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Alt-Carm fang manip: In which Laura notices Carmilla’s fangs for the first time. While they’re not buried inside her neck!

Carmilla has always been very careful to hide her fangs around Laura as not to shock, upset or intimidate her. However, the excitement over Laura’s ‘return’ causes Alt-Carm to lose this inhibition, which involuntarily puts her fangs on display.

Hagrid being your godfather would include…

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-him carrying you around on his shoulders, when you were younger

-walks through the Forbidden Forest

-always bringing a smile to his face when you call him “Uncle Hagrid”

-him giving you the weirdest pets every time he visits you

-you cooking for him 

-Fang never leaving your side when you’re around

-so much rock hard cookies

-you showing him inconspicuous little spells that he can use even if he’s actually not allowed to

-random midnight tea parties with Dumbledore 

-Hagrid calling you his little “Mandrake” since you weren’t really kind of a silent child

Welcome to the Freakshow Part 1: Limited Time Offer

   (Gore, blood, violence, yadda yadda)

   The travelling circus is in town and has positions opened! Sir Wilford Warfstache is gathering recruits, whether it be runaways, drifters or maybe a little voulenteer service.

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One-word prompt for you, mom: chocolate. I just really need more after all your metas on this.

Oho, I like it. Lets see now…

“This one?” Ursula said, holding the chocolate up for Vlad’s inspection. The vampire didn’t even bother to take it from her, they’d been going through the box of chocolates one by one since Nathan had brought them home, searching for the elusive strawberry cream.

“You know what would help this problem,” Vlad began, allowing her to place the chocolate to his lips, “color coded wrapping, or a card telling you what each one is meant to be.” He bit down delicately with one fang and winced, “Toffee.”

Ursula’s shoulders dropped as she thought the idea over, popping the hardened chocolate into her mouth with non of the fear of someone who had ever lost a tooth to Northlander toffee. “You know I think that’s one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard.”

“Hmm.” Vlad hummed with amusement, reaching over to claim one of the candies which he knew to be coffee from the way Ursula had daintily stuck her finger into it and promptly relegated it to the defect pile. So far hazelnut and black cherry had joined it. Vlad was a fan of neither. In fact he was rapidly losing his sweet tooth the longer this game went on for, but Ursula didn’t seem to mind. He supposed it was in her nature to crave sweetness.

“Perhaps next time Nathan can just ask them for a pound of strawberry cream,” he said, watching with amusement as her entire face lit up like the morning sun.

“Do you think they would?”

“I think if Nathan asks anyone to do anything they’ll do it.” He snorted and bit down into another proffered chocolate. “Ew, marzipan.”

“Yick,” Ursula agreed, and threw it across the room, not even bothering to put it in the defect pile. “Oh this one’s caramel,” she informed him, and popped the whole thing in his mouth before he could protest.

The door to their private quarters opened and Nathan stepped in, pausing to smile at them cuddled together on  the couch. Vlad quashed the urge to lift his arm away from around her shoulders, reminding himself that he was not only allowed to be doing this, but actively encouraged by both of them. It was all still so new and wonderful. “Are you two still playing with that box?”

Vlad, still trying to unstuck his mouth from the caramel, coughed. “We’re trying to find Sue’s favorite.”

Nathan paused, coming to lean against the back of the couch and peering down at them. “By sticking your finger into them.”

“And fangs.” Ursula smiled up at him.

“You realize you have a werewolf who can smell what each one is, right?” He asked, grinning lopsidedly at the two of them, “You could have just asked.”

“This way is more fun,” Ursula informed him primly, sticking her finger into the base of another one and perking up happily as she bit into it properly, “Ooh violet.”

Nathan turned his gaze to Vlad. “Do vampire’s get the sugar sickness?”

“I think we may find out,” Vlad informed him, reaching out to take the another coffee flavored one, trying to clear the sickly sweetness of the caramel from his tongue.

He tilted his head back, intent on asking Nathan if he’d found the paperwork in his study, when the werewolf leant over and claimed his mouth in a fiercely passionate kiss, tongue licking into his mouth and sucking the air from his lungs until he was dizzy. When the other man drew back, Vlad was left dazed and bemused as to why he had stopped.

And then reality kicked in and he scowled.

“You just did that for a taste of the chocolate,” he accused, and Nathan fixed him with a toothy grin, as Ursula laughed at his indignation.

“I have no idea, what you’re talking about.”

“Your mouth is going red.”

“Worth it.” Nathan replied, already stalking off towards the vanity in the next room to rinse his mouth out with salt and water.

“He knows it’s bad for him. Bloody werewolf,” Vlad muttered, settling back on the couch. He raised an eyebrow at Ursula, mouth drawn shut in a tightly smug smile like the cat who had caught the canary. “What?”

He was surprised when she moved the box out of the way, shoving him to lay flat against the armrest of the couch as she crawled up the length of him, settling her weight over his abdomen as she leant over to press her mouth to his, claiming him just as fiercely as Nathan had, if not more so. When she drew back, still smiling, Vlad lay gasping for several seconds, blinking to try and pull his brain back into his skull where it belonged. He was just about to lean up and pull her back down for more when he realized what he could taste, sucking his tongue around his fangs with interest.

“Strawberry cream?” 

Ursula grinned at him, stretching out languidly on top him. “Told you we’d find it.”

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7, 16, 30 for your FFXIII f/f OTP!

Okay! (It’s the crystal lesbians. ;))

7. What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?

I wholeheartedly accept all the headcanons described in this post, so I don’t think there was necessarily any specific moment when they fell in love since it was more of a slow evolution of a lifelong friendship. However, there was probably a brief and awkward preteen/adolescent interlude when Vanille started to get really blushy and giggly around Fang and thought that everything she did was just the coolest while Fang was probably wondering what her problem was.

16. Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?

Probably Vanille haha.

30. One headcanon about this OTP that mends it. (My heart, that is.)

Even though the game is annoyingly skittish about admitting that their relationship is romantic, I really appreciate that theirs is the great lovestory of FFXIII (sorry, Serah and Snow) and that it’s the love between two women that almost dooms and then ultimately saves the world.

vamp au - wip

Bit of a preview ;)

“Hm,” Lafayette murmured. “I’m feeling… the shy type, right now.”

John ran his tongue over his fangs as he looked around the bar. The shy boys were easy to find - they were the ones who watched the dancing but didn’t join, the ones who gazed at other boys but didn’t dare make a move. They were sweet ones, the nervous ones, who had to be coaxed into giving up control and cried the loudest when they took a bite. God, just the thought had John drooling and his jeans tenting.

Alex looked at him and John near shivered when a hand rested on his thigh. “Excited already, baby boy?”

“Can’t help it,” John murmured. When Alex nosed at his neck, he tilted his head back and closed his eyes. Alex pushed him down in the booth, letting his fangs scrape John’s skin, his claws pressing into his side, letting out a hiss-

“Patience, boys,” Lafayette muttered, surveying the room. He took a sip of beer, licking his lips. Then he sat straighter and his eyes focused. “There.”

vampire yoongi

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  • i wanna take nap because i had an academic team tournament today but  i wanna finish this series!
  • college series will be next
  • wedding series
  • percy jackson au lets gooo
  • okay so here’s vampire yoongi!
  • yoongi was born into a vampire family
  • he grew up a lil baby vampire
  • like imagine chubby baby yoongi with lil fangs waddling around okay get that in your head
  • his parents were relatively known vampires in the vampire community, and yoongi grew up in wealth
  • but he also grew up in isolation because his parents were socialites okay?
  • always keeping up appearances, holding parties at their mansion, constantly in the public eye of the vampire world
  • yoongi never liked the attention and he would much rather sit in the music room and play the grand organ
  • growing up, yoongi was a pretty sickly kid
  • he didn’t agree with his parents, that drinking human blood was okay like he was totally against it actually
  • he would refuse to drink any human blood and so often he would go months without feeding himself
  • which explains his more lethargic and slow type nature, he usually doesn’t have enough energy to do much
  • when his family would go on hunts, he would go out and involve himself in the human world, because he’s always felt more at peace there
  • nobody expects something out of him because he’s the son of important people
  • nobody is trying to force their beliefs and traditions down his throat
  • he doesn’t need to wear capes and dress like he’s from the 1600s like he can just be normal for a few hours
  • one day he’s out in the human world, but he overestimates his strength and while he’s out getting some tea at this cute cafe, he completely passed out
  • when he wakes up, there’s a young boy standing there, holding his arm and… sniffing it?
  • yoongi jerks away and rubs his eyes, then looks at the boy curiously
  • “wow a vampire, i’ve never met one before! no wonder you’re so pale!”
  • yoongi curses and tells the kid to scram, because he knows it’s another monster, he can tell by the smell of his blood
  • “look kid, i don’t know what the f-”
  • “i’m a who, and my name is jeongguk. i’m a werewolf!”
  • yoongi kinda coughs bcuz gross but they actually exchange numbers because poor little jeongguk was worried about him passing out
  • from that moment on jeongguk actually helps yoongi with his blood supply issue
  • like vampires can eat human food but it won’t nourish them right?
  • so jeongguk will go werewolf and yoongi now understands why local farmers have complained about their cows going missing
  • yoongi gets involved with a lot of other mythical creatures, specifically a witch down the corner and an innocent little ghost boy
  • okay but some other things that are super important!
  • yoongi has black hair for sure, he keeps it natural
  • he has long dangly cross earrings in both his first piercings to piss his parents off, and then studs in the other holes
  • he wears holey black skinny jeans all the time
  • he has a large jacket that reaches his knees that’s black too
  • and his shirts are always red, white, gray, or black
  • sometimes he wears turtlenecks just because he can mm hmm bless ugly turtlenecks but cute ones
  • when he goes out, no, the sun will not destroy him and turn him into ashes, but it definitely hurts his skin and it’s like getting extreme sunburn
  • so he carries a cute umbrella around and cute i mean yes cute because seokjin got it for him
  • it’s cream with vintage looking hot air balloons all on it
  • it really offsets the dark gothic look he’s got going on lmao
  • he’s like the mysterious boy of town because he’s been to every shop and knows all the shopkeepers and he always leaves really nice tips for stuff but nobody knows his name or where he comes from
  • he’s loved by everyone in town because he’s such a mystery? like who is he and why is he so flawless??
  • he loves being out at night though because that’s his element?
  • especially when the moon and stars are out he feels like he can really be himself ya know?
  • that’s when you two meet actually surprise
  • boy is having a really hard time dealing with his parents one time because they’re like “yoongi darling, now there is nothing wrong by drinking human blood! embrace the fact that you are a VAMPIRE son!”
  • and he kinda snapped “well maybe i don’t want to be!”
  • like he’s been alive way too long already, it gets depressing watching everyone you care about grow old
  • like before seokjin and tae, he didn’t have friends because he was so scared of losing them
  • jeongguk and seokjin are also immortal so they understand him and it’s okay
  • but he’s so scared of forming relationships to watch them crumble and sometimes he just wishes he was human
  • his parents are so mad though because what well to do, influential vampire would want to give that up? like when he’s older others will literally bow to him in respect and in awe, like why would he give that up?
  • they don’t understand him and they don’t try to understand him and that hurts yoongi more than he likes to let on
  • anyway that day he needed to get away from the house and so he went out for his nightly walk and guess who was also out and about?
  • oh right it’s you!
  • you were coming home from work and you were like oh i can walk but as winter approaches here at least it gets pitch black at like six so you’re like greeeeaaaaaat
  • you’re walking alone and it’s cold and you’re freezing and it’s dark and you swear you can hear noises behind you and you’re so busy panicking you slam into someone
  • surprise it’s yoongi !
  • he curses under his breath but helps you up and you’re like hey waIT
  • “you’re the guy that comes in and tips the waiter more than your actual waiter! i bus tables but they always tell me about you and-”
  • “yoongi. the names yoongi.”
  • you’ve never really seen him because you work back in the kitchen but the staff always talked about how handsome he is, and even though it’s hecka dark outside you can see he’s absolutely stunning?
  • your heart is fluttering and wow you kinda just wanna,,, idk,,, kiss him under the stars,,,
  • “you want me to walk you home?”
  • you don’t hear him at first and you kinda blink but then you realize what he’s asking
  • and you know that stranger danger but if all the wait staff loves him then he’s probably a good person or something and it’s better than being alone…
  • and so you accept his offer and you two begin to walk towards your house
  • you tell him your name obviously
  • and a little bit about yourself like school and work and stuff like that
  • he tells you that he lives a little ways away from downtown with his mother and father
  • and that they’re rich and he’s not the biggest fan of them so he hangs around town
  • he also tells you that the restaurant you work at is his personal favorite
  • and you don’t know why but that gets you all blushy and happy
  • there’s something about yoongi like he’s so composed and so calm and so reserved but at the same time he gives you enough information to leave you wanting more
  • and he sends a shiver down your spine whenever he looks at you, and you don’t know what it is but you’re slightly terrified but it’s exhilarating at the same time
  • your walk isn’t very chatty but is not silence either and it’s really calming actually just to have someone who listens
  • and when you reach your door you thank him and smile and go to leave but then he coughs
  • “um maybe if you have off anytime soon i could show you the cool hobby shop down the street?”
  • and obv you say yes like how could you not and you tell him that you get off work at five tomorrow and he says he’ll meet you after work!
  • okay next day you go to work and you’re doing your thing, cleaning some dishes, living the dream
  • it’s getting closer to the end of your shift and you find your heart racing because wow yoongi? is basically taking you on a date?
  • you’re so busy being excited and nervous that you don’t realize that…
  • yoongi is standing outside the kitchen, hands stuffed in that big jacket of his, eyes narrowed and small smile on his lips
  • the waiters let him back to the waiter station to wait for you when he explained the dilemma because they think it’s actually absolutely adorable??
  • one of the other bussers nudges you and you look up and wipe a strand of hair from your eyes and low key get soap all over you in the process
  • and yoongi is like !! what the heck that’s adorable what is this feeling in my chest !!
  • you rush out and take your little apron on and grab your things and you’re embarrassed because you didn’t think he would pick you up at work!! you haven’t even changed out of your uniform!!
  • but yoongi says he doesn’t mind, like if you’re cold, he says he’ll give you his jacket and you’re blushing so hard and all the waiters are teasing you when yoongi isn’t looking
  • because they know
  • they know y'all are gonna fall in love they called it
  • okay anyway y'all head off to the hobby shop!
  • it’s like does anyone know what FYE is? it’s like that but twenty million times less cringey
  • it has lots of old vinyls and cassettes and guitars and other musical instruments
  • but also art supplies and old cameras and craft stuff too it’s really chill
  • the employees are really nice and they all love yoongi so when he comes in they’re all like!! hey man!!
  • they give you a look and they’re like oH hello there ;))
  • and yoongi is like lmao it’s not like that but he’s blushing so hard and he will not make eye contact with you
  • because how funny is it that yoongi, the one who’s always tried to hard to push people away, already finds himself smitten with the one he’s only known but a few hours
  • like he doesn’t know what to feel about you but you make him feel alive and he craves that
  • “here lemme show you some of my favorite musicians yah?”
  • okay but hear me out, yoongi, being absolutely in love with foster the people
  • like that’s all he listens to like imagine him laying in his vampire bed with earbuds in and the music makes him so happy he just starts to float?
  • especially listening to waste oh man
  • anyway he takes you over to the music and you’re lollygagging and looking at other things that he grabs your wrist and gently pulls you along
  • “what kind of music do you like?” he asks softly, because he’s so scared like
  • he knows that deep down he’s a monster so he tries so hard to be gentle and sweet and soft with you because he’s scared that one day he’ll really give into his monster side
  • but as you get to know yoongi, you realize that he’s not always quiet and reserved
  • like when he’s angry, he’ll get red in the face and clench his fists and start to curse until he’s yelling and the only thing that can calm him down are you whispers against his skin
  • and he tries to hold things in, oh he really does but when he’s upset you know what helps him the most is crying and sometimes when his family becomes too much he’ll sit there in your arms and cry
  • but he never talks about it
  • he says the one rule he’ll ever have with you is don’t ask about his family
  • and so you don’t
  • but you can’t help but wonder about why things are so complicated between them
  • okay but like!!
  • yoongi knew he loved you from like the moment he saw you
  • you took your time to fall in love
  • but at this point it’s so obvious that you two are so in love like there is no avoiding it
  • like y’all basically act like a couple like when you’re hanging out during the day he keeps you under the umbrella with you and holds your hand
  • “cold hands mean a warm heart” you always tease and he gets red and pouts
  • you don’t realize it’s because he’s a vampire yikes
  • now that yoongi is like in love with you he’s even more outspoken against his parents
  • which means they’re more upset with him and at this point yoongi basically lives at your house
  • which is when he runs into problems
  • yoongi is getting ready for the morning, like he’s in the bathroom, brushing his teeth, laughing because the only thing he can see in the mirror is the toothbrush
  • last time he checked you were still sleeping so he has time to goof off
  • but guess what!
  • groggy little you felt the immediate warmth leave your side and yoongi is never up this early so like, you kinda stumble into the bathroom to find out where he went
  • you get in there
  • then stare the mirror
  • your eyes widen
  • “yoongi…?”
  • he gulps and spins to face you because it was bound to happen sooner or later
  • “surprise?”
  • you blink and shake your head and sprint out
  • yoongi calls after you and he starts to chase after you but you’re out the door already and he can’t figure out which way you went
  • he searches everywhere for you though
  • he runs to the restaurant; you’re not there
  • he checks the hobby shop next; you’re no place to be found
  • this is what he was afraid of
  • losing someone when he had grown so close, hell when he had fallen in love, because of the monster he truly was
  • night falls, and he heads back to his actual home, somewhere he hasn’t been in months
  • he slips inside and tries to head up to his room
  • but noooo
  • his parents are there
  • his mother goes to hug him but immediately draws away, eyes narrowing “you smell like a human yoongi, what is this?”
  • yoongi shrugs because at this point he’s so done
  • he doesn’t have the strength
  • being with you, he tried so hard to hide his true self that he wouldn’t go anywhere near blood, even if it was animal
  • and he was searching for you the entire day that he completely exhausted himself and he’s worn out
  • “yah, yah… i’m in love with a human who i completely lost because of this MONSTER i am!”
  • switch over to you
  • you’ve come back him to find yoongi is not there
  • you don’t expect him to be
  • you shouldn’t have run off like that but you were scared, how were you supposed to react?!
  • but your bed feels empty and you’re already missing him more than you could ever imagine
  • you don’t know what to do because you’ll probably never see yoongi again and you never let him know how important he is to you and so you lay there and sob into your pillow because life is unfair and you can’t take all of this at once
  • you’re worried too because yoongi is reckless when he’s upset and he makes dumb decisions and the way his smile faded when you screamed you could like see his heart shatter
  • and so you sob and sob and hit the mattress and slam your pillow against the wall because there’s nothing you can do
  • but then the phone rings
  • you blink because who’s calling you? yoongi doesn’t have a phone??
  • you grab it and blow your nose before answering
  • “yah hello?”
  • it’s seokjin “have you seen yoongi? i’m worried because he usually would come see or jeongguk? and he’s nowhere to be found and god i’m scared.”
  • you tell him about what happened and seokjin comes clean and tells you he’s a witch and jeongguk is a werewolf and you feel like maybe you could pass out because you’re so stressed but yoongi is most important
  • “you don’t think he went home did he?”
  • and everything freezes because of course he went home where else would he go? when he felt like he couldn’t trust anyone
  • after all those late night talks about how he trusted you with his life you had ruined him
  • you tell seokjin you’ll be hurrying over to help search for him
  • you hang up and start to get dressed
  • but there’s a knock on your door
  • you hurry over and open it
  • and yoongi completely collapses into your arms
  • blood is dripping from his mouth and you think maybe he’s passed out
  • and now things make sense because he seemed more lethargic as time went on and you realize he must have been starving himself for the sake of keeping his secret
  • you hurry and drag him to the couch
  • he’s coughing and stammering
  • you wipe the blood from his mouth and brush the hair from his eyes
  • “yoongi what happened to you?!” you sob because you can’t do anything else
  • he smiles and reaches up to thumb the tears from your eyes “i um… told my parents i love you… they kicked me out, and uh…”
  • his eyelids flutter and you start to cry harder because he’s so malnourished and you don’t know what to do but you’re not going to lose him
  • but then it hits you
  • “yoongi… yoongi are you listening to me?” you shake his shoulders gently
  • he nods but murmurs something under his breath and you know he’s slipping fast and so you spit it out
  • “yoongi bite me”
  • his eyes open immediately and he pushes himself up best he can with a pained groan escaping his lips
  • “i, im not doing that.”
  • “you’re going to DIE yoongi! you need to do it!”
  • “you'll… you’ll turn… and it’ll hurt you…”
  • you shake your head and smile softly “yoongi… please… i won’t live if you don’t. i can’t. you have to… you can’t get anything else fast enough… yoongi please!”
  • he buries his face in the crook of your neck
  • and then he bites you
  • you wake up the next morning, snuggled in your covers
  • your head is throbbing and there’s a sharp pain in your neck but other than that you feel okay
  • you roll over and yoongi is facing you already, worried frown on his lips
  • “you blacked out” he says and he strokes the hair from your eyes “shit you have nice blood though. oh that was weird, i’m sorry…”
  • he laughs and leans in and he kisses you softly
  • he pulls away and ruffles your hair “so i guess today we’re gonna go shopping for your umbrella?”
  • “i think i’d rather share with you…” you mumble and then lean in to kiss him again
The dragon’s deathly fangs

Of course I needed to write something for this. It was just simply adorable. Bless Mashima, you made my weekend happy! Thanks! :3 Have fun with this rather short thingy!

“You got to be kidding me!”
“Ahanayhra—,” he answered, which made the woman on his lap hum in wonder. Lucy leaned closer expectantly as she stretched his lips further to have a better view at his canines.
Cautiously, with one hand she reached out, she touched the sharpened tooth, as if that was some kind of rarity. The top of her index finger was grazing around the fang(ish) tooth smoothly, the pointed end sinking in her skin which made her wince.
“Damn, Natsu, it’s ridiculous!”
“Iknowo,” he said, even from this, Lucy knew exactly what he meant. She nodded in approval, with taking her hands away from the inside of his sticky mouth, she wiped her hands in his trousers, leaning back to be able to lock eyes with him.
“I still can’t believe it. How come we have never noticed that you, Gajeel and Wendy, not to mention the Twin Dragons got vampire teeth? Like I mean, I saw you eat— no, it was rather shredding raw meat easily…, but.”
Inwards, Natsu was trying to hold back his immediate snicker of ‘you’ve never got bitten in the ass before with those’ while Lucy rambled further, but luckily he had the decency not to say that out… loud enough for her to hear it, at least.
“Wendy doesn’t have these…,” he murmured finally looking away from the girl, absently pointing at his mouth. Besides, after her investigation, their position was getting uncomfortable for the man, squirming under her weigh and trying not to pay much attention to their tangled limbs or the lot of skin to skin connections.
“Sooo… it’s a male thing then? Like being alpha or…?” she enquired, one brow cocked at him, clearly interested in the subject.
“Yeah something like that,” he nodded with a shrug, before landing a light hit on her tight in realization, leaving minimal proof of it there. “Oi! Don’t just talk about it like we talk about animal species!”
She giggled, never even trying to hide her amusement. “But Natsu, deep… deep down you couldn’t be… ahanayhra—!”
Chuckling delightedly at her misery, he widened the distance between his fingers which were hooked in her mouth, tears forming in her hazel eyes… Now a true grin was lighting up his face, the canines dangerously gleaming, not promising any good for her.
“As I see, you can’t be one of them, be any kind of domesticated dragon…” To her incomprehensible nonsense, he nodded with cheekily narrowed eyes, “Yeah, Lucy, I do know that word for sure!”
Natsu felt her legs squeezing around his hips warningly as she tried to free herself – or achieve anything in the fight against him –, struggling and shifting from side to side… As if she held a chance – he snorted out loud. No way she could—
Of course she could.
She mimicked his actions with sinking her nails in the inside of his cheeks, making him hurl and growl lightly. It did earn him an eye roll from Lucy as a proof of her theory. They fought further, trying to win in this weird game of theirs, all for claiming victory over the other.
However, Natsu did commit a big mistake.
When he let her feet touch the floor, she was able to gain some sort of plus strength, and with that little lean, she was able spread him on the floor, balancing over his hips and grinning down at him cockily with his fingers still firmly placed in her mouth.
She bit in his flesh warningly which made him stop, letting his hands fell near him as he stared at the goddess over his body, blonde hair curving on her shoulders, smile so mischievous that made his guts jump in his throat… And he didn’t even have time for studying the bubbling butterflies in the pit of his stom—!
Lucy bent down to his level, her front brushing against his chest, blonde her tickling his neck enjoyably as she purred in his ears, “Now, what about those teeth biting where exactly, Natsu? In my… ass maybe? Or did I misunderstand something?”
Never mind the butterflies. He got more important things to do.

The Lewis Boy (Simon x Reader) Imagine

‘We need your help” Izzy said as she and the others walked into your house.

“Thanks for knocking by the way” you said sarcastically “What do you need my help with?”

“Well that new girl Clary I was telling you about brought her best friend with her when we went to the Silent Brothers, and I may have left him for just a few seconds.” Izzy was saying

“Yeah just enough time for him to be took by vampires” Clary yelled.

“It was a mistake” Izzy said to Clary “I told you that”

“You need my help getting him back”  you stated 

“Well you are a vampire” Alec said.

“You’re a vampire” Clary yelled, her face was blood red from anger ‘Why don’t you tell your blood sucking friends to bring my best friend back to me”

“One they aren’t my friends, they just happen to be vampires like me. And two why would I help you, I don’t even know you” you told Clary.

‘Make it flavor for us please Y/N” Jace begged. Wow if Jace Wayland was begging for you to help them they must be very desperated. How important was this random boy to them you thought.

“I’ll do it, when do you plan on going” you asked

“Tomorrow morning, since they can’t go outside” Izzy said.

“Okay great I’ll see you guys then”

“Aren’t you guys forgetting that Y/N is also a vamprie too?” Clary asked

“See this ring on my finger” you said as you pointed towards it, Clary nodded as you showed her. “This allows me to go out in the sunlight without anything happening to me”

“Does anyone else have one” she asked

“No it’s the only one of it’s kind. A old friend of mine give it to me years ago” you said. “So I’ll meet you guys in front of Hotel Dumort during sun raise?” you asked

“Yes we’’ll see you then” Jace said as they all turn to leave but not without Clary sending you one last death glare on her way out. What have you gotten yourself into you thought.

   Where were the others? It was a little bit passed sunraise and they still haven’t showed up. It wasn’t like shadowhunters to be late for anything.You didn’t want to wait any longer so you just went in on you own. You’re a vampire after all, your welcome here.

“Raphael” you called as you enter the hotel. It was changed since the last time you havd been here, everything about the place was more fancy.

“Madam Y/N what do I own for this lovely visit of yours” Raphael said as he enter the room with many other vampires behind him.

“I like what you did with the place since the last time I was here” you told him as you walked around the room.”Where Camille too?”

‘That’s why you’re here to see Camille, well trust me she has nothing to say to you” He said as he took a step towards you.

“As second in comman Raphael I thought you would know why I’m here” you also said while taking a step forward, you knew teasing him would pissed him off so why not have abit of fun.

“You’re here for that boy ” He stated “I got to asked why a vampire like yourself are dealing with shadowhunters”

“I could say the same thing, didn’t know you liked kidnapping young boys Raphael” you tease. “Where is he?’

“Get the boy” Raphael demanded. You two just stared at each other. You knew that Raphael wouldn’t just hand over the boy. And Raphael knew you woudn’t leave without him. Soon the other vampires returned with a young boy in hand. You assumed it was Simon. He had this nerd look about him. Maybe that’s why you smile when you saw him. You weren’t sure.

“Simon do you know this girl right here” Raphael asked. Simon looked at you, you knew that he would say no so you gave him one of your famous looks that could kill.

“Ye-Yeah” he strutted “She’s a friend of mine” Raphael said not seeing the look you gave Simon, was shocked that he knew you. He figuerd Simon was going to say no.

“Simon you can say what you are to me, there’s no need to be a shame. It’s not like Raphael still has feeling for me.” You said not looking away from Raphael. Please Simon you thought get what I’m trying to do here. If Simon didn’t, there was no way you guys would be leaving anytime soon without the shadowhunters. Simon looked confuse for moment but then said

“She’s my girlfriend”

“SHE YOUR WHAT” Raphael yelled breaking your guys stare to look over at the young boy.

“He’s my boyfriend, if you thought I was dealing with shadowhunters you really have change. If I won’t deal with my own kind I damn well won’t with them” you said moving passed Raphael to get to Simon.You looked at the two vampires holding him then back at Raphael.

“Let him go” Raphael said while rolling his eyes. You grabbed ahold of Simon and let him lean on you.

“Don’t make me come back here for my boyfriend again Raphael.” You stated as you left the hotel with Simon.

   “Who are you?” Simon questioned as he got off of you when you guys exited the hotel.

“I’m a friend of Izzy’s and theirs. We were all suppose to save you but they didn’t show up or not yet at least. I don’t like waiting so I just went in”

“Well thank you I guess” Simon said as he finally stood up on his own.Now that he was standing in front of you, you could tell that he was talller. His nerd look made him look cute. You shook your head trying not to think about how the boy looked.

“Y/N” You heard someone yelled. As you and Simon turned around you saw it was the others.

“You went in without us” Jace said as they walked up to you guys.

“SIMON” Clary shouted as she saw her best friend she ran up to hug him which made you step back so she wouldn’t hit you.

“You guys were late, I don’t like waiting” You said rolling your eyes.

“I got him anyway he fine”

“She told Raphael that I was her boyfriend and he just let me go” Simon said while he was still hugging Clary.

“Y/N” Izzy whisperd. She knew about your past with Raphael.

“Don’t worry, I’m alright” you told her. ‘Raphael has a soft spot for me. I knew that if I said I care about Simon in some way he wouldn’t hurt him.” You told the others.

“Come on guys let’s get back to the instuite before anyone knows were gone” Alec said while turning to head back. Everyone turned to head back but you. You were going the other way home.

“Aren’t you coming Y/N?” you turn to see Simon.

“I’m a vampire I’m not welcome there by many” you told him

“Oh umm well would you like to a maybe hung out with me sometime?” Simon asked nervously.

“I would like that” you said smiling which showed your fangs.”See you around” you called as you walked away. Leaving a smiling Simon standing there watching you as you walked away.

…Iggy kicked [Fang].
“Ow! Dang it! What’s wrong with you?”
Unerringly, Iggy’s hand shot out and grabbed a fistful of Fang’s shirt. He pulled Fang’s face close to his own. “Describe. The. People.”
“There’s a million people,” Fang said, irritated. “Why? Are you meeting someone in particular here? Should I be looking for a man with a rose in his teeth, holding the New York Times?”
“This is Venice Beach,” Iggy said again. “Home of roller disco. I smell coconut oil. I hear high-pitched giggles. I know we must be surrounded by beach bunnies, and you’re looking at a map!”
[…]Sighing, Fang looked around. “Um, okay. There are two girls over there. One’s in a white bikini. One has ‘Utopia’ written across her butt. They have big blonde hair. Um, over there is an Asian girl, skating on rollerblades, with her dog, like a greyhound or something, running beside her. Oops, she almost took out that stroller.”
“What’s she wearing?” Iggy asked.
“A striped bikini.”
“And knee guards,” Gazzy put in.
“Oh man,” Iggy breathed. “More, more.”
“Um, there’s a girl meeting her friend,” he went on. “Her friend is giving her an ice-cream cone. Oh– it’s dripping. Huh. It, uh, dripped on her… chest.”
Iggy drew in a hissing breath.
—  my favorite passage from any maximum ride book ever aka IGGY CONTROL UR THIRST
Jagged & Marinette friendship fanfic idea

Ok so while watching ml and reading fanfics i believe I’ve come up with a fun concept…

-Jagged Stone had become close to Marinette, after she made his awesome shades and his favorite album cover, that she gets different commissions for him (jackets, pants, hats, shoes, ect)
- Jagged is the first to start calling her Mari, and when asked about his new *insert item here* he all “Oh, you like it? My girl Mari designed it for me, isn’t she wonderful? ”
- in return Mari starts calling Jagged Jag
- Jagged kinda becomes like a older brother for Marinette, and starts hanging at the bakery with Penny and Fang more often so Marinette’s parents start parenting Jagged because he can kinda be over the top about some things
- Penny kinda is like an aunt to Marinette and helps give that advise you need to get from a parent but is too embarrassed to ask…
-Penny knows when it is time to talk to mom/dad and encourages Marinette to do so, but also how to keep a secret when she needs to
- when Jagged and Penny have to go to events or places that won’t allow Fang to go in they ask Marinette to watch him
- Fang, being the big soft cuddly crocodile he is, falls for Marinette insistently and becomes very protective of her (he started this close to the beginning after Jagged got the shades *i will fight this being cannon since in ‘guitar villain’ though he hated the producer he seemed very irritated when said producer started to get close to Marinette and put his arm around her*)
- Fang, being an animal with instincts, knows Marinette is Ladybug so he ends up helping occasionally and might have scared Chat a couple of times running in to get at an akuma that is about to attack her
- Adrien ends up seeing Marinette with Fang and goes to say hi with Gorilla trailing behind
- Fang, seeing that Adrien is not only Chat but also the guy who Mari had posted all over her room, playfully growls at him like he has at Chat, and Adrien accidentally starts to playfully growls back like he does as Chat
- Gorilla steps in and gives Fang a 'you better stop it ’ look Fang backs of but still gives Adrien an sloppy lick making his hair messy
- Mari seeing Chat’s hair and hearing a familiar growl starts connecting the dotes about Adrien being Chat Noir but still trying to live in the denial not wanting to believe he is so close and them possibly being more endanger due to knowing each others identities.
-Adrien seeing how close Fang was to Ladybug and how close and affectionate he is to Marinette starts to get curious about Marinette possibly being Ladybug
-Jagged, from seeing the posters of Adrien in Marinette’s room and her fumbling while talking to Adrien when he went to pick up Fang, teases her but also trys to give her advise on how to get Adrien’s attention
- “so that the boy you like?” “Yeah…wait what? Jagged?!” “Should i ruff him up abit, let him know you aren’t to be played with? ” *side wink* “Jag, No!” *Jagged starts walking in Adrien’s direction* “Hey, boy…” *Marinette starts to jump on him* “stop it Jag, he is just a friend…” *Jagged looks at her on his back* “Want to change that? ” *Marrinette blushes and starts pulling him away* “I swear your just as bad and mama and papa”
- Adrien, being the cream puff he is, sees the interaction but doesn’t hear the conversation, and starts thinking “I wish she would interact playfully with me”
-Alya, being Marinette’s best friend, gang’s up with Jagged on teasing Mari about her crush and trying to help her with getting Adrien’s attention…
- “why not call boy up and say 'hey hot stuff, wont you come help me with physics?’” *Alya eyes Jagged* “and give her another chance to palm his phone when she messes up? No way can’t happen” *Jagged raises eyebrow* “you palmed his phone?” *Marinette groans* “why would you do that?” “Oh she caked him hot stuff on his voice mail and confessed her crush on him… foaming at the mouth might have been involved too?” “Alya!” “Oh really? Well then we could just have him touch some of Maris pressure points to help herout” *Alya snikers* “I’m sure she would enjoy that” *Marinette covers her face* “do you guys even know I’m…” *Jagged puts finger on Marinette’s mouth* “ssshhh Mari, we’re talking about you like your not here, just sit there and make me a scarf” *Alya jumps up* “oh did you hear about when Mari made him a birthday present?” “What you made him a scarf? Did he even thank you?” *Alya quickly puts hand over Marinette’s mouth* “No” “What?!? He shunned my girl? I should sick Fang on him” *Marinette pulls Alya’s hand off her mouth* “he didn’t know it was from me… he thought his dad got it for him” *Jagged stands with a mission* “still no excuse, you shouldnt have been…” *Marinette puts hand on Jagged’s mouth* “he just looked so happy, I couldn’t take that from him”
*Jagged takes hand off mouth and with sad crocodile eye’s*“But you sign everything you make, didn’t he see your signature?” *Fang curls up close to Marinette to comfort her* “He should,” Alya voices, “he was there when you pointed it out when Chloe tryed to steel your derby hat design” “which was after his birthday, and i didn’t start signing my designs for others until the scarf misunderstanding so it doesn’t matter”
-Penny often steps in to get Jagged and Alya to behave when Marinette is becoming uncomfortable, Fang just laughs *knowing the inside joke the entire fan base has groaned about since the beginning*

Five Things Lightning Secretly Hates/Loves About Fang
  1. How Fang always, always leaves laundry everywhere. There is a laundry basket for a reason. One day, possibly very soon, Lightning will trip over a piece of Fang’s clothing. She will then have to murder Fang, possibly with the aforementioned piece of clothing. She will then have to explain to Vanille how she garrotted Fang with a bra.
  2. How Fang can get out of anything with that damn smirk of hers. It works on everyone, especially Lightning, which is just unfair since Lightning’s glare has stopped working on Fang. To make up for it, Lightning has been forced to rely on her scowl, but Fang is rapidly developing immunity to that too. The only expression Lighting has that still catches Fang completely off guard is her smile, but it’s not like she can pull that out too often… can she?
  3. How Fang’s accent can make anything sound sexy. The most embarrassing example? When Fang asked Lightning to take out the garbage, and Lightning blushed because somehow, taking out the garbage sounds so… naughty when Fang says it. Alas, Fang was really just asking her to take out the garbage, you know, since it was garbage day. A close runner up was the time Fang told Lightning they needed to go to the store to buy more peanut butter. Apparently, even peanut butter can be sexy when Fang is involved.
  4. How Fang occasionally drops by the Guardian Corps office with flowers and chocolate. Lightning’s reputation as an invincible badass with a heart of stone always takes a beating when her subordinates see her fiddling with the flowers and munching on the chocolate with a dreamy smile on her face. However, only one of her subordinates ever had the guts to say anything about it. After what happened to The Unfortunate One, no one has dared to say a word.
  5. How Fang can run around in a sari without it getting caught on anything or accidentally strangled by it. Lightning tried it once, and once was enough. It took a month for Fang to stop laughing at her, and that was only after Lightning threatened to murder her with the contents of their laundry hamper. 

From a prompt by @corvette73

“The prompt same as before but a little different supergirl as a vampire she runs into the woods to feed on somebody Lena follows her and snaps a twig supergirl turns around fangs on full display Lena gets scared and runs supergirl catches her and feeds off her that’s my supercorp oneshot”


The moon high in the sky, Kara Danvers sat perched in a tree, watching and waiting. She licked her fangs, the throat burning from her desire for blood. One of the more inconvenient aspects of being a vampire. The constant desire for human blood. Her cold blue eyes scanned the night, waiting for a stray human to wander into the forest she was watching. She was hidden enough in the shadows that a human would never be able to see her but close enough to a nearby park that there were always people taking late night walks and sometimes wandering into places where they shouldn’t go that late at night.

Kara spotted one such late night walker, a man. He looked to be in his mid thirties, tall with a mop of brown hair on his head. She narrowed her eyes, hoping that he would abandon the park and wander into the woods. And to her great delight, he did. She ran her tongue along her fangs, her mouth watering in anticipation.

She lept out of the tree after looking around and not seeing any humans around. She blurred into the treeline after her meal, unfortunately neglecting to notice a set of green eyes watching her follow the poor soul into the tree line.


Lena Luthor often took late night walks. It was easier to avoid the paparazzi that way. She usually kept to the shadows, a hood up and her head down. But she liked her evening walks to clear her head. With everything going on her life, she needed some time to herself. It was on one such night that had changed her outlook on the world. Opened her eyes so to speak.

She was walking a little ways off the marked paths in the park, an older gentleman the only other person in sight. She shook her head when she watched him wander into the woods. She would never understand why people wandered into the forest at night. There were all sorts of dangerous animals that came out at night. Not to mention just getting lost. Lena shook her head and was about to not give it another thought when she saw what looked like a woman jump from a tree. What surprised Lena was the grace and ease at which she touched down, as the branch she must have been sitting on was a few feet off the ground. And yet she landed as gracefully as a cat. And Lena’s jaw dropped when the figure disappeared into a black blur, almost invisible to the human eye and moved into the forest after the man.

Lena knew that she should just leave it. Should just walk away and go home. Nothing good could come of it. But Lena Luthor was cursed with an insatiable curiosity. One that wouldn’t be sated until she investigated. So against her better judgement, she slinked into the forest in the direction of the man and the woman that followed him.


Kara rushed after the man, keeping to the trees, the thrill of stalking her prey too good to give up. She loved the chase. The exhilaration it provided. She was built to be a predator after all. Once in awhile she would “slip up” and step on a stick or make a soft noise. She could smell the fear dripping off the man as he would stop and look around for the source of the sound. But of course, she was too quick to be detected. Kara had to shake her head at the guy though that he didn’t just turn around and run. Rather he continued walking through the forest. ‘Humans,’ Kara scoffed to herself. They could be so stupid. It was amazing that they were one of the most successful animals on the planet sometimes.

Kara tailed him a little while longer before the burn in her throat became unbearable. Quickly blurring over to her pray, she pounced. The man cried out, startled as held him in place, though he struggled to get out of her strong grip. He probably could have overpowered her if she wasn’t a vampire. But unfortunately for him, her strength eclipsed his own. She forced his head to the side, exposing his neck. Kara smirked, her fangs on full display before she bit into his neck. The man whimpered in pain as she broke skin, the blood gushing from the wound as Kara lapped it up.

The burn in her throat began to subside as she sucked the blood from the man. She sighed in relief as the warm blood ran down her throat. She was so wrapped up in her meal that she almost missed it. Kara’s ears perked up at the sound of a twig snapping. Kara frowned, detaching herself from the man’s neck, looking in the direction of the sound. Her superior night vision allowed her to see a woman watching her from the trees. Kara was certain her eyes were glowing a pale yellow color in the darkness, a side effect from feeding.

Kara’s lips curled into a smirk as she felt the fear issuing from the dark haired woman. She decides to give her a little bit of a show, curling her lips up, her fangs coated with blood shining in the light of the moon overhead. She watched a look of absolute terror overcome the woman’s features before she turned and fled. Kara chuckled to herself. As if she could be escaped. She figured she could use another little snack after her meal. She dropped the man she had been feed off of, completely passed out before pursuing the woman.

Kara decided to toy with her a little bit, following at a more reasonable pace through the trees. She watched the woman glance back once in awhile to check if Kara was still following her. Kara heard her heartbeat increase with each minute and before she had a chance to break through the treeline, Kara picked up her speed, grabbing the woman and pinning her against a tree.


Lena whimpered at being caught and shoved harshly against a nearby tree. She had been both surprised and fearful at the implications that Supergirl was a vampire. A monster of the night, protecting National City was not something you say every day. “Supergirl.” Lena stammered out.

“Ah, Lena Luthor.” She purred out seductively, running a thumb down Lena’s cheek. “Curiosity killed the cat I suppose.” She said absentmindedly. “Don’t worry, this will only hurt for a second. And you’ll be good as new by morning. It wouldn’t do to have one of National City’s biggest names disappear.” She whispered before sinking her teeth into Lena’s neck. A sharp pain surfaced on her neck as she felt the superhero pull blood from the wound. Lena felt herself lose consciousness, her last sight being a pair of glowing yellow eyes staring back at her.