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i've never read an tony stark comic but i'm so glad you and the other Certified Tony Stark Bloggers TM i follow who DO read the comics have something new to fangirl and gush over in the tony-comics because i like seeing dad!tony and tony cuddling babies is the most adorable image ever and i'm liking this a lot sorry this doesn't even make sense just tony and bbies is an a+++ image lovin it

I KNOW!!!! ITS SO CUTE!!!!!! IVE BEEN WAITING MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!!! and holy crap i missed liking an actual full issue oh my goshhhh

can i please please ( pretty ) please get like an obsessed plot loosely based off of the hands to myself music video ? like muse a is a famous actor/singer/etc, and muse b is absolutely and utterly obsessed with muse a — — not just a cute little “fangirl” obsession, no. i’m talking actual psychotic obsession with muse b being absolutely delusional and wholeheartedly believing that muse a and her are in love with each other. and so one night, deciding to surprise her “boyfriend”, she breaks into his place and situates herself in his bedroom. when he comes home, all he sees is a half naked girl lying on his bed and though he should be calling the cops, he doesn’t. because holy crap there’s a beautiful girl lying in lingerie on my bed. and this sort of becomes a bit of a routine, her randomly breaking in and surprising him and the two of them spending the night together. and give me, oh god am i in love with my stalker ? sure, she’s a bit psychotic but y’know, she’s so gorgeous that it hurts and sometimes she’ll make me breakfast in bed and there’s something about her smile that keeps me hoping that every night when i come home, she’ll be there. and sometimes she’ll give me a call and we’ll talk on the phone for hours and hey, she’s actually a lot of fun to be around …. and oh god, i’m in love with my stalker ( the genders can be switched around accordingly ofc !! just used specific pronouns for the sake of it being easier to write the plot !! )


Hi ! Can I get an idol ship (male for boyfriend) please ? Thank you so much 💞😘


holy crap, you’re so cute! - @his-fangirl

entertainment label - fantagio entertainment 

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group’s concept - girl next door

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your position - main vocalist

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male idol best friend - nct’s winwin

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female idol best friend - 15&’s jimin 

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boyfriend - astro’s minhyuk

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you’re their ideal type - day6′s wonpil

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other activities - variety shows 

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i hope you like your ships.

thank you for the submission.

do people really say things like “they only kept Hook around because Colin is hot” or “they only killed Neal so that Captain Swan could happen”? Really?

because like… that’s such a weird way of looking at it, like, how do you think TV shows or stories in general work?

did Colin just show up one day like “hey guys, I’m your Captain Hook!” and A&E were like “holy crap he’s gorgeous, the fangirls are gonna love him, we can’t just make him a villain and kill him off now, damn it, if only we had a say in the casting… oh well, can’t go killing off the hot Irish guy after a couple of episodes, not on this show (that’s a rule, just ask Graham), I guess we’re stuck with him”

and then of course Neal showed up and stuck around and they were like “damn it, the people want CS but obviously Emma can’t date Hook as long as Neal is around, can’t go dating other people while your ex is still alive after all, that would be ridiculous… damn it Neal why did you have to show up again, if only we had a say in these matters, it’s not like you or your death serve any other purpose in the narrative like for example motivating Rumple or helping to break curses, nope, you’re only here specifically to get between Emma and Hook (even though your presence doesn’t seem to stop them from eye-fucking each other in every scene so you’re not very good at getting between them but what else is new)”

Man, if only writers had some kind of say over what they write. Damn Colin and his attractiveness for getting in the way and ruining everything. If only they’d had some way of anticipating that and could have planned the story and cast the character accordingly…