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AU where Victor is this famous writer and Yuuri adores him so he goes to one of his book signings and fangirls like crazy that he can barely speak. Victor finds him extremely attractive and adorable so he writes his number inside Yuuri's book but Yuuri doesn't notice until he gets home and goes nuts because his idol just gave him his number. On the other hand, Victor might be crazy in love and hopes desperately that Yuuri will call him.



If you are a fanfic author for the book Carry On by Rainbow Rowell you are writing fanfiction for a book that was written by a real author because she was inspired by one of her own fictional charcter’s fanfiction about a fictional series written by a fictional author that the real author created in her other fictional book. 

*world explodes*

When you find out that the picture you thought was a photoshop edit turns out to be something that actually happened.

(I acted the same way that Chat Noir acted in this scene when I realized that the Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 screenshot leak of Adrien & Marinette dancing together in the 2nd episode was real/not an edit. I then started fangirling like crazy.)

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“Who is EXO?” someone asks you, the you who already has a stable job and already has a family of her own. You’ll take a moment to answer, because you haven’t heard that word in so long that hearing it again makes you remember your teenage years, when you once spent hours watching videos, reading fan fictions and spazzing about them. When you once cried over them, when you once screamed your lungs out because of them, when you once fangirled over them like crazy, when you once fought their haters. When you once saved your money just to buy their merchandise, albums and so you can attend their concerts. When you once participated in mass votings when they were nominated for an award, and when you once streamed their music videos nonstop to achieve a certain view goal. 

You’ll remember them again, and you’ll be surprised that you still know all of their names. 

Suho, Lay, D.O, Kai, Chen, Xiumin, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Sehun, Luhan, Tao and Kris. 

You also still remember their songs. You still remember chogiwa. You still remember Sehun’s one liners. Your mind will be filled with thoughts about them again, thoughts about the group you loved and admired greatly. And then, you’ll be surprised to know that you never really stopped being a fangirl. Because once you’re an EXO-L, you’re always an EXO-L. Because you can never get rid of the mark that EXO left in you. Once you Jongin, you can’t Jongout. We, even after all these years, are still and will always be one. 

And then, you answer: “That one group I’ll never be able to unstan.” 

Imagine taking a picture with Keanu but you make a gesture of discomfort about your appearance and he says something like: You look very lovely. He’s brief but meaningful. And from now, every time you’re unsure about your looking, you remember his words because you can say that Keanu said you’re beautiful and f*ck everyone else.

You know what needs more appreciation in this fandom??

Yuuko and Yuuri’s friendship,,, like

-Yuuko being the one to teach Yuuri how to skate?? Yuuko holding onto Yuuri’s hands as he balances on the ice for the first time, slowly leading him through the motions until they’re skating side-by-side

-Yuuko and Yuuri watching Viktor’s performances together, spending hours replicating his routines and emulating it in their own skating.

-Yuuko always knowing exactly what to get Yuuri for his birthdays and Christmas and vice versa, buying each other only the best Viktor Nikiforov Merchandise

-Yuuri always has Yuuko to cheer for him from the sidelines, her voice usually louder than most other peoples’ at Yuuri’s performances. 

-Yuuri helping look after the Nishigori triplets shortly after they’re born and their poor parents are terribly worn out. 

-Yuuri heading to Detroit and calling Yuuko a few times for comfort before he got comfortable enough with Phichit to go to him. Slowly, he calls less and less and drifts a bit further from his friends and family in Hasetsu.

-When he comes back after five years, he and Yuuko spend plenty of time catching up. Staying up late and watching Viktor’s old performances for nostalgia’s sake, even going skating together, just like old times.

-Yuuko is basically fangirling like crazy when Viktor shows up, not to mention how happy she is for Yuuri to be coached by his idol. 

-She also forms a very close friendship with Makkachin while Yuuri and Viktor are off competing, he reminds her of Vicchan whom she also spent a lot of time caring for when Yuuri was away.

-At Viktor and Yuuri’s wedding Yuuko and Yuuri both get a bit tipsy (let’s be honest, by the end of the night Yuuri’s broken out the strip pole again) and start speaking in a language of inside jokes that no one but them understands and people are mildly concerned and very confused about why they are both laughing so hard they can’t breath

-Yuuko and Takeshi babysitting Viktor and Yuuri kid(s), who immediately becomes friends with the triplets

-A beautiful friendship that lasts for the rest of their lives thanks

MacCready and Books

Ok, so I was sitting around thinking about Fallout (as a crazy person like me does), and I remembered in Trinity Church,  MacCready says this: 

So, not only does this show that MacCready is way more well-read than many think (because Pyramus and Thisbe is a relatively obscure Greek myth), it also raises some questions. How is he so well read? Most people learn to read when they’re young, so I’m going to go ahead and say he did most of his reading in Little Lamplight. (read more to see my lovely little theory >:3)

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New bookshelf organization 💁

So, I reorganized my bookshelves and I am so happy with how this one turned out! I need more red books hahaha!!! 😂
I also got some new books today which I will be sharing with you soon!
Currently watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt. 2 and I am fangirling like crazy! Some how I always fangirl as if I have never seen the movie! Lol!
Which is your favorite Harry Potter film? What’s your Hogwarts house? I’m a Ravenclaw 💙🦅💙🦅

I want to be in an unhealthy relationship with Ray, be inducted to a cult, overthrow the current leadership, become the queen and king of the organization and take over the world. Is that really so much to ask.

Bts reaction to their s/o dancing one of their choreography

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He’d be surprised how well you can dance save me but shortly after join you and the rest of the day would be fill with laughter, he’d probably stop while you weren’t looking just to eat

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When you told him you had to show him something it couldn’t leave his mind what it was that you had to show him, was it something bad? Clearly not when he saw you dancing to bst, be nothing more than proud of you and asking you to dance it again

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Jumping up and down like a mad man when you finished dancing not today choreography, he’d take out his phone and record you while cheering

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Amused. Amused on how you manage to learn the go go choreography in just days, just like jhope he’d be fangirling like crazy

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Smiling the entire time knowing the DNA choreography was hard but yet somehow you learned it quickly, impressed he’d take a picture and send it to the guys saying ‘I found the 8th member of bts’

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Definitely the first thing he do is join you and starting singing along to fire, you’d be dancing and jamming all night

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Shook and impressed, he’d be impressed how you mixed with silver spoon/baespae or how you’d did every move correctly, he’d probably sit back and stare at you fondly

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Oh my oh my Oh my Oh my Oh my !!!

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I am not even mad you’re leaving…*dreamy*

( did not buy necklace + put him as my fav <3 )

Oppa’s (not so Artificial) Lover - Baekhyun smut

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Part 1 of the They just needed a push. Series

SM Entertainement has a hot new female choreographer. Her and Baekhyun like each other. After “Artificial Love” dance practice, Baekhyun just can’t control himself anymore.   Words:3223  AO3 - AFF - Masterlist

Alex is one of the new assistant choreographers in SM Entertainment. Basically her job is to help the members of her assigned group to get their moves perfect. On her first day she thought she’d be working with one of the girl groups or even the younger groups. Yes she was a professional dancer but she didn’t have much of an experience in teaching choreographies. But, to her surprise she was assigned with the only band she was afraid to end up with, EXO. Don’t get her wrong, she loved EXO, but that was exactly the problem. She’s been a fangirl for a very long time. She knew every single song, had covered some of their older dance performances with her friends and, like every fan girl, had a bias. And that was no other than the cute, playful and extremely sexy Byun Baekhyun.

Naturally, she was very anxious on her first few days. What if the boys hated her? What if she couldn’t function around them? God, what if she started fangirling like a crazy 12-year-old?

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