Victory of Rohan

Sequel to Riders of Rohan

Request by anon   (Hope you like it! And if you can give me some feedback I would appreciate it :) )

Kind of based on this:   Imagine taking care of Eomer’s wounds after the battle of Pelennor   (but there is a slight difference- it’s Helm’s Deep instead of Pelennor)

from imaginexhobbit 

Eomer X Edith (Part 1 has Reader, but nonnie requested a name for her)

Warnings: Violence

The battle of Helm’s Deep

“Rohirrim!”, Eomer bellowed, and all men who followed him appeared at his side on horseback. Gandalf the White stood before them all, as they looked down upon the orcs gathered before them on the battle ground of Helm’s Deep.

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Treebeard, the ancient Ent of Fanghorn, whose race was created by Yavanna herself to protect the trees and who roamed Middle Earth before the Elves woke was tricked by clever hobbits into making war upon Saruman. Even though a wizard should know better, Saruman knew Ents are dumb.
—  The Two Towers, or maybe Return of the King, i forget which