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do you happen to know any genderbend viktuuri fanfics? I've been desperstely looking for them but haven't find any (゜´Д`゜)

Okay, so these fics are awesome. I haven’t found many, but there are a few! Let me know if you’ve seen some more that I should add on. Enjoy!

(This AMAZING genderbend artwork is by @frosty-haddock! Check out their blog!)

Genderbend Fics

Welcome Home by boysblush, Explicit, 6.1k
It’s been years since they moved in together, since their last Grand Prix, since they retired, since the wedding . All of this time has passed and Yuri still fangirls over her wife— the most beautiful and celebrated professional skater, Viktoria Nikiforov. LOVE OMG WOWOWOW

Words and Intention by euseevius, Teen, 3.7k
Katsuki Yuuri’s life, from the first time she sees Viktoriya Nikiforova on ice, to the first night in their shared apartment in St. Petersburg. Great fic!

Our Garden of Delights by boysblush, Explicit, 3.5k
Her and Viktoria have the whole day off, finally having the time they want to themselves. For Viky that was to go do some light shopping, but for Yuri, she just wants some quiet to catch up on reading. For a little while at least.

Hard out Here by Cornflower, Teen, 4.1k (WIP)
“Who are you working for? Russia, the Mafia?” Yuuri blurted, pulling out her gun and pointing it in the criminal’s direction in one smooth motion. “Oh Yuuri,” Viktoriya giggled, eyes dark and pupils blown wide, “if I told you that I’d have to kill you.” LESBIAN SPIES AU DO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING

Frustrated Yuuri and naughty Viktoria by Blaubeere, Explicit, 3.2k
Viktoria can’t keep her hands off Yuuri even during an interview, and now Yuuri has had enough of the teasing. Fluff and smut!

[we] are unstoppable by DiAnna44, Mature, 6.7k (WIP)
Vik and Yuuri make history. As the first ever female w/female pairing to enter the pairs skating competition. Things happen. Thumbs up!

Self Indulgence by Shahrazaade, Explicit, 2.8k
It is a fact universally acknowledged that Katsuki Yuuri will take every opportunity to eat out her girlfriend, Victoria Nikiforova. Spicy!

вкусно by frangiblefealty, Explicit, 4.2k
“I’m surprised. Greedy little поросенок like you, I would expect more,” whispers Viktor, and kisses her. In which Yuuri gets caught doing what she’s been doing for years.

Yule be sorry

Draco at dinner: “Hermoninny? Nice! Way to go, mate!” [Never heard of her but if Krum chose her over all the other swooning fangirls, she must be something..]

Draco in the corridor: “Hah! You’re telling me GRANGER got a date to the ball?“ [OMG who is it?? I must know! Who thinks they’re worthy? God, please just let it be Longbottom..]

Draco at the ball: ”……..fuck.“ [Wait. Granger’s name is Hermoninny!?]

I decided to give a re-read to the court/banquets scenes to solve some doubts and I totally forgot how hilarious is Jon being Bitter McBitterness over a 8 years old fancing Robb

純愛-パラフィリア- (Junai -Paraphilia-)

Entremets (the producers of the Nikaido Kinen Byouin series) has finally announced a new release in December! After having November close with a week full of releases by Nakazawa Masatomo, it is of note that the only seiyuu for this release, comprised of three CDs, will be, of course, Nakazawa Masatomo. • v • (No surprise there…)

Short Synopsis (Paraphrased):

3 unique characters and their dispositions* portrayed by Nakazawa Masatomo.

A person can have a multitude of “faces”—

A single performer plays the parts of three different types of men.

Who will you indulge yourself with…?

Three volumes will be released concurrently:

純愛-パラフィリア- 生徒会長 有原玲央 編 (Junai -Paraphilia- Seitokaichou Arihara Leo)

純愛-パラフィリア- 教師 広野渉 編 (Junai -Paraphilia- Kyoushi Hirono Wataru)

純愛-パラフィリア- 教育実習生 宮舘拓紀 編 (Junai -Paraphilia- Kyouiku Jisshuusei Miyadate Hiroki)

*The word in the description「性癖」can colloquially mean sexual disposition, or fetish. Thus, the “paraphilia” part of the title.

CV: 佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo)

Release Date: December 18th, 2015.

IT IS CHRISTINA’S BIRTHDAY YOU GUYS!!!!!! Besides the fact that she didn’t tell me (ahem, I’m mad), I want everyone to stop by her page at @dibsonthat1d and wish her the happiest of days. She is one of my favorite people on the planet. Immensely talented, kind hearted, gorgeous, funny, and incredibly strong. I want to live in her brain because it’s filled with glorious stories about Niall. She made me a better writer, inspires and encourages me. She also saved me from an eternity of being judged for typing out Niall’s accent and warned me against the dangers of using the word “orbs” to describe Niall’s eyes. She’s become one of my dearest friends even though I continue to embarrass myself by fangirling all over her. (Seriously, its gross. I should be ashamed.). For that, I will be forever grateful. LOVE YOU CHRISSY!!!!!! 

 Actual footage of us becoming friends:

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So I had an art trade/SasuSaku art date with @jaz-draws-stuff who draws the most beautiful traditional sasusaku art I’ve ever seen and I had such a fun time! I asked permission to post some of her stuff while I fangirled all over snapchat because her art is gorgeous in person! Please go check her out if you haven’t already! ///

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It's time to reminisce! How long ago did you make your tumblr, and who was your first tumblr friend?! Pass this on to the last 5 people in your notifications!

Oh merlin, I think I may it a year ago around now. (Im not sure how you find out). I joined because I wanted to be an utter nerd and speak to @olivieblake about Clean which I think I did, & I fangirled all over her. 
My first tumblr friend was @jadepresley and she’s an utter ray of sunshine and I adore her <3 

if eliza really has a fandom blog like some of us have joked around about then she probably has to listen to us fangirling over her boobs all the time

missbeizy just texted me that she’s writing klaine rimming porn oh god why isn’t her work day over yet. I need that posted now. 

Also, just a tip? If you like my writing, go follow her because she mostly writes porn but it is kind of mindblowingly hot. I started out my college-era fangirl career as a lowly Beizy fangirl in lotrips and was eventually, after some years, promoted to head minion status. I’m still sort of looking around in disbelief that she’s here writing klaine now and maybe I can talk her into crisscolfer cause yeah. She has a tumblr fic tag and she’s few things posted, like this frottage/thighfucking and this fingering/first time fic oh and this one about Kurt coming in his underwear when Blaine is about to suck him off

(Side note: When I started really writing fic, I basically wanted to be her so a lot of my writing style was - unintentionally, but pretty obvious in retrospect - modeled after what I loved about her fic.)

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:o!!! That drawing of karkat nico and hiro is awesome!!! I love your art so much!!! <333

Anon:hey i know you get lot of messages like this but dang your art is good

Anon:Hello, your art is so beautiful and you are a great and lovely person. I hope all your days to come are awesome ones.

Anon:can i just say i fangirl over ur terezi all the time 0u0 you make her look so badass and cute aAAHH

Anon:hUMAN KARKAT AND SOLLUX ARE AWESOME. i just really love your art

Anon:the solllux you drew is SUPER ATTRACTIVE and im not sure how to handle it

thank you so much! <3