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When I have a daughter, and if she has a special dedication to a certain band, artist, and if by any chance, they live miles away from us, I will legit buy plane tickets and take my kid to wherever the fuck her future husband lives. I will take her to meetings. Buy her merch. Fangirl with her. Because I know what it feels like to have your world falling apart when you can’t meet the person you’d die for. And my daughter won’t feel that way. I won’t let her feel that way. Nope.


Back by popular demand😍, you can now purchase an array of products with the iconic™ 5SOS Heads design!(made by yours truly💅🏾) From stickers, to unisex apparel👗and even baby clothes👶🏾, to even cute stationary like spiral note books 📚 📒and drawstring bags! The possibilities are endless, so go ahead; treat your inner fan girl😛

RFA: Ur Fave Is Problematic

I was hungry while writing this so there might be lots of food references… I’m still working on contest prizes, so hopefully I’ll post more this week.


- Thinks gullible is written on every ceiling

- Forwards chain letters 

- Secretly checks the closet before sleeping

- Draws a bad smiley face on everything he cooks

- Scared of bugs


- Still thinks finger guns are cool  I do too its ok Zen

- Doesn’t know the irony of the student athlete meme 

- His photo album is 99% his own face

- Unintentional flirting

- Cries at movies especially ones he stars in


- Spends her paychecks on fangirl merch

- Doesn’t know how to flirt without dying inside might be dead inside already tho

- That one responsible friend

- Does the anime glass glint thing

- Prob a switch


- Pretends he hates candy bars and sodas bc he can’t use a vending machine

- Still doesn’t know what a donut is

- Uses punctuation in texting

- His natural pose is “wine glass gently tilted towards lips” 

- “What does savage mean” 


- The only food he “cooks” is honey buddha chips and Dr. Pepper mixed together

- Almost burned down the house while trying to cook

- Does the wheezing laugh 

- Sends puns at 4 a.m. 

- No one can mute/block him 

[V and Unknown]

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#what we actually want our merch to look like
(designed by me, based of this)

Shinso Hitoshi merch?

If someone knows artists who sell Shinsou Hitoshi merch…please…dm me with links because I HAVE TO BUY THEM ALL!
I will make some, stickers and pins you can find at Japan Expo, sadly no time for postcards and keychains (time was not kind enough with me) but I will make some with him in the next months for sure!

thanks ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ:・゚✧