MCU Ladies Week Day 7: The Future!

Sajal Ali as Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel*

“Good is not a thing you are it’s a thing you do.”

In the future of the MCU I would love to see Kamala Khan get her own movie or television show. Given how we are getting Inhumans in AoS, an Inhumans movie, and a Captain Marvel movie there will be a perfect opportunity to introduce Ms. Marvel to the MCU. Kamala is very real teenager who is trying to fight crime, keep her new superheroine identity a secret, figure out how her religion and traditions fit with her life as an American teen, and keep up with school, friends, and fanfiction. She’s funny, brave, and enthusiastic (she reacts to meeting Wolverine the way many of us would!) and would be a breath of fresh air in the MCU with the youth, optimism, and diversity she would bring with her story. 

*She’s my current faceclaim but I’d love for Marvel to cast an up and coming actual teen actress in the show/film

High Fantasy/Royalty AU

Nick is a Mage-King with strong powers and an affinity for potion making and healing though his battle magic is what earns him renown when he leads the joint armies against the demons to north. Phil is youngest non-magic son of a neighboring country- he and Nick meet during the 5-Year War strategizing together and combining their forces to finally overcome the demon armies threatening to overwhelm them. At the end of the war Phil and Nick marry, a love match that also solidifies the bond between their countries, Nick as King and Phil as the brother of the Queen, in the wake of war. 

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The challenge: post a mood board using your photos, art, or whatever you want, based on a past fic you’ve written or a current WIP - and include a link to the fic or series.

Transform - AO3 |

Summary:   When Adrien runs away from home, only Ladybug can help him. They both find out more than they bargain for.

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They Deserve Better

Day 2 Headcanons

⌊ Nick Fury is listening to the defunct SHIELD distress signal channel and using it to find agents left in the cold after the fall of SHIELD. While he doesn’t always swoop in like a guardian angel like he did for FitzSimmons many agents find themselves suddenly given passports, money, rescued from undercover ops, or released from international prisons without an explanation. He feels responsible for them because he was in charge when everything went to hell and he brought many of them or placed in them in the positions they are in and he still believes in SHIELDs founding goal of protection.⌋

Skimmons ComicCon College AU

Daisy is majoring in computer programming and works part time in IT to pay for her off-campus housing with her friend Joey. Jemma is double majoring in chemistry and biology and spends most of her time in the library or the lab. They both meet in their college Geek Club and end up teaming up to make their costumes for the big Comic Convention in town. Jemma dresses as Doctor Who and Daisy as Rey and the two work out a buddy system to see the whole convention. Jemma has been to many before with her friend Fitz but Daisy has only slipped in past the security a couple times when she snuck off during the summer at her last foster parents house so she wants to see everything. The crowd nearly separates them until Daisy takes Jemma’s hand- they hold hands until tey realize at the end of they day they are still holding hands as they wait for the subway back to campus and instead o letting go Jemma only squeezes harder. Next year they’re going to make a couple’s cosplay.