fangirl rock

Sometimes I wonder how normal people manage to not get obsessed about…literally everything! Im in love with at least 23729 bands, books, tv shows, historical characters, movies…idk stones?
I mean how do they…live? How can the even breath without wanting to talk about those things 24/7? God that must be so boring.

When your favourite artist releases new music:

●"I want this to be played at my funeral.“
●"I’m dead.”
●"I want this to be played at my wedding.“
●"Those high notes though.”
●"Their voices are so beautiful oh my god!“
●"This is my favourite song they’ve ever released.”
●"Half of the views are mine.“
●"Can we just talk about (artist’s name) at (certain time in the song or mv)?”
●"Oh my god I can’t I’m fangirling!“
● “…”
●” 😱"
●*crying when you realise you can’t meet them*
●*annoying everyone*

Classic Rock fangirl problems

The thing is I don’t want to sound like a creepy obsessed fangirl who cares about superficial things like looks. I do love their music and I really respect them as artists and I admire what they stood for and I appreciate their talent and I’m interested in their life stories. Is it so wrong to also want each and every one of them to nut on my face

Swing, Swing ~ The All-American Rejects (2002)