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Foursome Boys

Based on this prompt: Dan and Phil fuck Pete and Patrick. Foursome smut with Phan and Peterick. Very rough and very sexual please.


(Handjobs, blowjobs, sex, double penetration, overstimulation, multiple people, fingering, dirty talk, bit of public teasing, bondage)


Phil jumped to his feet after hearing the yell, worried that Dan had hurt himself or worse, embarrassed himself. He whipped around the corner into Dan’s room, crying “Dan! What happened?”

His boyfriend was sprawled out across the floor, hand over his mouth and the other holding his phone, and one of those two things was trembling like mad. Phil knelt down beside him and cocked his head.

“Dan? Are you okay?” he queried, concerned out of his mind.

The younger shook his head and, after withdrawing his hand from his mouth, squeaked out “No I’m definitely not okay,” in a voice many octaves too high. He threw his phone into Phil’s chest, eyes wide and mouthing “READ!”. Confused and anxious beyond belief, Phil grabbed the phone and fixed his eyes onto the screen, reading the message that had been sent to his boyfriend via Twitter.

“Hey mate, sorry again for the prank earlier. We’re in London rn so would you maybe be okay for a make-up Starbucks?”

Phil frowned, but once his eyes saw who’d sent the message the phone dropped from his clasp.

“Pete Wentz invited us out for Starbucks?” he cried out in disbelief. Dan’s hands flew to his boyfriend’s shoulders and shook him violently.

“PETE FUCKING WENTZ, PHIL!” he screeched, and Phil couldn’t help but laugh in excitement.


After almost half an hour of absolutely no squealing and jumping around and definitely no extreme fangirling (definitely only on Dan’s part), they took a shaky step into the pre-decided café and had a look around, Dan quickly catching a glimpse of Pete’s waving arm and suddenly tugging Phil over.

“Hey!” they all greeted as the two taller men took their seats opposite the Americans, one being Pete and the other–

“Patrick Stump?” Dan cried, causing the other American to laugh at his excitement.

“Yeah, yeah it’s me. Though I have nothing to apologise for, but Pete’s paying so…” he winked knowingly causing the British boys to laugh.

They spoke for a while, mainly about random things such as YouTube and the release of AB/AP, everything was so casual it was great! Dan’s face couldn’t get any redder and he looked like such a teenage girl bouncing in his seat the entire time.

Suddenly an idea popped into Phil’s head, and leaned over to his boyfriend. “Babe, if you don’t stop squirming I’m going to restrain you.” he whispered, voice dropping lower just as he knew Dan liked it. The younger turned redder still and bit his lip, getting what Phil was doing. “You’d like that wouldn’t you, you little slut? Tied down, writhing and begging for me. You love a bit of restraint, don’t you?” Dan nodded, reaching for his drink just as Patrick did the same. At the action Phil looked up and noticed Pete had shuffled just a tiny bit closer to his friend, who now had bright red cheeks and was sipping his drink timidly. Wondering what was going on, he saw Pete’s hand on Patrick’s thigh and without thinking gripped onto Dan’s and squeezed, eliciting a surprised yelp.

Pete looked up just as Dan’s head turned to Phil and he seethed his name in warning, knowing exactly where they were, and Phil’s and Pete’s eyes met in a knowing stare. They grinned, sensing a challenge, and Phil watched Pete’s hand slip further up his leg causing Patrick to flinch. Phil let his hand drift to Dan’s inner thigh and scratched through the material, admiring how he bit his lip to hold back a noise. Pete raised an eyebrow at him before leaning into Patrick’s ear and muttering something, causing his fingers to curl tightly around the cup and the edge of the table.

Phil was impressed; whatever he’d said, it really had an effect on Patrick.

In response, he slid his hand behind Dan’s back, making sure to brush the top of his butt, before dancing lightly across his side. Dan flinched at the contact as Phil breathed against Dan’s ear again. “I think it would be totally ridiculous, wrong, yet fucking hot if you got a boner right now,” he muttered, teeth taking the lobe and gently tugging on it. “I want to watch you rock your hips and helplessly whimper my name, knowing any of these people could be watching you; even Pete.” at the mention of the other’s name, Dan glanced up to him briefly and let out a quiet whimper, feeling his boyfriend’s fingers skimming across his hip and causing him to buck up slightly.

Phil smirked, feeling proud of putting Dan in this state. But as he looked to Pete to boast he saw the man was already pre-occupied with his hand on Patrick’s crotch, rolling his palm into him as his hips bucked up helplessly. Small moans were dribbling from the younger’s lips and Phil couldn’t help but drop his jaw at the sight.

Pete glanced over to him and smirked, victorious, and said “I think Patrick needs the little boy’s room, so we’ll been gone a moment.” and for some reason, Phil piped up.

“No,” he objected. “Why not head back to ours? I’m sure Patrick will find it a lot better to relieve himself there than in here.” Phil raised a knowing eyebrow, hoping that the others would catch on, and they did.

“If you’re both completely okay with that - me and Patrick CERTAINLY are.” Pete chuckled, wrapping an arm around the younger’s waist to pull him closer as they stood up.

“Phil…” he heard Dan whine causing him to turn his head. “What are you doing? You’ve put me in this fucking state, I can’t deal with this when they’re round our fucking house!”

Phil smirked, simply whispering “Look at Patrick,” and hooking his arm into Dan’s to hoist him up.


No one said a word on the way back to the apartment, too excited for whatever the hell was going to happen once they all got there (and it was so hard not to be recognised by anyone which would’ve been super awkward with two very turned on men and the others super horny.) Once everyone stepped inside Phil took one second to say “Make yourselves comfortable,” just before he slammed Dan into the wall and crashed their mouths together impatiently. Forgetting about the others, Phil felt Dan gasp into the kiss as his hands gripped desperately onto his boyfriend’s shoulders. In response Phil grabbed his hips and squeezed, letting his nails dig in through his jeans to elicit a moan before shifting them to start undoing his boyfriend’s belt.

“Phil…” he moaned, pulling away for a moment. “The others are here. We can’t–” Phil cut him off with his lips, and this time Dan’s lips fell apart to invite his tongue. He obliged, pulling away the belt and letting it drop to the floor. His hands slid around the younger’s back as he dragged him from the hallway into the living room, just the room where the Americans were heatedly making out on the floor, shirts off and hands on each other’s chests.

They didn’t seem to notice the other two enter the room.

The elder shoved Dan onto his knees in front of him and simply said “Off”, and not wasting another second Dan’s hands were in his jeans, tugging them desperately off. Once he’d got them past his knees he was unexpectedly thrown onto the floor, landing with a harsh crunch. “I’ll do the rest - now don’t move.” The younger whimpered but stilled, waiting for Phil to finish so they could continue already!

He was quick to shuffle them off, falling onto the floor and crawling between Dan’s legs. He forced them further apart with his thigh before rolling it into his crotch, making the younger gasp and buck into the movements. “Love, what did I say about squirming?” Phil smirked, grabbing Dan’s wrists and slamming them into the floor above his head and pulling an unexpected whimper from his lips. “Stay still, sweetheart. Let me do the pleasuring.” Dan whined, finding it difficult to control himself as he forced his hips still and let Phil cause the friction between them. It didn’t last long, as hurriedly Phil moved down to his jeans to finally undo them and tug them down his body, leaving just their shirts to remove.

Suddenly he felt hands skimming his lower back and flinched, feeling his shirt be ridden up. “Shh, it’s only me,” Pete’s voice broke the silence as he rid Phil of his shirt. “Since we’re all here, I wonder if we could have a little fun, all four of us,” he suggested, running his hands down Phil’s chest and torso. “Because Patrick’s well trained, and he loves being ordered around, and he told me a while ago he’d love for someone else to dominate him.” Dan whined, confused and desperate beneath them, just as Patrick crawled over and tugged him to his knees, proceeding to remove his shirt. Phil watched as Patrick’s hands traced the skin of Dan’s forearms, but he turned to Phil and gave him an unsure look, uncertain if Phil was okay with this. He nodded back, just as Pete’s hands found their way to his hips and squeezed. “Besides, I think I’d really like to spend some time with Dan, if that’s alright with you.”

Phil tensed, debating whether or not he was okay with the idea; another man fucking his boyfriend. But this wasn’t an ordinary man - this was Pete Wentz they were talking about. If Phil let Pete have him, Dan would thank him forever.

So he nodded. “Yeah. Sounds cool.”


Dan wasn’t sure if he was comfortable with Patrick’s hands exploring his body as they were; don’t get him wrong, the touch was sending pleasure through him, he just wasn’t sure if Phil was okay with it. But when he looked over to him and Phil agreed, he grinned and let himself enjoy it. His hands roamed the other’s hair and pulled him closer, breathing down his neck to elicit a shudder. He kissed the skin there gently and traced his teeth across the prominent vein, and Patrick whimpered at the touch. He couldn’t believe it - this was Patrick STUMP he was with, and Pete Wentz was only a metre away with his boyfriend.

Suddenly there were hands on him and Patrick, yanking them to their feet and dragging them to the sofa. They were both shoved down and a body climbed over him, though as he caught a glimpse of their face he realised it wasn’t Phil, but it was too late as their lips came crashing down onto his. His heart was thudding against his ribs, he couldn’t believe Pete Wentz was kissing him! The American’s tongue fought into his mouth and he let himself go limp under him, letting the man do everything he pleased with him. Hands gripped the sides of his head to pull him closer and his tongue was practically down the back of his throat, but he loved it.

He pulled away suddenly making Dan want him back, and he smirked confidently. “Hey there,” he toyed, fingers twisting strands of Dan’s hair playfully. “I, thought, we, could have a little fun together. Just you and me for a bit. Your boyfriend’s totally okay with it.” He forced Dan’s head to the side and tilted his the same way, grinning like an idiot. “I’ve heard you’re a little cockslut, Danny boy. Is this true?” Dan nodded because oh, oh yes he was, especially if he could get a taste of Pete Wentz’ famous dick. Pete laughed and Dan bit his lip, heart fluttering in his chest in anticipation. “Well then - ” he flipped them around so that Dan was on top and then proceeded to shove him off the sofa, pulling his head towards his crotch suggestively. “Do what you like with it, cockslut.”

Dan swallowed - he didn’t need to be told twice - and immediately hooked his fingers into the hem of the man’s boxers and tugged them down. His cock sprung out and Dan bit back a gasp, imagining what that could do to him, make him feel. Phil was thick, but Pete was long. He couldn’t believe it. Needy, he wrapped his hand around him and started to pump, squeezing every so often just as he knew Phil liked. Pete let out a mix between a chuckle and a moan, which merged into more of a groan as Dan took the head between his lips and sucked gently. He slipped down his length, hoping to go as far as possible to impress the man above him, and the grip tightened in his hair almost to the point of pain.

“Fuck,” he groaned, eyes shutting when Dan gazed up at him. “How much of a cockslut are you, Danny boy?” Pete opened his eyes to meet Dan’s, watching his mouth work on him with a smirk. “Go on - take it deeper.” Dan couldn’t help but moan at the idea, feeling Pete’s hand in his hair force his head down further and further and Dan didn’t even panic when it hit the back of his throat, because he knew he could do it (though he was pretty impressed that he had deep-throated Pete Wentz’ dick.)

Without warning Dan was shoved away and he nearly lost his balance, but that didn’t matter because Pete immediately had his tight grip on both shoulders and was throwing Dan across the room, body crashing against the floor with a loud thud. He didn’t even have time to move before Pete was on top of him, grabbing his wrists and - fuck, are those handcuffs Pete is holding? He secured them round one of his wrists and pinned them both down on Dan’s belly as he tore his boxers off, leaving Dan exposed beneath him and helpless.

Pete cocked his head and laughed. “Look at you. Aren’t you handsome? Must say, I think Patrick would be pretty jealous of me fucking you, wouldn’t he?” Dan whimpered - was Pete really going to fuck him? Was this a dream? “But mind you - Phil could say the same about you,” the younger frowned and turned his head to look over at the others but Pete’s strong grip was quickly on his jaw, forcing him back. “No no, don’t even think about him. For the time being, you’re mine. Got it?” Dan whimpered again in response, unable to help himself, as that confident smirk on Pete’s handsome face grew wider and he shuffled between his legs.

“I guess you’re wondering why only one hand is locked up, huh, Danny boy?” he nodded. “Well that’s ‘cause I want to watch you,” he explained, “I want you to use both hands and give me a little show, okay? And then I’ll really restrain you,” Pete leaned over his body, hands skimming Dan’s chest and making him arch his back into the touch. “because a little birdie told me that you like that, don’t you?” Dan’s eyes fluttered closed, revelling in the man’s touch. Suddenly a harsh slap met his chest and he yelped, eyes shooting open just as a tanned hand closed over his mouth. Pete cocked his head above him, an excited glint in his eyes, as his other hand clutched Dan’s locked one and led it past his groin.

“Now…” he started, curling Dan’s fingers around his already half-hard length which made him twitch and moan softly into Pete’s hand. Pete brought his hand up and down to start him off before pulling away. “Give me a show, Danny boy.” Dan cringed and closed his eyes, nervous at the thought of being watched, and slowly stroked himself, imagining it was Phil’s or, even better, Pete’s hand instead. He still couldn’t believe this - Pete fucking Wentz was literally going to fuck him.

Right now, he could care a lot less for how Phil would be feeling about this.

“So hot,” the American breathed, gripping Dan’s other wrist and dragging it up to his own lips, before taking the British man’s fingers into his mouth. Dan’s jaw fell down in a silent moan of satisfaction as Pete sucked on his digits sensually, giving Dan his own show, before pulling them back out again. “Hips up, come on,” he commanded, and of course Dan did as he asked, raising his hips and wondering what the hell this man wanted him to do. As his fingers were tucked beneath him a bulb of understanding lit up in his head. “Finger yourself for me, cockslut. Get yourself ready for me.”

Dan didn’t even fucking hesitate; he was pushing his fingers past his rim and biting his lip without delay. Every time he brought them out and thrust them back in he would let out a moan and rock his hips back, no longer caring that he was being watched by one of his teenage idols. He scissored his fingers impatiently, stretching himself quickly because he just wanted Pete to push his famous cock inside of him and fuck Dan raw.

He pulled his fingers out, dropping his hips back onto the floor and whining, squirming in need. “What?” Pete teased, laughing. “You want something, cockslut?”

And fuck - Dan could see where this was going.

“Please, fill me up, fuck me till I can’t move, I want it,” he begged as Pete’s hands drew his wrists together and locked them together, and Dan had to bit his lips to contain the rush of excitement that flooded through him. “Please, Pete. Fuck.” he whined, letting his head hit the floor as Pete pushed his legs further apart.

“Shh, slut. You’ll get it,” he pushed himself in and Dan’s jaw fell open with a gasp of satisfaction. “You’ll get what you want,” Pete whispered, pulling back out and gripping Dan’s bare hips as he slammed into him again and again, the British man’s delicious squeals and moans filling his ears.

Dan forced his eyes to remain open, making sure he imprinted the image and feelings and sounds of Pete Wentz fucking him permanently into his memory. “Fuck!” he yelled, throwing his hands above his head just because he always liked them there (though usually they were secured to something), making him feel slightly more exposed and under their control.

He was completely under Pete Wentz’ control.

Could he believe it?

Not even yet.


Phil couldn’t pull his lips away from the other man’s yet, revelling in the taste and texture of foreign lips. Their tongues were curling around each other and hands were on equally pale chests, and Phil swore his fingers hadn’t felt this alive in years.

He forced himself to pull away, letting his hands rest on the man’s shoulders as he watched him blink and lick his lips instinctively, seemingly innocent eyes locking with a very similar, though younger, pair.

“Sorry, but are you okay with this? I mean I kind of just went with it, you know, since the others did, but I really should’ve asked before I jumped on you. God, I’m really sorry. Is this okay?” he cut of his rambling, colour rising awkwardly on his cheeks as Patrick’s small hands cupped his cheeks. He nodded without a word, a reassuring smile on his lips, as he pulled Phil back down to close the distance between them. Their lips met again, this time with more conviction, and Phil relaxed under Patrick’s hands as they explored his shoulders and back.

Phil pulled away before they could deepen it and instinctively went for the other’s neck, placing a gentle kiss there to start off with before remembering that this wasn’t Dan, and his spots weren’t the same.

“So, where’s your weak spot then?” he looked up to Patrick but the man shook his head, bringing a finger to his lips as a “not gonna tell” gesture. Phil raised an eyebrow, identifying the challenge, and let his hands trace every contour of his torso as he searched. Patrick sighed as Phil brushed his sides but other than that he didn’t get much of a response. He bit his lip, unsure what else there could be.

Then he remembered what he saw in the café earlier; Pete whispering into Patrick’s ear and the way he blushed and squirmed in his seat.

Maybe that was it.

Phil smirked and leaned into Patrick’s right ear, breathing heavily. “Is it talking? Does that do it for you?” As usual, Patrick didn’t say a word. “Maybe it’s just dirty talk. Do you like it when someone whispers filthy things in your ear? All these crazy scenarios and thoughts that you wish they could be doing to you right at that moment? Is that it?” He pulled away, noticing the man beneath him had blushed a deep red. He smirked. “I’m right, aren’t I?”

Patrick nodded quickly, almost needy.

Satisfied, Phil pressed his lips to the underside of the man’s ear as his fingers trailed down to his groin. “Lucky for you I’m quite the talker in bed. I bet you want me, don’t you? You want me to press my hand to your crotch, or shove it under your boxers, and please you. You do, don’t you?”

Patrick let out a tense breath and closed his eyes. “Y-yes, sir.” he mumbled, taking Phil by surprise.

It seemed he had a nickname now.

“I thought so. You’re so obvious, you know? Can’t hide anything from me.” Phil licked the shell briefly, pulling a content gasp from the man beneath him as his hands gripped Patrick’s hips, thumbs tracing firm circles into the fabric of his underwear. “Although… I shouldn’t do anything with you, really. After all, you’re not mine to please, are you?” A light chuckle left his lips as he teased him, pulling his hands away. “You don’t belong to me. But I will please you if we can come to a sort of deal?”

Patrick squirmed a little beneath him, craving contact again. “Yes, anything, sir.”

Trying to hold back his smirk, Phil nodded. “How about this; you can be my little slut for today, and you will belong to me for this day only. After that, you’re all Pete’s. But for now…” a knowing smile tugged at the corners of his mouth and Patrick licked his lips. “We can do whatever we like, can’t we slut?”

The American whined. “Yes, sir. Belong to you, sir. All yours, sir.” he gasped out, moaning lightly as Phil’s hands returned to massage his crotch through his underwear. He was hard, painfully so already - Phil could feel it. “Ahh, thank you sir.” Patrick breathed contently, relaxing into the sofa and becoming fully submissive and under Phil’s control, as if he wasn’t already.

Phil was really starting to get the dynamic here…

He worked his hand on him, practically grinding into his crotch as he lay there motionless, letting Phil control how much he felt. Jesus, Phil thought - that must take some serious skill. He ducked down into Patrick’s chest and kissed his hot skin, eliciting a desperate whine from him. As he made a soft trail up to his collar and along his neck, Phil could feel Patrick trembling slightly with the effort to keep himself still. Phil wasn’t a dick - he wouldn’t make Patrick struggle with this.

“Move with me,” he instructed, immediately feeling the man beneath him buck into his hand and extend his head away invitingly. Phil grinned as he connected his lips to the underside of Patrick’s jaw before meeting their lips again, forcing his tongue into his mouth with little resistance. This was great - being with and controlling someone other than Dan. The two contrasted completely; Dan was incessantly bossy and needy unless you really pleasured him and forced him into a quiet submission, whereas Patrick rarely said a word and was completely under Phil’s control from the word 'go’, reacting to every little thing he did to him.

“You’re so well-behaved,” Phil praised aloud when he’d pulled their mouths apart. One thing that made Phil perfect for being Dom was his ability at self-control; putting Dan into such a state and hearing the little desperate sounds he made always set Phil off like nothing else could, but it was about making his sub feel amazing, not the other way round. Unlike Dan, he could function when he was horny.

However, when it was someone else and everything felt so new and electric and amazing… Well, it was harder to control himself.

He took his hands away and brought their crotches together, moaning at the slight friction that gave him, and ground down onto him forcefully. Patrick immediately reciprocated and Phil could feel just how hard the man was becoming through their underwear. With just two thin pieces of material Phil slid their dicks together easily, warmth rushing through his body at the feeling. All coherent thoughts were lost in a mess of lust and desire as his nails dragged down the man’s chest, forcing his chest up in surprise.

“Oh my god,” Phil breathed out as his head fell back, a throaty moan dribbling from his lips. “I want you,” Patrick’s palms were hot and sweaty as they slid across the skin of his shoulders, trying to lead him back down. The other obliged and ducked down, slipping their lips together with passionate movements. It was all strangely intimate, but that was enough; Phil wanted to roughen it up.

His hands flew up to grasp the sides of his head as he mashed their lips together, adrenaline rushing through his nerves and lighting up his muscles. Thighs squeezing him in place, Patrick fell (as led) onto his back on the sofa with his eyes shooting wide and pupils blown. Phil stared down into them briefly, admiring just how desperate he was for him, before colliding his mouth with Patrick’s neck and feeling him moan as vibrations against his lips at the contact. Their hips still rotated and rolled into each other like their lips and tongues and chests, and their hands just before Phil locked them together and pinned them above Patrick’s head.

“I want to fuck you,” Phil was peppering kisses frantically across Patrick’s chest and belly now. “I want you to sit on my lap, fuck yourself on me, whilst I jerk you off.” Patrick shuddered beneath him, obviously desperate for the idea.

“Please, sir. Please please please please please please PLEASE!” The man cried, seemingly on the verge of tears.

Patrick was hoisted quickly onto Phil’s lap, his sweaty back pressed against an equally sweaty chest, and his underwear was torn from his body to completely expose him. Phil’s were lost too but he didn’t try anything just yet; instead he brought his fingers in front of Patrick’s mouth and waited.

However the American simply shook his head. “No need. Don’t want to be stretched.”

At first Phil was confused, but once he realised, he was withdrawing his hands with a sly grin on his face. “Oh. Is Patrick Stump a painslut, then?” he teased, receiving a frantic nod in response. Phil’s hands worked their way down to Patrick’s hips and lifted him up ever so slightly.

The elder let out a long exhale in anticipation. “Y-yes. It’s intense, like too much, and you want to pull away but also you don’t because - fuck!” he was cut off as Phil slowly slid himself in, completely dry into an extremely tight space. There was no way this was going to work, surely. Not with Phil’s girth. “Fuck - yes, so thick.” The American whined as Phil pushed himself inside practically all the way.

“How does it feel, slut?” Phil felt Patrick’s hands gripping his thighs like a lifeline.

“It’s amazing. Move, please - I’m so hard, sir.” Phil’s hands snaked around his body - one over his mouth to muffle his sounds and add to his restraint, and another teasingly brushing along the side of his cock, eliciting shudder after shudder from the man on top of him.

“You’re the one who’s going to move, remember?” Patrick was silent for a moment. “If you want to feel good, chase it yourself.”

The younger grinned as he felt him pushing himself up and down Phil’s length, whimpering into his hand with every movement.

It all still felt a little too surreal, though; Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump, from the legendary band Fall Out Boy, were having sex with little insignificant Dan and Phil. And they were kinky as hell, Phil should add - almost as kinky as they were themselves. Phil was worried that any second he would wake up and all of this would be a weird, vivid wet dream.

So they’d shared some kinks - Dan was a total cockslut and Patrick was a painslut, to Phil’s complete surprise - but as long as they didn’t get too close to any of their more private kinks, they should be–

“Oh, Daddy!”

Phil stopped breathing. Oh, fuck.

Why did Dan have to yell that?!

His eyes darted over to him in his panic but Dan didn’t even seem to acknowledge what he’d called out. Unfortunately it was Pete who looked up at him and, upon seeing his embarrassment, broke into a sly smirk. Phil’s cheeks flushed a deeper red and he realised he had to distract himself from making this a bigger deal than he wanted it to be. And as his ears pricked at the sound of Patrick’s needy moan, he realised he’d found it.

Without hesitation his mouth quickly latched onto the man’s shoulder, sucking and biting to pull more pleasured noises from his mouth. His hand wrapped itself around Patrick’s length and stroked him fast, making him squirm on his lap. He was throbbing, hard, precome leaking desperately over Phil’s hand to help with the fluidity of his movements.

“Sir, I need… Err, I’m going…” Patrick stuttered,  trembling like mad under Phil’s hands. He knew what was happening, and had no intention of denying him, but as Phil opened his mouth to let him release he was interrupted by another voice calling him name, in a familiarly foreign accent.

“Lester!” He called again, prompting Phil to turn his head and spot Pete luring him out of the room. He froze, confused, and just as he wondered what he’d done with Dan he spotted him sprawled out of the floor, sweaty and exposed, with his wrists secured around the leg of the table. He was squirming and panting, and Phil raised an eyebrow at the unusual predicament. What the hell had they been getting up to?

Yet Pete was still encouraging him to go with him, just outside the door, so he pulled Patrick off of him and threw him onto the sofa. The man whined in desperation, unable to steady his breathing, and begged for Phil to come back and let him finish. But Phil had developed quite the tolerance of this, especially when he dealt with a needy, whiny teenage Dan for so many years, and instead he pinned Patrick’s hands above his head and leaned down to him.

“Touch yourself whilst I’m gone, and you’ll regret it,” he warned, waiting for Patrick’s comprehended nod before climbing off of him and stepping out to follow Pete. He had to walk over Dan’s trembling body, hearing him weakly whimper his name, but deciding to ignore him.

Outside he met with Pete, who looked just as sweaty and worked up as he was.

“What?” he asked him.

Pete only grinned, anticipation obvious in his wide, lust-filled brown eyes. “I have the best idea.”


Dan let his head fall onto his chest, small quiet whimpers falling past his lips helplessly, with no one to hear them. Except… Patrick, of course! He raised his head hopefully and tried to twist himself around to see him, but it was no use. He couldn’t see that far behind him.

“Patrick,” he whispered, gaining no response. His face twisted in need and he called out louder, “Patrick!”

A stretch of silence followed, before a weary, cautious mumble of “Dan?”

The younger’s heart jumped in relief. “Yes! Listen, I need you to help me. I can’t stand this any longer. I never knew Pete was such a motherfucking tease!” he cried, wrists twisting in frustration. He’d been left hard, painfully so, after amazing sex and a mind-blowing blow job (pun not intended) and he didn’t want Pete to have anything more up his sleeve. Phil never spent this much time teasing him.

“Can’t. Have to stay here.”

Dan groaned in annoyance. “Come on, seriously? Just live a little.” he could practically sense Patrick shaking his head. Why did he have to be so difficult? “Look, if you help me out I’ll help you too. I KNOW you’re just as needy as I am.”

Once again, another silence. “Your hands are tied.” he laughed, causing Dan to growl in annoyance. “I’m not stupid.”

Despite, out of desperation, Dan cried “Patrick, please. I’ll do anything!”

A tense sigh filled the room and Dan heard footsteps. He took in a deep breath in anticipation and stayed silent as Patrick knelt down in front of him. He didn’t meet his eyes - simply bit his lip worriedly and clenched his hands into fists before wrapping one around Dan’s cock, causing him to fall limp at the release of his tension.

“God, thank you,” he breathed out, shutting his eyes and trying to ignore how bad this was. They really shouldn’t be doing this - god knows what would happen if the others found out - but he needed contact so badly, it wasn’t humane to leave him this frustrated. Dan was always kind of a rule breaker - mischief was always the card he played to get Phil to be dominant in bed. Phil was strict and Dan loved it.

“Patrick!” The man scrambled away at the sound of his name being called, but he didn’t move too far. Dan shot his eyes open and of course Pete and Phil were standing in the stupid fucking doorway, arms crossed and expressions not pleased. The younger groaned and rolled his eyes.

“Oh, come on–” he didn’t get to say much before Pete was on top of him, smacking his face and covering his mouth. Dan’s eyes flew wide in surprise but his cock twitched at the restraint.

“I don’t believe this is all Patrick’s fault,” Phil chirped in, and why did he never shut his fucking mouth, Dan internally seethed. “He seems pretty tame. But I know Dan’s quite the manipulative bastard, aren’t you?” he was teasing now, his tongue poking through his teeth in amusement.

Dan turned his head to glare at him but Pete’s strong grip forced him back.

“Well, are you?” he asked, and Dan would’ve said 'fuck you’ to both of them if he could. At his silence Pete laughed, a sly smirk stretching across his tanned face. “Phil, grab me a cloth, would ya?” Curious, Dan watched as Phil stepped out of the room again, only to come back moments later. In his hand he possessed a white piece of cloth and he quickly handed it to Pete, who didn’t hesitate to push it straight past his lips and tie it behind the back of his head; he knew Dan wouldn’t co-operate, not in this mood.

Phil knelt down beside the other American, whose head was bowed submissively. “Hey, I know it wasn’t your fault. You’re a good boy, right?” Patrick raised his head and stared at Phil with almost innocent eyes, and nodded his head in compliance. Phil smiled back and ran a hand lovingly through the American’s light-coloured hair. “I thought so. Me and Pete have a little treat for you. Would you like that?” The other let his eyes close in contentment and leaned into Phil’s touch, purring to let him know his answer.

Dan growled in response to Phil being so affectionate to someone else and tugged angrily at his restraints. However the older American only laughed at his reaction and crawled away from him. “Yeah, and since Dan’s been a bad little slut, he gets to go second.” Dan shot him a hateful glare but Pete only stuck his middle finger up at him, before reaching for Patrick and gripping his shoulders as he kissed along the back of his neck.

The other moaned out softly as Phil gently connected their lips and didn’t hesitate to enter his mouth, slowly pulling him down on top of him as Phil laid his back onto the floor. With Patrick allowing his body to be pliant enough for Phil to move around, the black-haired man placed his hands on the other’s hips and carefully lowered him onto his hard cock, hearing him mewl at the movement.

Dan watched, intrigued, as he witnessed Pete’s hands on Patrick’s waist, shuffling himself closer so their hips were practically pressed together, and he slid himself against Phil, stretching Patrick wide open. He himself gasped at the action, gripping his bottom lip between his teeth as an urgent wave of arousal rushed straight to his groin and he had to stifle his noises. This so wasn’t fair.


“Hmm - so good sirs. Thank you - ahh, shit!” Patrick moaned, the others pumping themselves in and our of his aching hole and creating the most incredible friction. He clutched Phil’s shoulders as the intensity of their actions made his legs tremble. “’M so close, sirs. Please, can I, please?” His voice pleaded, desperation dripping off every word. Since Phil had more free hands than the other, he shoved one down between their bodies and gripped Patrick’s length, which throbbed with hardness, and heard him gasp loudly at the contact. Phil didn’t even get to stroke him properly before he was releasing over his chest.

But what took the man by surprise was that, since he was so consumed in Patrick’s pleasure, he didn’t even see his own orgasm coming, and he let out a shocked cry as it all washed through him (making sure to get Patrick off of him  first, of course.)

He looked to Pete as Patrick collapsed onto his chest, panting like he’s just run a marathon. Pete gazed back at him, however unlike himself Pete was still hard. Without even asking for permission, he left the spent ones on the ground and crawled back over to the only man left in the room.

And despite being completely exhausted, Phil made sure to watch.


Dan’s eyes met Pete’s and they widened slightly - no, no more teasing. It wasn’t fun anymore. However that wasn’t Pete’s plan; without saying a single word he sat on top of Dan’s thighs and took his cock in his hand, stroking him quickly to get him to his climax. Dan’s heart jumped into his throat - Pete Wentz was about to do what? All comprehensive thoughts flew out the window as he groaned into his makeshift gag. It took him a while to notice that Pete’s stare wouldn’t break away, and judging by it’s intensity it was starting to freak Dan out.

He glared back for as long as possible but Pete squeezed him once and his eyes were involuntarily rolling into the back of his head. His breathing was erratic, his legs were trembling, sweat covered the underside of his knees - it didn’t take him too long.

Dan came with a loud groan, releasing over Pete’s fist, body jerking with his orgasm washing through him. However, when it all left him he wasn’t allowed to relax - Pete’s hand still worked strong and Dan’s limbs jerked at the sensitivity. His eyes widened, shocked, and tried to squirm away But he had nowhere to go and Pete would have none of it.

The American didn’t say a word, eyes still boring into Dan’s to read his every reaction as his hand pumped him even faster than before. Dan cried out protests and pleads into the gag only because it all felt like foo much and he didn’t think he could do it again. But to his surprise he found himself back to full hardness within moments and after just a couple more strokes he was over the edge again, vision blurring and sounds merging into a mess of confusion and euphoria.

He slumped over, practically ruined, as Pete drew away.


Phil’s jaw dropped in amazement - after all that Pete was still hard, and decided that no matter what, these Americans were fucking sex tanks!

His lust-filled eyes fell onto his lover and, head bowed, Patrick crawled over and sat between his legs. Phil watched as Pete’s fingers threaded through the man’s light hair affectionately and Patrick let his small fingers wrqp around his length and stroke him sensually. With this, everything was calm again. There was no yelling or moaning or profanities to be heard - only light sighs of satisfaction.

There was another thing that Phil decided in that moment, but what was it again?

Oh yeah - they were definitely inviting them back sometime.