doubletroubletumbling  asked:

Who at CHB would dress up like a clown for Halloween and try and scare as many people as possible? (My votes on Nico or Percy)

Nico dresses up for Halloween but only like, really casually. He spends most of October preparing costumes and nobody can really figure out why he’s making so many. Maybe he’s doing his friends a favour? Maybe he keeps changing his mind? Fast forward to October 31st and Nico turns up to the demigod Halloween party wearing normal, mundane clothes which is disappointing to say the least. He could have at LEAST made an effort, points out Jason. Queue 50 odd skeletons dressed in an assortment of different costumes claw their way out the ground, much to the terror of everyone (Except Will, who is glaring at Nico from across the room)

Extra: Clarisse dresses up as Aragog from Harry Potter and Percy spots her before Annabeth. He spends most of the party awkwardly rotating around Annabeth to try distract her so she doesn’t see.

🎃 Halloween Celebration 🎃

Hey guys!! I know I’ve been inactive, but to make up for it, I thought we could have a celebration in the Carry On fandom for Halloween!!! Here some ideas of things we could do:

  • watch Halloween movies together, like all watch them at the same time and talk to each other about them
  • make Halloween aesthetics
  • do Halloween drawings with or without the Carry On people
  • do a cover of a Halloween song
  • write Halloween fics for the Carry On people
  • anything else festive you can think of!!

There aren’t any rules or anything, and it lasts the entire month of October!! just please reblog this to spread the word, and participate if you’d like pls i thrive of constant validation