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  • James: [about Sirius] I know he’s having a miserable time. We have telepathy. It’s like my brain is receiving phone calls from him.
  • Lily: Well, you have a bad connection. Hang up.
  • James: Nuh-uh. I can sense these things. Remember when he broke his leg and I sensed it?
  • Lily: That’s because you fell on him and broke it.

SKH was on the tv and my dad turned it over and started playing cascada and thought it was hilarious and these photos accurately describe my reaction

As we all know, Calum is really hot. And I got this theory, that can help all of us…like…not that good looking girls or guys.

Just some examples of Calum Hood´s hotness:

So my theory is: Calum is so hot and if you spend like a lot of time with him like cuddle with him, kiss him or do other things with him…then maybe you will get hot like the sun too. Because some of his hotness transfers to you.

C´mon Calum. Sharing is caring.