fang is a pony

Open rp: Fang's past

A small blue earth pony with a red and black mane and tail is walking around Canterlot, burn marks all on his torso and hooves. He looks scratched up and some ponies are looking at him in disgust and pure hatred. “'e-‘elp me…please…“ His voice sounds hoarse and scratched up. He lays down and cries.


Had another awesome request stream last night for my 900+ followers!

was lots of fun again, I have really been enjoying doing this. Doing requests brings a lot of new people in, only wish you guys would stay X3 There will be more request streams so be on the look out!

@ask-the-owl-ponies, @heartsymod

@ask-dazed-timid, @groundbit

@hyperburn3r, @amberlight101

@the-mad-badger, @tyrolva

If you are unable to join my streams do not fret!! I have a post here that you can reblog with a reference. Of course if you make it to streams you have a higher chance of getting art but reblogging works for those who can’t make it

This is a pic from a convo of my friend @stormyskies-sockpony had with @batponyecho about how @fang-the-bat would look in a maid outfit. Echo liked the idea so much that they wanted it commissioned.

So then I had stormy ask me if i could do it for echo, as they aren’t to confident at drawing yet.

Soooo.. here you go ^^; hope its what you were expecting ^^