fangirls man

Y’all I watched a video of Dylan O’Brien legit running away and straight up escaping his bodyguards just so he can meet his fans who had been waiting all day for him and his entire PR team is literally screaming for him to stop and turn around but he just completely ignores them and keeps going until every single person gets an autograph and a picture and he did it all with like the most laid back and genuinely sweet and patient attitude and then I remembered how they let him out of shooting the last 10 episodes of Teen Wolf because he had a near death accident but he moved his entire schedule around just so he could come back anyway and finish what he started and it all just makes me seriously question if my whole writing career is just a subconscious ploy to find a way to meet this man and make him fall in love with me because who else in the entire world has ever 

Dragonball Gals?

Um I know it’s not for the target audience but who’s up for a “Dragonball Guys” or “Dragonball Hunks” line?

I’ve seen enough of disfigured 18, Chi-chi, and Bulma figurines with basketball-sized breasts. When we gonna get:

- Underwear model Goku
-Sexy Saiyan soldier Bardock
- Pretty boy Trunks wearing only his long sword scabbard to cover his long sword style hehe
- Gravity room Vegeta with a stitch-busting bulge
- [censored?] Naked Broly in a healing chamber
- Dilf King Vegeta with only his cape for censorship
- Sexy nerd Gohan with a necktie. Only. And a book ;)

Never? Of course. But feel free to add your wishes :D

friendly reminder that Joji can take pictures with females and they don’t have to be his girlfriend or a potential girlfriend.


I like fangirling in my journals,it’s better than fangirling in real life. Journal doesn’t judge you^^
The songs playing in the background are Standing Egg’s songs. Go check them if you like K-indie^^

  • <p> <b>Lance:</b> (approaches victoria secret top model lookin girl)Lady you are so gorgeous. What may I do to capture your attention?<p/><b>Girl:</b> (blushes) you can…<p/><b>Lance:</b> (grins)<p/><b>Girl:</b> (inserts THUNDERBALLS AND LIGHTING VERY VERY FRIGHTING ME level loudness)RIIIIDE KEITH'S DIIIICK ON TAPEEEEE!!!!!!<p/><b>Lance:</b> <p/></p>