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is the gruvia smut still on going? I just read your tag in an edit and I fangirled o>.<o

The post-ending smut, you mean? Yeah. I’m drafting an outline of “goodbye” smut with lots of scar kisses and intimate touching before Gray goes off on the 100 Years quest with the rest of Team Natsu. I wanna write something that shows Juvia as the mature woman she’s grown to be – as in, someone who can say goodbye to her lover for a few weeks/months/years without acting like the brat people seem to think she is. 

Plus, Gray saying “you’re mine” / “your body is mine” just INSPIIREEEEDD the smut. I am currently working on commissions, though, so I don’t know how soon it’ll be finished.

As a quick side note: a 100 years quest is not a quest that lasts 100 years. It’s one of those freakishly hard quests that Gildarts used to do/talk about. He’s not leaving for 100 years lmao. People need to stop freaking out about that. xD

Modern Fangirling Dictionary

1. I died.
MEANS: I am overwhelmed.
NOT: I am deceased.

2. OTP
MEANS: One True Pairing.
NOT: One Time Password.

3. Mom/Dad
MEANS: Role Model.
NOT: Mother/Father.

4. I hate this.
MEANS: I freaking love this.
NOT: I deplore this.

5. Slay.
MEANS: Show ‘em how it’s done.
NOT: Murder.

6. Thanks for ruining my life, see you in hell.
MEANS: You mean so much to my life. I’ll never leave this fandom.
NOT: A series of insults.

7. Adhkydvkvecibggrxavjnxjxsz
MEANS: A state of wordless excitement.
NOT: An aneurism.

I still, to this day, don’t understand how Simon could be so oblivious about his feelings for Baz. Are you actually telling me that it took Baz going against all of Smokey Bear’s rules on forest fires to make Simon realize he wanted to kiss the dolt when he has been thinking things like this throughout the whole goddamn book

‘I’m just lying in my bed, thinking about Baz.’

‘I know I should be happy about Baz being gone–but it seems so… wrong’

’If he weren’t a vampire, Baz’d be bloody perfect.’

‘Smarter than I am. Better looking.’

*literally there’s hardly a paragraph that goes by where Baz’s name isn’t mentioned at least like 6 times I mean come on*

The Zodiac Signs When Finding Someone in the Same Embarrassing Fandom as Them

Squeals or is loudly excited: Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Stays calm and talks about the fandom with them while secretly very happy: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius

Doesn’t say anything because they don’t want word to get out/makes it seem like they don’t enjoy it that much: Aries, Gemini, Libra

Name your poison
  • Friend A : My bae
  • Friend B : Internet
  • Friend C : Cat pics
  • Me : All the angst fanfic along with all the tooth-rotting fanfics that I read in the middle of the night, oh, don't forget the slow burn and tear-jerking fanfics too. Wait, there's more-
  • Friend A&B&C : yeah, yeah, now shut the hell up

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I played FFXV after I saw your numerous posts. It's an okay game but Noctis is your typical flat emo character, I don't understand the ruckus for him.


Anon-san, are you sure

that we

even play

a same game

Because.. I mean..

just look

at this guy



This game have a lot of flaws but I’m certain Noct’s characterization is not part of them. Of course you’re free to like or dislike and entitled to your own opinion, but….flat…… no, anon. Just, no. I have to disagree. Fight me.

I will never understand those who don’t ship things. Like what do you do just like a couple on a tv show or movie or book and be like “they’re cute I hope that happens,” and then it’s ambiguous or doesn’t happen and you’re like “oh guess I was wrong. That’s the end of that then” and don’t obsess over it for the rest of your life?