fangs and fins

“Aliens, Imps, Sprites, & Tykes” (2014)

Starring The Powerpuff Girls, Astro Boy, Bat-Mite, The Impossible Man, Calvin, The Great Gazoo, Atom Ant, Clarence, Quisp, Dumbo, Tinkerbelle, Dolly, Mister Mxyzptlk and Fin Fang Foom. By Jeremy Eaton, 2014.
22" x 36" acrylic pop art painting on ¾" plywood.
The original is owned by Powerpuff Girls creator, Craig McCracken.

Source: Jeremy Eaton


DEADPOOL and the MERCS for MONEY No.1 Hip Hop Variant cover by me. Amazingly, Marvel let me homage my own FLATBUSH ZOMBIES album cover for this, substituting Wade and his bros (and Fin Fang Foom!) for the members of FBZ! Such a cool assignment!!

Just revealed on the Previews official website, so safe to post at last!