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FOR WILL, WHO IS SASSY AND SARCASTIC YET SO LOVING (and has the best character arc of anybody ever - this is not up for debate)





also if you are questioning picking it up, DO IT. Even if you didn’t like the mortal instruments (I wasn’t a huge fan) or love triangles (this is the only YA love triangle worth reading that I’ve found yet) TAKE THE PLUNGE. PICK UP CLOCKWORK ANGEL then swoop into my asks/inbox and we can fangirl together please and thank you

Sholto looks at John like “i know that we can’t be together but i still adore you for everything you are and you will always be one of the greatest men i ever knew.”

Sherlock looks at John like “I don’t know much about the solar system but if there’s one thing i know about it for sure is that it was you who put the stars in the sky and i would do ANYTHING just to ensure your happiness and safety even if it means sacrificing my own”

If there is anything about 2016 that deserves my praise, it’s that I would like to thank the fine people at Warner Brothers Studios for allowing the re-ignition of major flames in my fangirly life that Marvel first started in 2003. I love these men of mine. 😘😘😘

  • Reasons I envy Cath Avery:
  • -Levi Stewart
  • -She lives in a world in which there are Simon Snow movies
  • -Levi Stewart
  • -She lives in a world in which there are Simon Snow busts
  • -Levi Stewart
  • -She lives in a world in which anyone with a computer can read all of Magicath’s fanfic
  • -Levi Stewart. She lives in a world that has Levi Stewart.
  • Reasons Cath Avery envies us:
  • -We live in a world in which SNOWBAZ IS CANON
Carry On

Guys oh my gosh, I was given Carry On as a Christmas present and I’ve nearly finished it but fuck me the amount of screaming and crying I’ve done over Simon and Baz is too much. I’m actually in love with the book and Snowbaz is definitely a new ship I shall happily sell my soul to the devil for



I’m pretty sure that Serena is going to tell Robbie about Bernie. Here is my logic: In the autumn trailer, Serena is seen with 3 men (Ric, Raf, Robbie - the three Rs, eh?) and Bernie (the only person she actually kisses in the trailer). Now, we’ve seen Ric and Raf, and both of those are scenes where Serena bares her soul regarding Bernie. It figures she’ll do the same with Robbie, who really is the biggest admission/outing for Serena, what with him being her most recent and serious romance. We know she sleeps with him (I’m willing to hedge that it is a drunken one night stand because frankly, Serena feels vulnerable and lonely at the moment), but she looks less than thrilled by his advances in the trailer. I’m thinking that she’s going to tell Robbie about Bernie, and he’s not going to take it well (either homophobic comments/public humiliation/emotional blackmail etc), which will leave Serena feeling even worse. And there will also be the drama regarding Tristan etc to keep the hospital tense. Hence, Jason takes it upon himself to contact Bernie. I can’t see him doing that if the whole Serena/Robbie thing was just a personal battle for Serena, or a pity date because of Robbie’s suspected cancer. For Jason to contact Bernie, something serious must happen. Anyway, those are my thoughts.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Why doesn’t Dallon get appreciated? He’s a precious tall flower and his bass lines are the raddest shit I’ve ever heard. Yet, Zack and Brendon treat him like he’s a touring member only. Wikipedia and Facebook still say he’s official. What does that mean? Does it mean that Zack doesn’t know shit and Brendon wants to be the center of attention? Or that Dallon got demoted and we don’t know about it? Why wasn’t he on the red carpet at the APMAs? Is this a sign that he’s not official anymore? Apparently he’s not writing songs for the upcoming P!ATD album either. Dallon’s twitter bio was changed from “member of @ panicatthedisco” to “bass for @ panicatthedisco” and he called P!ATD “Brendon’s band”. Does this mean anything?? Does Dallon really think he’s unimportant? Because that’s so not true and it breaks my heart that a wonderful person like Dallon would think that low of himself. Who is he shading on Twitter lately? Who hurt Dallon and made him that salty? Have Brendon or Zack something to do with this? B & Z always make fun of Dallon and I don’t like it at all. Leave D alone. “haha fans don’t want to have Kenny or Dallon in their picture with Brendon :D” you’re so funny Zack!!! Why don’t more people aknowledge that Dallon is an important part of P!ATD?? Would a demotion mean he’d get paid less? We already know he had to have several side jobs in the past although he already was an official member of Panic! at the Disco. I’m worried. “What if he doesn’t want be be in the spotlight?” He stated that he prefers to be in front of the camera and not behind on Twitter and he also could’ve helped writing songs for the upcoming P!ATD album if he really prefers to be “behind the camera”. It looks like Brendon wants to do everything on his own for the new album instead of doing a solo project. He confirmed the upcoming album is kind of a Brendon solo thing. Was he serious about that?? Update: 8/22/15 periscope: Someone asked about a possible Panic! split and Brendon laughed and replied that he can’t split himself in half. So…..P!ATD is a Brendon solo thing now?? What happened to the *band* P!ATD?? Why the fuck is P!ATD still labeled as a “band”???? I’m happy if Dallon’s happy but….. Dallon aka the tall sunflower deserves better.

I’ve been thinking a lot about why i’m not really down with the whole Tougou in -San scenario, and i think it just comes down to this: In -Kun, Tougou is a frightening man who intrudes the home of the innocent Matsuno family and leaves them powerless. Its a chilling tale, really 

But in -San? Son the sextuplets wouldn’t be trapped in a house with Tougou, Tougou would be trapped in a house with them 

…And that’s terrifying

Like all i can imagine is the minute he steps into the house to get revenge or whatever, Jyushimatsu scutters down from the ceiling and starts to coil around him like boa constrictor, or grabs him by the legs and helicopters him into the sun.

The sextuplets in -san are basically nihilistic self-aware gods, Tougou ain’t a problem anymore  

Even the side characters are more terrifying than him, like Dayoons devour ability, Hatabou’s…  everything, or Iyami with his ability to vaporise anyone on command

Tougou’s just a dude with a knife he’s dead af lol

We all know, but it never ceases to amaze me, just how much Hide means for Kaneki. How many times he’s been to one to push Kaneki forward. How many times he’s turned a sorrowful day into something brighter. He was the one to always trust him, always support him, always care about him. Hide wasn’t just someone who accepted Kaneki’s existence; he appreciated him, Kaneki ken, and loved him no matter what.

Romantic or platonic, I don’t think it matters much. But one can’t deny that what these two share is beautiful and deep.

I think we all remember that scene where Kaneki used his kagune for the first time to save Hide from Nishiki.

“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. He who would be born, must first destroy a world.”

Just as people say, living is far more than just existing. For Kaneki, stuck between the desperate need for love and the doubt that he deserves it, existing was merely a wait until the moment when his desires would be fulfilled. But in that cycle of hope and fear there was no room for accepting the love people were already giving him, he just couldn’t see himself being loved.

But he still couldn’t give it up, and searching for a way to satisfy it his wish to be loved became a reason to die, rather than a reason to live. He became unable to see his own worth, deaf to his own voice that, deep down, wished to go on.

But now the world he used to live in, under a wish that only brought him closer to his end, has been destroyed. That world and his deadly wish have both been broken, through the voice of the one that’s saved him again and again by proving him that there’s a meaning in him being alive.

K’s egg, his world has been destroyed. What kind of new world has he been born into? What kind of meaning will he find in it? We can’t know for sure, but we do know that this world is one Kaneki has walked into by himself. This is a life- a true life that he has chosen to live from now on.

Because in the end, that “I wanted to live on with you” wasn’t said by Hide.

It’s what Kaneki thinks, and I’m glad he’s finally realised it himself.

“There are many kinds of magic, after all.”

OH THIS BOOK. THIS GLORIOUS BOOK. A MILLION STARS FOR THIS WONDERFUL MASTERPIECE. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Why hast thou only entered my life now?!? The Night Circus has easily reached Number 1 on my favorites list. THERE WASN’T EVEN A NUMBER ONE BEFORE because I love my favorites equally. UNTIL NOW. ‘Enchanting’ is the proper word to describe this book, and OMG it was just so magical and surprising and beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️ I’m so obsessed now in fact that I wanna reread it immediately! I actually got an audiobook version just for that purpose hahaha 😂 If for some reason you’re reading my fangirl ramble and you haven’t read The Night Cirus oh please do, you won’t regret it! And on a less fangirl-crazy note, this is the #justfinishedreading tag tagged by @jozi_bibliophile, thank you! 😊❤️📚👍🏻📖😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I got the floaty review box on ao3. I just tested it out and oh my god… Hello obnoxiously long and rambly comments. I seriously hope people don’t mind. This is the greatest thing (to me at least.) but I have this complete fear that long reviews are just going to annoy the author? I know that people say that usually it would make most authors really happy, but I’m just really anxious that they’ll get annoyed by it. *does anxious hand gestures* But I think I’m gonna keep it up until someone tells me I suck. Lol.

Fangirl problems

So I just found out Grant Gustin will be at a comic con the day I’m returning from vacation, and I’m honestly calling the airline tomorrow to see about changing/delaying my flight so I can spend a few hours there. I’m not in a position where I should be doing this (recent car issues) but idc and I’m going to have him sign a shirt (and get a pic with him while wearing it) with these lyrics
Can’t say how the days will unfold,
Can’t change what the future may hold.
But, I want you in it,
Every hour, every minute.


She’s so beautiful and I’m actually crying just looking at pictures from the video???? Someone send help. She looks like a princess in that magnificent dress ugh 😍😍😍😍 AnD HER WITH THAT BABY. MY GOD. MY HEART. IMAGINE HER DOING THAT WITH LITTLE JACK. MY HEART CANT TAKE IT.

Itachi and Shisui relationship is really interesting to explore. Thanks to Itachi Shinden, I can see lots of their interaction.

Firstly, they complimenting each other. Itachi is sort of jealous toward Shisui, because the man keep walking in front of him. When they are on spar, Shisui mostly win. At first I think Shisui must be really special, as even Fugaku fears Itachi’s ability that he sees his own son as a rival. But no, there’s nothing much about him. He’s respected by peoples in the clan and village, that’s all. No mention about his rank, special skill, even his age remain unknown. He has mangekyou, but it seems he keeps it to himself (and later Itachi). His lack of exploration kinda disappoint me, but well it’s Itachi Shinden, not Shisui Shinden .-.
And Shisui, being a honest man he is, keep telling Itachi everything that comes into his mind. He praises Itachi as a determined person, amazed at his diligence, even go as far as saying that he believes that Itachi can be Hokage. There are also times when he said that Itachi is no good at socializing, bluntly said that he’s the only one Itachi can depend on. His high confidence and straightforwardness amaze me sometimes (lol).

Secondly, Itachi frequently calls Shisui’s name, wether in his mind or softly whispering. His thought is mostly divided between coup d'etat, Sasuke, Fugaku, Danzo, and Shisui, but he’s emotionally involved with Shisui the most. He spoils his brother rotten, keep his father’s words in mind, thought that Danzo has a nasty smell (lol) but whenever everything goes wrong, he thinks of Shisui. There’s a scene when he thinks this way (Uchiha clan massacre) is better than he has to face Shisui as enemy, where Shisui stand for the clan and Itachi stand for the village. So yes, Itachi has a strong feeling toward Shisui.

Sometimes they can be like a married couple, too. For example this scene :

“Is there anything that I can do?”
“Just wait until the meeting is over.”
“It will work out just fine.”
ー Uchiha Itachi & Uchiha Shisui, before their plan to cast Kotoamatsukami to the clan.

Around Shisui, Itachi felt a bit small. He thought that he didn’t do anything while Shisui did all the research, spy, and find a way to stop the coup d'etat. That’s why he barely hang on when Shisui said coup d'etat can’t be stopped.

Above all, my favorite scene is when Itachi wants to say Shisui’s name but he can’t, because he know if he did he can’t stop tears to come out. And that one when he speaks inside his mind, telling Shisui not to die and give up. That was frustratingly sad for ShisuIta fan like me.

There are still so many things I want to tsukkomi concerning their relationship, but that’s all for now. As usual, I ramble too much..