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Hi um.... How do the faeformers look? I've been wondering for a while but didn't know if it was ok to ask.

I tend to picture most of them as very alien/monstrous looking, with a few that happen to look more like humans (though any of them can appear human if they wish).  So here we have Optimus, Elita and Starscream who are all faeformer court rulers (hence the crowns).  And over on the right are Tarn, Knock Out, Breakdown, and Arcee.  I might tweak some of these designs later on, but you get the general idea.

Three's company. A light, vanille and fang lemon

*warning this is a lemon. If sexual descriptions of characters bother you please read no further*

(This story takes place after the events of the original XIII but in an alternate ending where cocoon was saved without fang and vanille sacrificing themselves)

On a beautiful day in the sunleth waterscape near a gorgeous lake, a pink haired soldier an a chirpy orange haired girl were pecking at each other.

“Mmmm! How’s that!? ”

Vanille happily asked as she pulled her lips away from light.

“Unn…..” Light muttered as she averted her eyes from vanille in a desperate attempt not to get any more sucked up in her cuteness. Vanille noticed this and decided to take advantage of lights bashfulness.

“Let’s kick it up a notch shall we?” Vanille said as she put her hands on lights shoulders pushing her down to the ground.

“Tch! Vanille!” Light quietly shouted as she tried to move vanille’s arms but in a playful struggle of power vanille caught lightnings hands and intertwined with them proceeding to push light to the ground with herself on top of her.

With the two of them fully on the ground there was nothing left for light to stare at except vanille and vice versa. Light blushed even harder and began to breathe a bit harder. Her eyes darted all over the place trying hard to find something else to stare at besides vanille’s but eventually gave up.

“Vanille….. slowly ok?”

Saying nothing vanille chuckled and shook her head . Vanille still holding lights hands lowered her head and began softly kissing her.

“Mm..” lightning moaned

Vanille grinned at the sound of light trying not to moan and let go of her hands to lay down completely on lights chest, wrapping her arms around her neck. Vanille proceeded to kiss a bit more intensely.

“MHhhh” the two of them moaned

Light slowly wrapped her arms around vanille’s waist and firmly held her close. For a split second light broke off from vanille’s kisses and started biting her bottom lip softly.

“Mhh?! Oww that hurt! ” Cried vanille.

Lighting looked up at vanille and winked at her while puffing up her lips. Vanille smiled and took it as a challenge to get light more aroused.

Writer’s note - ok guys I’m taking a break here. Please tell me if you enjoyed this lemon so far and if I should keep writing. I know it’s primarily been just light and vanille atm but I do plan to get fang in on the action soon and I can guarantee it’s going to be hot.