Los Angeles-based artist and baker Christine McConnell (previously featured here) just finished decorating her parents’ house for Halloween. What was once a charming and inviting home has now been transformed into a spooktacularly awesome Monster House! McConnell cut and painted foam-core insulation board to make the monstrous eyes and vicious pointy teeth.

The house looks even more incredible at night when it’s lit by an eerie green light and there’s smoke pouring out of the ferocious mouth.

But no matter whether it’s day or night, never turn your back on this house. Approach slowly, trick-or-treat, and then carefully back away…

[via Christine McConnell on Instagram and Flickr]


Loki, The Cat With Vampire Fangs

A cat with a pair of distinctive fangs has quickly become one of the most famous felines on Instagram thanks to evil-looking face.

Loki, who now has more than 23,000 followers online, was adopted from a cat shelter by her owner Kaet, who explained on in a posting that she knows very little about the cat’s distinctive appearance.

Adopted from a cat shelter, nothing was mentioned to his owner Kaet about her kitten’s unique features. Although she has had a few health problems along the way, the Siamese-mix cat appears to be in good hands now – and, of course, the adoration of tens of thousands is undoubtedly doing wonderful things for her confidence. (Source)