Hey everyone

D here with a quest. My bff is going through a rough patch right now. She’s an amazingly strong and very caring and loving person and supportive to boot. Right now some of her troubles just need a friendly ear or a little bit of donations to help with her chameleon and her own health. If you can drop her an ask with some kind words or let her know you’re willing to talk. If really can let her know if you can donate so she can tell you her paypal info. To explain said rough patch is thanks to a terrible economy and difficulties with medical bills and her mother. Her mom is a woman who breaks her back like her daughter but was sick a few times these last months so on top of that and her own needs like food and her chameleon who is a dear and would love some crickets she needs a little help. Please boost and do what you can for a lovely lady who does as much as she can as a mostly broke college student for everyone else.


〰I grabbed a knife, and I cut him and he cut me back, and we had this exchange, and then somehow covered in blood and my heart was racing and it was dangerous and it suddenly felt more honest than whatever this sex thing was supposed to be, this connection between two people was supposed to be.〰

                                         -Angelina jolie


〰If I didn’t have my films as an outlet for all the different sides of me, I would probably be locked up〰 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                -Angelina Jolie.

So today on English we had an interpretation of a poem that spoke of Satan basically throwing a tearful tantrum on Earth. I said that he was not evil and angry, but sad and hurt, because God had just cast him down from Heaven and that Lucifer’s only sin was loving God too much and thus being unable to serve anything but Him (meaning people) and that was when I realised I was talking Supernatural stuff. My teacher congratulated me on a human and emphatic approach and I had realised to which extent my life had been influenced by the series.