vani-rising  asked:

Your Warcat crosses are amazing! Which breed do you think would make good guards? Like if someone had a very expensive/rare/illegal thing they wanted protected which breed would they use? Or what about for patrolling/scouting territory? There are so many cool crosses possible! Also I'm not real lore heavy right now but would it be ok to use this idea?

aaaa thank you!! for a guard, probably a standard Warcat! since that’s what Longnecks breed them for and all that. either that, or a Bantam Fangar mix.

good patrol breeds would be Foo and Parda mixes, and good scouts would be Phytocat and Skycat mixes!

and yeah man go for it, i was just doodling around with sub- and mixed-breeds for Warcats, I’m definitely not slapping a sticker of ownership on them or anything lol