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1.) What is something that other people find awesome, but you just can’t stand?

  • Grease. I mean I can stand the songs and the cast and everything but the plot. The plot’s just so awful. I mean, he’s so in love with her that he will pretend he never met her until she changes completely into what it is considered sexy by society? I cannot stand it. 

2.) Can you bake anything from scratch?

  • Yes, and I’m actually really proud of that ability!

3.) What is something you are really looking forward to?

  • My grandma’s gonna dance publicly from the first time this Friday and I’ll be onstage with her!

4.) Do you enjoy staring at the stars at night?

  • I do. I love sleeping outside. It’s refreshing.

5.) What is a philosophical question you ponder every once in a while?

  • I think it would be if I’m a ‘end justifies the means’ kind of girl or not. I do believe that you should do everything honorably and not hurting anyone but I also think you should do everything you are able to to get what you want. And those thoughts kinda contradict themselves. 

6.) When you ask for asks on tumblr, do people ever send you them?

  • Sometimes. Not always and not many asks but I do get some. 

7.) If you were forced to go back in time and live in a different era, which would you choose?

  • I don’t have the slightest idea. I’d clicked on 'shuffle’ and hope I’ll be okay. 

8.) If you could cast your own T.V. show, what would it be about, and who would act in it?

  • This is the question I’ve been waiting for since I was born. It would probaly have tons of queer people and POC and everyone would sing and dance to work and then Lana Parrilla would appear and be all 'I shall make you horny with my velvety voice and evil twins’ and Mariska Hargitay & Stephanie March would be making out a lot -like, that would be the plot- and Donkey & Dory would be BFFs and Audra McDonald would sing tons of opera with Krisitin Chenoweth and Anthony Rapp & Jonathan Larson would be so fucking married and that’s what I would do if I had a crack show.
  • But in a serious TV show? I think it would be a family-friendly show that aired queer couples and people dealing with actual stuff and where you could learn some history and about other cultures and geography, because geography is cool. 

9.) Scale degrees or solfege?

  • Since I now next to nothing of musical theory, I’ll let you choose.

10.) Quick, spill a secret.

  • My dad once find my diary and read it and I’ve already told my crush about my feelings so I don’t think I have many…


1.) Is there a song that represents your blog?

2.) Research about flowers and choose one you would give someone one a first date.

3.) What does your room look like?

4.) Have you ever written a poem?

5.) City lights or a sky full of starts?

6.) A physical attribute you find attractive.

7.) Are you spiritual?

8.) One thing you wish for this Christmas? 

9.) Have you ever finished a bucket list?

10.) Write 250 words about something that makes you sad.