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When in Roma - Part Six

Summary: A wedding brings you to Rome, but you booked yourself a few extra days for a small holiday. You didn’t really expect to not spend it alone.
: 1496
: Not unless you count pure fluff as a warning?? Maybe a tad of angst??
AN: Who wouldn’t love a few days in Rome, right?? This is a 6 part drabble series, though part 6 will be a full length fic. It’s based off the small trip to Rome I went on at the start of September, except… ya know, Jared.
These drabbles are all queued already, and I won’t have my laptop with me, meaning I can’t edit tags and things. There will be one drabble a day while I’m abroad in Pompeii, just to tide you guys over til I’m home :p
This series is also just pure fluff and history fangirling. I don’t think it’s much of a rollercoaster, just… cute times with Jared.
Aaaaand this is the finalé!!!! Enjoy this full length fic to end it off….  :p
Special thanks to @frickfracklesackles who gave me the idea for the series (probably by accident but still). Both she and @skybinx-blog kept reading the drabbles over to check them for me. Love you both!!!

Roma Masterlist


The night, once again, was spent in Jared’s hotel room, though not before you packed up your stuff and checked out of your own hotel. Not much point in leaving it all there if you were spending your last night with Jared. There were definitely worse ways to spend your final night on holiday than pinned beneath one of the sexiest men you’d ever met.

Your alarm went off at seven the following morning, the tone almost instantly accompanied by Jared’s whining groan as you reached over and turned it off.

An excited giggle escaped your lips as you ran your hand up and down his shoulder, gently nudging his nose with your own as you tried to coax him awake.

“C’mon,” you murmured, giving his shoulder a gentle squeeze. “The Colosseum opens at 8.30, and we gotta get there before it gets swarmed with crowds.”

He let out a sleepy huff, not bothering to open his eyes. “We’re on holiday,” he mumbled. “It should be illegal to be awake this early…”

“Ten more minutes?” you offered, laughing slightly.

“Ten more minutes…”

As it turned out, it was not easy to get Jared out of bed. Forty minutes later, you were finally able to drag him out of the room and down to breakfast. At eight-thirty, the two of you were seated in the back of a taxi.

“If the queue is a mile long, I’m blaming you,” you said, voice teasing as you gazed out of the window.

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