2014 is Eighter year!!!! Celebrating 10 years of Kanjani8 starts now! Looking forward to their anniversary projects, album, concerts and 24hrtv hosting! Praying hard that I’ll be there to witness it all be it in Osaka or Tokyo! #kanjani8 #jpop #eito #fangirlonhigh

Another eighter milestone! Kanjani8 achieves 10th consecutive #1 single (18th overall) with へし曲がり/ここにしかあない景色 and sold 295+K copies. The most copies of singles sold since their debut beating last year’s あおっぱな . Best part is that this was achieved 8years and 8months after their debut. Congratulations Eito!!! #kanjani8 #fangirlonhigh

Finally!!! Kanjani8’s JUKEBOX! They did 宇宙に行ったライオン during band session! My feels! OMG! I’ll always love How Ryo switches from his acoustic to his electric guitar in this song! And whoever thought of doing a band version of BRULEE and using it as the opening song is pure genius! #kanjani8 #jpop #23 #fangirlonhigh

2012 has been an awesome year for you and I hope 2013 will be the same :) You’re the main reason I go crazy in the middle of the night but that’s okay because you’ve served as an inspiration to me for the past 5 years. Cheers for all the hard work and the success that came with it! I wish you all the best ! I hope you’ll have more spotlight in JUMP (drama please) because you deserve it. Happy 23rd Birthday Mr. #Architect! #inoo #kei #jpop #fangirlonhigh