Rule 47

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Part Twenty-Two [final]

“2:30 means 2:30. Not 2:33.”

Grace doesn’t even wait until she’s opened the door. She’s so nervous she’s practically shouting through the door from the next room. She might be excited. She’s not really sure. All Grace knows is that she’s definitely running on adrenaline. And coffee. So much coffee.

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Fanfiction Fridays

This part’s a little bit shorter, but if yous want I might be willing to upload a little bit more on Monday :) Enjoy

Brandon lay in bed watching Kelly as she finally slept peacefully. He smoothed her blonde hair out on the pillow, tracing circles on her palm to relax her. She had been so worked up about Joplin, it had been hard to even get her to bed, let alone sleep. 

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Stuck (Klaine oneshot)

Based on this prompt from an au list I found:


“Choices…choices.” Blaine hummed to himself as he looked over the vending machine, trying to decide which snack was worthy of his money. After a few moments of deliberation he decided on the bright yellow bag of potato chips. He jammed the various coins into the machine and made the selection. He watched as the coils turned in agonizing slowness until they suddenly stopped, the corner of the bag still clutching at the coil.

“No no no!” he whispered in anger. He gripped the sides of the machine and shook it as hard as he could. The chips continued to defiantly hold onto the coil. “Oh come on! I’ve been studying all night I don’t deserve this!” He attempted to free the chips again but was met with another failure. They simply wouldn’t budge. He dug his hand in his pocket and found them empty. He couldn’t even try to buy something else. He kicked the machine in frustration but immediately regretted it as his foot was consumed with pain. He clutched his foot and whispered several obscenities as the chip bag swayed in its glass prison. Blaine narrowed his eyes at the dangling bag. It was like it was mocking him by how it clung to the coil by one corner, and the way the bag was swaying made the foil sound like metallic laughter.

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Spain, May 1521 (Chapter 1, Part 1)

The funny thing about adventure is that once you get a taste of it, you always want more. Bigger and better than the last. Well, that was the case for me, anyway. Tulio, I’m sure, had had enough adventure for one lifetime. Of course, whenever fortune was concerned, I knew there was some leeway to persuade him.

“Have you heard the stories about Ponce de Léon?” I plucked at the strings on my mandolin and looked nonchalantly at my partner in crime, but he was wise to my game.

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New Heights {Bucky X Reader}

Originally posted by our-maybe-someday

Fandom: Marvel,Captain America

Characters: Bucky Barnes

Word Count: 200


“Bucky,I hate heights…” You say as you cling to The Winter Solider,him chuckling at your sheepish nature.

“C’mon it will be fun!” Bucky says,trying to sound extra enthusiastic to make up for the many months he was just like a robot.

“Fine…” You give in,not wanting to ruin his mood.

You wait in the line,with an overwhelming sense of dread brewing inside of you. You begin to slowly panic over the height the Ferris Wheel reaches.

The theme park worker opens the Ferris cart and beckons you and Bucky into the carriage.

“Enjoy the ride!” She says with a smile as she shuts the door,encasing you and Bucky in the glass ride.

“Yay…” You whisper under your breath.

“Come on,enjoy the view!” Bucky pulls you over to the glass walls,granting you with a horrific yet beautiful view of the scenery.

Moments pass as you stay frozen in fear,the carriage rises higher and higher.

“Bucky, I’m scared.” You fall into his shoulders.

“Y/N…” He takes you by the chin and plants a kiss on your lips.His are very soft and warm,so very reassuring.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Snapchat (klaine oneshot)

“God I hate the subway,” Kurt said as he and Rachel were pushed and shoved into the crowded car. Kurt managed to find a seat on the edge of the bench and Rachel opted to stand against the adjacent pole.

“But Kurt the subway is such an integral part of the city! It’s so full of life!” Just as she finished speaking the sounds of someone being sick could be heard a few seats down from Kurt.

“That enough life for you?” Kurt asked with a raised eyebrow.

“This will just make a good origin story for us when we’re famous,” Rachel said trying to keep the revulsion from her face. “When we’re rich and famous everyone will know of our humble beginnings.”

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At Sea, May 1521 (Chapter 2, Part 1)

I should never have agreed to it. I should’ve known better. I’d had no doubt I’d be able to come up with something, anything better than Miguel’s stupid plan that I hadn’t even considered it a legitimate idea. But two days of pacing and banging my head against the wall and groaning in frustration achieved nothing, so there I stood, satchel slung over my shoulder, staring at the vessel that would be my prison for the next month or so.

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Super Daddies (Reader x Stony)

(Gif credit to owner)

Fandom: Marvel

Characters: Steve Rogers and Tony Stark

Pairing: Steve x Tony

Word Count: 549

Drabble Friday: where the reader is Steve and Tony’ s kid, about 5 years old, and and gad a night terror so they wonder the tower and get locked in the lab only to be saved later by two panicy daddies in uniforms thinking they were taken? 

For geekyelvenchick, sorry it’s late <3

You shot up. Your room was in darkness, you gripped you Captain America teddy close to you, shuffling over to the side of your bed, you grabbed your Iron Man nightlight. You shone it around your room, but the soft light wasn’t comforting enough, you needed your daddies.

Your small feet reached down and touched the carpet, you pulled your Avenger blanket off the bed and wrapped it around yourself. Still carrying your teddy and nightlight you started to wander the hallways by yourself.

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Fanfiction Fridays

Here’s a long overdue update, and I’ve jumped forward in time a bit but yeah, just roll with it.

Kelly sat in the living room with her dogs curled up at her feet, playing a game on her phone. Brandon was away on business for the week, and the kids were with their mum, so she had the house to herself. She liked that sometimes; when she could just relax and write or sing or do whatever she wanted. Though, she had a few days off for herself, and after the first two she really felt like she needed to socialise.

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Surprisingly Thoughtful

Author’s Note: This week’s fanfiction is sort of a stand-alone? I couldn’t decide whether it was part of the current “story arc” or just its own story that happens during that timeframe. I originally wrote it to cheer myself up when I was having a rough day, so hopefully it’ll cheer you up if you read it! The title… is a placeholder until I can come up with something better.

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Bad Influence... {Spiderman X Reader}

Originally posted by legen-waiitforit-daryy

Fandom: Marvel,Avengers,Spiderman

Characters: Peter Parker,Steve Rogers,Tony Stark

Word Count:

Could u write one where ur like this emo chick Peter (spiderman son of tony and Steve) meets (somehow, idek, u choose) and when he brings u home tony and Steve disapprove until a little while later ur helping Peter through (an anxiety attack or some issue like that) and then they approve and blah blah blah, plz could u write this? Thank u and I LOVe ur blog!

You stare down at your black high tops,awkwardly swinging one foot behind the other.It would be rude to listen in to the conversation that is happening,but you can’t resist the temptation.

Across the room is your new boyfriend Peter and his dads,Steve and Tony,having a serious conversation.Tension was rife in the air,ever since the moment that you stepped in the house.

“You will not be dating a girl like that!” Tony demands to Peter,his face becoming red with fury.

“A girl like what?” Peter spits back at one of his father’s.

“Well,she seems like a bad influence on you.You need positivity in your life,especially after all that you’ve been through.” Steve is the kinder parent,being extremely overprotective of his son.

“You two are being the negative influence on my life!” Peter seems really upset at his parents disapproval.He storms off away from them and heads towards you.

“Peter…” Tony calls back to him,but Peter ignores them as he takes your hand and pulls you out of the house.Tears stream down his face.

You are soon far down in the garden as you slow down into a stop.Peter falls to the ground in a blubbering mess.

“Peter…” You wrap your arms around him,coating him in a black hoodie blanket.

“I hate them so much…” He sputters out between tears.

“No you don’t” You reassure him.

You sit a while as Peter cries,you stroke his head as he weeps into your shoulder,softly cooing the boy.

Steve and Tony watch the two of you from the window.

“We were so wrong…” Tony sinks into Steve’s shoulder.

“Time to apologize.” Steve orders. 

Fanfiction Fridays

Its become almost a tradition that my updates are late, so here’s another late update of my Krandon fanfiction. Its a bit random but i hope you like it.

Kelly sat in her living room, flicking through a book but not really taking in the words. She had her favourite pair of uggs on, and her feet tucked around her on the couch. Her hazel eyes wandered over the pages of the book, distracting her enough to not hear Brandon enter the room.

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London, England 1522 (Chapter 1.2)

(Author’s note: The second half of this chapter is a little awkward because I was trying to figure out the best way to represent the language barrier. Often in writing, when a foreign word is used, it’s italicized. I decided to adopt that idea, but since this chapter is from Tulio’s perspective and he’s Spanish, even though the story is written in English I decided to use italics when characters are speaking English and he doesn’t understand. Hope that makes sense. Thanks! Stuff that is normally italicized for emphasis will be italicized AND bolded.)

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JUST BANTER {Tony Stark X Reader}

Originally posted by iwantcupcakes

Fandom:Marvel,Avengers,Iron Man

Characters:Tony Stark

Word Count: 204

Warnings:Cursing,Sexual Language

boyfriend tony stark takes the reader to the beach and doesn’t like people cat calling the reader?

Tony had invited you to the beach for a nice day out,a time to relax and for the two of you to enjoy the day-off together.He said you’ll be at the beach all day so you decided to leave the house in your bathing suit (a nice black two piece suit),sandles and one of those cute wrap around sun dress.It was a lot more revealing than you were used to,but then again it was a swimsuit.

“Wow,someone looks good” Tony grinned at you,taking in the sight you have presented.

“Why thank you” You wink at him as you latch onto his arm.There was still quite a walk to the beach,so there was no time to waste.

Walking down the street in such a revealing outfit shouldn’t be that be a deal considering the weather,but for some reason it has gained a lot of attention.

“Nice ass!” A guy in his car shouted at you,slowing down his journey past you.

“Hey buddy piss off! Tony shoos the pervert away.

“It’s only banter man!” The guy in the car shouted back before driving off.

“Yeah fucking sure,asshole” Tony mumbled to himself.

“Baby,it’s OK.Let’s just go enjoy our time at the beach” You reassure the pouting lout.