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My Friends MBTI Types: Part II

Because one part wasn’t enough…


- Mom friend

- Will listen to you rant

- Almost too apologetic

- Secretly hates most people


- Secretly sweet deep down

- Fangirls constantly

- Just wants to be loved

- Actually Dr. Phil

INTP friend:

- Actually has feelings

- “Offended”

- Obsesses over EVERYTHING

- Explosive

INTP crush:

- Likes to rant (somewhat explosive)

- “Offensive”

- Likes to hear other people’s problems and rationalize them

- Has more friends than you’d expect


- Pure cinnamon roll

- “Nobody understands” *cries*

- Loves to fangirl

- Desperately wants her crush to talk to her



- Somewhat pretentious

- Smarter than they seem

- Adventure is their middle name


- Will grow up to be Mufasa

- Seemingly oblivious


- Don’t get on their bad side. Please…


- Distant but kind

- Captain obvious

- Artsy



- Asian fetish

- Somewhat narrow minded (ironically)

- Wants to do everything; does nothing

- High key weaboo


- Loves to go out

- Loves people

- Just… Loves everything

- Wants to be your friend

INFJ friend:

- “Mysterious”

- Melodramatic

- “Nobody loves me” *everybody loves them*

- “I’m my own person”

Me, a fellow INFJ:

- Pretentious AF

- “Master Yoda”

- “Nobody needs me” *everybody needs them*

- Loves and hates to help everyone all at the same time

ENFJ actually called me “Master Yoda”

when u see two people who’re meant to be with each other in some film u just watch but they aint canon n ur like

wtf but they’re-

jfc look they just did it again-





and immediately searches for their fanart fanfics and drown in them 5ever

I stand with Tom Hiddleston and his right to fucking PRIVACY!

most of you guys disgust me right now.
It’s the same mob mentality that got him scared of his “Hiddlestoners” now, why he can’t go out alone anymore, why he couldn’t give autographs after his theatre gigs anymore, why he and Cumberbatch hat to run from a stampede of insane delusional “fans”, a sane fan stopped the stampede, he thanked her and invited her - she had to delete her accounts and was called a whore on twitter. That’s the mob of fans that disgusts me right now. People like you, if you are one of them and reading this right now, are the reason he slowly backs off. The same reason he can’t have a relationship without desperate fangirls getting their dry sandy panties in a twist over it.

I remember 2011 when he could just be on twitter, chatting with people, just being normal, because his fans were normal. Now he is getting jumped on the red carpet by screaming fans. 

And now this. 
You are a disgrace to the Hiddlestoners, with your jealousy and your rumours and negative attitude. He will never fuck any of you, because you aren’t in his life and from what he now knows about his fans, he does not want them in his life anymore. He won’t fuck you, because if he ever met you, you would just stand there drooling, trying to touch him up and at the same time reassure him that you just like him for his personality. 
He won’t fuck you because you are married with children, possible not his type, or a teenager or or or. It’s not happening. It’s just not realistic. And because it isn’t realistic, WHY are you getting jealous if he has a fucking girlfriend?!

I can get why you maybe dislike who he is with, because maybe you don’t like that lady (I do like her), but it still does not explain why you take to twitter to send him horrible/mean comments. proclaim that he is “pathetic” or “can’t be supported as a fan” anymore, or that he is “a joke now”?!
HELLO!?!!?!? How is this the appropriate reaction to him getting into a relationship!?
The appropriate reaction is “good for him”, and walk on, enjoying his work. Because his work is all that should concern you.

Anyway, I know a lot of sane and wonderful Hiddleston-fans, and I hope that the few he met impacted him positively. I hope he will forever remember them, not the cunt waffles who demand that he has to be their fantasy-boyfriend forever. I will always respect and love and adore the sane and respectful fans, my friends and fellow Loki-fans. You made my life wonderful and you are the reason I won’t drop this fandom, to enjoy it on my own.

And I know that we see the truth. 
His privacy and private matters are HIS OWN. We are just allowed to enjoy his work as an actor. NOTHING MORE. he owes us SHIT. SHIT!

I don’t care who he dates, or not, or who she is or what she did bad. or not. BTW Kanye West!? Is a crazy jesus complex-idiot. Nothing more. Fuck him.

One more “OH, Tom is like “I didn’t; know she was a bitch, let’s get outta here”!” or “Run, Tom, RUN!” and I’ll cut a bitch.

You think you are levelheaded and in the right? You are just gossip hungry and nasty. And jealous.

Jealousy is ugly.

If this sounds addressed to you? Unfollow, there is the door. 

Dear Pixar,

Don’t get me wrong.  I am beyond thrilled that Toy Story 4 is about Woody searching for Bo Peep.  I have wanted - more than any other potential storyline - to see them have a second chance at love.  

But, please don’t forget Buzz and Jessie.   They’re the established couple now, and us fangirls desperately want to see them share more sweet moments.  And a kiss.  Is that too much too ask?  And for Jessie to still have a prominent role in the new film?  We all missed her in Toy Story That Time Forgot.  

This picture shows what I really want, more than anything.  The four of them, a happy family, finally together.  Give both couples a chance to shine, make us fall in love with them all over again, and I will be eternally grateful.


A faithful Buzz and Jessie fangirl ❤️


fangirl meme - [5/10] Male Characters - Fixit

I do not need despair- eclair- repair! There are a few gaps in my memory banks, but some degeneration in the processors is normal for a Mini-Con of my experience.

A few little Ladybug doodles I did today. I can draw nicely when I try, hahahaa. XD

And the last picture is what I wish had happened. Uuughh… They were both going to the movies, what if afterwards they decided to go again, ran into each other, but she’s so worn out from fighting that she falls asleep and- yes okay I’m a desperate fangirl.

I’m just so sad we missed that potential Adrienette moment at the movie theater. So sad.


Oh my god, that episode….like…I cant get over how adorable this shyt was. I dont even care about the haters right now, i just need more ramona in my life. Like this is a new Apriltello for me, but better. 

Raph got his first kiss in the same episode. I just love this shyt.

Guys dont hesitate to fangirl with me, i desperately need it! Ask me! ASKKKKK MEEEEH




Dear Cassandra Clare,

Please can you be nice to Sizzy. Don’t you think you have been cruel enough to them already. You have sent them to hell and back already, literally. Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy coming out each month is meant to be a happy thing, not sad because you are TORTURING THOSE TWO. PLEASE LEAVE SIMON AND IZZY ALONE AND FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO BE CRUEL TO, NOT SIZZY.

Sincerely, A desperate fangirl 

My mother has become Reylo Trash

My mom comes to me today and says “I got absolutely no sleep last night. I kept analyzing Kylo and Rey’s chemistry, they are like the same person. Two sides of the same coin.”

And she was so sure the first time we saw it that they were related, but after this second time she is so confused. She says “They are connected on a deep level.”

My constant theories have now turned my mother into a fangirl and a Reylo Trash one at that. I feel slightly apologetic, but at the same time slightly proud.