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1. whats your fave moment in the high school years so far tho

Like a week ago my English teacher turned to me and asked “Ethan, If someone wanted to buy your love, how much would you be worth.” I was caught off guard by this question I stuttered and answered, ” T-twenty!” and I turned bright red and everyone laughed and good times.  

2. where do you like to eat like for ever and evrer

Buster’s Texas Style Barbecue.

3. would ever fuck anyone in the ass

Heck yes

4. will you kiss my headache away

Yeah sure c: (is it bad that I was surprised by this but not the fucking in the ass one.)

5. would you ever fuck yourself for money

Heck ye.

6. do you think the political media today is too centered on pop culture than actual politics

Yeah but politics are big assholes 99% of the time so I’d rather hear more about the world and stuff.

7. whats your favorite video game

World of Warcraft.

9. do you think people are pretty


10. is my nose cute


11. are you a true otaku or a real gangsta

Who says a real gangsta like me, Kanye West, love his fair share of shotas.

1. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

2. If you could be with anyone, who would it be?

3. What’s your favorite video game genre?

4. How much do you like me? (a lot right?)

5. Do you think Americans don’t feel as obligated to learn other languages?

6. What is your favorite musical instrument?

7. Is Kanye your role model?

8. What’s your favorite language?

9. What’s your favorite food?

10. What’s your favorite word?

11. How do you feel about World of Warcraft?

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if your life was a tv show, who would your friends be played by?

Emilia: Leonardo DeCaprio

Chloë: Jesse Eisenberg

Victoria: Lee Pace

Scott: Laura Osnes

Nathaniel: Nikki Minaj

Sam: John Barrowman

Jessie: Matt Smith

Ryan: Miley Cyrus jk idk

these are just the ones that I KNOW FOR SURE ARE THE CLOSEST MATCHES

Tag I'm It Again

Okay, so Sam (fangirlathogwarts) tagged me back, and I have to answer my own questions. I’m on mobile so I’m sorry for all of you who have to scroll through this.

Name a song that you feel represents you as a person. Or, name a song that you would choose as your personal theme song.
Paradise by Coldplay or Dream by Priscilla Ahn

If you could have any animal as a pet, what animal would you choose? Why? (it can be from a fictional universe.)
I think I would choose a direwolf or a pegasus, both creatures that would be great companions in my opinion.

Which fictional character to you feel the deepest emotional connection with, and why?
Probably Hermione Granger or Rose Tyler. Both girls got swept away from their pretty boring lives for an adventure, and they both react the way I would.
Plus Rose totally banged the doctor.

Do you have a friend you would label as your ‘best’ friend? Would you die to save your best friend?
Well, I have a few friends that I would call sisters, all of whom I would die for without a second thought. They mean so much to me, and I want them to be happy more than anything.

If you could get a tattoo right now, for free, and painlessly, what would it be of?
I would get one of the following: “With brave wings she flies” or the deathly hallows, or an arrow (like a bow and arrow).

Do you have a motto or phrase that you try to live by? What is it?
“I go to seek a great perhaps.” Looking For Alaska, John Green.
Basically I strive for adventure and making a difference in the world.

If you could jump into any fictional universe, and live there, would you? Which one? Why?
HARRY POTTER. I want to go to Hogwarts. The end.

Name three things you like about yourself.
Um. Sometimes my writing skills, my eye color, and how fast I can read (?)

Describe someone you find attractive (fictional or otherwise) in two sentences.
He breathes oxygen. He has nice eyes.

If you could tell a friend anything you wanted, without lasting effects, what would it be?
Please reply to my messages.

What do you want to be when you grow up? What did you want to be when you were 5?
I really want to be on Broadway, or I’d like to teach theater to children.
When I was five I wanted to be a doctor or a vet.

I’m not tagging anyone.