One Last Kiss

Hey, @mouserzwuzhere here is your gift from the @mlsecretsanta exchange! Sorry it took a little while to get it to you. It just kept going!

I went with some Marinette and Jagged Stone brotp and fake dating in one, so I hope you enjoy this! It was fun to write! :)

“You want me to what?”

“Please, you’re the only one Fang seems to actually like. We need an evening to rehearse without interruptions.” Penny sighed. “Look, I’m willing to pay you very well. It’s just one night.”

“I’d have to ask my parents. I dont know if we have enough room for a crocodile.” Marinette glanced over at her mother who was looking increasingly concerned by the conversation she was having.

“Oh, we’ve already rented a room in a hotel nearby. You could stay there with Fang. He really just needs someone to keep an eye on him. He gets lonely.”

Marinette smiled. “Well…”

“Please, Marinette.”

Marinette glanced up at her mother. “Mama, could I stay the night at a hotel with a pet crocodile?”

Sabine raised a brow. “What?”

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quailsinspace  asked:

The group I DM for my hombrew game love to loot anything and everything that isn't nailed down. However, this makes it hard to give bosses cool/powerful weapons without them taking it and breaking the game. I've tried counteracting this by having them fight mostly magic users and monsters that use claws or fangs. It feels cheap though to just tell them "you can't have this because reasons" or having the weapon miraculously break after the fight. Any ideas on how to avoid this problem?

You could look for weapons that you know they’re not proficient in! I’m gonna try to cover as many weapons as possible, if this doesn’t help please feel free to send me specific weapons you wanted to use. Today, a week from now, a month, etc. I hope this helps! <3

Giant weapon: Literally too big to use/hold. You can take it, but you move at speed 10. 

Smaller hand held weapon: It burns, its almost unbearable. 1d6 damage every time you pick it up. [e.g. if they put it in a sheath and take it out, 1d6 damage]

The item has a spell cast on it to return to its wielder, even in death. Its powerful enough to drag the player holding it back by 10 feet whenever they move away from it.

The weapon is sentient, and had a symbiotic relationship with the enemy. Your players have nothing to give, so it doesn’t want to work with them. 

Book or wooden weapon: The enemy makes his items bursts into flames when he knows its over.

 The items great power came from the enemy, once he’s gone the item returns to normal stats. [e.g. amputation knife cuts off limbs, limbs become under control of enemy and does 1d10 damage. but in your party’s possession, it just does 1d4 slashing]

Bow: The string snapped. its replaceable, but the string is what gave it its power. Unfortunate. Looks beautiful, though!

Whip: Spikes found along the whip were grown by the witch, who is since dead. With no spikes, it does less damage.

Ammunition: Looks like its already been used…twice? Its dangerous to reuse it. You can, but its not recommended. 

Fangs & Feelings (J-Hope x Reader)

So about the time I first started this blog, my friend requested this of me and I just now got around to it. It is my first real smut, so be gentle. It’s probably kind of awkward and rushed but I tried.

Genre: Vampire!AU; Oneshot; Smut; Mild Fluff

Word Count:4570

Hoseok was really always so sweet and ready to help but lately he’s been avoiding you. A little game of connect the dots gives you the answer you need to hear from him.

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I adore this 

but what if simon got to a point where he had it so bad for raphael that whenever he thought simon was flirting with him or raphael was paying too much attention to another vampire, he’d feel his fangs poke at his lips and would be unable to supress a hiss and bare of his fangs. raphael noticed one day and simon quickly would mutter “sorry, having trouble again” because it was normal with his control for his fangs to protrude, and he couldn’t control himself in this Case of Jealousy anyway, and always internally smacked himself for getting like this. but eventually, raphael caught on to the pattern, and sometimes he’d pay extra attention to another just to turn around and peek at the fangs and dark eyes, unable to supress the smirk that would curl his lips, because dang, it was hot.

I can’t believed i finally went this Low and shallow-no, DEEP OCEAN OF SIN


And all this started from all the many Pictures i’ve been seeing around everywhere about Sans, BUT WITH FANGS




Tho Like Little FRISKY HERE,

i bet alot of us feel the same way over this..





Just finished this one. DEFINITELY a keeper. Once again @hollyblack has blown my mind.

THESE are the vampires I grew up with. Mad, beautifully cruel, monstrous, and yet somehow deeply emotional and vulnerable. Perfection in fang form.

After what feels like decades of angsty, self-loathing vampires (but wait, I hear you say, what about Louis? He was self-loathing. Yes, but Louis was one of, if not THE, original self-immolating French fry so he gets a pass), and even years of super noble “good guy” vamps (I love you paranormal romances, but come on now), Black’ s vampires are a breath of much needed fresh air.

Violent, bloody, toothy fresh air.

((Can we talk about Garou’s precious delicate hands?

I mean

Look at them


And delicate

And the NAILS


Yes, you might say “But Hunter, that’s not important. Yusuke Murata might just do them randomly.”




Hands, my friends, can say a lot about a person and in this case a character. What they do and what they might be good at doing. In this case, Garou, a talented and witty (and morally questionable) character we could relate to Hiruma Youichi who posseses the same characteristics AND slender hands with long fingers. 

Other personality traits pictured by the artists are also shown in the hands. Let’s take the most obvious: The tank tops. Big, massive hands for big massive men.

But hey! I might be wrong, I might be overthinking! But that does not change the fact that Garou’s hands are on point and forever beautiful.))

Countdown to Halloween: Day 1(Vampire)

Thus begins the countdown to Halloween  once again. I am so happy everyone liked the one last year. I hope you will enjoy these continuations <3

Also, please listen to this (X) while reading this. It will set the mood (also, the youtuber is an amazing musician)

-Admin Kat

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  • Genos: From now on we'll be using code names. You may refer to me as Eagle One.
  • Genos: Bang, your code name is Been There Done That.
  • Genos: Licenseless Rider is Currently Doing That.
  • Genos: King is It Happened Once In A Dream.
  • Genos: Blizzard, code name - If I Had To Pick An Esper.
  • Genos: And teacher, your code name is...
  • Genos: Eagle Two.
  • Saitama: Oh thank god.