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– blackpink reaction to you being in an underrated but a talented group ❁.

– ❁ = fluff

– request = Helloooooooooo! May I pretty please get a Blackpink reaction to you (idol girl friend) being in an underrated but really talented girl group 💕💕💕💕

JENNIE → yeah your group is underrated but that might change quickly because everytime you and jennie get to be on stage together wither if it’s a collab or whatever everyone will notice how both of you are extremely close to each other even your group members are close to jennie’s members and you’ll get noticed that time.

( you’re chaeyoung )

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JISOO → supporting you all the way, she’ll brag about your group’s new album and she’ll be the first one to buy that album, she’ll talk about it on vlive and fangirl about it all day long even the girls would get bored of her because whenever they try to talk to her she’ll reply with anything that is related to your album.

“ i got [group name]’s album, yayy !! ”

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LISA → she wouldn’t care if you are underrated or not she’ll still jam to your songs like there is no tomorrow, she feels kinda sad that even tho you work hard (including your group members) you still get a small amount of people noticing you but fame comes with time, but that doesn’t stop her from jamming to your songs on every award.

“ get it baby !! wooohooooo !! ” claps like a seal

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ROSÉ → when she’s on the stage receiving something she’ll steal short glances at you and smile, if your group went to receive an award her smile will get bigger and she’ll clap proudly maybe giving you a short hug when you get down from the stage, she wouldn’t care that your group is underrated because you are getting famous little by little.

“ congratulations jagiya !! ”

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20th december 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AKASHI. ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

May you always be happy with your precious chihuahua…❤

i’m so happy to have akafuri gathering today. we’re fangirling together and laughing all day long when talking how precious furi. (●´∀`●)

text “furu-tsu jusu chuushu tsuchuu” from ichigo mashimaro manga btw. just get this idea from “ochicuke” haha.

ah and also my own birthday is getting near. but guess this year i’ll celebrate my birthday with lots of deadline. orz

Weekly Thorin Oakenshield Challenge # 26: If you could spend one day with Thorin …

I can’t help but imagining something that would totally fit into a domestic winter fluff AU … You know, not out to do something special, but enjoying each other’s company: sitting in front of the fire place, talking (I want to know ALL about your life, honey), cooking together, going out for a stroll in the wintery landscape, warming up with a cup of hot chocolate after that … And I’m sure I would ask force Thorin to play the harp and sing in the evening :)

So nice as that imagine sounds … Truth is: I would probably stare at him all day long and grin like the mad fangirl I am. So just another day at the office.

You had me at; “It’s trauma, it’s what I do”


Thanks to the legendary; NatsAshes and her fangirl-enabling playlist I’ve spent my day rediscovering Bernie Wolfe, right from the start of her holby city journey and it’s delicious. Throwing around some praise for her first day as a fully fledged GS Locum Consultant on Keller, even though she spends the day in Darwin.  

Excessive fangirling under the cut.

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PART 1 of my @redbubble haul,

*excited screaming*



Words cant explain how happy and exited I am to have these. These stickers are great quality and ssooooo PREETTTY!!

I can’t wait to decorate my school books with these, going to fangirl during my classes (or just all day long).

These stickers are made by @meabhd
And they are as beautifull as her personality, she has been really kind to me and even put her mates drawing and more on her redbubble acount available as stickers for me. She is a wonderfull person and makes amazing art.


See Klaus’ face in that last GIF? That was his expression immediately after telling Caroline that he will ensure Stefan’s safety, and that is the face of a man who never let go of “…however long it takes.”

I can fangirl all day long about how he decided – without a single ounce of hesitation – to forget everything he said to Stefan just seconds before and ultimately help him, all for Caroline. Or how when he said “Because I will ensure it”, it wasn’t just a statement; his eyes were set, his chin was raised, his voice was brimming with pride and determination – it was a promise, a vow to help Stefan no matter what, at all costs, even if it was the last thing he did.

But then I see his face after he makes Caroline that promise, and I just want to cry because I know that is the face of a man who is still in love. They spend the last few minutes bantering on the phone but now both of them are silent and maybe he can hear the breath of relief Caroline lets out when he hears him say he will make sure Stefan is fine. His eyes reflect emptiness, pain, wistfulness and hope all at the same time, set on some distance past that bar’s walls, to some place only he can see. I will never know for sure what the writers meant for Klaus to be thinking at that moment, but personally, I feel like inwardly he’s asking why Caroline loves Stefan so, and if she will ever love him that way.

His chest rises slowly – his breathing looks pained and it’s like every particle of air he takes in is snagging at his throat as he asks himself those questions because he knows that when it comes to this, he is helpless. Because no amount of power in this world will give him Caroline if she doesn’t want to be with him.  And during these few seconds he is not the almightily Original or the King of New Orleans… he’s just a man and he’s just in love and he knows it. He’s doing all of this for Caroline and he hopes that she knows it even without him saying so. 

He’s not angry that Caroline doesn’t feel the same way he feels about her.

He just wishes that someday, she will.

Look at that last GIF and tell me again that Klaus is no longer in love with Caroline.

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hi admins ! can you write about pros and cons for NCT ? Thankyouuuuuuuuu saranghae !!!!! ps: i love your blog too much hehehehe

Taeil —


  • dat voice
  • you’d get to see them abs that he claims that he has but won’t show
  • super sweet
  • super handsome
  • wouldn’t be jealous
  • would trust you asf
  • would be proud asf over everything you do
  • patient


  • awkward shit
  • constantly nervous omfg
  • doesn’t like sushi (this is a huge con for me at least)
  • wouldn’t take initiatives
  • it’d take a while for him to open up for you
  • it’d be hard for him with PDA (this can be a pro too)



  • Macho Busan man
  • Adorable Busan accent
  • You could go shopping together
  • Tall
  • Warm and sweet to the people he loves
  • You could cuddle the whole day
  • He’d help you out with house chorus
  • Good friends with SHINee Jonghyun


  • He enjoys shopping too much tbh
  • He’s kinda stupid
  • Can’t handle spicy food
  • Naive
  • Quiet and reserved (could also be a pro)



  • American aka English
  • BacK huGs
  • Can drive a car
  • Mature
  • Tall
  • Open minded
  • Bro is fucking hilarious
  • Would keep you entertained 365 days a year
  • PDA (could also be a con)
  • Skinship 24/7
  • Optimist
  • Daring
  • Experienced in relationships
  • Friends with hella lot of people ex. EXO


  • Endless fights with Ten over him
  • If you’re the jealous type, he has a lot of friends
  • Probably a super deep sleeper
  • I can see him being bad at being on time
  • He’s a dork ok
  • Doesn’t have a filter

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A Letter to Taylor Swift

Honestly, this is something I have been trying to do for a while. I have all these words and thoughts but I don’t know if I can do them justice. Taylor Swift has guided me through some of the toughest times in my life. She held my hand when I was the curly haired girl who had nobody to talk to at school. She reassured me I would make it after my parents’ divorce. She sat with me when I cried on my bedroom after my first breakup. She let me know after that breakup not to take less then I deserve and that it’s better to be you alone than try to fit into what everyone wants you to be.

But the most important place she has been with me is late nights on bathroom floors throwing my guts up, trips to the emergency room and hospital stays that last entirely too long. Taylor has been with me since I first heard Tim McGraw on the radio, I still remember where I was. She has been there when I couldn’t eat because my stomach hurt so badly. She sung me back home after the doctors at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital told my mother that all my stomach pain was all in my head. She was there the moment my health finally reached it breaking point. It’s hard to even begin to put it into words what Taylor Swift’s music has done for me. I remember being so scared one of the last times I was in the hospital. Terrified nobody would ever find out what was wrong with me, terrified that I was crazy and it was all in my head, terrified that I would be stuck in pain until I died. But I was having an ultrasound on my liver so I needed to relax and lay still. After being in the hospital for a few days lying still was impossible and the ultrasound tech asked if there was any music I wanted her to play for me. I told her anything by Taylor would work. After all she has been there through everything. So the tech started to play Blank Space and sing along, which made me smile and I could ignore the pain from the pressure of the ultrasound wand.

In the past five months I’ve had two surgeries and I have long-term effects from a rare birth defect that cut the blood supply off to my liver. However, I am recovering and I know how lucky I am. But sometimes when I’m spending my night sick on my bathroom floor from just the simple fact that I ate I know I’m not alone as Taylor sings through my phone comforting me, making me brave. I know everyone has things they go through to make them a better person even if we don’t see the reason at the time. I just want to thank Taylor from the bottom of my heart for being on bed rest with me. I still don’t think I explained just how grateful I am. Honestly, thank you so much taylorswift. You are a wonderful person and that really shows through your music. I just wanted you know how much you have touched my life. taylorswift

Forever a Fangirl,

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Can you write a "normal day in EXO's dorm" scenario for me? ^^

Xiumin tries to catch Luhan’s eyes by wearing a new pair of sneakers

Luhan can’t decide on what old selcas he should put on instagram and sometimes he takes Xiumin at shopping

Kris is cutting of his pants legs or and the sleeves of his leather jacket to create a new fashion so he can be included in top 10 influential men in fashion

Suho is just sitting there on his big armchair drinking red ginseng or just some soju, depends on his mood, because the kids are too much for him

Lay probably is taking care of some bird he found with a broken wing

Baekhyun is doing the dynamic light dance while singing “turn all the lights on” creating a happy wave at dorms

Chen is fixing his hair in front of mirror, Tao walks by behind him and catches his eyes, he smiles. “you look handsome” Chen says, “thank you”  Tao murmurs. “no I meant me lmao”  (yup he’s the troll in exo)

Chanyeol is fangirling over Dara’s poster all day long while singing dramatically “when I was your man” 

D.O is too busy to interact with the peasants from dorms because he’s now a movie star

Tao occupies the bathroom because he likes his reflection so much, so they have to wake Kris to get him out there.

Kai starts dancing ballet then probably shows up his new moves to Kyungsoo; he eats food and sleeps and sometimes he wakes up in the middle of night to eat

Sehun gets angry because someone ate his personal nutella supply

The Perks of Dating a Fangirl

-we will absolutely adore you
-exceptional compliments all day long
-freak outs over anything you do that we think is cute
-never missing a mcm or wcw because we’re always up to date with posts
-cute posts about you
-reliable texting
-you will have our entire attention at all times
-intense feels TOWARDS YOU
-we’re pretty awesome anyway