If catholics can mourn Jesus’ death for 2000+ years and make it a holiday, every fangirl / fanboy should be allowed to cry over the deaths of fictional characters!

Us: *starved from lack of representation in our favorite novels*

Rick Riordan: Heard y’all wanted some representation so here an African American girl raised in the 1940’s lol


Rick Riordan: Oh lets give her an awkward yet badass Chinese-Canadian boyfriend

Us: OH MY-

Rick Riordan: Oh, here’s a Native American girl daughter of Aphrodite with a movie star dad

Us: I-

RR: What about a smol sassy Latino boy that will soon become your favorite character?

Us: AWW-

RR: Oh wait, here an lil emo Italian sad boi and his sunny optimistic boyfriend

Us: WH-

RR: Here’s a badass native Latina who takes no shit (we all know she gay af for Thalia but we must wait)

Us: Oh-

RR: Y’all wanna hear about the queen of bisexuals Apollo?

Us: I’m-

RE: What about an old, non-sexualized lesbian couple with an incredibly romantic backstory??

Us: Wait-

RR: OH WAIT! Do you want a badass Muslim girl who follows tradition Muslim values but doesn’t let it stop her from living a normal life? Oh, and she’s also in a healthy arranged marriage don’t worry

Us: H-

RR: How about a gender-fluid and transgender child of Loki with a lovely taste in fashion?

Us: Wait hold o-

RR: What about a deaf elf who uses sign language to communicate but is still a valuable character?

Us: But-

RR: Oh, and here’s two biracial siblings that look nothing alike but they’re related, trust me

Us: *shocked*

RR: OH! I ALMOST FORGOT! Literally all theses characters are dyslexic, but it’s ok because it’s possible to live a full life even with disorders like dyslexia.

Us: *faints from the tidal wave of representation thrown at us*

RR: Anything else?


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