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Perhaps a bit too complicated, but I'd be interested in some hcs on how a long term relationship with Jotaro would change from 3taro to 4taro to 6taro and such. Especially with someone who was with the Crusaders, and thus gets him in a way I think he really needs someone to get him.

Hey :) Not too complicated, but I still hope this is what you expected because it was a challenge nonetheless :D

I hope you like it! :3


  • When the relationship starts it’s a lot about coping with what happened during their journey to Egypt, especially with what happened in Cairo, and trying to get back to a normal life, although both are aware that it’s never gonna be the same completely.
  • After Egypt it’s a lot about learning about the other. While both having a stand and being together in these times was really helpful to find a common ground to build a relationship on, the circumstances on this journey were hardly something to consider ideal. The pressure because of the lack of time, the imminent threat of enemy stand users, and in the end DIO and everything that happened during that battle and before that. So, once everything calmed down both have to find a way to deal with what happened, but even if Jotaro doesn’t voice it out loud, for him it’s a good thing that there’s still someone at his side, who knows about what happened, and who maybe can understand his behavior better than most people (especially better than those screeching fangirls, who were all over him after he returned to school).
  • What happened during these 50 days binds them, and while Jotaro is not a talkative guy, he listens should his s/o need to get a few things off their chest, and occasionally he even comments or replies, but his s/o should know that they can’t expect a drawn-out conversation with him. Jotaro however likes to be alone should he need some time to think about the past. He may not talk about it, but the events of the last weeks did get to him.


  • By the time Jotaro writes his thesis things have changed a lot. He works for the Speedwagon Foundation, dealing with stand users all over the world, and going on excursions for his studies, he is barely around. So, for their relationship it wouldn’t be a wrong thing for his s/o to be able to lead a life of their own. However, since they also have a stand and stood their ground in Egypt against many stand users, Jotaro wouldn’t object, if they wanted to work for the Speedwagon Foundation as well, as long as they let him do his work. It provides some more time for them to spend together, even if it’s not in a romantic way (it hardly ever is with Jotaro anyway).
  • However, as mentioned before, Jotaro would appreciate it also a lot, if his partner had a life of their own. He doesn’t want them to be dependent on him. While he appreciates his s/o being around, he rather wants to work on his own. Should they work together he’d protect them like back in Egypt, but keeping them safe by leaving them at home is the better option for him. He doesn’t want to put them in harm’s way nor does he want to be distracted doing his work because he has to keep an eye out for them (and he would, regardless whether his s/o can protect themselves).
  • It is said that time heals all wounds, which is true to an extent given how many years have passed since Egypt. Jotaro and his partner still visit Kakyoin’s grave every year, and also pay their respects to Avdol and Iggy, although their graves are in Egypt. It is one of the very few occasions when Polnareff visits them as well. While it isn’t a pleasant reason to meet again, it does help coping with the memories of that time, and it’s good to see old friends again.
  • So, since both are more often than not separated, the little time they’re actually free becomes something that both appreciate far more than years before. That still doesn’t mean they go out on crazy dates, and do all kinds of activities together when Jotaro’s home. Especially Jotaro enjoys the silence their home provides, so their days off are usually spend there. Conversations are still a pretty one-sided thing, but Jotaro still listens to whatever his s/o has to say. Compared to years before he’s a bit more willing to reply with a longer sentence, as long as he deems the topic interesting enough.


  • By the time the events in Florida would happen, not a lot of things will have changed since when he was younger. Jotaro still works for the Speedwagon Foundation, although by now he wouldn’t mind, if his life got a bit calmer and didn’t involve so many fights all over the world. Also he doesn’t object at all anymore should his partner want to join the Speedwagon Foundation as well, he would even set them up with his contacts, so they could join them. He would, however, take care that they don’t get assigned to dangerous jobs, should they join the Foundation only then (and not already years before), because that would mean they hardly ever used their stand after Egypt, which can easily prove to be fatal during a battle.
  • Jotaro’s partner should be able to get him by this point without him openly expressing himself. He still isn’t talkative or really wants to voice how he feels, although he does do that when the situation is serious and requires it from him. That still doesn’t mean it is a common thing. Nonetheless, since this relationship has been going on for so many years, his s/o is able to pretty much read how he feels by now. While Jotaro doesn’t talk about his emotions, his body language does so indeed.
  • Whenever Jotaro’s at home he helps his partner with the household. He cherishes moments of peace and silence still, but he knows by now that leaving the chores to his s/o is uncalled-for for a man his age. Doing the dishes, or his own laundry, bringing out the trash are things he does without commenting on it, and his s/o shouldn’t either. If his partner needs help with other things like changing the sheets (because that’s a pain when you’re short) he’ll wordlessly do that too when they ask him to.