fangirl supreme

Supreme Kai of Time is a fangirl !! X’D

Trunks: “Bardock looked identical to Goku.”

SKoT: “But Bardock had that bad boy kind of attitude, didn’t he?”

SKoT: “He’s so dreamy, I wonder if he has a girlfriend.”

Trunks: “he has a wife…”

So the first time i saw this cutscene i laughed my ass off and said I have to put Gine in this X’D  

Imagine Draco getting into Muggle culture
  • Everyday Harry comes home to find that Draco had watched a new Muggle movie
  • Draco being constantly tired because he stays up super late reading books
  • Crying over TFIOS and Titanic and shit like that
  • Eventually he finds YouTube and shit hits the fan
  • He starts dressing more Muggle, but only the designer stuff, because he is still a Malfoy, Potter, and Malfoys have standards
  • But then he discovers Tumblr and shit hits the fan so hard that it explodes outwards and covers everything
  • He starts developing ships for almost every TV show, movie and book he’s ever liked
  • He makes a Tumblr and it’s literally just a fan account for all of his man, many ships
  • He becomes super Tumblr famous and goes around the house just talking about his ships or making nerd references and crying over his OTPs
  • And then he discovers fanfiction
  • And it takes hours for Harry to convince him to come out of his room
  • Draco literally spends all of his time reading and writing fanfiction 
  • He once was at the park and overheard some punk say that Sherlock was a heartless bastard
  • And he and some random ass thirteen year old went ape shit and started cussing him out and hitting him with the hard facts
  • Harry took away his laptop after that
  • But Draco bought a phone and just did everything on there
  • Secretly making fanart and gifs and rec lists
  • He becomes the supreme fangirl and he and Hermione meet up for lunch sometimes to discuss and dissect books and shows
  • And Harry regrets ever asking Draco to at least try one movie, because never in his life did he think it would spiral so out of control

For that time I was having a rough morning but gailsimone was discussing Wolverine’s pubes on Twitter and tweeted “Pubearine” at me (yes, I screenshot & saved the moment forever), completely changing the course of my day, and for countless other moments where she has made me laugh, inspired, and added so much to the world of comics and beyond, I wish Gail the happiest of birthdays and thank her for being so damn awesome.