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  • Based on Murata's awesome twitter photo of Fubuki and Lily shipping Saigenos (naturally), as well as the recent leak of the OVA. >;D
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  • -Genos picks up the Minis at the Fubuki Group's base after work. Lily practically squeezes three of them to death as she promises to take them out again.-
  • Genos: Thanks again for taking care of them while we were at work, Fubuki-san.
  • Fubuki: Not at all. In fact we appreciate it since it gives us a chance to train. Your kids really pick up fast.
  • Genos: Thanks. They really have been growing stronger these days.
  • Fubuki: Well you can drop them off again if you need a babysitter. We'll be glad to look after them.
  • Genos: [-smiles-] Sure, we'll do that.
  • -As he turns to leave.-
  • Fubuki: Ah, wait, Genos-kun.
  • Genos: Hm?
  • -She hands him two tickets for a love hotel.-
  • Genos: /////!?
  • Fubuki: Puri told me to pass this to you the next time we met. "You gotta make sure to pamper yourselves now and then."[-grins as Lily makes peace signs and a similar cheery expression.-]
  • Genos: (How do we end up making these kind of friends?/////)
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“Is that… is that the last thing you remember? When you attacked me at the arena?” The look on his face implied he already knew the answer and didn’t want to hear it.

“Well… yeah.”

With those two syllables, all the joy left Matt’s face.

@autistickeith, you ended up inspiring a Shatt marathon for me and I found this gem on AO3. So if you want a good Shatt fic to read, please consider this amazing story by the lovely @voltronpoint!!

(Also, I guess I am now officially Shatt trash. *sighs*)

So, I was looking around Barnes & Noble the other day when I came across a book called “The Fangirl’s Guide to The Galaxy: A Handbook For Girl Geeks” by Sam Maggs.  There was a section in the book listing fandoms and this was one of them:

My favorite part is the Unending Debates

people attending the Doctor Who SDCC panel!

If anyone feels so inclined, maybe you could ask Peter about his thoughts beg him to convince Moffat to bring back on River Song? This hasn’t really been addressed yet and well hey a lot of us are curious  if he’d want to have a story with River/what his thoughts are on her character.

Thank you and goodnight.