fangirl go squee


*muffled scream of delight* THANK YOU! @annastrxng!!! You just made this little fluffy Brit Simcoe fangirl go squee because good lord, Simcoe in admin hell is the most fun the series has thrown at us. Take away the ability to commit random violence in the field and give him a desk job, and Simcoe becomes that sulky kid after school - who’s doing the equivalent of writing ‘I must not commit atrocities of war’ a thousand times over. And he’s no longer the big fish in a small pond. He’s being made fun of, mildly humiliated for his poetry (btw AMC, where did the poetry go? I want way more sonnets with my sociopathic villain, please) and he’s not even allowed to kill anyone just a tiny bit. And your screencaps are beautiful!

You are most welcome, my friend. I screencaped the entire scene. I don’t think I’ve seen a better description of that moment in my life. Its flawlessly accurate. Its so funny to see Simcoe stripped of power and his reaction. Like he tolerates it but you KNOW he is going to crack…. you’re just waiting for it to happen. XDDDD