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New teacher|Teacher!Derek x reader

Hey guys.

This was a fic that I’ve had in my drafts for a very long time, so I’m not really sure about it. Feedbacks are always appreciated so let me know what you think.

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Your work is hard, you love it but it’s still hard.

Working in a high school isn’t simple, especially if you are the youngest teacher and the only one single. You tried to go on dates but they didn’t understand your passion for your subject so you tried to date one of your co-workers but it didn’t end well too.

You run towards the teachers’ room thinking about the lonely Friday that you will spend in two days.
You enter the room, trying not to draw attention to yourself.
“Well, now that Miss. Y/L/N is here we can start. This is Derek Hale the new P.E. teacher,” says the head teacher.
You stare at him, practically drooling.
‘Damn, he’s so hot,’ you think.
“Hi,” he says, looking around him.
“Well Miss Y/L/N, why don’t you show him around?”

“Finally out of there,” he says, sighing.
“You don’t like attention, uh?”
“No I don’t. What is your subject?”
“Interesting,” he looks at the ground, putting his hands in his pockets.
“So I think that we could start the little tour from the gym,” you say clearing your throat.

“And this is it, that’s the school,” you turn around and smile at him.
He nods, opening his mouth but shutting it almost instantly.
“Yes?” you encourage him.
“I was wondering if we could go for a coffee sometimes so you can explain better how thinks work here.”
“Well, I’ve got a lot of homework to mark today so maybe another time…”
“Yeah sure.”
The bell’s ringing breaks the silence and you two split for going in your classes.
‘Damn school.’

The next morning you wake up earlier than usual wanting to finish the reading of your student’s assignments.
You get in your car and take a glimpse of your hair in the rear-view mirror.
“I look disgusting,” you murmur to yourself.

You step out of your car trying not to lose anything.
A shiver shakes you from head to toe causing you to sink even more in your coat.
You scream a little, taken by surprise.
Turning you see the new handsome teacher.
“Hi, you scared me”.
“Sorry, it wasn’t on purpose.”
You look at him better and you notice that his shirt is completely covered in sweat and that it sticks to his chest emphasizing his abs.
“Oh, I was putting some obstacles in the field, they’re pretty heavy; I’m not always this sweaty.”
“Okay” you nod, walking towards the school and trying to hide your blush.
“Did you correct those assignments?”
“I have only a few left then I’ll be free.”
“So we can take that coffee.”
You look at him, scanning his expression.
“Okay, see you later,” you smile, walking towards your class.

Hi, I’m a new blog dedicated to all those who love to read. Im here to be a fangirl and ship all characters together.
I’m just book trash to be honest
So if you want to fangirl or just chat about books dm me
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•Shadow and Bone series by Leigh Bardugo
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•The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare
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And that’s just some of my favourites I have read, thanks 💜

Hey guys, So I made this IG acc just for fun, so I had a place to geek out and fangirl all about the wonderful Jim Parsons & TBBT ( cause I really can’t do that on my private acc cause my friends and family are following me there too, and they don’t know how BIG a fangirl i really am 😁😂 ) so if any of you are interested you can follow me there and I will of course follow you back 😘

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Oml I love your art so much !! I haven't been following you for very long, but every time I see your art on my dash it makes me so happy. Your style is so cute and amazing, and I just love it so much so keep doing you and know that I'm officially a fangirl xx

thank you so much!! however long you’ve been following me, i appreciate it :^)


If you have followed me long enough you probably know I have absolute love for (and possible level ten “can I be you / your best friend” girl crush) On AJ! A fact even more true after last week! From the second she set foot in WWE on NXT the game was changed. I FINALLY found a reason to give any fucks about women in wrestling again. If you know me now that probably sounds insane because I stan the division. It all started with this one! Bonus she was a nerd and absolute mega bonus she was from Jersey, maybe two, three towns over. I was never shy of how proud I was to claim her or maybe mentioning that she went to my rival high school. I remember crying the night she tweeted me that she “Proudly never rocked a poof” back when twitter was RookieAJ and her profile picture was FCW green screen. (You can probably find the tweets if you’re bored enough to look trough this tag) I would find any reason to fangirl, if she was in NJ you bet I posted with #WelcomeHomeAJ, she did something slightly game changing I was flipping out! From day one I had some awesome people to put up with me.

Tiff! You were the only person who understood me and my love for both AJ and her airport shenanigans.
Malorie who in a generous stretch of the truth called me a “Sane AJ stan.”
Lindsay I don’t know how I did it but my magic worked.

This past February a fangirl dream started to look like it might be a reality when one of my childhood bff’s cousin shared an event from bookends to my Facebook and simply said, “Surprise! We’re going.” My nerves did not kick in just yet. Hell, they didn’t even kick when I preordered the book or every time I replied to her tweets about the book tour. They hit me in the hours leading up to the signing. I got to bookends just in time, went to the counter to check in where they saw the notes of the accommodations I needed due to my cerebral palsy and recent surgeries in the last two years. I sat down, AJ came out moments later to the crowd exploding. She met with maybe two other people before it was my turn. She came up to me and I somehow managed to speak and I got out “Welcome home!” before being wrapped in a hug. When she let go I was a dork and explained how that was my favorite hashtag. I got laughed at in the sweetest way. I went on to thank her for making care about females in wrestling again. For some reason I was nervous for the next for, probably because it was personal. I went on to explain the surgeries I and thanked her for helping me through a very long and painful time of waiting for it all to be done. How I would get lost in whatever she did. She put her hand on her heart, told me I was welcome and how it meant so much to her. Next thing I knew I was telling her I was supposed to attend the Lita signing at WWF NY that they used in every video package ever. She was a bit surprised and said “OMG you were?! Well I’m so glad we got to come full circle. ” She signed the book, posed for my photos, thanked me for all the support. As she was walking to the next person I semi-non jokingly told her “Now we just need to get you back into the ring.” She smiled. That is the amazing memories that’ll stick with me forever.

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Oh my goodness, when I saw you followed me I fangirled. Thank you so much!! :)

No problem! Don’t bother fangirling, I like your blog! I don’t check out other people’s blogs enough to follow more, but when I do I follow the ones I like. :D


elders react to BMTH


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I found your blog in my recommendations and I liked your profile picture and ADORED your name so I clicked on you and stalked you a lil bit (okay a lot) and I loved your content and then I followed. Bonus: when you followed me I totally fangirled a lil bit bc I just admire you and your blog sm

Awww that’s so kind of you, sweetheart!! You’re such a cutie but I’m totally not worth being fangirled over!! 😂😂

I’m so glad that you liked my blog enough to stick around. ❤


Recently I hit 4k (say what??) so I made some reaction gifs as a thank you.  Seriously, you guys are all cupcakes and I thank you for following me as I fangirl over my favorite pizza delivery man. xoxo

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Hello to all you beautiful people ✨
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