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They have us blocked but im petty so here we go 😊 .

Asking non-gay/bi men to stop portraying our romantic/sexual relationships in a fetishizing way is bad and misogynistic ? Telling yall to stop portraying elements like incest/abuse/pedophilia between two men as sexy is a bad thing ?

Do yall even hang around any gay/bi men or do yall get all your information from Tumblr? Like everyone in this thread is nasty, but lets start with anon. Anon you think its okay to generalize all gay male erotica as “big dicks, no lube, and turning straight guys gay” when 1) you aren’t even a gay man and 2) you probably eat up those boring ass johnlock fics where the word gay isn’t even mentioned. Its funny because the tone of your ask makes you sound like you know something when in reality you don’t know jack shit and need to stay in your boring whitebread straight girl lane :^) .

Now for everyone else in this hellhole of a thread. Yall non-gay/bi men don’t know the needs or the wants or the desires of mlm and need to shut the hell up and take a back seat when it comes to gay male erotica. No one is telling you to stop drawing smut or writing fanfiction. We are telling you to stop fetishizing mlm, but yall are so pretentious you can’t even see that maybe gay/bi men know more about this subject than you do. You people believe you are above homophobia and yet find media like killing stalking to be hot and sexy even though its about the torture and abuse of a gay man by a straight man. It disturbs me that the general attitude in fandoms and elsewhere sees the sexual gratification of non-gay/bi men more important than the safety and comfort of young gay minors, who often see this type of shit and become confused and misguided because of its awfully inaccurate depictions of our sexualities and relationships.

And last but not least Lmao @ 21st century whatever you are the nastiest. “Some gay men are the most misogynistic therefore I have an excuse to be homophobic and fetishize gay men and gay sex”. That’s what you sound like. Its pretentious and condescending to act like you know how our relationships work or to act like we are doing OUR OWN erotica and porn wrong. You and all the straight fangirls can go choke I don’t give a shit about homophobes, especially homophobes who think just because they aren’t a man that they can’t possibly harm gay/bi men. Bye.

- mod L


The Kiss

I had several followers request that I ask about the kiss scene. He played it up both in person and on stage how it was a “terrible” job and he “hates” kissing Hayley. “Make sure you get the sarcasm!” he said.  He clearly adored working with her.

They did not fall out of the chair. There’s no bloopers. He said they filmed it “quite a few times” and his lips got very irritated from removing the lipstick “but they really wanted them to go at it!”

He also mentioned that it was a little weird–just like kissing Dichen on Dollhouse–because they are friends and co-workers. He personally finds it less awkward if he’s just a guest star or something and doesn’t really know the person. “Oh, okay, you’re attractive, I’ll give it a shot.”

Ooooh, think about if Steven was flipping through channels one day and ends up stumbling across Steven Universe. He’s currently suffering from a cold and he’s intrigued enough by the name to leave it on for a little bit and watch it.

When May and Wallace get back from getting stuff for chicken noodle soup, he is totally hooked onto it and starts binging it. Because there are people! that have rocks!! on their bodies!! Whoever thought of this was a genius.

And that’s how Steven Stone, world famous Champion and rock enthusiast, ends up becoming obsessed with a children’s show.

(He designs his gemsona later the next day.)

soulstealer1987  asked:

Good news! I now know what to say! Do any of you guys play Overwatch? If so... who do you main? (Tracer for me! ...or I would be Tracer if I could get the game XD)

Oh dear asker you have NO IDEA how much we love Overwatch. I try to have a main for each group. So I’ll main Bastion for Defence, Lucio for Healer, Sombra or Genji for Offence and D.Va as Tank.



Yup I have it! My main has always been Zenyatta!






I play different characters depending on the situation or my mood, I do not really main anyone. But I like Bastion, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, Lucio, Mercy and I try to get the hang on McCree….and sometimes Mei.


“With all the jokes of the Homeworld Gems calling Yellow Diamond mom, I can’t help but imagine that ALL Diamonds are like mothers, and that Yellow Diamond is the strict, no nonsense, working mother who don’t need to get physical to wreck your shit.”


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“Is that… is that the last thing you remember? When you attacked me at the arena?” The look on his face implied he already knew the answer and didn’t want to hear it.

“Well… yeah.”

With those two syllables, all the joy left Matt’s face.

@autistickeith, you ended up inspiring a Shatt marathon for me and I found this gem on AO3. So if you want a good Shatt fic to read, please consider this amazing story by the lovely @voltronpoint!!

(Also, I guess I am now officially Shatt trash. *sighs*)

While I do want Centipeedle to return/reform, I don’t want her to reform all at once. I still want her to be slightly beastly, and unable to say all but a few words. (the words she can say being Steven, chips, and enemy). If she does fully reform, then I want it to be a slow process which takes a couple of poofs.
- crazy-fangirl-probs-rants


Vivienne Skin Mod For HF
Requested by my sweetheart Bioware-Fangirl//USERDOMAINERROR, I made Viv’s skin for HF
The skin is a lot smoother than the original one but still has the same color.
It’s fully tintable and a dark-only skin
I wanted to keep the dark colors as I love Viv’s skin with it’s dark color

Skin is a no eyebrow/hair texture version
No makeup
Fully tintable

It replaces the first complexion and is for HF only
Other versions will be added asap (if I have some spare time)

If you don’t like this mod, ignore it and move on. Thanks.
I don’t have the strength to mess with peoples opinions, so If you would do me a favour, don’t message me about how unoriginal my mods are or whatever.

Other mods used
High Definition Eye Mod by me (available on Nexus)
High Bun V2 by Kalahira
Elongated Lashes by Ascendia/Arideya
Brows by Settrah
Smooth Hairretexture by Skaramoosh
Custom Makeup by (?)
Hawke Warpaints by Arideya  

Download@ Nexus





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