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Together (Nathan Prescott x Reader)

Gif Credit to: © omgclaudiascum

Fandom- ℓιfє ιѕ ѕтяαиgє

Character(s)- Nathan Prescott

Words- 5,133

Prompt: Not gonna give it out but just; something I thought of.

Prompt Credit: my toilet.



Warnings- Language, Blindfolded, Having photos taken of you, Needles, Negative Comments directed at you, Gender-Neutral pronouns (They/Them/Their)


“Good morning, Nathan!” You greeted with a smile, walking over to the male who wrapped an arm around your shoulders. You two have been best friends ever since you moved to Arcadia Bay. At first, he was your bully more than your friend. He’s always call you names, pick on you for what you would wear, how you’d talk, and your weight. But eventually, you and him started talking after being near him during one of his breakdowns. He needed comfort, and you were the only one present at the time so you gave him what he needed. Nathan never did apologize to you for being so mean and a bully, but that didn’t matter to you. You were always the type to just accept and move on…and Nathan liked that about you.

“Morning, hot stuff.” He responded with a grin, causing your cheeks to heat up and you laughed slightly. Nathan just recently started calling you by pet names, sure it made your stomach twist up and you would shrug off the names…but lately, they were getting really in your head and you began to have a crush on the Prescott.

“You have Mr. Jefferson’s class today, right?” You asked while the two of you began walking to one of the benches outside the Academy.

“First class to be exact. What about you?” He asked, planting his rear onto the cold, metal bench.

“Free period. Not sure what I’ll do during it.” You say with a shrug, sitting down next to the male. You looked up at the sky, some clouds were covering the gorgeous blue that you loved seeing because it reminded you of Nathan’s eyes.. Some leafs on certain trees were gently dancing with the breeze flowing by before gracefully landing on the rough, green grass.

“How about you come into Jefferson’s class with me? He won’t care. Besides; my parents own this shithole, so if anyone talks back to me about it, I’ll have my dad call the place up and complain.” Nathan offer, well, more like informed you of what you would be doing for first period.

“Sounds tempting, Nate.” You cooed. “But what if I distract you?”

“I’ve already made up my mind. You’re coming with me, (Y/n).” He said with a small chuckle, earning a laugh from you and soon, the laughs died down into a comfortable silence. Nathan and you understood each other perfectly, maybe too perfectly. Either way, you liked this Prescott, a lot but did he like you..? That caused the small smile on your lips to slowly disappear and be replaced with a frown as your own bitter and self-targeting thoughts invited themselves in your head.

Maybe he’s just using you?

Stop daydreaming, (Y/n). He’s rich, you’re not.

Other girls want him, he would fuck you and then dump you.

Why would he stay?

“Hello? (Y/n)? You listening?” Nathan’s voice overruled the taunting voices in your head, bringing your attention back to the Prescott. His eyes showed concern for a split second before returning back to their lazy appearance.

“Huh? What did you say?” You asked, putting the smile back on your face and Nathan sighed.

“I told you that the bell rung. It’s time for class. Let’s go, lazy butt.” He said softly, standing up from the bench and gently taking your hand in his, pulling you up on your feet next to him so you two could walk together.

This felt nice, you being able to walk by his side, him not freaking out over the littlest things. It felt like you two were a couple as you both walked down the hall and how Nathan waited for you to get a note from your first period teacher to be in Mark Jefferson’s class for the eighty minutes. How he would wrap one arm around your shoulders as you walked with him to the classroom…it made your heart race and your stomach have butterflies swarm inside like a tornado.

“Nathan, I see you brought a friend.” A gruff, yet smooth, voice called out, bringing you back down to reality and making you look up at the hipster styled photographer, Nathan’s grip on your shoulder tightened slightly.

“Yeah, I did. There’s no problem with it.” Nathan said with a roll of his eyes, a small frown on his face and you could tell anger was getting to the best of him. Mark Jefferson walked over to you and you smiled gently to the adult.

“I’m (Y/n) (L/n).” You introduce to Mark who only smiled and shook your hand.

“Nathan’s mentioned you a couple of times, (Y/n). He was right.” Mark chuckled softly in a comforting way, this made you tilt your head.

“Right? Right about what?” You ask and Mark looks at Nathan, then back at you.

“Well, you see…Nathan has been going on about how he had the best model. Greater than all the other students who claimed they had the best models in the school. And now that I’ve put a face to the name. I have to agree with him.” Mark smiled warmly and it gave you chills, not the good kind.

“Ah, thank you, both.” You say softly whilst Nathan brought you over to the table he normally sits at and you sat in the chair next to him, taking out some homework that you needed to get done whilst Mr. Jefferson began teaching his class. Throughout the class period, you could feel eyes on you while your head was down, like a larger animal stalking its prey..

It’s been a few weeks ever since then and you’ve noticed something happen. Nathan has been avoiding you. Whenever you see him and call out to him, he turns the other way and just walks away. Now lately, it’s been making you a little bit upset…you didn’t do anything wrong did you? Or maybe he actually did get tired of having you follow him around like a sick puppy..

“Oh my god! Nathan, you’re so funny!” Speak of the devil. You heard laughter shortly after the outburst, making you follow the sound then low and behold, there the Prescott was himself, sitting with Victoria Chase, the same way he’d sit with you.. You weren’t going to lie, that stung a little bit.

See? I told you so..

Shut up.

He’s so SICK of you. Damn, how can you even stand yourself?

Go away. You try to tell the silent, taunting, voice.

Mr. Jefferson and Nathan lied about you being a model.

You’re f i l t h y.

Quickly, you shook your head and calmed your breathing that was becoming labored.

“Nathan?” You meekly called out, watching as his head turned towards your direction and locked eyes with yours. You stiffened slightly when a frown slowly appeared on his face, but his eyes held a different emotion.

Mumbling something to Victoria, Nathan got up and made his way to you while Victoria kept her eyes on you, watching as the scene played out.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, his voice more irritated than normal, which made your chest tighten in pain and you gulped. Was this really how he felt about you now..?

“I…I wanted to know why you’re ignoring me, Nathan.” You say softly, watching as his frown deepened, the same unknown emotion from before stayed in his eyes as he scoffed.

“So now you care, (Y/n)?” He asked, not sounding a bit like the normal Prescott you enjoyed so much..

Surprised, you reached out and grabbed his wrist. “I’ve always cared about you, Nathan!” You protest, but it came to a stop when Nathan slapped your hand away from his and you took a step back.

“Just…” Nathan closed his eyes tightly for a second before scrunching his face up in what seemed like agony, but you weren’t too sure.. He then looked up at the sky, taking in a shaky breath, he then looked at your face, your eyes locking with his once more. Something was off, something dark in his eyes.

“Just go away!” He yelled out, causing you to gasp and take another step back whilst the Prescott continued.

“You’re so fucking annoying! I was just trying to get close to you to get in your pants and you’ve made it so difficult!” He was screaming now, his voice was like poison, but you could see on his face that he was holding back tears.

“Nate, please-” You try to talk some sense into him, only seeing him growl at you and continue.

“And for the record, I never even said you looked perfect enough to be a model! Who would want you as their model?! I can’t even stand looking at you right now! Your body is disgusting! Look at you! You can’t even fit in those clothes!” He pointed his index finger at you as your eyes widened.

You were shocked at him, this wasn’t your Nathan.. He stared at your for a long time, before the gut twisting silence broke when Victoria began to laugh mockingly at you, your eyes went over to her figure sitting, now closer. Your cheeks heated up, but not as much as your eyes watering up. Speechless, you turned around and ran away from the scene. Not to your knowledge, a desperate and regretful hand had reached out for your running figure in any attempts to try and apologize. But you were too far for the reach.

You hurried into the Academy, sobbing uncontrollably which, of course, made your vision blurry as your tried to find the bathrooms, only to bump into something, more like somebody.

“Pardon me- Oh! (Y/n), I didn’t think you’d be here-” The voice stopped, it was smooth and you soon recognized it to be Mark Jefferson’s voice. You quickly try to compose yourself in front of the idolized photographer. “Are you alright?” He asked gently, one of his hands on your shoulder.

“M-Mr. Jefferson, I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” You begin, but cut off when you begin to sob, covering your eyes with your hands. Suddenly, two hands are on your shoulders now.

“Hey, c’mon, let’s head to my classroom, you can calm down in there and tell me what happened, alright?” He whispered soothingly into your ear and you nodded, sobbing into your hands more while he began to guide you.

Once he opened the door, he gently helped you walk to one of the chairs and sat you down, then went to his door and closed it, pulling down the shade so no one could peer in. You looked at him in confusion as you hyperventilated slightly from crying so much.

“So no gossip goes around about you if they see you in here.” He replied to your confused look as he sat on the table in front of you, rubbing your back gently. “So, you wanna tell me what happened?” He asked softly and you debated about it for a few minutes.

You begin to tell him how Nathan began avoiding you, then telling Mr. Jefferson how Nathan began calling you horrible things, calling out the faults in your body and how you felt so betrayed. He nodded and sighed deeply.

“He is a teenager, and teens do crazy stuff like this. Just like Kate Marsh, the girl who almost jumped off the roof.. Such a poor, young, innocent youth, being destroyed.” Mark sighed once again, but this time…more relaxed?

“Uh…Mr. Jefferson-” You begin but he raised his hand up.

“Please, call me Mark. In these personal situations, I’d rather be here for you in a way that makes you more comfortable.” He lifted his glasses up slightly, resting them on top of his head.

You shiver and shake your head, continuing on with your question. “Mr. Jefferson, were you lying about how Nathan said I was a good model he wanted..?” You ask, looking at the floor, wanting to cry, afraid of the answer.

It took a minute before Mr. Jefferson crouched down to be in your eyesight, resting a hand on your shoulder. “Nathan may of been lying about it, but I wasn’t lying when I said you’d make a good model. I’ve taken thousands of photos of women and you’d be the best one.” He said softly, a small and gentle smile on his face.

That comforted you in some ways, and you smiled slightly, making Mr. Jefferson chuckle.

“There you go. Now I have a question for you.” Mr. Jefferson stated with a laid back smile. “How come you didn’t sign up for one of my classes?” He asked, tilting his head, moving his glasses back down so he could see better.

“Oh, uh..” You suddenly became interested in your fingers as you began to fiddle around with them. “It’s nothing against you, Mr. Jefferson. I like taking pictures, not including selfies, but…photography just seemed like a label. Like, you’re labeled as a Photographer, doesn’t that make you stressed out?” You ask, shyly glancing up at him, watching him ponder slightly before chuckling.

“I see myself more of an Artist.” He chuckled to himself, but his laugh made you laugh as well. “But, I don’t worry about the stress. As long as I keep giving good quality photos, I’ll have no stress for at least a month.” He smiled down at you and you nodded.

The two of you talk more of photography and art before you suddenly realized it was getting later and the sun was setting.

“O-Oh! I should probably head back to my dorm.” You say, standing up quickly and Mr. Jefferson smiled, he seemed to do that a lot..

“I’ll talk with you soon, (Y/n).” He said while getting off of the table and walking to his desk.

Nodding, you push the chair in as you stand, then hurry out, hoping to just get back to your dorm.. Your conversation with Mr. Jefferson seemed to help a tiny bit, knowing that a real photographer actually thought you were worthy of being a model, it made you feel worthy of many things.

But you’re still not worthy in Nathan’s eyes.

It echoed this time and you ignored it. There was no way this voice was going to take you back down a bumpy road because a part of you didn’t believe what Mr. Jefferson said was true. You just needed to get back to your dorm and sleep it off.

And that’s just what you did.

That was; until you woke up to your phone playing its ringtone. Grumbling, you went to the small device, glancing at who was calling and you felt your breathing become labored slightly, anxiety began to form in the pit of your stomach. It was Nathan, surely it had to be a mistake…right?

Believing it to be a mistake, you let the phone ring longer, sitting down at your desk with it in your hand, waiting for it to be taken to voicemail.

Silence returned to your dimly lit room, until not even a minute later; your phone began ringing again, causing you to suck in a breath and answer it.

“..Hello?” You call out, sounding more scared than how you wanted it to be.

(Y/n)? Christ, you sound like a fucking scared puppy, look, I…I really need you to meet me outside in the parking lot. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you, and I just need…I just need to talk to you, so..please?” His voice sounded slightly panicked and pained along with it sounding a little bit hoarse, as if he had been crying. Did he feel that bad..?

Taking a minute to let his words process into your brain, you inhale slowly. “I… Alright, I’ll meet you in the parking lot, Prescott.”

Ouch, back to last name basics.

You waited for his response, but nothing came except a huff and he ended the call. Sure, calling him by his last name seemed unfair. You knew he hated being a Prescott, and yet loved it at the same time, and if he is getting mad at you for what you just said, he’ll be more than shocked of how YOU felt when he said all those nasty things.

Shoving your phone in your back pocket, you grabbing a black hoodie that was halfway zipped up to the middle of your stomach which you wore a white t-shirt underneath it. Hurrying, you put on some shoes and quietly jogged out from the dorms and towards the parking lot, trying not to get caught by the security guards that roamed around.

Reaching the few steps that led down to the parking lot, your feet halt and your breathing quickens slightly as you could feel your heart begin to pound quickly against your chest. This whole setting made you feel off, but none the less, you begin to go down the stairs and look around in the parking lot, seeing Nathan standing by his red 2007 Dodge Dakota.

“Prescott.” You greeted as you walked to the male, seeing how his eyes were pink and puffy. Maybe something bad happened..? Ouch, that made you feel even worse for sticking to last names.

“(Y/n)..” He began, looking at you and he reached out to place a hand on your shoulder, but you flinched away, he noticed and his hand recoiled back, as if you burned him with your action. “I..I am so sorry, (Y/n). I really didn’t fucking mean all those nasty comments I made towards you…I-I was just feeling stressed! And then you were there, and Victoria was trying to say some m-manipulative shit, a-and I believed her, but only for a minute, I-I swear!” He was pleading for your forgiveness.

You shift your weight to one foot, rubbing your left arm lightly. “I dunno… What you said really hurt me, Nathan. I had to go talk to Mr. Jefferson about it.” You inform him, going back to first name basis since he deserved that much, something flashes across his face at the mention of the photographer’s name, but it disappears.

“I know…I heard.” He said sadly, then his eyes locked onto yours, making you feel small.

A silence looms over you, the way he’s looking at you…it tugged at your heart and you just had to forgive him. You had to. Sighing to get his attention, you take a step closer to him, gently reaching out and grabbing his hands into your own.

“Nathan..I could tell something was bothering you, and you always know that I can help you with these problems, I can always suggest another way to go about the situation.” You whisper softly to him as the Prescott let out a shaky breath that he must of been holding in for the last few seconds.

His forehead went down and perfectly rested against yours as his eyes were shut. Surprisingly, your heart wasn’t increasing its beats, if anything, it remained calm, maybe even slowed down.

“I..I really care about you, I felt like a fucking monster that I crushed our relationship with what I said..” He whispered out, sounding close to crying and it broke your heart.

“Hey, it’s alright. I forgive you, buddy.” You whisper out with a small laugh, stopping when the male wrapped his arms around your waist and brought you closer to him, keeping a tight, protective, hold on your body. You almost started to cry yourself, never expecting for him to hold you like this..

Nathan pulled back slightly, to just look at you and you both were silent for a few minutes before he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours. Everything melted inside you and you kissed him back, this is what you wanted. You took note of how his lips trembled against yours.

Slowly, your eyes fluttered closed as he pulled you closer, his hands were trembling, but your hands gently rubbed his arms to show him it was okay..

Suddenly, you felt a slight pinch to the side of your neck, making you inhale sharply and pull away slightly, looking at him and about to ask what happened when you could feel your heart begin to slow down, everything started to change color as you gripped Nathan’s arms tightly, scared of what was happening, he returned your hold on him as he brought you close and you looked up at the moon, seeing how it was slowly changing colors and then everything went to black.

This is what you wanted, right?

Upon waking up, you were greeted with blackness. That didn’t seem definitely had your eyes couldn’t move your legs, your arms, hell, it was difficult to breathe even. You felt some sort of binding around both your wrists, keeping your hands together, along with the same feeling being around your ankles, keeping your legs together. It felt like..duct tape..? This wasn’t right..

“Oh, come on, Nate. You knew what you were bringing (Y/n) into when you began talking about them.” Was that Mr. Jefferson..? Your head ached, you parted your lips and made a faint sound of pain, making the voice slowly die down.

Suddenly, dark turned to light, making your squint on instinct. Your eyes scanned the area in a panic, and there you saw Nathan sitting on the couch, he had a bruise on his jaw, a split lip that was bleeding. How long were you down here? What happened to Nathan? Nathan didn’t look up and soon a camera blocked your view of him, making you frown slightly, grunting and trying to move away.

“(Y/n), I’m going to ask that you please don’t move.” Mark tried to speak calmly, but you could hear anger in his voice, and it scared you. Why was he even doing this? Opening your mouth to respond, nothing came from your lips except for a small squeak.

“(Y/n), please..” Nathan whispered out, making your eyes look over the camera and see the man who you believed, betrayed you. He planned this, didn’t he..? The kiss, the apology.. everything. Your chest felt heavy as you felt that breathing became more lighter, more easy.

“Don’t try to talk, the drug has a very heavy effect. It doesn’t last for long, so I’ll try and take as many good shots as I can, but I need you to work with me.” Mark growled out, grabbing you by your hair, shoving your head to a certain position, making you whimper very weakly. This was all wrong…all of it, he was such a nice guy when you were talking with him..what happened.

You remained silent as you could hear the camera click while Mark took more photos of you. You felt disgusting, you had goosebumps going down your back, you wanted to kick this creep so bad, but..your ankles were duct taped, you couldn’t even move..

As each minute went by, slowly, you could feel your limbs actually wanting to work with you, slowly, you began to move your fingers and you were pleased that you actually could. Unfortunately, Mark took notice of this.

“Starting to wake up some more, huh?” He whispered out, not amused in the slightest.

“Maybe (Y/n) needs a break, Mr. Jefferson-” Nathan began, but stopped, yelping in pain when a pencil was thrown at him, hitting his forehead rather roughly. Mark rolled his eyes and grabbed Nathan by the collar of his shirt.

Listen to me, I am the only one who knows what a subject needs. You wouldn’t know how to handle any subjects, just look at what you did to Rachel Amber. Wouldn’t want another incident like that, now would we? But…(Y/n) hasn’t made friends with Max yet, or that punk chick..” Mark’s voice trailed off in thought before he shook his head and dragged Nathan towards you.

“Now stay put.” He ordered while he shoved Nathan to the floor next to you. Your face scrunched up at the Prescott being in front of your face. You were sure to show the betrayal you felt in your eyes as his locked onto yours.

“I’m sorry..” Nathan whispered very quietly, slowly reaching above your head where your hands were and you could faintly feel the roughness of his skin on your hands. He was holding your hand.. You wanted that, you really did… but..

You felt nothing.

A few more pictures were taken until you began to move around, in attempts to try and escape, despite being very drowsy, and having no strength. Mark frowned at this and grabbed your wrists, making you yelp when he shoved you back down.

“Nathan, get the bottle with the Anesthesia in it, along with the needle. I think (Y/n) needs another dose.” Mark said with a small smirk, his gloved hands gently moving some hair from your face, making you whimper a little bit, scooting back.

“Mr. Jefferson, please-” Nathan began but froze when Mark turned his head, most likely giving Nathan a look, because when you looked at the teen, his face showed fear. With no words, Nathan got up and went to the closet, bringing back a small bottle with anesthesia in it, along with a long needle.

“Nathan, I think you should be the one to inject her. It’ll help you practice and help make up what you did to poor poor Rachel Amber.” Mark ordered more than suggested, the male said nothing and stuck the needle into the bottle, filling the needle with the drug, he then looked at you and you began shaking your head at him.

Nathan walked closer, causing you to try and scoot away, but Jefferson was holding you down.

“Nathan, please…don’t.” You plead, tears starting to fall and the male simply closed his eyes, then looked at Mark. You began to cry out, hiding your face into the floor, shaking your head, not able to believe this was even real.

You closed your eyes tightly, waiting for the pinch in your neck, but it never came. Instead, you heard Mark let out a hiss and let go of you quickly, causing you to look up and see that he had the needle in his neck and Nathan was standing up.

“I’m not going to harm them, Mr. Jefferson!” Nathan yelled out, his voice slightly hoarse from lack of water.

“You stupid, fucking, teenager!” Mark screamed out, becoming angry, but his eyes slowly closed and he fell backwards onto the floor with a thud. Your eyes were wide as you felt Nathan help you sit up, it gently removed the duct tape from your wrists and ankles, then his hand gently touched your cheek, making you look into his eyes with a small frown.

“I’ll explain once we get out of here..” He rested his forehead against yours before helping you stand up, guiding you out carefully. Nathan helped you into his truck and you frowned.

“Nathan..the pictures..” You remind him and he nods.

“I’ll be right back.” He said softly, hurrying back down to the bunker that was under all this hay in the ruined barn. You rubbed your arms, having a minute to yourself, you cried to yourself.

Maybe he does care.

But why did he drug you?

That question kept replaying, having a thirst for an answer. You soon composed yourself and watched as Nathan had a red binder with your name on it, he hurried back inside the truck, starting his engine and then speeding out of the area.

There was a tense silence looming over the two of you. You should be grateful, happy that you were away from that hell hole, but you still felt like you were in danger..

“Nathan..?” You softly whisper out, making the Prescott glance at you, so you continued. “W..Why did you drug me..?” You asked, feeling ready to cry again.

He was silent for a while before he answered, his own voice cracking. “Mr. Jefferson planned the whole thing out, from the start. He wanted me to avoid you, try to lower your opinion on me. Told me to call you all those names so you’d bump into him at the exact time when you were crying.” He stopped, taking a deep breath before continuing. “I refused to do it at first, but he threatened to kill me if I didn’t.. then he told me to call you late at night when no one else would be around the parking lot and drug you.” He finished, glancing at you, but only saw you staring out the window.

That all makes sense..


“I see..” You say softly, so he didn’t betray you. He was being used. Your heart began to beat rapidly as you looked at his reflection of the window, then turning your head to actually look at him. He was here, he was alive and he was breathing. As were you.

“I’m sorry, Nathan.” You apologize, your hand gently taking his large, rough ones and squeezing them when you two were at a red light. He gave you a faint smile.

“We’re going to burn this binder, and then..” He leaned back, reaching behind him and pulling out a bag, full of cash. “We’re leaving Arcadia Bay. Mr. Jefferson could find us, and if he does..” He didn’t continue, closing his eyes tightly.

You only nodded, grabbing the bag and putting it down near your feet as he began driving again.

“That sounds like a good idea.. And Nathan..?” You glanced at him.

“What?” He asked softly, keeping his eyes on the road.

“I love you.” You say shyly, but confidently, fiddling with your fingers slightly, stopping when a hand was over your knee, making you look at him.

“And I love you too. I promise to never put you in danger ever again.” He said protectively, giving your knee a small squeeze before returning to focus on driving.

As you passed the “Welcome To Arcadia Bay” sign, you let out a small smile and leaned to the left, resting your head on his shoulder as he drove. You two would be better off together than alone, and you both had the same feelings.

This was how it’s suppose to be.

Fun- Young Peter Hale

A/N: I’m so sorry about how long this has taken me! I’ve been super busy because i have exams coming up so revision is taking over my life aha but i hope you enjoy! Keep Requesting!

Requested by @casifer-fan :  Hey! Can you do a Young Peter x Reader imagine when he’s flirting with her because he knows that she’s not all that interested in him? *-*

“So what are you up to later?” Peter asked as he leant against the locker next to yours

“Avoiding you” You said turning to face him with a sarcastic smile “Like always”

“Come on” He said a hint of annoyance in his voice “It could be fun”

“Emphasis on could” You smirked before closing your locker shut and turning on your heels leaving Peter alone in the corridor

“Okay partner up!” The teacher shouted enthusiastically clapping her hands in attempt to hurry the process up

You looked up from your notepad to see Peter stood I front of you, his books clutched in his arms, a smile on his face

“No way” You murmured “Not going to happen” You told him assertively

“Peter take a seat next to Y/N please” The teacher instructed

You blew out the air in your cheeks and rolled your eyes whilst Peter took the chair next to you with a smirk

“This is going to be fun” He smirked keeping his eyes locked on the teacher at the front of the room

“Hardly” You rolled your eyes “You know if you’re just working with me to try and get into my pants it’s not going to happen”

“I’m offended you’d even think that” He said clasping his hand over his heart in a joking manner

“I mean it” You deadpanned “I’m not interested” You said turning to look at him

“You will be” He said locking eyes with yours, that infamous smirk crawling onto his face

“Keep dreaming” You smirked back when the bell rang out throughout the classroom. You swiped up your notebook and grabbed your back before striding out of the classroom.

The day crawled by and so when the final bell rang you felt the wave of relief wash over you as you raced to the exit. You began your walk home when you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, you pulled it out and saw the text message

Unknown Number: So when are we meeting up to do our project?

You could practically sense his stupid smirk.

We’re not

You replied, followed by a second message that read:

How did you get my number anyway?

Moments later you received a reply saying

Unknown Number: I have my ways

You rolled your eyes and tapped into the phone

Quit stalking me Peter

And with that you crammed your phone into your bag and proceeded to ignore any following messages from him. Until you were home at least.

The following day you arrived at school and noticed Peter was already waiting for you by your locker. You rolled your eyes and something told you that you’d be doing that a lot today.

“I thought I told you to quit stalking me” You said standing in front Peter who was stood in front of your locker

“It’s not stalking” He said raising a knowing finger

“Whatever” You rolled your eyes again “You’re kinda in my way, think you could move?”

“Make me” He smirked

You took hold of the collar of his jacket and shifted him round just enough so that you could get to the lock. You entered your combination and swung the door open, blocking out Peter.

“That wasn’t what I had in mind” Peter said from the other side of the door

“What a shame” You said sarcastically, closing your locker shut again “I’ve got a class to get to” You said and began to walk off in the opposite direction

“I’ll walk you” Peter said as he sped up next to you

“I’ll manage” You said shooting him a sarcastic smile but Peter ignored you

“We should probably arrange to do some of this work at some point” He suggested

“We probably should” You replied bluntly “My place, 4’o clock” You told him before beginning to turn off into your classroom

“I told you this would be fun” He called out after you.

11. What is your current OTP?

Angbang. Angbang all the way. Melkor and Mairon are just so cute together and this ship has taken over my life. It’s gotten to the point where the only thing I ever think about is Angbang, and whenever I’m bored I’ll literally just imagine them. My math notebook has more fanart about them than actual math, and I literally have a notebook that says “Angbang is my OTP” on the cover that’s filled about halfway through with fanfiction.

13. Any NoTPs?

Not really. I’m usually pretty OK with most ships, and there are some that I think are really cute that I used to be disgusted by. But I think the only thing I will absolutely never ship is Whirlnami from Wings of Fire because Whirlpool is just too creepy and disgusting and I know that there are a bunch of serious Whirlpool supporters in the fandom but I really can’t see myself liking him, much less shipping him with Tsunami.

17. Who was your first OTP and are they still your favourite?

I’ve had a lot of ships that I considered my favourite but the first ship that I just really absolutely adored was Clearsight and Darkstalker from Wings of Fire. I never got around to writing fanfiction about them, but I did do a little fanart and I still love them together, even though I’ve pretty much let go of the Wings of Fire fandom by now.

Neighbors (9/?)

Summary: Kat is an Avenger and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and when S.H.I.E.L.D. finds the Winter Soldier in a domesticated life she is sent in to watch over him undercover as his new neighbor.

A/N: Part nine of Neighbors. I am so sorry for the wait. Incases you didn’t see my last post, my parents have taken the family on vacation to a ranch leaving me very limited internet access for the remainder of this week and all of next week. I will try to schedule the next part to be posted in the next day or two just incase I don’t come into town anytime soon. 

P.s. I’m not saying for what part this is for, but I just wrote a scene that made me have to take a moment for myself. My writing rarely makes me cry or feel sad, but this one… I don’t know… it got to me. 

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Part 8

I woke up thinking this is something I could easily get use to.

I was in my bed lying on my side with James’ chest pressed behind me, and his strong warm arm wrapped around my waist.

Last night after James said he would stay he helped me into the shower and helped me put on my pajamas. I spent most of the night trying to convince him I was fine, and that the wound didn’t bother me. I’ve had had worse in my line of work, but I was always seen by a professional when I was injured.

He believed me enough to spend the night with me and not fear hurting me. While I slept in my cozy pjs he slept in only his boxers.

Moments like this one, and like last night were the reason I felt guilty for lying to him. He treated me right in every way possible, and he didn’t even know the real me.

Would it be possible to talk to Fury about my situation?

Would he understand?

James’ arm pulled me in tighter to him taking me out of my thoughts.

Would James understand what I was? What I did?

My phone rang and I reached out to grab it from the nightstand. I checked the caller ID and shot up to sit.

“What’s wrong,” James asked after he woke up because of my movements.

“Nothing,” I told him looking down at him with a smile. “It’s some co-workers from the school. Go back to sleep I’ll be in the living room.”

Before he could say anything else I left the bedroom and walked to the living room. I held the phone in my hand watching it ring. I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to answer, but I know that I had too.

“Hello,” I said answering the phone.

“Kat, I’m sorry,” Nat’s voice came in through the other line. “I shouldn’t have told Clint about what you told me.”

“Did you tell anyone else?”

“No,” she sighed.

“Nat I need you to understand that I can handle myself,” I told her. “I know what my job is, and what is needed to be done. I don’t need you checking up on me.”

“So you decided what you are doing?”

“I’m doing what I know is right,” I tell her. “I have to go.”

The call ends and I turn around to walk back to the bedroom, but stop when I see James leaning against the doorframe looking at me.

“Is everything okay,” he asks.

“Everything is fine,” I smile walking over to him.

And everything was fine for a few weeks.

Steve hadn’t called with any information about Bucky. Fury believed me when I told him I still needed more time to gather more information on James.

My relationship with James was more than what I could have ever dreamed for myself. He was perfect in every way.  It was hard to believe that the man I was beginning to fall in love with was the same man who barely said two words to me the first time we met.

“What do you want to do tonight,” James asked me. He sat on my couch with my head resting on his lap and he ran his fingers through my hair.

“I think you know,” laugh lightly looking up at him with a suggested smile.

“Yes I do,” he smiled, “but apart from that.”

“How about a movie night,” I suggest. “We can get takeout and see what’s on Netflix.”

“Sounds like a plan,” he said leaning down to quickly kiss me before moving me off of him. “I’ll go get the food and be right back.”

James left and I logged into Netflix to see what there was for us to see.

I had just narrowed down the choices to two when the front door opened.

“Just in time,” I say not looking up from the screen. “Do you want to watch Toy Story or Finding Nemo?”

“Anything is fine,” he said placing the food in front of us. “I haven’t seen either.”

“You’re joking right,” I say looking up at him. “They are Disney classics.”

“I don’t think I have ever even seen a Disney movie,” he laughs rubbing the back of his neck.

“Then you, my friend, have not lived,” I laugh.

“So we are friends,” he says taking a seat next to me.

“Well I hope that we are at a minimum at least that,” I tell him. “Considering what we do in the night, I would say we are well past being strangers.”

“I think we are well past being just friends too,” he says grabbing my legs and pulling me closer to him. “Considering what we do in the night.”

“Friends with benefits,” I tilt my head smirking.

“No,” he runs his nose along my jaw. “I was thinking something a bit more intimate.”

“I’m all ears,” I say my voice getting low.

His hand digs in his pocket and he pulls out a single key, the key to his apartment. He holds it up between us, the key shining the same color of his metal arm. He no longer hid it when he was around me. Occasionally he would go out and not take off the glove until a while after, when I mentioned something.

“Kat, would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend,” he says with the biggest smile I had ever seen.  

I took the key and held it between two fingers looking over it, pretending to consider his offer. I look up at him with a smirk that turns into a huge smile before leaning forward and pressing my lips to his.

“Yes,” I finally answer him pulling away to look him in the eye.

I stand up leaving him on the couch alone and move to where I had the spare key. I grab it before walking back to James. Sitting down on the couch I reach over, grab his hand, and place the key in his palm before curling his fingers around it.

“There,” I say looking up at him. “It’s official.”

He laughs and pulls me onto his lap before kissing me.

“Wait,” I say pulling back. “We still need to get you caught up on Disney movies.”

“Fine,” he says letting me get off of his lap. “There can’t be too many of them can there?”

I laugh taking the remote from the table in front of me. “Oh James if only you knew how wrong you are.”

A few Disney movies later and I was exhausted. I was a little embarrassed that I knew every word to every song of every movie we watched. But James didn’t judge. He watched me, and laughed when I would stand up to dance, and I would grab his hand to pull him up with me to dance along.

“I think that’s enough for tonight,” he said as the end credits of Mulan rolled on the screen and he turned off the TV.

I was curled up next to him with my head resting on his chest as he wrapped one arm around me. My eyes where getting droopy as I tried to stay awake.

James held onto me tightly as he stood up and placed one arm under my legs. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he began walking to the bedroom.

He set me down on the bed and covered me with the covers.

“James,” I called out to him as he began walking away. He turned around to see me stretching my hand out to him.

He chuckled before turning off the light and getting into bed under the covers with me. I turned to face him. He lifts one arm and I get under it before placing my head on his chest and he wraps his arm around me.

“Goodnight,” I tell him yawning.

“Goodnight,” he says kissing the top of my head.

Part 10

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Everyone after watching the first episode of shadowhunters:</b> I hate this show! I'm done<p/><b>Me:</b> omg same I'm so never watching this shit ever again!!<p/><b>Everyone including me now:</b> season one is over?? We have to wait n ine months for another episode? I will die in that time. I will lay down and die and I will not resurrect until the day season 2 premiers and until then I will be stuck in hell analyzing every last second of the first season, creating headcanons, searching relentlessly for fanfiction, reblogging every variation of every moment the show has displayed, and I will come out of this like a soldier limping out of battle. Eyes glazed over. Starved for content. This show has taken over my life<p/></p><p/></p>
Black Swan

I haven’t written fanfiction in almost four years, but this couple has completely taken over my life in the past couple months. And this fic kind of happened without me really having any say over it – I’ve been devouring every story I can find about Captain Swan, and somehow I ended up writing this unbelievably long AU about Emma being a ballerina and Killian being her choreographer…honestly, I have no idea, but now here it is for your enjoyment!

Thanks to emlovesyouu from ff for beta-ing :)

Find it on ao3 or ff!

“You must be the new prima.”

Emma snaps her head around, interrupted in the tedious task of lacing up the pale pink ribbons on her well-worn ballet slippers. A pair of bright blue eyes greets her (blue like the ocean, bluer than she’s ever seen), and she stifles her gasp of surprise.

“I – I am,” she replies, inwardly cursing herself for her stuttering. She’s normally more composed than this, not normally so flustered when she meets strangers. But this isn’t just any stranger approaching her. This is –

“Killian Jones.” He extends his hand for her to shake, and she takes it after a moment’s hesitation, briefly transfixed by the smooth lilt of his voice, the steady pulse of his eyes locked with hers. His fingers are rough, callused, strong – dancer’s hands, meant to lift a ballerina high in the air. But then, she knows he hasn’t lifted a ballerina in years.

Come on Emma, pull yourself together, she scolds herself. No need to be dissecting his life story in her head right now.

“I know.”

She curses herself again. She’d meant to introduce herself, but instead she’s only succeeded in revealing her stalkerish tendencies. What a great start to her career at the Joffrey Ballet.

Killian raises a perfectly arched eyebrow, and she feels a shiver of…something.

“You’ve heard of me, love?” There’s a teasing edge to his voice, and it stops her from bristling – normally, she hates pet names.

She shrugs, trying to take control of the situation (she can tell she’s so clearly out of her depth with this guy, and she has to get back in it). “Who hasn’t in the ballet world? You’re probably the world’s best choreographer right now, not to mention that you were the best male ballet dancer this company – and probably the country – has ever seen. At least, you were before your accident.”

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Chapter Eighty Six Part One

A/N: I’m sorry for the wait! Packing to move has taken over my life :) 

Two things:

1) I’ll cover more of the Lesotho stuff in part two of this chapter. Everything I wanted to cover would have made one chapter all together super long.

2) Please don’t be afraid to let me know what you think! I love hearing from you guys!




He looked up, a smile pulling at his lips as he found his wife standing in the doorway of his office. She was dressed for bed, clad in an old, worn t-shirt of his, yoga pants, and a pair of warm wool socks on her feet. He leaned back in his chair and stretched his arms above his head, already mentally mentally abandoning anything else that needed responses for the night in favor of his wife and her adorable pajamas.

“Is Emma asleep?”

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I am Swen

Hey, my name is Ella! I’m 16 and I’m from Germany. My favourite thing to do is drawing, even though I’m not that good (yet?). I also like reading, but I don’t get to read books very often because fanfictions have taken over my life. But my all-time favourite book is „Please Ignore Vera Dietz“ by A. S. King. I adore every form of art including paintings, sculptures, embroidery, poetry and photography. My favourite TV shows are Once Upon a Time, Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural, Gossip Girl and skins. Music is a big part of my life, I love bands like Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At The Disco, Bring Me The Horizon aaaand so on. In the picture above you can see half of me, my lovely fluffy cat and two of my drawings. :)

I love Swan Queen

Okay, so… *rubs hands*Let’s begin! I think I started shipping Swan Queen somewhere in 3A. Just in time to have my heart crashed in the 3A finale, huh? Tumblr made me ship it, because I kept seeing these gif sets and wonderful edits. I think the main reason why I started shipping these two dorks was that there are just so many parallels between them. They do understand each other like no one does. I love how fate connected them before they even knew. I love the fact that they’ve come this far: from fighting over Henry to friends. You can see their relationship changing from „I’m/We’re doing this for Henry.“ to „I do this because I genuinely care about you and I want you to be happy and I love you.“ My favourite SQ episode this Season was definitely „Heroes And Villains“, 4x12. I loved Emma bringing Regina lunch, the two of them talking about their problems and the scene in Emma’s bug when Regina is about to sacrifice herself for Emma and Emma screams „Regina“ with that broken voice. The scene at the town line was even better. The look on Regina’s face when she turned around to see Emma safe, that were literally HEART EYES. I also really liked the finale, because it showed us that they were even more alike: Bandit!Regina behaved exactly like Pilot!Emma. She even said „Kid“. :3 I couldn’t stop smiling like an idiot. But to be fair, I’m never able to stop smiling about these two. I think Season 4 was a really big Season for Swan Queen and I soo hope that Season 5 will bring them even closer. And by closer I do mean I hope for a TLK at the end of the season because it’ll mirror the SwanBeliever and RegalBeliever TLK. I’d even take a True Love’s Hug or a True Love’s Shoulder Pat. Just anything to prove us that they do have True Love. We’ll see, I guess. ;)

I love Swen

I belong to the rather quiet people in the fandom, so I don’t know that many of you guys. But I know that you’re all freaking talented! SQ has by far the best edits, the best videos and the best fanart! :3 I’m proud to be a part of something this great. And every time I ask for help, there are always at least 3 people who reach out to me, which is so crazy because I’ve never had that in a fandom before. So, keep doing what you’re doing, you’re awesome! And keep up with this positivity, I love it :)
Also, I recommend you all to listen to “The Memory” by Mayday Parade because it reminds me of SQ so much! It’s the perfect song for 3x11 and 4x22. If anyone is making/knows about a video with this song, please let me know! 

Now that I’m finished, I’d like to thank these lovely people who helped me understand this project, thank you so much!
liliesflowers, swarklesinstorybrooke, justswanqueen, @ethan-8, @essvari