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FANGIRL CHALLENGE (x) | Heartbreaking scenes/moments 1/7

↳ You realize what River was trying to tell him | To the Moon

After the incident, she’s been making these strange rabbits out of paper […] When I ask her about it, she never answers. Instead, she gets this distant look in her eyes… It’s almost as if she wants something from me. And the strange thing is… I feel like there’s something I owe her, too.


Fangirl Challenge - [3/10] Heartbreaking scenes

“We spent our night in Rachamps in a convent. It was the first time we’d spent a night indoors in a month. The sisters brought in their choir to sing for us. It was heaven. The mood of the men was relaxed. We were finally being relieved and would soon be in Mourmelon. In the morning, we found out Mourmelon would wait. Hitler had launched a counteroffensive. We were bound for Hagenau to hold the line. But for that night, we didn’t know it yet. That night, we were okay. I tried to make a roster for the company to see who we had left. We’d come into Belgium with 1 2 1 men and officers plus 24 replacements. That’s 1 45 total. We were going out with 63. Guarnere was badly wounded, and Hoobler died accidentally. Joe Toye had lost his leg. Among the dead were Herron, Mellet, Sowosko, Kenneth Webb, Harold Webb, Alex Penkala and Skip Muck. A month in Belgium cost us one good officer, Buck Compton… and one bad one, Norman Dike.” - Band of Brothers 1x07


Fangirl Challenge » 10 heartbreaking scenes/moments [1/10]
The Royals

“There’s a girl in my room who chose to stay in a very broken, unhealthy place for so many reasons. She stayed because she felt unworthy and unloved. Unworthy of being loved. It occurs to me that there’s always been a girl in that room who felt that way and who made those choices. But only one of the girls was strong enough to get out, and it’s not me. ”


Fangirl Challenge: Heartbreaking scenes/moments [1/7]
 8 femmes

- Being judged by my own children, it’s unbearable!
- That’s why I never had any.
- Just admit no man ever asked you to be the mother of his children.