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Love and happiness. The home, a love letter. This card is a particularly favorable card that indicates troubles and problems lifting.

Fucking realization.. basically "Game theory: fan porn edition"

Important thing I learned about Tales from the Borderlands, from playing the pre sequel: HOLO-JACK IS NOT JACK.
I feel like there’s a genuine assumption and consensus that Holo jack was copied from Jack’s brain waves or whatever to make him a perfect copy of Jack. I was there man, it was never questioned.
But in fact, tales never defines this point. The presequel has a mission though, where we help create the Holo-jack prototype with Nakayama.
Now, for those who haven’t been there, let me explain Nakayama: he is a Handsome Jack fan boy… No, his style of fan is more what I would call ‘fangirling’. Your first fucking mission for him is to help deliver a message to Jack that is literally a “do you like me: ∆yes ∆no” letter. He’s the kind of fan some of us would be if we just got dropped in Borderlands.
The prototype Holo Jack AI is made from a *survey* Nakayama (or technically us on Nakayama’s behalf) gave Jack, that Jack hardly had the patience to finish.
While the prototype was kinda funny, it was wholly incomplete, and completely useless. It was basically a projected jack head on a claptrap unit that had a giant square ass modded onto it.

Sadly, that giant, square ass is the key to this whole revelation.
Jack has no ass. The prototype has giant booty.
Nakayama fanboyed so hard, he perceived what he wanted to see of Jack and projected onto his Jack copy. There’s no reason to believe Jack would have cooperated with any kind of memory copy, especially given the abysmal failure of the first one. So I’m left to conclude that Holo Jack as we see him in Rhys’s head, is an AI programmed in the creator’s idealized image of Handsome Jack.
Notice he’s more affectionate with Rhys? Notice he seems to have a *healthy* affection for angel, so much that he would allow Rhys access to her? (“I’d like to go check up on her after all this, if that’s cool with you.”)
He even expresses a very heartfelt longing for Nisha… Despite that when you kill her in 2, he dismisses it as at most, an annoyance. (Another rant there too, later)
Note that all these kinds of softening projections are the same kind you’ll see in the fandom, fan art, and fan fic for characters who are assholes. (Just look at all the amazingly adorable comics of Jack being a good Daddy with little angel, despite everything we know about how he treated her.) I think the fact that we see all these little things in Holo Jack is *purposeful*. He’s *supposed* to be the fan ideal, because that’s what he is.
It’s not until he gets full access to Helios, and to Jack’s personal files that he ‘snaps’ and becomes the Jack that any borderlands 2 player would know. Given all their interactions, and especially the moments of absolute humanity in Jack Rhys gets to see (ever told Jack to shut the fuck up? Do it. What’s how bad you feel when he reacts), I really believe Jack meant to trust Rhys, to rule Helios together… Right up until he absorbed all the horrible truths about Jack that were scattered into Helios’s code and encrypted files.

Why is this important?
Because I ship (mildly fluffy) Rhack. And looking at arguments against Rhack, it usually has to do with what a piece of shit Jack would be to Rhys, knowing his character. They’re not wrong.
But HoloJack is capable of a kind of emotional attachment that Jack is not (more on that in other rants). Holo Jack was programmed, and ‘boyfriend mode’ is 99% likely to be written into his code.

Too Late Pt. 4 (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Genre: Angst/Romance (I think)

Word Count: 1,052

Summary: After you stormed off, Draco is feeling incredibly guilty and depressed. Will you come back to help the one you love or distance yourself even further?




I’m racing towards the nurse’s office. I have a free period before Potions that I’m sing to make sure that Dean is ok. He took away the girl I loved, that phrase was all you thought about on your way there. The first thing you were going to do was ask Dean who he recently asked out. Well, make sure he was ok first, then ask.

 “Dean asked me on a date…but it’s probably not me. Pansy? I don’t think Dean would stoop that low. Lavender? Maybe. She was quite nice and clever.” You had made it to the clinic with all these thoughts and paranoias swimming in your head.

 “(Y/N)! I was about to come find you.” Dean greeted. He didn’t look like he had any physical damage. In fact, he was beaming.

 “How come you’re so happy?” you inquired. 

“Well,” he began, “let’s just say a certain someone visited me and this someone knows a thing or two about nargles” he smirked.

 “Awww Dean! Luna visited you!” you fangirled, forgetting your mission for a second.

 “Yeah, did you need something? You came in looking a bit crazy” he chuckled.

 “Oh right! Did you ask out anyone before me?” you asked urgently.

 “Hehe. You…uh, you were actually the first girl I asked out” he said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

 “Hopefully Luna will be the next,” you stated with a wink, “I have to go, see you later Dean”

 “Bye” he waved.

 You began walking to Potions early. He took her away from me before I could even tell her. You could imagine Draco yelling that as his blue eyes pierced through you before going soft, realizing what he said. The girl I loved. You thought about that with a smile. You might just have a chance with the Slytherin Prince.

Wednesday Night- Draco POV

I snuck out of the Slytherin dorms in the middle of the night. I was wearing my black robes, trying to blend in with the dark night sky. I successfully made it to my destination: the astronomy tower.

 This was the place I went when I had to think. When I got letters from my father, the news about you know who, and now, mourning over the destruction of my pride and the loss of the small friendship I had with (y/n). I stood by the railing and looked up at the billions of little lights sparkling in the sky. Maybe she might forgive me. Someday. I tilt my head down towards the landscape, feeling as if I didn’t deserve the beauty of the stars.

 Time to face the facts, I, the Draco Malfoy, has lost one of the few things that could bring me joy, and it’s my own fault.


You had to sort this out. Your friend Harry let you borrow his invisibility cloak for the night. You needed the cloak to venture to your thinking spot. It’s where you went to think about life, the impending war, basically anything that stressed you. Your feet were lightly padding against the concrete ground as you sneaked up the stairs of the astronomy tower.

 The light of the stars was comforting, as if you were surrounded by millions of small friends. You thought you saw a shadow but dismissed it as a trick of the light. You had completed your ascent and took off the cloak as you stepped on to the balcony.

 You froze, your (h/l) (h/c) hair lightly blowing in the breeze. There he was, the exact problem you were trying to get out of your head.

 “Hello” he greeted, shocked by your presence.

 “H-hey” you responded. Why are you stuttering?! Why does he do this to you!?!

 You moved to stand next to him, leaning against the railing.

 “So…nice weather today” you said, trying to break the awkward silence. He laughed.

 “I guess you could say that.” You both fell into another period of silence. This time he broke it.

 “I-I just wanted to apologize about earlier. I shouldn’t have done what I did” he looked away from me. His voiced sounded tight, as if he were on the verge of tears but his facial expression wasn’t letting on.

 “It’s ok. I overreacted a bit as well,” I laughed nervously, “Sorry about that.” 

We laughed together and gazed up at the stars.

 “It’s a beautiful night tonight isn’t it?” you said dreamily.

 “Not as beautiful as you” Draco whispered softly. Our gazes met.

 “Draco…was I the girl you, um, mentioned earlier?” you kept your voice low. He sighed.

 “Yes, yes you were. You probably don’t feel the same though. I’m such a horrible person even for a Slytherin and I- “you cut him off by gently pressing a kiss to his lips. Your hands looped around his neck while his arms wrapped around your waist. You pulled away and he hugged you to his chest tightly.

 “I love you” he whispered, voice slightly muffled by your hair.

 “I love you too” you whispered back, burying your face into his neck.

 You meant it with all of your heart and had a feeling Draco did too. The rest of the night was filled with laughing and talking while sitting with your arms around each other. Eventually, you both fell asleep on the balcony wrapped in each other’s embrace. Neither of you thought of the consequences and frankly, you still wouldn’t care.

Professor Trelawney POV

I walked to the astronomy tower to collect the readings I hard charmed the telescope to record. I needed them for today’s lesson on astrology and horoscopes. As I strolled onto the platform though, I noticed two bodies intertwined on the floor. I saw that it was none other than Draco Malfoy and (Y/N) (L/N).

  How sweet!! I thought. Their signs were definitely a perfect match for each other. I should mention that in today’s lesson! I decided to handle the two lovebirds before they were discovered by a professor that would punish them. 

“Wingardium Leviosa” swish and flicker is how I remember it. Since it was still quite early, I was able to transport them to their dorms undetected.

  I hope the reveal they are a couple soon! They are so cute together! I hoped as I walked back to my classroom.


Some jerks at my school said that Fandom was stupid and that gays was just disgusting… so me and my fangirl friends did this to their class room! Pictures of Phan, Troyler, Supernatural, Joe Sugg, Lord of the rings… You name it!!! Don’t mess with Team Fandom!!! We’ll kill you dead and draw cat whiskers on your dead body, BITCH! netflixislifeforever123 emmawalbjorn fangirl-kate8434

NaruHina Month Day 10: Dating

It’s no surprise that Naruto and Hinata were considered the cutest couple in Konoha. After all, their dates were filled with sweetness, laughter, and most important of all, love. Seriously, anyone who has encountered them could just melt away at the affection that they show to each other. Then again, their dates are no short of mishaps. Weather problems, embarrassing moments, jealous fangirls and fanboys, sudden missions, and much to their displeasure, interruptions. But that is what make each and every date of theirs, memorable.

The art isn’t mine.


And then the next day we went to St Martin’s Lane and saw Jude Law walk to the Noel Coward theatre stage door (going inside for the matinee). We also spotted Lee Evans and Stephen Mangan. ♥ Both lovely lovely lovely men. Would’ve said hi to Jude Law but the man was in a hurry and a bit on the late side I think and we were a bit too far to take a pic or ask anything.