fang is a pony

( @askpaintgalaxy )

“Y-young!” She said with a small demonly voice “im 15 you know that! Young… pffh…” she stod there quietly as she let out a sigh “okay im young but thats not it…. its behind my story” she smiled a little.


Now Shadow’s brows lift even higher as he chuckles to himself. Being twenty himself, fifteen is quite young to him, too young for a series of topics.

“And then what would your story be?” He asks it curiously, what would the story of a fifteen year old pony with fangs look like?

This is a pic from a convo of my friend @stormyskies-sockpony had with @batponyecho about how @fang-the-bat would look in a maid outfit. Echo liked the idea so much that they wanted it commissioned.

So then I had stormy ask me if i could do it for echo, as they aren’t to confident at drawing yet.

Soooo.. here you go ^^; hope its what you were expecting ^^