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NHK Trophy 2016: Tessa & Scott + post-FD hug

the signs as i know them

every astrology blog has to do this right ? here’s mine version as well hahah :D

Aries: laugh at their jokes pls, shy af until they meet with their friends, nerds but cute, v v talkative, easily excited, terrible taste in music, forgets what they were talking about

Taurus: will force you to become friends with them, super annoying, will most likely smile at you, just wants to be loved, likes cold weather, especially late fall, sarcastic af

Gemini: annyoing when annoyed, kinda insecure, will make you feel like the most important person on earth, weird taste in music, sucks at sports

Cancer: will make you smile when you’re sad, the fangirl, smile that feels like home, likes to make people laugh, really loud sometimes, naive lovers

Leo: smiles when they talk, confident, #body goals, random compliments out of nowhere, likes animals, likes travelling, will make fun of you 25/8 if they like you

Virgo: quiet, in their head 91% of the time, awesome at art and playing an instrument, loves food, most likely the deepest lovers out of zodiac, nice voice

Libra: likes to be the centre of the attention, funny but will talk crap about you, flirty, helpsless lovers, wants to get married, loves their mom, the wine friend

Scorpio: will remember EVERYTHING about you, comes up with probably the best comebacks out of all the signs, likes black humour, talkative as hecky, takes everything personaly

Sagittarius: proffesional, literally does not give a fuck, will say their opinion, loves their friends but is never too clingy, super random and always up for an adventure

Capricorn: either weird taste in music or weird hobbies, wants to be always right, the most patient people ever, protect them

Aquarius: different, always smiles with their teeth, weird, cannOT KEEP A SECRET, loves listening to loud music, likes coffee and watching movies

Pisces: one of the prettiest people you’ll ever meet, quiet but popular ? very loving and loyal tho, usually very passionate about something, nice fashion taste

Imagine talking about your favorite song with Bucky.

“That’s exactly how it makes me feel too, doll.”