Friday Fic with @otherwolves’ Roiben and @eristhenat‘s Tae! An average day of trying to out-play each other. Painting a collab between the two \o/   

The waitress was taking too long. Roiben resisted the urge to tap his fingers irritably against the marble counter as his eyes roamed the café. Wine glasses sparkled atop white tables in the streaming sunlight, soft murmuring hummed alongside the tinkling of cutlery against china, but coffee was thick in the air and he couldn’t help taking a deep breath in.

A soft breeze ruffled delicate leaves and blossom, scored across the ceiling in a criss-cross of thin branches. A few hung down low enough to smack him on the forehead and he had to stop himself from ripping down the third one and stamping it underfoot. Tae’s snort from the back of the café was quiet enough that he could pretend he didn’t hear it.  

He smiled to himself. He wouldn’t be laughing for long. It was Tae’s drink that was holding him up, after all.

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Outlander Fanfiction Fridays #11

Aaaaand we’re back! 

Happy friday my friends!! TGIF and all that!

Today we are back with another awesome life-ruiner, the great mod Eloise, aka @dingbatland from @imagineclaireandjamie

She brings love and angst, happiness and fluff, sadness and deep happiness. And that is all so good and part of the universe we all love! 

I mean… She made Uncle Lamb and Ned Gowan bffs! That is just the best! As always it’s really hard to just choose four examples, so you def need to ravage through her AO3 page and read read read! 

And here are our recs:

@creag-an-fhitich‘s recs:

@iwanttodriveyouthroughthenight‘s recs:

Where You Lead: I always wanted a real home with flowers on the windowsill (6/15)

A small town in Maine that’s chock-full of Characters, and everyone’s looking for happiness and love, one way or another.

OUAT Gilmore Girls AU, First Installment

A product of the brilliant minds of @asthewheelwills and @wholockgal

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5; ao3

Once again, we’ll see if tagging @lenfaz​, and @lenfazreads​ works ‘cause it didn’t last week…

Emma looked herself over in the mirror going over the checklist.

High tops painted in pink and red tartan. Black tights. Knee-length black skirt. White button-up. Black sweater-vest. Blue-and-black scarf. Robe lined in blue that had been a high school graduation gown she’d found at the thrift store and spent the past few weeks fixing up.

Emma picked up the pair of her old glasses that she had painted up in glitter and sequins and slid them over her eyes as her phone gave its ping to indicate a text message.

She did one more spin in front of the mirror, decided she didn’t look too much like a fetish cosplayer, picked up her wand (a plastic thing from the discount store) and her phone and left her room.

Henry was finishing his own costume when she went to his door. Gryffindor robe and scarf and round plastic glasses, these without the lenses.

He turned and grinned to see her. “Perfect Luna, Mom.”

“Thanks, Harry, you look pretty sharp yourself. Come here and we’ll get a scar on you.”

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Nothing Halfway

A/N: The first drabble games request for @wrongsideofreality, with Thorin and 21: Over your shoulder, 27: A taunt, with one eyebrow raised and a grin bubbling at your lips. I hope you enjoy it!

Summary: You play a good-natured prank on King Thorin.

Word Count: 952

Warnings: None

Thorin, as king of Erebor, was always busy. It made your time with him all the more precious, but it also allowed you more time to yourself than was probably good for you. Or anyone else in Erebor, really.

Not that you were especially difficult. You were more… mischievous.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Lauren! You had such a wonderful idea with the OutlanderMemories hashtag last night, and I wanted to thank you. It was so refreshing seeing so many people coming together to show their love for the show and for Sam&Cait, and it got me thinking. Do you think we could make it a weekly tradition? Since the official account is basically dead, could we -as fans- take the lead? I believe you, Jess and flockof came up with some great ideas about how to entertain the fandom during the hiatus. (1)

(2) Do you think we could do it by ourselves? I don’t know how to organize things, but we could dedicate each day to a different topic. We could have a fan-arts/fan-videos day on Mondays, a favourite quotes/moments day on Tuesdays, a charity day on Wednesdays, the OutlanderMemories on Thursdays (kind of like our own #tbt), a fanfiction day on Fridays, the #loveforCait for Caiturdays and the #loveforSam for Samdays, random hashtags to trend on twitter…

(3) Or something completely different from what I said, it really doesn’t matter, there are many people with much more experience than me, you’ll know what to do. Of course we don’t have inside info about set life, but maybe we could inspire the cast and crew to share more? We could tag them in our tweets (I noticed Diana shares videos and fan-arts sometimes) and maybe they’ll feel more inclined to join in. It’s just a way to have some fun again, and we can also highlight our skills and talents.

(4) Anyone could participate, there are so many talented, generous people in our fandom! I’ve seen what we are capable of when we join forces: the fundraising for their charities, the hashtags for both Sam and Cait, the love chains we sometimes do here on tumblr… Can we try? We could start next week or whenever we’ll be ready. We can do this. I believe we can make our fandom a happy place again! E.

Hi there! First off, you’re welcome for the #OutlanderMemories tag last night, it was a lot of fun, and I hope people enjoyed it. Props to Jess for coming up with a better hashtag name than I did! I’m totally up to doing fun fandom things every week, but I think we would have to space it out more - it’s still going to be several more months until the next season airs, and I don’t think it’s sustainable to do something every single day, every week. I’m happy to brainstorm with people and come up with ideas on what to do.

As you said, it would be easier if some of the cast and crew would occasionally join in - one of my bff’s is in the Scandal fandom, and they always do/did tons of fun things on twitter, but their cast and crew is super interactive and that really helped get the fans into it. I think 99% of this would be done solely by fans. So - I’m up for it, I think we would just need to figure out what exactly to do and when. My only talent is being an annoying spam tweeter who loves a good hashtag, so that’s where I’ll be handy. ;)

It goes against a personal code I have to recommend works in progress, but today I’m breaking that to bring you Of the Devil’s Party by Mermaiddrunk, a fantastic Elementary fic that I just couldn’t wait to share.

First, a confession: I’m painfully and deeply committed to the idea of bi!Joan Watson. While in-show I’m holding out hope for them to introduce a still-female Mary Morstan character for her to romance, I’m also intrigued by the potential for a relationship between her and Jamie Moriarty. Their in-show relationship has such an antagonistic dynamic, but Moriarty also clearly has a weird sociopathic ladyboner for Joan—like, can we talk about the giant painting of Joan’s face that she made while locked up in that warehouse? She’s pretty obsessed, and for a fanficcer, it’s a pretty easy jump from obsessed to smitten.

Of the Devil’s Party is set during the second season, after the incident with Moriarty’s daughter. Moriarty has been freed by the authorities, and heads off into the world to rebuild her criminal empire. However, after a few weeks, she starts reaching out to Joan, first through letters and then through phone calls. Joan is at first utterly unamused by Jamie’s attempts to reach out and befriend her, but the two of them eventually grow into friends. As of the fic’s more recent chapters, that friendship is beginning to develop into something romantic, much to Joan’s surprise and Sherlock’s unease.

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That’s right, you know what day it is. As per usual, here is your weekend reading. Please take the time to enjoy these lovely pieces my fellow writers have taken time to compose.

Ps: if you want to see your name and fic on this list, tag me!!! (ops: you will also have my ever growing love and support if you do)





Happy Friday SPN Family! 

“That didn’t actually work, did it, Emma?”

EMMA: (slips arms around Regina’s waist)  Can you give me directions to your heart? I’ve seemed to have lost myself in your eyes.

REGINA: (snorts, rinses off plate, sticks it in the dishwasher)  Like you were staring at my EYES from the kitchen doorway.

EMMA: (chuckles, lays cheek on Regina’s shoulder)  Busted.

REGINA: (smiles, shakes water off a cup, puts it in dishwasher)  What else have you got?

EMMA: Hmmm… How many letters are in the alphabet?


EMMA:  Oh, I thought there were 21.

REGINA: (pauses, looks back at Emma)  I shudder to ask.

EMMA: (big grin)  Guess I forgot U, R, A, Q, T.

REGINA: (shakes head)  Terrible. I count myself fortunate never to have been hit on by you in a bar.  

EMMA:  (chuckles) Okay, how about… Babe, you give the word “edible” a whole new meaning.

REGINA:  (guffaw) No.

EMMA: (think)  Is there a firefighter around, because you are smoking hot!

REGINA:  (shuts tap off, turns in Emma’s arms, wraps arms around her)  It’s amazing if any of those lines have worked for you before.

EMMA:  Yeah? (nuzzles Regina’s nose)  And what have YOU got?

REGINA: (pierces Emma with a hot, direct gaze)  You. Naked. Upstairs. NOW.

EMMA:  (gulps and nods as Regina walks her backwards out of the kitchen)  Yep. That works.


Its that time again.. here’s my favorite fics I read this week. Enjoy!

taking tips and getting stoned by alison 24.5k:

Louis drives a taxi. He hasn’t seen Harry in eight years when they have a chance meeting.

A lot has changed in that time. But not everything.

All the kids at school (they were wishing they were me that night) by LikeYouAreInLove 4k:

“Are you sure that you two aren’t dating?”

Louis forces his gaze away from Harry’s scrunched face and looks to Nick, already rolling his eyes, “Yes, Nicholas, we’re sure. There are these neat things called ‘friends’, perhaps you’ve heard of them, and me and Harry are the best kind and best kinds of friends don’t screw each other on the sly. ”


Getting voted 'School’s Hottest Couple’ when they aren’t actually a couple complicates things a bit.

From Vanilla to Jasmine by kikikryslee 9k:

Louis could just tell Harry that he was only looking for scents because Zayn had told him to get to the store and not return until he found something that would stop making their apartment smell like ‘the inside of Bob Marley’s underwear drawer.’
But that just would’ve been too easy.

Basically, the AU where Harry loves incense and thinks that Louis does, too. But really, Louis just buys it to cover up the smell of his weed.

Tickle-Me Pink by anomalation 10k:

AU where hair color reflects your mood. Naturally, Harry’s doesn’t. Fluff fluff fluff.

I recently binge-watched all of the BBC’s In The Flesh, a show you may have heard described as “that show about gay zombies”. The description isn’t entirely wrong—there are zombies, and some of them are queer, but In The Flesh really serves as one big metaphor for the Other—the people who, for many reasons, are discriminated against by people who claim they and they alone are “the norm”. I’ll admit that when I first went looking into In The Flesh fanfic, I was hoping to find fic about the vivacious Amy Dyer, or Kieren’s badass, vulnerable little sister Jem (or fics with Amy and Jem, if you know what I mean). Both ladies are two of the most well-written, well-developed female characters I’ve ever had the pleasure to see on any show, gay zombies or not. But if any one character exemplifies the difficult, thought-provoking, heartwrenching themes of In The Flesh, it has to be Rick Macy. And that’s where today’s Fanfiction Fridays has landed us.

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So I got a prompt requesting that Solas get some…friendly competition.

“Just him observing a very innocent expression of affection from an elf, maybe putting a flower behind her ear. But anyhow, it really gets him heated like his old self might get.”


To the Victor

He is not a jealous man. He does not feel the need to posture; to publicly claim possession of someone else, least of all someone who does not belong to him. That she should consider herself his is irrelevant; she is her own, mind and body and fierce, indomitable spirit. The Inquisitor might belong to the Inquisition, the Herald of Andraste to the people of Thedas, but Ellana Lavellan is not his.

No, he is not a jealous man, but he was once a competitive man – quick to jump to a challenge offered, and quick to offer challenges in turn. And he used to relish in it, the opposition, the rivalry, and he remembers there was once something terribly invigorating about the chase, and the victory at its end. But those days are long gone, as that world is long gone – that place where rivalries could last for centuries, and a single challenge could stretch for a decade, the stakes growing ever higher. And the person he used to be is no more than a memory now, visited with waning fondness as he loses himself to the cause he has offered his heart.

Except that he’s found it doesn’t take much, at least not where she is concerned, for an old fire to flicker back to life.

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While the actual comic that Captain America: The Winter Soldier was based on is ten years old now, the success of the movie has skyrocketed the Marvel fandom back into the spotlight. If you’ve been around the fandom part of Tumblr at all recently, you know it’s impossible to escape the gifsets, fanart, and headcanons, and more impossible to not notice the obsession fans have developed for all things James Buchanan Barnes.

And given the tragic and legendary nature of the friendship between Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers, it goes without saying that the two of them also make a very popular slash ship. Some fans see the two of them as having been in a relationship during their pre-WWII days, or as lovers during the war; some fans imagine that their feelings were unrequited, and presumed doomed until Bucky turned out to be not-dead. In any case, the Stucky bug has bitten MCU fandom hard, and some excellent fanworks have appeared in the weeks since the movie premiered. miles to go before i sleep by Avelera is one of these awesome fics.

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A note to all consumers of fanfiction...

If I were to write seven golden rules for commenting on someone’s fanfiction story based on some recent experiences, they would be these.

  • Be polite

This one is just a basic rule of the universe.  Treat others how you would like to be treated.  Remember that the person on the other end of your favourite story is a human being and that they have feelings.  Don’t say things that you wouldn’t want someone to say about your creative pursuit, particularly where other people (strangers) can read it.  If you don’t like a story, don’t read it.  Don’t waste someone’s time by being cruel in their review section.

  • Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation of a character

You might like a character that I don’t like, and I might like a character that you don’t, and you know what?  That’s wonderful!  But I’m going to interpret the characters that I like and don’t like in my stories and there’s a chance that you won’t like the way I’ve done so, and you know what? That’s totally okay and fine!  You don’t have to like my stories or my character interpretations.  That said, you not liking what I wrote does not make it wrong or bad.  If I’m not interpreting the characters in a way you enjoy, please feel free to not read my story.  Do not feel obligated to tell me why I am wrong in my review section.

  • Everyone writes at their own pace/in their own time

Some authors update on a very strict schedule and will not start updating until they are certain that they can maintain that schedule.  Other authors update as they write so their schedule is based entirely on their muse. Both of these types are 100% legitimate and awesome.  Do you know why?  Because someone is giving you entertainment for free out of the goodness of their heart.

Never.  Ever.  Ever.  EVER.  Criticize an author for their update schedule. Don’t tell them they need to be updating faster.  Don’t complain that “other author is able to update every day,” when they haven’t updated in a month.

I can’t say it enough, so I’ll say it again.  Don’t.  Do.  It.

  • Enjoy the story you’re reading

Some authors have multiple stories and/or multiple ‘verses going at one time.  That’s pretty impressive, and loads of fun!  That said, don’t use the comment section in one story/'verse to ask about another story, particularly if the response can’t be private.  Some people who read one story don’t read an author’s other stories for various reasons, and if the author has to respond to you either publicly in the comments, or in an author’s note in the story, the people who aren’t interested in his or her other stories will just be annoyed or bored.

Additionally, if an author’s story has given you an idea for another story that you’d like the author to write, feel free to let them know, but don’t berate them in the comments of the current story for when/if they will start writing your pet bunny.

  •  Respect that these stories are personal creative pursuits and treat them as such

If an author’s story gives you an idea for a new interpretation of a similar situation (particularly an out-of-canon situation, canon is a bit different), let the author know.  Give credit where it’s due!  No one expects that theirs is the only pairing of two characters from Doctor Who set in a coffee shop in the universe, but if they specifically inspired someone’s story, there are two things that will happen.

First, if someone comes to them and says “this story is a lot like yours, did you know that?” they will be able to say, “yes, and I told the person that was fine with me!” and we avoid a certain amount of drama.

Second, they will probably go read your story and talk about it with their friends and, amazingly, you might get a few more readers for your story from their word of mouth!

Crediting your inspiration is a win for everyone!

  • Review!

Despite what I said above, 99% of reviews are absolutely fantastic, and I and every author I know loves to receive them.  Even just getting a quick “nice job” makes our day!

Letting an author know that you’re reading and like what you read- hitting the like button on Tumblr, the kudos button on AO3, favouriting or following a story on, those things brighten up our lives and make the writing that much sweeter.

We want to impress you, so let us know when you’re impressed!  We want to entertain you, so let us know when you’re entertained!  If we came up with a line that made you laugh out loud, tell us!  Chances are that we spent hours agonizing over that very line, or that we laughed ourselves when we were writing it.

In my experience, fanfiction authors love to make friends with their fans, so if they answer your reviews, consider that a foray into friendship, if you’d like!  Some of my favourite people started out as commenters on my stories.


Now that this is clear, I hope we can all enjoy and consume fanfiction like responsible adults.


Additional note to fanfiction authors:

Sometimes reviews upset you.  Sometimes reviewers make “suggestions” for where your story should go that are not what you have in mind.  Sometimes reviewers have different interpretations of the characters than you do.  Do remember, however, that they are taking the time to review your story, and that’s fabulous of them.  Even if their review makes you unhappy, don’t be rude to reviewers.  Just like you, they are taking time out of their life to make your life a little brighter.  As ever, about 99% of reviews are fantastic, don’t let the annoying 1% ruin your relationship with everyone else!

A while back, I wrote a couple posts on a sadly-underrated movie called Attack the Block. Now, Attack the Block is a cracking good alien invasion movie, but it’s also about racism, social inequality, police brutality, and society’s standards of masculinity, all wrapped up in some delightfully well-written characters. Basically all I want is for more people to watch this movie and talk about it with me. Fortunately, Yuletide is a fandom event meant just for small fandoms, and luckily for me, this year, someone wrote this great fic for Attack the Block.

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