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In which Steve is awed by the Strike Team Delta.

He’d had time to pour over the briefing from S.H.I.E.L.D. and only enough time to try and process in the quinjet on the way to what Coulson was calling a Helicarrier.  

He felt both awe and reticence when he watched the files on Stark. He was intelligent and reckless and made Steve think a little of himself and, much like he felt in his own skin, he wondered how much of Stark was a costume.

He felt guilt watching Banner.  Of all the advances made in the twenty-first century and still Erskine had been so beyond his time that no one had yet caught up to him.  The fascination with the serum – with what Steve represented – had led Banner to a prison made out of his own skin.  (He would wonder, later, how far off the trial serum had been in Banner’s case, I’m always angry, echoing in his head).

He felt dumbstruck at the possibility of Thor’s existence.  For all that he had seen in the life he’d had Before, he never thought – he’d seen the vast expanse of the cosmos, before Schmidt had disappeared into it, but he hadn’t thought that there’d be something else –someone else – out there.  It made him wonder if Schmidt was still out there, too.

He’d watched and re-watched the footage of Strike Team Delta – Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton.  He was.  He was awed, and looked forward to meeting them most of all.  As far as the information from S.H.I.E.L.D. had noted, they had no enhancements.  They had pasts, sure, but they had no serum or otherworldly abilities or suits worth millions.  

They were human, made of blood and sweat and hours upon hours of practice and (to read their files) abuse and perseverance and they were as skilled and fearsome a team as any of the others recommended on Fury’s list.  

Steve thought of his time Before, he and Bucky, back alleys and bloody lips and scraped knuckles and how hard it was to survive and here were two people so dedicated, so skilled they may as well have been a two-person Commando unit.  Were, as far as Steve was concerned.  He was anxious to meet them.

Masterlist // 1

This is a masterlist for BTS!

Here are the other masterlist:

EXO, Seventeen


VIXX, WINNER, NCT, Jay Park, SuJu, BigBang



-When you’re best friends with them and they have a crush on you

-When you ask them to buy you pads

-When you’re fangirling over someone else

-When you had a bad day and they cheer you up

-When they’re on tour and they miss you

-Other boys tease you for having a crush on Yoongi

-Other boys tease you for having a crush on Taehyung

-Other boys tease you for having a crush on Hobi

-Other boys tease you for having a crush on Jungkook

-Random late night conversations

-They accidentally text you something dirty

-You surprise them after their concert

-Others telling you that Yoongi likes you

-You’re sending him photos of the wedding dresses you tried (Jimin)

-Lost stars (Jungkook) -part 2 -part 3 -part 4 -part 5

-Others teasing Yoongi about Woozi and him looking the same

-1000 days with BTS

-When you’re wearing their shirt

-Alien!Jungkook figuring out how texting works

-Alien!Jungkook introduced to games

-Alien!Jungkook and his love for Avengers

-Alien!Jungkook getting dating advice from k-dramas

-Alien!Jungkook trying to convince you to break up with your boyfriend who’s not paying attention to you while he also has feeling for you

-Alien!Jungkook and Halloween

-Alien!Jungkook wants you to visit his planet and live with him there one day

-Alien!Jungkook unknowingly getting jealous of your plushie

-Alien!Jungkook wants to sleep over at your place

-Alien!Jungkook questioning your relationship

-They find your old tumblr

-They have a crush on a trainee who refuses to call them oppa

-When you’re fangirling over Yoongi’s mixtape and he gets a little bit jealous that you didn’t act that way when his was released (Rap Monster)

-Time traveller!Tae and an emergency

-Texting each other while he’s at practice and annoying Yoongi with your constant love confessions (J-Hope)

-“You can’t drive if you’re tired! I’ll come and get you! // Yoongi

-They found your song covers on YouTube

-They think you’re ignoring them but you just fell asleep (Maknae line)

-When you want to shower together

-When you’re sleeping over at the dorms

-Everyday couple text


-Christmas Miracle ( Yoongi fluff)

-Truth or Dare (Jimin)

-Midnight kiss (Namjoon)

-Blurry Morning (Namjoon)

-Not rebellious, just in love (Taehyung)


-What dating Taehyung would be like

-What dating Jimin would be like

-What dating Namjoon would be like

-What dating Yoongi would be like

-What dating Jin would be like

-Married life with Yoongi

-Married life with Jungkook

-Jungkook as a Hogwarts student

-Little things Hoseok does to make you happy

-Little things Yoongi does that make you happy

-Shopping for baby things with Jungkook

-How would Jungkook confess

-Hogwarts AU


-Jimin being excited for the first date with a girl he’s been crushing on


-Reaction to you wearing a small top with a big cleavage and all the other guys staring at you

-Reaction to you sending them a hot pic of you while he’s with the other members

-Reaction to their adopted sister not feeling well because she’s stressed

-Reaction to finding you cooking for them while singing/rapping on your native language

-Reaction to you saying sleep talking and saying “I love you” for the first time

-Reaction to their crush touching their neck/back/legs with their cold hands/feet

-Reaction to seeing you cry because of iKON’s ‘Apology’ after a fight

-Reaction to you having an extremely handsome bestfriend and them becoming jealous and insecure

-Reaction to your guy friend who is in love with you asking if he can still be friends with you

-Reaction to you staring at their hands for a while and then suddenly starting to play with them

Conversation reactions:

-Reaction to you kissing him for the first time without a warning (Yoongi)

-Members’ reaction to finding out that maknae told you that one of the hyungs (Namjoon) likes you

-Reaction to you talking on the phone with a guy friend and ignoring him (Taehyung)

-Reaction to you not coming home after you two had a fight (Rap Monster)

-Reaction to going shopping with him and ending up at a lingerie store (Rap Monster)

-Reaction to finding out you like having debated and philosophical discussions (Rap Monster)


-Who’s the most jealous/overprotective?

-Who would say “I love you” to their girlfirends first?

-Who would prefer “the best friend” girlfriend type

-Who would be most excited if you surprise him on Valentine’s Day

Outfit imagines:

-Movie night with Jin

-Coffee date with Namjoon

Chris Evans Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: Hi there! Can you please write a Chris Evans imagine where you are a famous actress and Chris just got interviewed and revealed his celeb crush (Which is you) And you’ve found him pretty attractive as well. And so you meet him at Teen Choice Awards, after the show you go onto the carpet and you meet him there. And he’s like fangirling a little bit because he’s meeting you, and you start to talk and people start to think you’re dating. And than you make the rumors true, and you two start to date.

A/N: it’s long ;3

Warning: None

‘’Now, Evans. Here is a question that everybody is dying to know,’’ the interviewer protests, straighting his papers and clearing his throat.

‘’Who is your celebrity crush?’’ he smirks.

The audience wasn’t quiet and reacted to the question, some people cheered, other people ‘oohed’ But Chris just started chuckling and hits his thigh with a smile curling on his lips. He bites his lip and looks off in thought, a few seconds passed by and a person suddenly popped into his mind.

‘’Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N. Definitely. She’s gorgeous. I love watching her movies, and she’s in so many movies, which is good because that means more of her for me,’’ chris laughs, making the crowd laugh along.

‘’But yeah, Y/N is my celebrity crush for sure. She’s honestly what keeps me going in my acting career, she’s my motivation. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s gives me so much inspiration, she makes me want to keep acting. And if I get lucky enough, maybe I can star in a movie with her one day. Even if I was an extra in a movie with her, that would be amazing!’’ chris says, getting a little eager talking about you.

‘’Have you met her yet?’’ the interviewer asks.

‘’Oh gosh, no! I wish I met her! If I met her, man, my life would be made. I could die happily, no joke. She’s just- Ugh, sorry, I’m just like fangirling over her a little bit.’’ chris laughs.

The audience claps and starts to cheer as the interview ended. Chris waved goodbye to everybody and left the stage.

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“I bet you didn’t know I could do that.” Justin said winking. I rolled my eyes. “You’re such a little show off.” I teased. “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.” He smirked. “That doesn’t even make sense in this situation but okay.” I laughed. It was a warm day in May, when Justin and I decided to have a barbecue. He invited some friends, some of which included Neymar. I was low key fangirling when he showed up, and I think Justin was a little bit jealous.
He decided to show off his soccer moves to get my attention. “Babe,” I started as I walked over to him. “Yes?” He said to me. “You know you don’t have to show off to try and impress me, I’m all yours baby.” I whispered in his ear. “Oh really?” He smirked. “Mhm.” I said slowly kissing his neck. He put the soccer ball down. “I uh I’ll be back.” He said as he quickly ushered you both upstairs.

Being Cat’s daughter and dating Kara would include...

Requested by anon

  • Coming to visit your mom at work one day
  • When you run into her awkwardly adorable assistant
  • And immediately fall for her cute mannerisms, contagious smile, and happy demeanor
  • Asking Cat about her
  • “So, what’s the deal with your assistant? Do you know if she has a boyfriend? Girlfriend?” 
  • “Are you interested in Kira?” 
  • “I thought her name was Kara.”
  • “Pretty sure it’s Kira.”
  • Cat not wanting you to go out with Kara because of what happened with Adam
  • And she didn’t want to see another one of her children’s heart be broken by the same girl
  • But you ignored her and asked Kara out
  • And things only took off from there
  • Kara trying to talk to Cat about her relationship with you
  • Cat always complaining that Kara brings her personal life into the workplace too much
  • Cat just complaining a lot in general
  • Because doing that is easier than admitting that you and Kara are actually perfect for each other
  • Getting your mom to start calling Kara by her real name
  • Kara fangirling a little bit when she starts doing that
  • Kara constantly pining for Cat’s approval
  • Which kind of annoys her
  • “Kara, you don’t have to keep trying to impress me. I like you. I think you make Y/N happy. Now just… stop trying to gain my approval and go back to doing your job.”
  • Cat soon beginning to think of Kara as her own daughter
  • And couldn’t be happier when the two of you decide to spend the rest of your lives together

anonymous asked:

What does Misaki look like in your no-fangirl-eyes? Saru absolutely is a handsome guy b/c he was described that he looks like Niki but I'm not sure about Misaki. All I know about him that he looks younger than his real age;he catched girls's attention while surfing (MOK);he has a bright smile (LSW) so maybe he has a nice teeth or yaeba (snaggletooth considered cute in JP culture);natural light brown hair is quite rare for east asian (believe me i'm east asian) but K is anime so... whataya think?

I tend to assume that most of the cast is intended to be pretty hot in general, even within the world of the series (actually it’s interesting that Fushimi’s the one who’s assumed to be attractive, remember this is the guy who has a terrible diet and barely sleeps, by all rights Fushimi should be this scrawny twig with limp hair and probably bad skin due to poor nutrition and bags under his eyes). Yata I think is probably attractive though, in his own way. From what we see of him in the series I’d say he’s probably lean but muscular, we know that Yata does a lot of physical activity and I imagine his legs especially are likely pretty toned from all the skateboarding. Face-wise I could see Yata as having a bit of a baby face to go with his short stature, he probably gets mistaken for a kid a lot due to the combination of height and just his general look – his clothing choices don’t help a lot in that respect too, Yata tendency towards shorts and baggy clothes I think tend to make him look even smaller and so he’s easy to mistake for being younger than he is (and then when he takes the baggy clothes off like when he’s surfing or when he takes off his oversized sweatshirt and just has the tank on underneath and you can see his muscles and everything, it suddenly makes him look much more his age). I think his smile would be one of his best features too, Yata strikes me as the kind of person that when he smiles his entire face lights up and that’s one of the things that really draws people to him, that when Yata’s enthused about something his feelings are absolutely infectious and it’s hard not to get swept up by him. I could see Yata as being intended to be someone who’s maybe not super striking or overly handsome – he doesn’t have any kind of otherworldy air like Munakata or Mikoto and he’s not instantly attractive in the way that, say, Summer Kamamoto is intended to be – and the baggy clothes and short stature make him look younger than his actual age but he’s still actually pretty attractive when you really look at him.

A bit of Springles for my little, weak Fangirl heart. (๑♡3♡๑)

I love Sasha and Connie so much. 

The two fit like the fist on the eye, like the lid on the cooking pot and like the ass on the bucket together. ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

I wish the Snk World wasn’t just so sad …

Please Isayama keep the Depp-Dou alive until the End. (❁°͈▵°͈)

Art by マホ使いおぬぬ

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Is Levi x Eren actually canon or hinted at it? I figured they'd only give the fandom one gay ship and then call the rest hetero but too absorbed by the fucked up shit with the war to have time for romance, so maybe not?

only one ship in snk has ever been canon as far as i’m aware, and that’s yumikuri/yumihisu (ymir and historia) !!

it’s true that they’re probably a little too sidetracked by the war and everything to have relationships - also correct me if i’m wrong but i believe most militaries have rules against fraternising?? that would probably apply to the survey corps so you know it might even be forbidden not that that’d stop them but 

THAT BEING SAID, there’s a lot of people out there making posts about all the moments in the manga where it could be interpreted that levi and eren’s relationship steers more towards romantic - but that hasn’t been confirmed, it’s more just a fun interpretation by shippers than solid proof

as far as what isayama’s said regarding the possibility of ereri……

interviewer: Levi seems to be especially popular among yaoi fangirls. That’s not something you were aiming for originally though, right?

Isayama: You know, those fans might be disappointed to hear this, but maybe I’ve got a little bit of yaoi fangirl inside me too, because something went off in my head that told me, “The yaoi fangirls are going to like this one.”

(LISTEN. LISTEN i hate the word yaoi with everything in me because the idea of ‘yaoi’ - fetishising gay men without truly understanding the complexity of their relationships - is the worst thing about fandoms like this BUT. isayama is saying here that he can recognise and appreciate the kind of guy who’d end up with another guy so hey maybe that’s a plus??)

Interviewer: In Captain Levi’s view, who is the best at cleaning?

Isayama: Right now it’s Eren.

(this links to another interview i couldn’t hECKIGN FIND which is a pain which stated that levi would be attracted to someone who could meet his cleaning standards - you could well interpret this as isayama doing some shipping of his own, lmao…)

in terms of my own opinion, i think isayama likely ships ereri from what he’s said - but i’m not quite sure his editor would allow him to make them canon. oF COURSE IT WOULD BE AMAZING IF HE DID but you gotta remember that this is of course a military story rather than boy love/romance, and honestly it would probably only give the creators more incentive to kill one or both of them off to rip our hearts out

Being a Fangirl
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me 5 years ago:</b> ok. A little bit yaoi shipping won't change me at all.<p/><b>Me now:</b> too much feels too less fan arts/fan fiction BUT i don't need help. I can handle this much gay.<p/><b>Me at 2.56am:</b> come on tumblr. Show me those two 12-year old boys and their innocent love<p/><b>Me at 3.09am:</b> come one tumblr. Show me my beloved gay fiction boys being all smutty<p/><b>Me at 3:47am:</b> help.<p/><b>Me now at 4.21am:</b> WHERE IS MY SMUT? OMFGSHWUWHS WHY ISN'T THERE ENOUGH FANART? HOW DARE YOU TUMBLR? MOMMY NEEDS HER SUGAR!<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Breaking... Ch.18


Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17

A/N: Short but setup even though it’s boring

Wordcount: 1307

Warnings: Sad, gay, fluff

Tags: @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @renae-writes @deltablue202 @literally-melonkitty@meunicorn @favouritefighting-frenchman @demi-godamit @gum-and-chips@sweaterkitty-fluff@pinkyiger7@littlemissshortcakes@msageofenlightenment@unprofessional-inhumanbeing@fandom-panda-221@hummusandchips @spoopy-piineapple@ashwolfcub@myself-and-the-madman @sweet-fate@superwholockbooknerd526@frozengal2013@lmaodedhaha@itsmikayblr@sarmar29 @arya-durin-77 @phantastic-fandoms@hoshihime98@shinigamired @martapetrovic @robotic-space@iamnotthrowingawaymyshit2(lol) @asprinkleofmermaids@pinkyiger7(I’m tagging you twice my friend!) @satellitesuga @rose-coloured-nihilism  @okie-dokie-artichokeme @alyssumax @pandartist @marquiis-de-la-baguette

Breaking Precautions

It was dark. Quiet. You felt still and immovable. It was hot, slightly suffocating. But then your heart beat faster and faster and faster, your breath speeding up with it until you felt like you were choking. Your eyes shot open, you sat up, clinging to the fabrics on top of you. Looking around you saw that you were in your room, in your night gown with a blanket covering you. Your hair was falling in front of your face and you were sweating like crazy. What the hell…? You pushed the covers off and stumbled a bit to stand up, you needed to use your desk as a support. Something suddenly struck your thoughts. Philip. You rushed over to the door and flung it open, there was a chill in the air. The door’s open. You tripped up a bit trying to run down the hall but you caught yourself on the wall. You made a sharp turn at the archway and fell into the main room. The front door was wide open and you heard something outside, voices. You couldn’t hear what the voices were saying but you felt like you had to hurry, there was the sound of wheels very faintly. You pushed yourself up and ran to the door and out of it. The light was blinding and made your eyes hurt from the sun’s rays reflecting against the white snow. Everyone was standing at the bottom of the stairs; cloaks, hats, muffs and all to protect against the cold. You saw everyone except Philip, your anxieties had set in. The wheels, that was him, he left. You were freezing but you didn’t care, you sprinted down the stairs. No shies on, only socks. You pushed your way through the small gap between Alex and Eliza. Your feet hit the snow and it made your toes burn. You only made it a couple of feet into the yard before your legs gave out and made you fall to your knees. Now your legs and dress were soaking wet as you sat there, looking down at the hideously white mass under you.

“Titania!” Alex yelled, him and Eliza rushed over to you, crouching down at either side of you. “Are you crazy? It’s freezing out here!” You didn’t look at them and felt tears well up in your eyes, they fell onto the snow and made slight indents in the single color.

“I’m…I’m too late… I wanted to…to tell him…” Your voice shook and your shoulders trembled. “Damn it!” You slammed your fist into the ground. Something was draped over your shoulder, Alex’s jacket. You clung to it and pulled it closer, trying to cover your freezing body. Eliza wrapped an arm around you and pulled you close to her, your head falling onto the crook of her neck. She patted your back comfortingly and you felt like you could ball your eyes out right there.

“Shh, it’s alright dear! Everything is just fine. Take deep breaths.” She whispered. You sniffled, forcing yourself not to cry. The cold burned even with Alex’s jacket.

“It’s never enough…” Eliza stood up, helping you stand. Her and Alex both helped your shivering body inside.

             It was now the beginning of May. After your last breakdown, Philip made sure to always ask how you were doing in his letters. Honestly, you didn’t feel too hot, but you couldn’t tell him that. Truthfully, you were never well when he was away. The only thing that kept your spirits up was remembering that love was never meant to be easy. Love takes time and love takes work. Right now you were paying the time portion. But you had to be strong, not just for Philip but for the children as well. They counted on you to be their foundation. Especially Angie, she’s been a nervous wreck all week and she wouldn’t tell you why. You didn’t figure it out until that afternoon when you heard someone knock at the front door. You dusted off your skirt and opened the door.

“Welcome to the Hamilton estate, what may I assist you with?” You greeted. There was a young girl standing in front of you, well not ‘young’ she looked to be about fifteen years old. She was quite petite, had pale skin and green eyes. Not like Rachel or Anna’s green eyes, not bright and deep. They were more soft, almost a mint or a sea-foam color. Her blonde curls came down to her shoulders but part of the front was tied off into a green bow. Her dress was a similar shade of green, with a full skirt but short sleeves to match warm weather, a bit of lace fell out of the neckline.

“Hello, I’m here to see Angelica.” Her voice was small and cute.

“Oh, I didn’t know Angie was having friends over today. I’ll call here down for you, please follow me.” You stepped to the side and allowed the girl inside. This wasn’t the first time Angie had friends over so you didn’t find anything strange. You closed the door and made your way over to the stairs. “Angie! You have a visitor!” You called up. The girl stood next to you, nervously twiddling her thumbs, she was looking down at the ground so you couldn’t read her expression. You heard footsteps from upstairs.

“Who is it, T…T” Angie stopped at the top step, looking down at the girl next to you. “R-RoseMary…You actually came…” Wait, RoseMary? OH MY GOD THIS IS ROSEMARY! You tried your hardest to not squeal, instead settling for a faint smile. RoseMary nodded her shyly.

“Um, perhaps you’d like your parasol, Miss Angelica? So that you may sit out in garden with your friend?” You hinted, not so inconspicuously moving your gaze back and forth from her and RoseMary. She blinked herself back to reality and cleared her throat.

“Yes, thank you. RoseMary, would you like to join me out in the garden for a bit?” She quickly made her way down the steps and grabbed RoseMary’s hand as she passed the two of you. Angie led her out of the room and into the dining room. You couldn’t help but fangirl a little bit when they left. RoseMary is so adorable, that’s so cute! You went over to the closet near the front of the room and found Angie’s parasol. Quickly, you ran through the dining room and into the kitchen, you peeked out the back door and saw them both sitting at the bench. You internally screamed, you listened closely. “I can’t believe you actually showed up…” Angie said with shock.

“Why is that?” RoseMary asked.

“Because…you know how I feel. I thought you’d hate me; don’t you hate me?” She asked worriedly. RoseMary shock her head, her big curls swaying with her.

“No, of course I don’t hate you Angie!”

“But I’m not normal! I don’t know what this feeling is but I definitely don’t see you as just a friend. Whenever you’re around, my heart beats in the strangest way, I feel light headed and palms get really sweaty!” Angie lowered her head, looking defeated.

“If you’re not normal…than neither am I. Because I feel the same way.” AH! This is so beautiful; I’m going to cry! Angie’s head perked up and RoseMary’s words.

“You…you do? You like me? Like, like-like me?” RoseMary nodded softly, Angie didn’t waste a second and wrapped her arms around her, hugging her tightly. RoseMary did the same. You decided it would probably be best to give them some privacy, you leaned the parasol against the wall and left to go check on Eliza. They were young and learning, but at least you knew they would be able to learn together. There’s always hope in love, no matter what the obstacle.

I just realised this...

Idk if I was the only one who didn’t quite understand what was going on in this panel…

But then I went back and noticed

…And remembered…

And I realised…

This precious dork is trying to protect her dad from Ino whom she thinks is a potential fangirl. My love for this kid just increased a little bit xD

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Being the quidditch commentator of the next generation would involve?

  • And there’s Weasley with the Quaffle, attempting a pass to Weasley. Oh, a nice interception by Weasley. What’s this? I think Weasley has seen the snitch. But, ouch, it looks like Weasley has been hit by Weasley’s well-aimed bludger. I’m sorry, but does anyone know what’s actually happening?”
  • “And Wood has the Quaffle, finally a player that isn’t a Weasley or a Potter.”
  • Seriously, you spend half your time wondering if being stupidly good at Quidditch is in the Weasley genetic code.
  • “Teddy Lupin shoots… and he scores! You know, he’s one of my favourite players this year and not just because his bright blue hair is really easy to spot.”
  • “No, James. I will not ask the cute Hufflepuff out for you, in front of the entire school, after you win the match. No, not even if you pay me.”
  • “Rose, I’m not going to announce you as ‘the greatest Quidditch player Hogwarts has ever seen’. You’re an incredible player, but I don’t want to get on the bad side of the rest of your family. They terrify me.”
  • “Erm, this is a little weird. Star Quidditch player, Roxanne Weasley, would like me to tell you all that her brother, Fred, needs a date for Hogsmeade this weekend. Applicants just need to send him a howler detailing what, in their opinion, is his best feature during breakfast tomorrow. And Fred, Roxie says ‘you know what you did to deserve this.’ I’m not sure what it was, but I know I don’t want to get on the bad side of your sister.”
  • At one point, you start commentating on the Weasleys/Potters that aren’t playing:
  • “And Albus Potter is sitting in the stands, looking kind of zoned out. I think he’s cloud gazing. Way to cheer your family on, Al. Your support must be invaluable to them. Oh, and Scorpius Malfoy is sitting next to him reading. I can’t tell what book from here, but I’m sure it’s terribly boring.”
  • Spotting Ginny in the audience watching from the crowds and fangirling/fanboying/fancommentating for a little bit because an actual Holyhead Harpy is in the audience!
  • Trying, but not quite succeeding, to live up to the hilarity that was Luna’s commentary during HBP. (‘Loser’s Lurgy’ will live on forever in my heart)

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Masterlist: (x)


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I’m one of those - the people who started writing stories about their pets when they were six in colourful block letters and didn’t put the pen down since. At the moment, I’m working on one (two?) original novels, and when it hurts too much I come back to fanfiction because I love it and I consider it some kind of world-changing genre. Here is my AO3 - I mostly write angsty, canon-compliant Destiel stories (with happy endings), but I love the other characters too, so I always include a lot of Sam, some Crowley, and occasionally other people like Eileen or Charlie. Stories you may like include a case fic about a siren (guess who it turns into), a slightly AU resurrection fic which starts out in Biblical times, an elaborate fantasy of how, exactly, Cas saved Dean from Hell (and I can’t believe we still don’t know for sure), an honest-to-God-almost Valentine fic, a dreamwalking!Cas ficlet and an external POV story written in the voice of a woman they saved

my art (ha ha)

A couple of months ago I discovered a photo editing website, and since then I’ve nursed the misguided conviction I’m actually some kind of artist. Really, it was just an excuse to spend even less time on actual work and put Cas next to a dinosaur (I think we’ve all been there?).

my metas

I like to write metas after every episode - since I’m not a TV expert and I don’t follow the actors’ lives all that closely, my metas are only about the internal narrative of the show. You can find most of them under spn meta (31 pages and counting).

my SPN worldview

I was tricked into falling in love with this show - I started watching because I like to keep up with how mythology, folklore and the supernatural are represented in movies and TV shows (probably not a healthy habit, because, man, you need to be skunk drunk to endure some of the latest ‘Greek mythology’ blockbusters), and I never expected these characters to suck me in as they did. Or to break my heart (and probably my brain - and also any other organ in between, to be honest). I’m mostly a positive blogger, but I do think we should walk around with our eyes open and fair criticism should always be a thing. As for Destiel - at this point in the story, I don’t see any other logical way out than Destiel becoming canon, but the thing is, logic is not always where people go, so - we’ll see. After everything that’s happened, this is one of those I won’t believe it ‘til I see it things, which I guess it’s okay? After all, if the show’s taught us anything, is to be careful with our faith in higher powers. Whatever happens, though, in my heart and mind there’s no doubt that those two love each other very, very much.

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kazuhikonaori  asked:

Senpai!! You know I love Aomine, right?~ so how about scenario of him, his wife and their son go to Disneyland for their kid's first vacation and wear that disney headbands, when his wife go somewhere and left their son with Aomine, a group of teenage girls saw Aomine and son and fangirling over them? Hope this is not too detailed lmao. Thank you so muchhh

Of course I know how much you love Aomine! A lot of you do! I hope you enjoy the fluff!

How long does it take for you to use the bathroom?

Aomine makes a face, holding his little boy in his arms as his eyes scour the entire place. He wishes he knew some English, so he could ask some of the passing people if you’d been seen.. It’s not that he didn’t want to be here..

But the giggling from behind makes him uncomfortable and turn several  shades of red.

‘Isn’t he the cutest thing?’

‘Is that his son? They’re wearing matching ears! So cute!!’

‘Do you think they’ll get a picture with us?’

‘Are you crazy? I doubt they will, plus look at him! You can tell he’s a foreigner!’

‘Who cares?! He’s insanely hot!’

He continued to fidget in his spot, though most of the attention he was receiving was because of his son..  It didn’t matter.. If he knew English better, he’d be able to understand what they’re saying.. Instead it comes out in pieces.. and it makes him confused and baffled.


He breathes a sigh of relief when you come running, baby carrier flapping around with your movements. He’s quick to stand, handing you the smaller boy, who seems fairly amused by the entire situation, helping you strap him in before pulling you away.

“We’re leaving.”

“W…What? But Dai-chan-!”

“No buts ____. It’s hot and too much sun will hurt him.. We should go back.”

You make a motion to speak, but shut your mouth, eyes downcast. You barely notice the small group of teenagers, who continue to chatter and whisper amongst themselves. When you look back at him, you notice his cheeks are red, and you only sigh, frowning at his childish behaviour.

“You just don’t want to be around those girls..”

At your words, he suddenly stops, whirling around to look at you, surprise in his eyes.


“It’s obvious Daiki.. They like you AND our son! But you’re not used to the attention.. It makes you uncomfortable being here because you don’t know what they’re saying…” you huffed, holding your son and walking around him.

“If you didn’t want to come here, you could’ve just said so.. Or paid more attention during English.”

He moves to stop you, but he can tell you’re upset, so he sighs, running a hand through his hair. He wishes there was something he could do.. Something he could say.. because he did like being here.. But he’s not Kise.. He can’t handle all this attention…

He finally stops you, pulling you into a hug when you reach a tree, giving him some privacy, although it’s not enough.. He rubs your back, trying hard to think of the right words to say.. 

“I.. I didn’t mean to upset you…” he mumbles, feeling his cheeks burn, “I…If you want.. We can stay a bit longer… But I’m taking the ears off! They’re itchy, hot and I’m worried my head is going to have a weird mark because of it!”

You blink, finding yourself giggling at his words, pulling him into a soft kiss, before taking them off, placing them in your backpack.

“Fine.. But after this, we’re getting a family photo with the three of us wearing them!”

He knows there’s no sense in arguing, so he nods, finding his mind relaxing just a little.

“Also, I’ll allow you to flirt with your little fangirls for a bit too.. But your son is staying with me..” you walk away, ignoring his gaping face, “Just don’t spend all day gawking at them, because this is a family event. You’re part of it.”

“… I… I wasn’t planning on doing that… Oi! ____!! Wait for me!!”

In the background, you could hear the girls giggle once more, only this time, about how adorable the three of you were as a family.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept it. . . (Ch. 1)

Chapter 1 – New Beginnings

Bucky x Reader

Summary – You’ve been training for a specific mission for years.  Your boss finally informs you that Bucky is heading back to the States, so your mission is about to begin.

Warnings - Slight CA:CW spoilers!

Word Count – 1,169

Notes – This is my first time writing anything other than research papers and lesson plans, so I’m not promising that this will be any good!  I’ve had this idea floating around in my head for a while and I finally got up the nerve to write it all out.  I’m not sure how long this is going to be, so please be patient! Constructive criticism is always welcome.  Thanks for reading!

Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four  Chapter Five  Chapter Six  Chapter Seven  Chapter Eight  Chapter Nine  Chapter Ten


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Your day started out exactly the same way every other day had this year; you woke up at 0500 hours and hit the gym.  After spending a good half hour with the punching bags, you moved on to strength training with the various free weights the facility had to offer.  You always finished your two hour workout with some light Yoga and stretching.

As you rolled up your Yoga mat, you noticed a reflection in the full-length mirror in front of you. Your boss had just walked through the door.  You met his gaze in the mirror with a questioning look.

“It’s time,” he said.

“Finally,” you replied.

“Are you sure you are ready for this, Agent (Y/L/N)?” he questioned.

“I’ve been waiting for this day for three years, sir.  What’s the timeframe?”

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