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My Tuesday Morning Alarm is Heat of the Moment

AND I AM NOT ASHAMED! HAVE ZERO REGRETS! (about this hahahahah… got lots of other regrets…)

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I spent money on getting the chorus as a ringtone JUST so I could make a fandom reference in my daily life

So, I am back from Belfast and my head is still spinning! Every time I fall asleep, I dream I am still at the conference “Sylvia Plath: Letters, Words and Fragments”! This has definitely been the best trip ever and so mind-blowing and eye-opening! Also, I had the pleasure to meet the most brilliant and wonderful people who made this an unforgettable experience! ♥ FANGIRL ALARM! ;)

As promised and announced, I am going to try to lose my laziness and fear of writing (and presenting) and try to take this blog - that has always been just a collection of quotes, pictures, references and tattoos - to another level! But right now… I need to SLEEP, contemplate and dream a little more, even though I would love to “skip on hour more of sleep and live”, but waking up at 4am-something two days in a row just killed me!

Goodnight and I promise to be back with some content very soon! :)

Evans broke me this week

Seriously, folks. I hit a level of fangirling I didn’t think was possible. I don’t dare go into everything our boy did this week or I’ll end up on the floor again! So, just the highlights!

Can we talk about this three piece tartan suit Chris wore at the London premiere on the 21st?? HOLY FUCKING NUTELLA AND FASHION GODS!!

and he brought his brother

can you imagine what it would be like to hang out with the Evans brothers for a night?


he’s out there!

the press conference beforehand brought us his bright red shirt

Our boy looks hot in red! he was wearing the same shirt during interviews

Friday morning gave us GMA with Chris and his merry band of idiots

these fools are more precious than diamonds


Thursday….Tonight Show… Jimmy Fallon

this appearance sent me into four alarm fangirl overload!

THAT SUIT OMFG jsbhdeccimjpcfuuuuuuck and those socks and that shirt and the tie and his hair and….. PERFECTION

and all I could think about looking at that particular shot? well….

left hand on my back… right hand winding up to strike…

“I don’t wike it!”

Chris’ nephew Miles was the sweetest, cutest thing!! What’s up with the genetics in the Evans family? DAMN!

Flip Cup!!! With Brother Scott (again)

Fallon teamed up with his sister Gloria….

but they were no match for the Evans Bros

thank God they won! You know how competitive Chris is! We didn’t need to hear him whining again!

This appearance had everything I love most about Mr. Dorito: stunning three piece suit (check) adorableness (check) orneriness (check) competetive Chris (check) family man Chris (check)

I confess… when it was over I had to get off TWICE before I could even think on functioning!!

and it’s not over yet…….