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Had another awesome request stream last night for my 900+ followers!

was lots of fun again, I have really been enjoying doing this. Doing requests brings a lot of new people in, only wish you guys would stay X3 There will be more request streams so be on the look out!

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If you are unable to join my streams do not fret!! I have a post here that you can reblog with a reference. Of course if you make it to streams you have a higher chance of getting art but reblogging works for those who can’t make it

Phoenix fire meets Demon fire

@queen-lotus-rps Liked for Blazing Knight (Pegasus) Starter.

Blazing Knight, a black Pegasus with blue eyes was wondering canterlots castle. She was looking for her aunt princess Celestia in hopes to spends some time with her. However when she was nearing her room, she spotted another pony there. She was another Pegasus but red.

Not knowing this pony, Blaze sharpened her teeth. Going from normal pony to demonic fangs. She leaped infront of the other mare. Baring her fangs, spreading her wings to make her look bigger. She started to growl, it started low but it got louder and louder. Her front hooves turned into demon claws. 


Sky: One stab shouldn’t hurt… oh wait, IT CAN! HAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! By the way, I play lots of other instruments, but I prefer this sexy saxophone! MODie: Oh boy this can’t be good. Welp, at least you know the shock therapy isn’t helping much. Ponies Featured/Questioned: Anons askbloodsugar, ask-itsshyheart, pinkamena46, diamondpony2015