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Why ARMYs are poor...

Jan - Aug 2016 Report

  • Jan - Feb: BTS 5th Single Album I Need U (Japanese Version)
  • March: 2015 BTS Live HYYH On Stage at Yokohama Arena DVD
  • April: Puma Blaze
  • May: Special Album HYYH Young Forever; BTS 6th Single Album Run (Japanese Version)
  • June: 2016 BTS Live HYYH On Stage: Epilogue, KCON France, KCON NY, 3rd BTS Party (V App +), BTS Memories of 2015
  • July: Bon Voyage (V App +), BTS Summer DVD Package in Dubai
  • August: Min Yoongi’s Mixtape

COMING SOON: 4th Qtr Comeback… Season’s Greetings

I remember money… it was nice having that shit… 


My dearest Markiplier fans, like this hoodie? Message me your opinions! If enough people want it, it will then go on sale for under $30! Also if you would like it as a t-shirt (and/or with out the Shut Up Nurse on the back) then feel free to message me and ill make it available as a shirt for under $20 if enough are willing to buy! Thanks! and feel free to message me opinions, requests, if you want to buy and dont forget to reblog and share with your other fellow Markimoo fans!