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Okay but tf do you draw open, fanged mouthes so *well* bc it is damn near *impossible* to do that shit without the fangs getting in the way, like what demon do I need to contract to be able to do that

OKAY WELL I’m so bad at explanations BUT I GUESS HERE.

This goes along pretty well with another tutorial I made that was about how teeth and mouths work.  [here]  Building off of that…

fangs are like teeth, they, like, wrap around the head.  

There are a lot of different kinds of fangs in the animal kingdom, so they combine differently with normal teeth!  Almost universally, the canines on a normal person are going to be longer! (There’s usually four teeth in the middle front and then the canines on either side) 

a variety of fangs.  (Gamzee’s got an extra fang in the middle there, oops.  Oh well.)  Note: the fangs don’t need to perfectly line up, because they’re mostly going to lock together at the canines (look up wolf fangs if you wnat to see what I mean) but they should usually alternate so they’re at least not directly over top of each other.


Los Angeles-based artist and baker Christine McConnell (previously featured here) just finished decorating her parents’ house for Halloween. What was once a charming and inviting home has now been transformed into a spooktacularly awesome Monster House! McConnell cut and painted foam-core insulation board to make the monstrous eyes and vicious pointy teeth.

The house looks even more incredible at night when it’s lit by an eerie green light and there’s smoke pouring out of the ferocious mouth.

But no matter whether it’s day or night, never turn your back on this house. Approach slowly, trick-or-treat, and then carefully back away…

[via Christine McConnell on Instagram and Flickr]