fang's up


What? No hugs and tears for an old friend? Not like i’d expect it though.
If you’d shouted “Fang!” and hugged me i mighta had a heart attack on the spot.
But i’m glad to see you’re still the same.It’s been a long time,after all…

Then and Now

hey here’s some @dilfosaur 2demons AU because I love that shit


“Can I ask you kind of a weird favor?”

Hanzo shrugs one shoulder, his gaze kept on the tiny bonfire between himself and McCree. “I suspect that you will ask me regardless of what I say,” he responds. Which is true–something he has learned about McCree in the past six weeks is that McCree is a very forthright person, when the situation allows for it.

McCree does not take offense, though, instead chuckling as he swigs deeply from a steel flask. He offers the flask to Hanzo, and Hanzo takes it gratefully. Alcohol has simply not been the same since his change 10 years ago, but McCree somehow always has a full supply of a whiskey so potent that even demons can enjoy drunkenness. On some nights, that becomes close to a necessity. 

He drinks, and McCree regards him for a moment. Then he asks, “Can you show me what you look like? What you really look like, as a human.”

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idc who you are, if you scare my baby again you’re gonna catch these fangs.

raphael’s body language in the deleted scene 


With All My Heart (M) // Jackson Wang, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Smut, Vampire!AU, a little fluff towards the end.

Summary: You and Jackson are both Vampires from rival families, but that wasn’t enough to stop the two of you from falling in love with each other. Having to resort to secretly meeting in cheap, remote motel rooms; Jackson doesn’t let that stop him from showing you exactly how much he needs you, in every way imaginable.

|| WARNING: This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains scenes of a sexual nature. Contains biting, squirting and general rough sex. You’ve been warned. ||

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