re not here to smite us, honoured goddess.”

“No, no, no.” Vanille nodded magnanimously. “I have simply come to learn more about the mortal known as Lightning Farron, for the gods have plans for her.” Well, more like Fang had plans for her…

“Oh, my sister?”

“Yes, your sister.” Vanille waved her hand and conjured a chair to sit in. Standing was far too much effort. The chair also had wheels, and it wheeled her toward Lightning’s sister. “So… speak, mortal.”

“Uh, could you maybe use my name?”

“Then, mortal, what is your name?”

The mortal’s eye twitched. “You don’t know my name? I thought the gods were all knowing.”

“If you wished, I could take the knowledge from your mind, but it would probably make your brain melt and your eyes explode.” Vanille pointed her binding rod. “But I could do that if you wanted.”

“Um… no. My name is Lumina.”

“Well, then, Lumina. Speak!” Vanille rubbed her chin. “Tell me… how might one win your sister’s heart?”

“Would you mind if I got my other sister?” Lumina asked. “Because this is going to need both of us to explain.”

“Of course.” Vanille waved one hand. “And… get me something to drink while you’re at it. Perhaps watermelon juice.”

“We don’t have any watermelon juice.”

“I see.” Vanille frowned. “That is a problem.” She reached into the air, tugging something through dimensions. It was a large mechanical bird of prey. It perched on her arm, jewel-like eyes glinting in the sun. “Okay, bird, you’re up. Get me some watermelon juice.”

“Caw! Caw!”

X     X     X

Author’s Notes

This is kind of a humorous riff on The Gift which is a much more serious story in terms of tone. Here, we have goddess! Fang trying to win over mortal! Lightning in what can only be described as an excruciatingly awkward encounter. How is a goddess supposed to win over a mortal who doesn’t particularly like or believe in the gods? And will Lightning and Fang survive the meddling of goddess! Vanille?


Charles Dance and Aidan Turner in Resonance -The Morning After

Resonance is a grand story about a mythical object of incredible power, co-created by professionals and audience, told across multiple platforms. We’re making it to educate and engage our audience about the world around them and the systems that influence their lives and to demonstrate the incredible power of collaboration. x

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