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These are some of the first official ichiurki drawings Kubo did and I love them, now tell me that they don’t look sexy and badass af!!!! Look at Ichigo in the wsj cover licking Rukia’s sword ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and look at Rukia in the second picture all over Ichigo with her mischievous eyes aghfkhfsjfgjdhglkjdshgj HOT (can’t you feel the platonic brotp feelings all over them lol) my sexy, dangerous, badass, beautiful otp is flawless.

guest star | cole sprouse

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request: can you write something about the reader being cole’s girlfriend and she joins the cast of riverdale as a guest star and because she’s a disney star too, the rest of the cast are ‘fangirling’ over her because they can’t believe she’s on their show? xx

a/n: y/n = your name | l/n = last name | y/d/s = your disney show

dating someone like cole was never meant to be a breeze, it was something you just knew since the first day you met him. after all he was an actor since pretty much birth, and you well, you started acting when you were a young girl.

your schedules were beyond crazy and it was taking an awfully long time to get used to, but you did eventually after long nights and long distance for awhile you seemed to work around it, coming out on top, stronger than ever. for four year your whole life was consumed by college and it’s all you seemed to worry about, study, study oh and more study.

that was until you meet him, it was during your first year and it was one of your first ever college partie, your friends had dragged you out of your dorm and you were pleasantly surprised when you seen cole in the exact same dilemma not wanting to be out but being forced to socialise.

you started dating shortly after and you spent just about every day & night together, in the last year you lived in a small apartment right in the heart of new york. it was a challenge in itself but it turned out to be the best last year you could’ve asked for.

cole made the decision to leave new york to pursue an acting career, his manager managed to get him an audition to read for a character in the new cw’s hit series riverdale.

it was supposedly a mix of twin peaks & gossip girl, don’t get yourself wrong you were so proud and happy for him for choosing to return to acting after the long and needed hiatus you took but somehow you felt like you were somewhat losing him.

you both had been living in your own little bubble for the past four years and the next thing you knew cole had landed the role and was practically all set to fly vancouver to shoot for six and a half long months.

now it was just you alone in your shared apartment waiting by the phone for cole to have any spare time to talk with you, but he barley had a chance to breathe for himself

when he wasn’t shooting his was practicing his lines and when he wasn’t running his lines he was catching up on sleep or eating and when he wasn’t doing that he was doing table reads and the list goes on and on

you knew this from experience but you couldn’t help but feel hopeless and fearful of where your relationship was headed, that was until you received an incoming call from your manager about having the opportunity to become a guest star on the show.

you marvelled at the opportunity and didn’t waste anytime flying out and learning more about your character and the her story, not to mention you could finally see your boyfriend after 4 long months.

after a whirlwind week you find your stomach flipping as you enter the set on your very first day of shooting, you were beyond nervous but you knew once you saw him you’d be fine

cole had bragged about how amazing the cast was and how close they all were to each other, they all sounded like high quality friends and it made me feel more at ease not to mention that they were supposedly fangirl material

you walk into set hand in hand with cole right by your side giving you a small tour before heading toward a small blue room where alot of what i assume our the actors seemed to be hauled up, scripts at the ready

cole pushes the door further open holding his arm out “m'lady” you giggle, blushing furiously as your boyfriend follows in suite standing next to you as he greets his friends.

you notice two familiar face spfrom photos, kj & lili. the blonde was sitting cross legged on the table, paper in front of her as the tall red head stood reading aloud

you unleash a huge smile tryin to disguise your thumping heartbeat, you were shyly hugging cole’s arm as he awakrdlt clears his throats to get the pairs attention, i tut him instantly feeling embarrassed

“cole they’re rehearsing we can come back” they share smiles and cole shakes his head, you glance over to the pair their jaws hanging open.

“guys this is (y/n) (l/n) my girlfriend” you smile brightly at the two

“kj apa” he steps forward giving you a small hug “nice to meet you”

you smile back politely “likewise”

the blonde steps forward a wide smile on her face “lili reinhart, cole you never told us you were dating (y/n) (l/n)!” she pinches the raven haired boys arm before enveloping you in a tight embrace.

you wrap your hands around his arm again, feeling somewhat safe in his arms, more at ease.

“i didn’t think he had to” kj let’s out a laugh glancing to the two of you before back at his co-star “he has photos of her literally everywhere” he emphasises on the word everywhere"

“not to mention he literally talks about her every day” the boy continues to ramble the blonde coming to realisation “see that does make more sense- i just thought it was some crazed obsession” she teases

“god would you two stop- and you’re staring, so you know you’re staring” you place a reassuring hand on his chest to let him know that it was okay, you were used to it anyway

“uh you’re right, im sorry- we’re sorry! we’re really big fans of yours” you chuckle as she rambles glancing to the tall boy next to her for some back up

“no introductions necessary, i know who you are, both of you, i adore you both and your work” you comment blushing they seem to lose control of their sense for a brief few minutes.

“she adores me!” she exclaims excitedly jumping up and down on the spot

“and you know what kj, cole never stops talking about you, like ever” you state straight faced causing the whole room to burst into laughter.

“god im also a huge fan of you- im pretty sure ive watched every single episode of (y/d/s), mainly because i just loved your character”

you blush and cole raises his eyebrows “easy there tiger" cole steps forward wrapping an arm around you as he’s friends ogle at you.

after a short conversation with two of cole’s castmates i was whisked away into the hair and makeup trailer to prepare for my shift scene

lili had entered the trailer aswell getting her infamous blonde pony tail prepped, she was still flabbergasted at the fact you were sitting down in the chair next to her

after makeup you moved toward the costume trailer and changed into your characters clothes, last minute check up with hair and makeup before im was pushed on my way out onto set

cole was waiting, dresses as jughead. he looks me up and down wolf whistling at you, you laugh playfully pushing his chest as he leads you down a small hall to the set you’d be filming on today

my black heels clicked against the wooden floor, hand in hand with your boyfriend as he leads you into a room that looked like it was the student lounge inside the high school.

two girls stand in the far corner, a raven haired girl stood next to a red head scripts in hand. your stomach started churning with anxiety but you walk if with confidence, your man with you ever step of the way

you walked toward the raven haired girl who you knew as camila, a shocked expression made known on her face “hello!” she greeted you a smile wide on her face “im camila mendes, nothing to do with shawn mendes and camila cabello” she rushes out

before you had a chance to reply to the young girl she spoke again a nervous twitch to her words “im a really big fan of yours, ive been watching you since i was little on (y/d/s) i swear i had so many posters” she gives a cheeky laugh

you blush trying to disguise your low chuckle “oh no- not with my horrible 90’s haircut and style, i cringe knowing that there’s still posters like that floating around” you joke letting out a giggle

“are you serious?! i begged my mum for bangs and three waiter jeans just because you wore them” the red head speaks, her red lips brought together in a closed mouth smile.

“im madelaine petsch and you guessed it, huge fan” you step forward hugging the girl, pulling away to see a wide smile on your boyfriends face

“you’re hair is mesmerising, it’s beautiful” you compliment, the girl absentmindedly playing with the long luscious locks, a blush covered her cheeks within seconds, turning her speechless.

the director wonders over calling you for a scene, you wave goodbye to the two girls and cole, placing a kiss on his lips as you follow the lady down the hall and into what was your character ‘house’.

turns out today wasn’t going out as bad as you thought.

Free tip : Don’t get into unpopular stuff! Unless you life to suffer. Alone. In the dark. Litteraly.

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The problem with unpopular stuff (movie, book, tv show, comics, anime, manga, and U name it….) is that sometimes, while you’re getting into that new FABULOUS things you’re watching/reading, is that everthing else around the ‘oeuvre’ sucks. Why? Because the fandom is fucking dead (or no-existant at all) Right now, I just want to kill myself…. (just got into that new thing that is more dead than myspace) 

I’m kinda a hardcore fan when it comes to pretty much anythings…

Let me explain :

I like something I’m gonna dig everything about that shit, I wanna know everything! I become obsessive over that shit. I want articles, I want memes, jokes, gifs, fanfics, people to talk about it, website about the ‘X’ shit. (Basically a fangirl)

I want to fucking drown under the pile of-  I WANT MORE!

Ultimate free tip : Stay mainstream!

Looking for Blogs!

This is my new book blog and I need more people who post books and book fandoms to follow~ Fandoms I’m looking for include:
The Shadowhunter Chronicles
The Maze Runner trilogy
The Raven Cycle
The Paranormalcy trilogy
The Iron Fey
The Hush, Hush series
His Dark Materials
Percy Jackson
The Throne of Glass series
Anything by David Levithan
Harry Potter
The Ender Quintet
The Giver Quartet
The Lorien Legacies
Vampire Academy
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Howl’s Movie Castle
Tuck Everlasting
Books of Ember
Basically any book fandom please.

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ya know, it's kinda funny how y/o/i technically has only existed for a few months & the fandom has done so much shit that it's kinda impressive how fast it went bad, someone should make a Top 10: Stupid/Embarrassing Things the y/o/i Fandom has Done! here i'll start it off: Tried to sue Hall/mark for "copying" their precious anime.

9. Saying that there are y o i fans in the BNHA production team because they showed a katsudon in one episode

8. Comparing real life skaters (esp yuzuru hanyu) to y o i characters

7. Listing off stupid things that multiple anime has already included (natural hair color, pets, different clothes, you rmb that post) and claiming that y o i is special because it has all of those ‘’’qualities’’

6. Saying that vicsucc is the first gay anime characters who kissed on screen (which they didnt cuz it’s censored)

5. Voting y o i for best animation and then calling mob100 fans stupid and butthurt when they didnt win, but at the same time latching on every opportunity ever to tell people to VOTE FOR Y O I

4. Every 5k meta they have ever written, ever

3. Worrying about vicdick when someone’s brother was murdered for his sexuality

2. Worrying about vicdick when there are real people in russia being sent to a concentration camp for being gay

1. Still saying that vicsucc is ~canon~ and is not queerbait material for fangirls to drool over

Reasons why being an EXO L is lit

Well, @n3m0s3​, I haven’t been an exo l for as long as a lot of people here in tumblr, but Imma talk from my personal experience, I hope the reasons why I love this fandom are good enough for you to decide being a part of it! Thanks for liking my blog! xoxo

1. EXO is lit

These boys are talented as hell, they can sing and dance (even act) like angels sent from heaven by God itself. Their music is great, their dance routines are absolutely amazing and they are so committed with their fans and their job.

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2. You can jam endlessly

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Like honeslty… I never get bored of their songs. Musically I totally love their style, like it’s so fresh and fun and I can’t just not jam to them  (even though I can’t understand the lyrics for shit, thank God there’s google translate and very committed exo ls who translate for the ones who don’t know korean) .

You can jam from Monster or Call me baby…

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To Don’t go or Sing for you, like man… I’ve never danced so hard a slow song. #blessed

(This ain’t exo but that’s exaclty what it feels like to jam to them slow songs… daaamn)

3. You will have 9 (or even 12) reasons to smile, cry, live and die, all at the same damn time

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The logic is pretty simple, if  they smile you smile, if they cry you cry, if they exist you die and if they keep existing you come back to life because you just HAVE TO WITNESS IT.

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Every single one of them are so talented and funny and especial and cute and hot and dnofjewaapjawfhaprfa. Jesus Christ… it’s like they can just be there breathing and you are already having a heart attack because of their perfection.

4. You can have fun trying to find a bias (good luck with that)

I don’t know you, but even though I love Chen and I keep saying he is my bias, the other members are always there being hot or cute or extra like

“Awww, you thought you had a bias… how sweet of you. YOU THOUGHT, BITCH!”

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And then you are like… CAN I LIVE?

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