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Being a Fangirl
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me 5 years ago:</b> ok. A little bit yaoi shipping won't change me at all.<p/><b>Me now:</b> too much feels too less fan arts/fan fiction BUT i don't need help. I can handle this much gay.<p/><b>Me at 2.56am:</b> come on tumblr. Show me those two 12-year old boys and their innocent love<p/><b>Me at 3.09am:</b> come one tumblr. Show me my beloved gay fiction boys being all smutty<p/><b>Me at 3:47am:</b> help.<p/><b>Me now at 4.21am:</b> WHERE IS MY SMUT? OMFGSHWUWHS WHY ISN'T THERE ENOUGH FANART? HOW DARE YOU TUMBLR? MOMMY NEEDS HER SUGAR!<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Making sense of spoilers  (part 1)

Okaaay! I have trouble tying a sensible narrative together with all these spoiler pages that are out of order.(Not to sound ungrateful or anything, coz I’m sooo happy to be able to read them!)

So to make our fangirling easier a little bit, I’ll just make a patched up version of what I’ve seen and read so far.

Take all of these with a grain of salt. No, make that a mouthful of salt.

Anyways, here goes nothing.

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Fansigning w/Vernon

Anonymous said:
imagine that you’re fan hwo loves Cernon very much and you first met him 💖 I love your acc it’s amazing 😍💖💖

Admin: Ofc💘💘. That’s a cute combo 😌. Thanks for the request hun.

Pairing: vernon x reader
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 707

You were waiting in line to meet Seventeen at the fan signing. There were only a few people left until you got to the first few members. They were all nice and loving, you just wished you had more time with them just to talk but you were forced on to move to the next members after a minute with each.

The last person who sat at the end of the table was Vernon, your bias. You were so happy to see him and nervous too. Out of all the members you met, you were the most excited and nervous around Vernon. You were fangirling a lot inside and tried your best to keep it in but of course a little bit of your fangirl side showed anyways. You just couldn’t help it.

You kept smiling big and your words were lost when he asked you “Hey angel, what’s your name?” He said it so sweetly with an adorable smile on his face as he looked at your for an answer while he tapped the pen in his hand.

Your hands were shaking and you almost forgot your name for a second. He looked down, noticing your shaky hands and chuckled a bit.

He takes your hands into his after he out the pen down.

He caressed your hands with his thumbs and looked back up to you. “Don’t be nervous.” He tells me softly and if looks could kill, you’d be dead by now.

You felt your heart melt after hearing him say that to you. You still couldn’t get your words out so you nodded instead.

Vernon held one of your hands while he let go of the other to hold the pen to write again. “So what’s your name babe?” He asked.

You were still shocked that he was holding your hand. You kept looking at your hand that Vernon was holding while you finally answered him. “Y/N.” You say almost in a whisper but he still heard and grinned.

“You have a really pretty name Y/N..I like it.”

“Thanks..” You said while still trying to control yourself.

He still continued your caress your hand, making you calm down a bit. He was blushing, happy that you were a little nervous and so cute around him.

You talked with him about your favourite songs and parts where he rapped. You got him to rap for you too which was amazing, seeing him rap right in front of you.

He continued the conversation with you since he wanted you to stay with you just a little longer. It wasn’t a bother surprisingly to him since he really like interacting with his fans, especially you.

The bodyguards were busy holding back a bunch of fans while S. Could was holding up the line by talking to one of the fans too long since that fan was very talkative. But that was also a good thing since it gave you more time with your bias.

You fell in love with him even more at every second you had with him and I guess he kind of feel for you a little too. You were probably the best and one of the luckiest fans that day. To Vernon, you definitely made yourself seem special to him that day too.

“Your headband is cute.” He commented on it.

“Aw thanks. You wanna’ wear it?” You asked, giggling and he laughed when he said yes.

You took it off for him to wear and he did a few ageyo faces for you.

“Vernon!” The bodyguard called over the screaming fans for him to move on to the next fan, seeing that he spent so much time with you.

You were sad to leave him but you knew you had to go.

“Can I keep this?” He asked and of course you were happy he asked. You said yes.

Both of you said that you loved each other (in a idol-fan support sort of way) before you had to go. You went back to your seat and when you waited for the rest of the fans to finish meeting Seventeen, you could see Vernon stare at you and you blushed hard. It was a memorable day for you.


A bit of Springles for my little, weak Fangirl heart. (๑♡3♡๑)

I love Sasha and Connie so much. 

The two fit like the fist on the eye, like the lid on the cooking pot and like the ass on the bucket together. ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

I wish the Snk World wasn’t just so sad …

Please Isayama keep the Depp-Dou alive until the End. (❁°͈▵°͈)

Art by マホ使いおぬぬ

It was long time since I was active in Toma fandom, and I thought I would like to fangirl little bit now XD So let me rant and drool a bit XD warning! Extreme Toma cuteness! :3 

Toma appeared in lot of shows this february and this one is  Chi-chin puipui  (ちちんぷいぷい). He and Kiritani Kenta were guests (they are actually good friends) and talked about their new movie Karera ga honki de amu toki wa and about their characters and so… Toma said he met and talked to transgender woman to get impression how to act as transgender. I really enjoyed the show. Old good Toma has finally returned! (oh how I love him ♥ ) I did not see this relaxed and satisfied Toma for long time. He looked very refreshed. What I also like is his hair looks like from 2012/2013? I love it XD

Enough ranting,  lets focus on Toma’s cuteness ♥

See, he is focusing already! XD 

damn, dat lipusuuu 

we both have this bad habit, i just cant XD

omg, what is more sexier than this man while thinking!? Nothing!!! (I have fetish on “thinking” Toma XD) It always fascinates me his “thiking face expressions” XD Priceles! ♥

We had thinking Toma, but prepare yourself…

…because pouting Toma is the most adorable thing you find in this world!!! Seriously, how can 32 y.o man be this cute!! arienaaaai!!! (Toma: ie, Arie deshou!! XD) I just cant resist to drool over him XD can I just hug him?!

Stop it already! XD (nooo, continue)

And that moment when Toma is so deep in his own thoughts… smexy (the higher level of thinking Toma XD ) 

are? Brain man here? XD 

dat stare XD 

but still the best Toma for me is…

…smiling Toma ♥♥♥ His smile can cure any disease! My sunshineeee ♥

he is


cutieeee ♥♥♥

Ah how I wish to be able to see that movie in cinemas! :/ 

I just realised this...

Idk if I was the only one who didn’t quite understand what was going on in this panel…

But then I went back and noticed

…And remembered…

And I realised…

This precious dork is trying to protect her dad from Ino whom she thinks is a potential fangirl. My love for this kid just increased a little bit xD

Toph and Katara don’t count as actual girls as far as Zuko is concerned, mostly because like Azula, he thinks of them in a sisterly way. In that they have both tried to very seriously kill him before.
—  Boys’ Night (an Avatar: The Last Airbender fic)
ASTRO reacting to you doing aegyo for the first time

Jinjin: Would probably start doing aegyo with you. “See jagiya i can be cute too!”

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MJ: Would just stare at you in awe and pinch your cheeks “JAGIYA YOU ARE SO ADORABLE”

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Eunwoo: Would get really excited and fangirl a little bit “Ahhhh jagi you are too cuteeeee”

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MoonBin: Would try to do aegyo with you, making you laugh alot “see i can be cute” cuteeeee asffffff

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Rocky: would tell you how fking adorable you look. “JAGIIII MY GOSH YOU LOOK SO CUTE “

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Sanha: “Well you were cute for the first time, sooo ill be be cute!” *THEN WINKS SUPER SEXY*

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I know it’s a little bit petty, but I just get so mad when someone that is known/famous for doing something, or actually, more like being something, decides to try something else that they are NOT good at, and people are all like “omg you are SO talented!!!” and blow their ego up and then they actually end up being recognized for it?!
Like so many models draw a fucking basic shit and bam! “#artist”. They get interviewed, they get art shows, deals with companies…
And the massive amount of amazing, really talented artists I know struggle to sell their stuff, they struggle so much!!
I think it’s so unfair. I don’t understand the behavior of people that admire others so blindly they cannot judge for themselves whether or not a person deserves the praise. It’s really sad to see someone who’s worked for their art for 20 years get 13 likes while a model who painted something unoriginal under 20 minutes get 1300 likes, people asking to buy prints, to get it as a tattoo, if they can publish it in their online magazine…
Has it all come down to status? Would people rather get a half-assed tattoo design by a well-known burlesque performer than by an unknown, humble tattoo artist who makes amazing designs??

Well, it’s a world where people like Trump get elected as president…nothing should surprise me anymore.

this sounds a little bit biased but if you ask me which my favorite line in seventeen is, i would never hesitate to answer that it’s 95line. it does not necessarily mean i don’t care about other members; because in fact i adore them a lot and i adore them all (as much as a mother hen can, fussing over her kids). it’s just that i have a really soft spot for the 95line.

first, there’s choi seungcheol who is just a kid (he’s almost 22 i know but i’m older than him so he’s still a kid in my eyes). yet being the leader he is, he is always the one who takes the first act, takes the hard works and puts other members before himself. he (together with booseoksoon) brightens up the atmosphere when things go downhill, and makes effort to understand others when they are being difficult or seem to shut out to the outside (yes i’m talking about jihoon). he tries to get all members on good terms with each other, bring them together and solve problems with a mindset of “let’s all calm down and avoid quarrels please”. he’s playful and can be such a dork too; there are times the members are embarrassed with his antics, but above all he is a softie at heart who truly cares for his brothers (i still remember him always hugging or lifting samuel up so the kid could keep up with any game the boys were playing). Besides, with all his years of training i feel he has that kind of aura, the “becoming mature early because i need to” (and not only him but also other members as well, especially vernon, because this is entertainment industry and the competitiveness is fierce). i think, or believe, he can make a good leader who can connect the members, yet still have a rational mindset and not let the emotional side take a toll. and you know that one of the most important factors of a successful group is a good leader, right? (rap monster of bts or kim sunggyu of infinite for example. i adore those two a lot, too).

next is yoon jeonghan. yoon jeonghan, yoon jeonghan, yoon jeonghan. i have mentioned this before in another post but still want to repeat it again, that i feel like our personalities is pretty much alike, at least in a few aspects. from the “flirty” tactics *face-palm* to the somewhat kind and caring characteristic toward others. we are both acting like a sloth sometimes too (just watch one fine day and most of his screen time in the first two eps is about him lying/sleeping haha). okay kidding here. the main point i want to talk about jeonghan whenever thinking of him is that to me he feels kind of “distant”. i don’t talk about such aspect in a bad way, don’t get me wrong. what i mean is that he has this vibe, which i interpret as “while he’s kind and nice and friendly to everyone he knows, he’s truly, hardly close to anybody”. he cherishes his friends, his members, his fans a lot, the feelings are real and he basks himself in the attention people give him because that is how his nature functions. however there are only a few people whom he lets in his comfort zone, whom he’s being very attentive to and whose attention he actually look forward to getting. this is my own mere opinion, so please don’t take it too serious. i don’t know about the boy in real life either and he can be pretty much different from whom i assume him to be. just try playing a psychiatrist here cause i always want to become one *shrugs*

and last but not least there is joshua hong, my bias. all of a sudden it’s a bit hard to write about him like this *laugh*. i just know that i like him a lot, and that’s a fact. among seventeen there’s only one member who can make my heart flutter and make me blush or squeal uncontrollably, and “sadly” it’s wonwoo =)) because whenever I look at jisoo, there is only this type of feeling i can describe as “maternal instinct” resurfacing. at first i noticed him because of his cat-like features (i am more of a cat person who’s probably going to end up being single till 80, surrounded with thousands of cats), next his voice, his guitar skills, then later his shy, adorably awkward, clumsy antics. and now his dorky image recently =)) (i would not say at first it was not a shock to me, a pleasant shock, but thinking back again he sometimes came up with silly stuffs during 17tv era anyway, so it’s only now his time to shine LOL). compared to other members he is pretty quiet (minghao is another case thou he hardly speaks either, because i believe that boy is very sassy =)) his korean is just not good enough for him to express constantly), sometimes he can just space out and be like “i’m not here with you”, but he speaks and acts when it’s necessary and he smiles his gentle smile and i think maybe that’s the reason why i adore him. also he has such vibe of a cat who is constantly in need of affection, attention and care, thou he hardly does a thing to call for attention and i think i am not the only one who feels so =))

even before one fine day being aired, i always joke that when being confused between jeongcheol and jihan, ship cheolsoo (tbh i’m sick of fan wars due to different ships. every fandom i’m in, every couple i ship has to deal with it. like can you just appreciate others’ opinions and mind your own ship?) it’s half of a joke half of a fact, because a part of me was curious to see how those two interact with each other. there were some fan-taken pictures and interviews but they were not enough. my friend even suggested things like “what if they are awkward around each other?” and i was like “i can’t accept your theory dear i don’t want to believe that at all that hurts my heart *added dramatic gasps here*”. then one day (recently), a short fancam in which jisoo wiped seungcheol’s sweaty forehead in a perf was published and i was like “what the heck is happening??? my feel!!!” and the most interesting thing is that jeonghan was sitting between them, but jisoo skipped him just to get to seungcheol.

that was when i thought maybe there is still more for me to observe. entered that show one fine day and i died (metaphorically of course) at only ep 2. the way seungcheol let jisoo used his arm as a pillow is too much for me to handle and when the older pulled him in closer, i was squealing so loud that my sister actually gave me stink eyes. i don’t know whether it’s really just me not being attentive enough and only realizing things late or not, but i finally can see and can say that cheolsoo are not awkward together. i don’t even know them off-screen how could i think of myself so high, like I can see everything *sigh* but yeah, before this i always think of those three as a scale, with jeonghan as the central point which balances the other two. now i view them more of an equilateral triangle. that sounds almost perfect to me :) and what i mention here is all about their friendship (i’m still jihan trash and not actually into polyamory, thank you).

another assumption i made for fun (and still strongly support) is that seungcheol and jisoo are two members jeonghan is most close to (i believe he mostly devotes his attention to jisoo and let seungcheol devotes his attention to him because that’s how their relationship works LOL).

living together with Jimin (pt.3):

Hellooo myyy cotton candyys~~ I know you guys waited for ages kk here you go you have part 3~ esspecially my baby @la2244​ waited soo long kk ♥ ENJOOOY ♥

You:  Jungkook I dare you you know he is MY FVcking boyfriend not yours. *gets jealous af*

JM: *enjoys the upcoming fight*

JK: Fight me Y/N hyung loves me more than you~ *jumps on his back*

You: *waits for Jimins reaction*

JM: *actually enjoys Jungkooks playfullness*

JM: *eats his food, sees you coming*

JM: *stares at you*

You:  CHILL… *dies internally*

You: Jimin I swear you love your members more than me sometimes

JH: But where is the lie Y/N? *hugs JM*

JM: *gets shy af* *and is scared bc you are psycho af*

You: Ho Seok oppa you look so handsome bare faced~ *fangirls*

JM: Jagiiii how about me? *gets little bit jealous*

You: *rolles eyes* Go away Jimin you ugly af! *punches herself mentally*

You: Chim Chim don’t play with f-!

JM: *burns his finger*

You: Nevermind *rolles eyes and walkes of casually*

JM: I am so tired Y/N. *lies down*

You: *grines* *jumps on top of him*

JM: *smirks* *and hugges you thightly*

concept: carol and rhodey meet during physical therapy.  he’s still getting used to his prosthetics, she’s recovering from the angsty aftermath of the mcu’s psyche-magnitron explosion.  he reveals he’s war machine, she confides in him that she thinks she can fly.  together, they explore the extent of her powers. they secretly fangirl steve rogers a little bit together (and laugh about how they outrank him).

rhodey can’t stop gushing to tony about carol.  tony doesn’t believe she exists.  one day, the mighty avengers are in a bit of a bind.  carol swoops in and saves the day.  rhodey will never let tony live it down (he was so sure rhodey was making her up!).  everyone is like who is this woman?!?!?!  the UN is in a panic.  carol’s law-abiding but stubborn, so she manages to get some serious concessions out of the accords.  she and t’challa butt heads.  it’s awesome.  she joins the avengers and the bitchface triumverate is two thirds complete.

in a post credits scene, steve’s curious enough about this new avenger to poke his nose out of hiding.  ~~infinity war intensifies~~