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Operation Derek Hale’s Sex Life (D.H.S.L.) by DylanOhbrien

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 16238

Stiles works at Derek’s family’s company. Derek may or may not be a little bit in love with him. But it’s just that Derek has an important position in the company, and Stiles works down at IT. So to prevent a huge scandal that could end up on magazines for months, Derek pulls on his big boy pants and pines. Which works.

Until Laura Hale meets Lydia Martin, and shit sort of hits the fan.

do yourself a favor and read “Oh God, Not Again!” by Sarah1281
  • it is a harry potter fanfic from like 2009, 160k words, 50 chapters
  • basically, adult Harry accidentally goes back in time and wakes up on his 11th birthday again, but with all his memories of the future intact
  • (the way he travels back makes no sense whatsoever but it doesn’t really matter)
  • harry decides upon 3 goals:
    • fuck up as much shit as possible
    • make a shitload of money
    • save some lives or whatever
  • it is
  • H I L A R I O U S
  • his go-to explanation for how he knows what’s going to happen?
  • he has a psychic scar
  • (hermione is SO PISSED about this)
  • (neville’s like “either he’s psychic, or he’s the greatest conman alive”)
  • everyone just sort of assumes harry’s insane and he doesn’t do much to dispute this
  • harry also decides to make it his mission in life to LOSE the house cup every year
  • “snape is my sole ally”
  • he also goes out of his way to befriend neville, ginny, and luna earlier this time, so they’re part of the gang throughout and it’s great
  • even draco is a friend!
  • (kind of)
  • (when harry’s not spreading a rumor that draco’s the lovechild of narcissa and snape, anyway)
  • harry’s motivation for everything he does in this story is basically, “oh, this will be hilarious
  • either that or, “it’s probably a tax deductible”
  • because the way lockhart is written in this story is also amazing and harry ends up teaming up with him to merchandise The Boy Who Lived so he can have cash to burn
    • (so he gets a LOT of shit done via bribes)
    • it gets to the point where harry is able to convince everyone that he’s not the heir of slytherin…. because if he was, he’d have found a way to make money off of it
    • and everyone’s like “yeah ok that checks out”
  • in this timeline, neville’s boggart isn’t snape…. it’s harry as the minister of magic
  • harry also decides to make sure cedric lives by quizzing him constantly on what to do if he ends up in a graveyard
    • harry: by the way, that reminds me – cedric. graveyard.
    • cedric, not even really listening: run like hell.
  • the sheer magnitude to which harry does not give a fuck in this timeline is truly awe-inspiring
    • he mouths off to everyone, and i mean everyone. lockhart, snape, the dursleys, malfoy, friggin’ voldemort
  • everyone is like “what… what the fuck, harry”
    • (though by the end of first year it’s more like “… *deep sigh* … fine.
    • snape is so angry
  • it’s fucking hysterical and just about everyone ends up better off
  • here’s the link
  • thank me later

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After many months of work, the free FE Brave New World Fanfiction Anthology is finally done! Inside this book you will find seven amazing stories about the characters from Fire Emblem Awakening, all centered around friendship and family, made by and for the fandom. Enjoy our reading our work! (The printable version works better on mobile devices and kindle readers, while the web version is optimized for desktop.)

Art by Vy. Stories by Abby, Acqua, Brenna, Emma, Rashi, Rose and Yuki. Beta’d by Sarai and Arihime. Organized and assembled by Emma.

Please let them know what you think of their hard work! More information about the individual stories below the cut.

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Pynch Fic Rec - G&T Rated


A couple of days ago I was asked to provide a Pynch fic rec.
What follows is me being a PhD student at heart (more than I would like to) and  surveying my Ao3 History to find every fic I’ve ever read while connected to my account *coff-literaturereview-coff*.

The fics I’m listing here, in strict alphabetical order, are stuff that I read between June ‘16 and now. I tried to restrain myself to putting WIPs or too many brutally famous fics. As such, it is obviously incomplete (there are fics I really love or I have in my To Read bucket that are missing) but I hope it will dust off some of the amazing creative content we have in the fandom <3

For each and every one of the listing, I put the author and their tumblr (if someone can point me to the missing ones, I’ll be grateful). I encourage everyone to go into their personal page and check other stuff they wrote. Each and every one of them is excellent!

And now…enjoy :DDD (+ over here for the M&E rated)

A Dreamer’s Thighs by @nhasablog

Rating: G, Featuring: Tickling, for God’s sake! A lot of sexual tension as well.

Personally: This his short, silly and adorable, because we can’t always be serious. On a separate note, I would die to have an vaguely filthy extension of this ficlet because trust me, it’s asking for it.

A movie script ending
by adamganseys ( @lorelaiglmore )

Rating: T, Featuring: AU where Adam works in a cinema and his just about as exhausted as usual. Cue Ronan and Gansey coming for a show and Ronan’s shoulder being there just at the right time to start a pining sequence.

Personally: Another one of the fics I fished out and immediately went like “oh no, OMG, I remember this one, it was amazing!” Highly recommended for good AU construction and amazing build-up.

Awake and unreal
by Usedtoromanticize ( @admlynch )

Rating: T, Featuring: Heart-shattering approach to soul marks, clueless boys, a canon modification that entwines with book events.

Personally: I found this fic through another person rec I think, and it was one the best choice of read I’ve ever made, the AU is rooted in the childhood of our beloved boys and I can’t get enough of it, NEVER.

Breathe you in every single day
by pendules ( @indierockharry )

Rating: T, Featuring: Adam obsesses over Ronan touching him and tries to figure out how this whole physical contact stuff works.

Personally: My jam, absolutely. Very soft and exploratory in a way I absolutely appreciate, and worthy every awwww. ❤

Dizzy drunken dream
by ionlyloveyouironically ( @1980sghostboy )

Rating: T, Featuring: Adam is sick, Gansey is clueless, Ronan and Henry are adorable in dealing with it.

Personally: Made of the stuff of the awwww, Adam’s stubbornness is spot on.

Had to start it somewhere
by memorde ( @memordes )

Rating: T, Featuring: Ronan gets insistent and unbelievable in his grocery shopping when he zeros on the cashier, Adam.

Personally: this fic is short, lovely and absolutely hilarious, the type of cheesy trope AU we all need in our rainy days.

Like Storms
by ggrantaire ( @helengansey)

Rating: T, Featuring: College-AU, the gang getting together at a totally different moment, Adam is selectively mute, Noah is still a ghost and feels are too much to handle. (((WIP)))

Personally: everyone and their sisters recommended this fic, I think but I will second it nonetheless because it’s really good, with that vague diffuse softwarm feeling of things that can work out well and with a very original approach to not-usually-featured issues.

Sizzling Like Your Stare
by coffeehanjan ( @nottrising )

Rating: T, Featuring: AU were Adam works at Nino’s, Ronan has the biggest crush ever and the result is endearing even though a normal person (like Blue) will suspect stalking.

Personally: This! Fic! Jesus! Christ! It’s so cute I cannot even, the best trope ever with the best execution. A+++ 11/10 would rec again. ❤

Sleep deprivation
by ronanlynchisneversleepingagain ( @iamneversleepingagain )

Rating: T, Featuring: Adam runs a study on sleep deprivation and our favourite hooligan is there to do what he usually does.

Personally: I would read a long fic with several thousands words for this thing, I’m reccing it because the world needs to share my obsession.

Tears and vines
by adamganseys ( @lorelaiglmore )

Rating: T, Featuring: Right after Robert Parrish’s trial, emotional turmoil, softness and fluffness at St. Agnes, loads of comforting cuddles.

Personally: *squeezes this fic hard* so fluffly, so adorable, so heartfelt, the dialogues are amazing and there is some soothing of The Utter Pain that we all needed.

The place you sleep
by asael ( @mistrusts​ )

Rating: T, Featuring: The Pynch relationship as a progression of napping moments, so cute, so fluffy, so tender.

Personally: There are few trends I ADORE more than Pynch+Sleeping, this was the perfect Secret Santa hanging around and I loved it.

You live like this?
by ronanlynchisneversleepingagain ( @iamneversleepingagain​ )

Rating: T, Featuring: that infamous tumblr post with the burglar trying to rob an overly-poor person and ending up helping him instead.

Personally: hilarious, fluffy, really endearing, Ronan as modern Robin Hood is the best thing ever.

starsholland’s ultimate fic rec masterlist

Okay so I’ve always wanted to do this, so I scrolled through my likes for two hours and reread all of my liked and saved fics/imagines to share with you all. As a bonus, I included some of my awesome comments and opinions. (Let’s be real the list would be better without the comments but you are getting them anyway). But honestly, every one of these writers has so many awesome writings that I didn’t include, and I, therefore, recommend that you all check out their masterlists and read away. I included different pairings like Tom Holland, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Harrison Osterfield, and a couple others. Enjoy.

Tom Holland Fics/Imagines/Headcanons

@imagines-dreams - Stunts

This is an imagine where Tom and Haz fly you out to set and show you around. It’s super cute and there’s even a part 2 and Tom saves you when a stunt goes bad. Just really adorable.

@wtfholland - untitled prompt imagine where Tom finds out you’re getting hate

I would honestly recommend anything Sara writes, but I really just love this one. Tom is such a sweetie in this.

@amxliapond - Proud

This is cute because Tom takes care of you when you’re drunk. It also reminisces on a 3 year long relationship. Gets kind of heated at the end but a super sweet read.

@ohholyfanfics - Not Gonna

short and sweet and super fluffy

@cuteparkers - scared

I’m a sucker for soulmate AUs when the soulmates refuse to be together. I love it so much

@holland-ish - Without A Word

The angst is so real. This is the first imagine I’ve found where the reader isn’t dumb after someone cheats on them. This is also just a beautifully written piece.

@madmadmilk - Bad Taste

You can’t really go wrong with anything on this blog, but I find this one to be really extra amazing. Tom is so jealous but it all works out in the end

@kiera-hastings - A Night at the Oscars

Okay I actually love this so freaking much. It has so many notes so most people are probably like DUH. But, if you haven’t read this: stop what you are doing and read it. It was especially awesome around the time of the Oscars but it’s still so so good.

@kathscribbless - Drunk on Your Love

Nothing like Tom drunk dialing you in the middle of the night. I freaking adore this piece.

@gab-spidey - Royal Pains (Royal!Au)

Tangled…but better.

@something-fanfiction-ie - Falling Hard

This is actually a three part series and it’s one heck of a rollercoaster. Lots of ups and downs and turns jammed packed into three pieces.

@whyistomholland -  Safe

Y/N has an abusive father and Tom is basically the most supportive guy ever. I want to give him a hug at how awesome he is in this.

@so-many-freaking-ships - HC of when tom is being grumpy and cute

Cuddly Tom. A-dore.

@h-osterfield - Remember When

Probably my favorite fic right now. It’s long and so developed even though Tom is an idiot like the WHOLE TIME. But, that’s alright, it’s still amazing.

@cutesparker - lovebug

Clingy Tom being all cuddly and cutesy. SOoooo cute.

@curlyboyholland - I’m Always Here

I cannot express how much I haTE Dylan. I may be a bit biased but ARENT WE ALL?

@peeterparkr - 3 lies

I’m pretty sure there are only 2 lies so far, but this is a super interesting concept. It’s a fake dating fic…but it’s totally obvious they both want it to be real

@parkeret - Famous In Love

You mean an entire fic about Tom being a dad??? Sign me up.

@dorkyparkers - before it ends

Cinderella….but better.

@yukowrites - Our Dystopia 

This gives off serious Divergent vibes. Has a lot of development to go through, but still seems really interesting.

@holland-haven - Movie Magic

The DRAMA in this is so intense. I’m super excited to see what this develops into

@dibs-on-holland - Honestly Feel So Attacked Right Now

I honestly just feel attacked by how cute this is

@spidereyhes -  The Princes and The Pauper

I LIVE FOR THIS. No, but really, this is such a unique story. I can’t wait to read more. Also, Harrison is a huge part in it SOOOOOO

@toms-order - Tom dating a deaf reader

This is just an adorable headcanon. Read it. Love it.

@hexingholland - Chasing the Truth.

Okay actually this is the COOLEST IDEA EVER. I’m actually ticked off I didn’t think of this myself. There’s only one chapter (I believe) so far, but the reader is a ghost that’s trapped in the Holland household. Very excited to see how this continues.

@stardustaty - what’s it’s like to be at airports with tom and on airplanes

Another adorable headcanon

@softspideys Stay

A 4+1 imagine that is just…it’s just so great.

Peter Parker Fics/Imagines/Headcanons

@softspideys   - Are you okay?

I’m not okay after this. So real and emotional and cute.

@softboy-holland - xanax and field trips

A cute piece where Peter’s class goes on a field trip to the compound where the reader is. Basically, Cori has a lot of awesome stuff. I could’ve put like five of her things on here. Another one I reallly like is just a kid but just check out everything.

@marriedtopeterparker - All Grown Up

COFFEE SHOP AU. Sort of… BUT STILL. So far there are three parts, lots of backstories, fluff, and just amazingness.

@infamous-webhead - Dear Stranger


@oh-my-holland Okay Again

Post infinity war struggles that make your heart hurt for peter :)

@heckin-good-holland - A Different Fight

So. much. angst. The angst burns and sizzles all the way into part 2 where it lights your heart on fire.

@starksparker - Still Having Nightmares

Some more angst that hurts but read it anyway it’s beautiful in the most horrible way

@thekillingquill - Prove/Disprove

Since I just seem to be loving angst on this list, here’s some more. Science shows that THIS HURT ME and probably will you too.

@hollandroos - Bullet Wounds

More angst that has one punch in the gut ending. Such awesome writing though even though this is mean to my heart

@dr0wning-in-hell - sick

Super sad scenario when the reader has cancer. Peter Parker and Tony Stark help and make me smile even though the situation is horrible.

@toosicktoocare - seriously anything written on this account is gold. I could never choose just one. These are their spiderman stories. I read all of them in one night and regretted nothing.

@marveloussupernatural - Personal Pillow

Finally some fluff on this list. This is just a super cute imagine with a touch starved reader. Peter is there for them in the middle of the night.

@so-many-freaking-ships - Found You

Soulmate AU where everything you write on yourself appears on your soulmate. Need I say more?

@revengingbarnes - Keeping Secrets

The classic “coming out as Spider-Man” story. I particularly like this one because the ending is really cute.

@minnie-marvel - Crown Fell

This is such a unique story. The reader is Thor and Loki’s sister and she now has to go to school with Peter.

@officialtessaholland - Catch Me If I Fall

Everything about this is amazing tbh. Lots of ups and downs and cuteness and just overall a great imagine.


@thehollandtrinty - the charger (Harry Holland)

Angst, but oh so good

@h-osterfield - You Keep That Photo Of Us In Your Wallet?  (Harrison Osterfield)

Harrison gets a little jealous prompting him to finally fess up his feelings. Amazing writing as always

@spidereyhes - Soft (Zendaya)

So so so so so so wonderful. Beautiful beautiful story. 100% recommend.

@starlight-parkers - The Report Card (chatroom)

Okay, I’m going to be straight up here. I did not think I was going to like this, but by the end, I was cracking up. This is seriously so great and unique and just a fun read.


I’m going to attach my masterlist on here too because I CAN aha. Jk ignore this if you want, but here’s my masterlist if anyone wants to check out my writing. I’ll also probably add to this at some point.


(S/U fanfictions recs)

> The Place Between by Psicygni (~ the queen of the s/u fandom °◡°)

“No, Gaila. I am not, absolutely not going to walk into Commander Spock’s office and suggest that we pretend to date for an entire summer. I mean, we… I… he’s not… I couldn’t even spend that much time with him, nor would I want to. He’s so… he’s just really… I have professional mores, Gaila. Standards of conduct that this… just, no. No. No, thank you for the idea, but no.”

> For the Rest of Us by Psicygni

“You go every Sunday night? How did I not know this?” Nyota asks. “It’s just this thing we do,” Gaila tells her. “Like with food. And drinks. And people. We all get together and talk about our homes and our traditions and celebrate our holidays and stuff like that. Look, you can come if you want but it’s all off worlders. It’s not really a human thing, you’d be the only one.”

> Like a Fire in the Sky by Psicygni

“So you slept with a young, impressionable half-Vulcan, who you never thought you’d see again, and is now a decorated graduate, a superior officer, and even though you’re not interested in a relationship with him, he rocked your world in a way that you can’t forget,” Gaila said carefully. “Basically.” “That’s great. You and I are going to be best friends with a story like that.”

> Broken Orbit by Wahoogal06

What happens when an accident on an away mission leaves our favorite couple out of sync? How will they each react and can they find their way back?

[then you NEED TO read: S'chn T'gai Family Drabbles,  The Stars Above Us Govern Our Conditions, Forging Her Own Path, Rising Son and Being Se'tak, the best s/u family series I have ever read! °◡°]

> Pride and Logic by DawnCandace

  A Pride and Prejudice meets Star Trek Story.

> Gradually Falling by BarbaraKaterina

Uhura/Spock origins story. Set during Nyota’s last three years at the Academy, ends with the end of the 2009 film. Nyota has always loved everything about Vulcan. She was enamoured with the culture. So when she finds out one of her teachers this year is a Vulcan, her excitement is understandable…

> Winds against a Star by valyria

An obsession with a brilliant young cadet forces Spock to confront what it is to be both Vulcan and Human. A Spock/Uhura origins story set at the Academy. Mildly AU.

> Break by Yahtzee

During their final semester at Starfleet Academy, two people who have no intention of ever changing transform each other.

> Sufficiently Familiar by PoorQueequeg

He calls it a delicate situation. She doesn’t call it anything at all. Pre-movie angstfest. Complete.

> Getting to Know You by nerdielady

Uhura’s second year at StarFleet Academy. [Sequel - A New Day Coming]

> Subtext by NotesfromaClassroom

Communication ought to come easy to a talented linguist and a logical Vulcan, right? Think again. A series of written messages between Spock and Uhura, starting in their Academy days and going through “Darkness.”

I, a hypocrite, select “complete only” when searching for a new fanfiction to read, while ignoring my 17 incomplete fics last updated in 1962.

40 Steve x Natasha fic RECs

This is the list of the 40 Romanogers stories I’ve posted in my blog so far.
I love them all, hope you enjoy them too :-)

THE THAW  By Olivia52

HIS CLOTHES  By  Kavi Leighann

PICTURES  OF  YOU  By  Rennergirl11

PARADISE  By Lovedrr

FIVE TIMES NATASHA FELT OUT OF PLACE  By  Veronique Roux   (Natasha and team)

THE  LIONHEARTED  By  Gospel Stonemad


WEARING HIS CLOTHES  by  pleasesayitsnotso


ALL FALL DOWN  by  Smades87

ICE CREAM   By  Flashette

NIGHT TIME  By  Fayth Grimmly

8:10PM  by  shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod

SLEEP  by  shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod

A CASCADING WAVE OF RED  By  the-speed-reader


WATCHING ME, WATCHING YOU  by  flipflop_diva

HER SHIELD  BY  flipflop_diva

I CARE  by  pleasesayitsnotso

PASSIONATE CONFLICT  by  pleasesayitsnotso

SLEEPY by SaySayTheWeirdo

TOO MUCH by Shatterpath


HAUNTED WHISPERS  by  flipflop_diva



GHOSTS THAT WE KNEW  By  DaughterOfPoseidon333


BY THE FIRE  by  shadowhuntingdauntlessdemigod

BE MY VALENTINE  By  dragonrider1234



CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL  by  disasteratsea



DESERVED FORGIVENESS  by  pleasesayitsnotso

SHATTERED US  by  Agent0018

IGNITE  by  DreamEscape1675

BODY HEAT  by  NowThatWereDone

BERLIN  by  Wingsister_Miri

A BETTER DAY (IT IS COMING)  by  flipflop_diva

thebigbutterflytattoo’s rec list

pretty much all of these writers have become such wonderful friends of mine. they are so incredibly talented at what they do and I’m sure you’ve already read a lot of these. Some of these writers have been around a lot longer than myself and they truly deserve all the followers and notes that they have. They are wonderful people and I am so grateful to have read their work and become mutuals/ friends with them. friendly reminder, i follow from @hurricaneliza and here is my masterlist

So without further ado, here is my recommendation list! 

organized in alphabetical order by blog name and writing. all writings are one shots or blurbs unless stated otherwise. 

[♡] indicates smut 

@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy // Andrea 


°count on me

°i’ve got you ♡

°sorry ♡

- @aestheteics // jade 


°call it suicide ♡

- @bribe-the-door or @words-by-han (her new writing blog) // hannah


°backstage moments

°cake batter ♡

°movie night 

°touch ♡

°untitled piece 003 - the one where harry is with you after you have your first baby together 

- @ducksongmp3 // lexie 


°jamaican memories 

°match made in heaven

°sunday mornings

- @hardliquorharry // laney 


°shakespeare - a ten part series | link is to series masterlist 

°mess o’ mine ♡ / mouth o’ mine ♡ / mind o’ mine - a three part series 

°see yeh break ♡

°can i sit here? the other tables are full.

 - @harryslittlekiwis // kelsey 


°can we keep her?

°how could you?

°it’s just insane

°pinky promise

- @harrywavycurly // sarah


°daddy daughter date 

°drunk harry calls you 

°harry uses your key for the times 

°you see harry after the breakup

°you snapchat harry while he’s eating

- @harry-writings // izzy 


°the mute series - mute / borrowed time / forever  

°the jealous series - because i love you / not worth it / he needs you

°pretty in pink

- @jawllines // olivia


°harry is a pornstar and y/n is new ♡

°harry really likes the girl who works behind the smoothie counter 

°y/n is a phone sex operator and harry calls a lot  ♡

°y/n takes harry’s yoga class and harry blushes a lot ♡ / part two ♡ / part three  ♡

- @wishfulharrie // sasha 


°blue suede shoes ♡

°growing pains / part two

other harry writers i follow !!!! (not in alphabetical order bc I’m too lazy)













@reveriehs (has a major masterpost of every harry writer on tumblr)


























The Balcony

Description: Y/N is harassed at Harry’s concert, causing him to explode in anger while on stage. 

Word Count: 1,375

Warnings/Disclaimer: This imagine touches on the topic of sexual harassment. Please be aware that I am not writing about this to romanticize harassment, but I am striving to use my writing as a way to touch on difficult topics that are faced by many but is often not portrayed in writing, especially fanfiction. If you are triggered by this topic, please do not read on. You can also access resources on my blog. If you have an issue, feel free to let me know. If you need someone to talk with, I am always here. 

Please take care of yourself, my loves. xoxox 



It was not often that she would miss one of his concerts. Of course, when he was on tour, she could not attend every single show, but she strived to make as many as she possibly could. Each time that she would be in attendance, Harry’s security team would escort her to a private balcony that overlooked the stage. Standing alongside other celebrities and Harry’s loved ones; she had the perfect view of her charming boyfriend as he performed to thousands of adoring fans. He enjoyed having her there as well, for he could keep tabs on his long-term girlfriend and ensure her safety throughout the entirety of the concert.

But on this particular night, Harry had been performing in London and she had been running extremely late. She was stuck in an immense amount of traffic and would likely be about 45 minutes late to the concert. While waiting anxiously among the pile-up of vehicles, she received a text message from her handsome boyfriend.

Harry: Where are you?

Your name: I’m on my way. I’ll just watch from the pit tonight.

Harry Styles: I do not like that, Y/N.

Your name: I’ll be fine. Have a good show xoxo

But even while waiting in the heavy traffic, she had refused to turn around. There was nothing that could make her happier than watching her man perform for a crowded arena. It made her feel like the luckiest girl in the entire world, which of course, she was. When the concert would end, she and Harry would travel back to his luxurious home and indulge in a night of slow kisses, warm cuddles, and steamy sex. She truly was the luckiest girl in the entire world.

Sure enough, she had arrived almost an hour late to the concert. When she walked into the venue, she realized Harry was approximately halfway through his set list. His security had offered to escort her to another private area of the arena, but she had declined the offer. After all, there was not much left to the concert and to be honest, she did not particularly care where she watched from just as long as she got to see him.

So when she squeezes her way into the middle of the pit, she was overcome with exhilaration. Standing only a few rows away from the stage, she felt like one of his dedicated fan girls. She could actually understand the hype around it, for she too felt like she was attending a concert for her favourite artist. With the dim lighting and Harry’s angelic voice radiating through the arena, the fans had hardly noticed her squeeze her way through.

Harry had eventually found her. As his eyes had scanned the crowd, they eventually fell upon his sweet girlfriend. The sight of her automatically caused his mouth to tug upward into a small smile. This smile eventually broke and a deep chuckle fell from his lips, for the sight of his girlfriend standing amongst some of his biggest fans truly was a new sight for him. He played it off, however, for Harry was strongly against PDA, even if that meant something as simple as acknowledging her. She understood and agreed with this, for the couple strived to keep their relationship as private as possible.

But as the night carried on and the concert continued, she had felt a body gradually press up against her backside. She initially ignored it, for she was standing in a crowded area so of course bodies are going to forcefully be pushed upon one another. Suddenly, however, she felt the feeling of someone’s large hand gripping her hip. She did nothing at first, for she was shocked that someone would be so forward as to touch her body like this. She waited a few moments, trying to give the individual benefit of the doubt and hope that it had been an accident. Her body jolted at the feeling of his other hand wrapping around her other hip. In response, she abruptly spun on her heels to face the individual. Before her was a young man, standing very tall and built very strongly. He was attractive, but she was repulsed by his actions.

She shook her head towards him. “No, thank you,” she said, trying to be polite.

After all, he could have just been trying to see if she was interested. But now that she had made it clear she was not interest, he had no reason to touch her again. But of course, that did not stop him, for only moments later, his hands returned to her hips and had slowly begun to descend across her skirt and towards her pelvis. She once again twisted her body and ripped herself from his hands.

She stuck her finger in his face. “Do not touch me,” she ordered.

He smirked in response. He nodded his head and held hs hands into the air, acting as if he “surrendered” to her. Nevertheless, as she had expected, he did not stop there. The next thing she felt was his hands touching the back of her thighs. He caressed her skin and slowly increased his hand position up her thigh, gradually approaching the bottom of her skirt. Just as she had done before, she ripped herself from him and pushed against his chest. She glanced towards the stage, fully aware of the panic that was evident on her face.

Without even having to grab his attention, Harry’s concerned eyes had already been glued to her. He had stopped singing along to the chorus of Woman, which had caused his back-up singers to take his place. His eyebrows were furrowed in anger and his face was red with fury. He pursed his lips together, concealing the profanity that was on the tip of his tongue. His body continued to sway to the music, as he attempted to obscure his state of anger that was very close to exploding. As she had pushed past the man and squirmed her way through the crowd, relief washed over Harry’s body as she repositioned herself away from him. His eyes remained fixated upon her until he deemed that she was safe, which was only when he allowed his eyes to leave her body.

But only several moments later, Harry observed from the stage as the man also squeezed his way through the crowd to approach her. Before he could touch her again, Harry turned towards his band and gestured for them to stop the music. When the arena filled with silence, Harry marched towards the edge of the stage and leaned forward, pointing his finger towards the man.

“If you touch her again then I will fuck you up,” he warned into the microphone. His voice was harsh and filled with rage.

“Can we get security over here, please?” Harry had requested into the microphone again, turning his head to locate his security team.

Two security members rushed towards the young man, forcing him through the crowd and yanking him over the barrier at the front of the arena. As they escorted the man past the stage and towards the side exit, Harry held his hand up to pause them. Crouching at the edge of the stage, Harry leaned towards the man.

“You do not get to fucking touch any girl like that,” he had ordered, “but you especially do not get to fucking touch my girl like that.”

The man was then removed from the arena and escorted to the exit. Harry repositioned himself onto his feet and turned towards his girlfriend. His eyes focused upon hers, which had become glossy with tears.

“You okay?” he had mouthed silently, holding his hand into a “thumbs up” gesture.

She nodded in response, but Harry knew her far too well to believe her. He leaned towards another security guard and politely asked for him to escort her backstage. Harry’s eyes did not leave hers until she was safely and securely backstage.

When the concert had eventually concluded, Harry had rushed backstage towards her. He pulled her into his warm embrace and peppered her face with his kisses. He rested his forehead against hers and gazed intensely into her eyes.

“Let’s stick with the balcony next time, yeah?”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Once again, if you were triggered by this or offended in any way, please reach out privately to me❤️❤️

10,000 Bellarke Fics Celebration

To celebrate this massive milestone I’ve decided to compile my largest fanfic recommendation masterlist. I’ve gotten a lot of input from people in the fandom to do as a comprehensive list as I possibly can. List is under the cut!

Since this is first and foremost a celebration of this amazing fandom’s writers please if you reblog, give a shoutout to your favorite writer or fic to let them know how loved they are.

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An All Phlint Rec List!

One guess which pairing I fell head-first into this time…

Need more time? No problem, I’ll give you a hint. It involves SHEILD’s #1 eye in the sky and his long-suffering, slightly anal-retentive handler. The purple Avenger and the dead-not-dead agent. You know them, and if you don’t already love them, these fics will fix that for you. Sorry in advance for how long this is, but there are so many fics and I have too many feelings.

Some of them even feature Pizza Dog, because we are a blessed fandom.

Most of these are rated Explicit, but not all! I even mention a G-rated fic, and I’m proud of me for branching out my recs. I don’t read non-con/dub-con, and I’m not usually into ABO stuff, so you won’t find any of that here, if it’s a concern. Just in case, read the tags! I also don’t read unhappy endings, becasue I’m not about that life.  

Click the bold titles (sometimes the little lines indicating a link aren’t there, but the link still is) and don’t forget to leave kudos/comments on the ones you love, to spread that love to the authors! And as always, there will always be more fics that I love/bookmark/scream about in my bookmarks page on my ao3 account: megamazing

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My Fav lq_traintracks (lumosed_quill) Fics

So many glorious, amazing fics. And so prolific. It always takes me forever just to even decide what of theirs that I want to read. 

You can find them on Ao3 hereeee.

One Thousand Bars (Explicit, 19 K)

Summary: And I will hold on hope / And I won’t let you choke / On the noose around your neck / And I’ll find strength in pain / And I will change my ways / I’ll know my name as it’s called again

Something I Don’t Want to Stop (Explicit, 16 K)

Summary: It’s Harry and Draco’s eighth year, the Houses have been all but demolished in favor of unity, and they’re being forced to room together. How ever will they cope?

Wands Away (Explicit, 2.9 K)

Summary: Harry and Draco are in Auror training and it’s time for a little hand-to-hand… which gets a little out of hand.

Ten Thousand Reasons Why Not (Explicit, 8.4 K)

Summary: Harry and Draco are stand-ins for the usual witch who gives the workplace harassment and sexual consent talk to the Auror trainees. Or, a little tale in which Harry consents to be sexually harassed by Draco Malfoy.

Touch Me Fall (Explicit, 23 K)

Summary: Malfoy was such a ponce. And he was a complete snob. And he was so fucking fit Harry wanted to jump him where he sat. It would be too easy to forget his objective tonight: to really, really, really get Malfoy out of his system.

Let me see you stripped (down to the bone) (Explicit, 24 K)

SummarySo,” Malfoy said. “Are you in? Or are you out?” He turned and looked at Harry squarely.
Harry remembered the slow way Malfoy had slid his hand down his own stomach, into his pants – the outline of his long fingers gripping and stroking his own cock. The way his head had fallen back, exposing his pale throat.
How he had owned them all.
He took a deep breath. “I’m in,” he said.

Check this hand ‘cause I’m marvelous (Explicit, 7.9 K)

Summary: Harry’s had a crush on Malfoy for months now. But it will take a bar full of his friends, some Firewhisky, wagers made on his behalf, and Malfoy himself to get him to act on it.

In the Shadow of Your Heart (Explicit, 51 K)

Summary: And thus began the very strange circumstance of their fake dating in public and real fucking in absolute secret. It was, with no comparison, the weirdest relationship Draco had ever been in – which was to say, it wasn’t one.

Right Hand Red (Explicit, 72 K)

Summary: Harry felt Malfoy’s breath on his lips as they came together over the bottle, hands firmly planted on the floor as though they each needed their familiar soil, refusing to cross into enemy territory.

Except that Malfoy no longer felt like his enemy.

Malfoy felt inevitable.

Blood and Fire (Explicit, 44 K)

Summary: Harry has spent the last twelve years in Romania, not returning to England as often as he knows he should. It’s complicated. But when Ginny asks him to be her best man and help her plan her wedding, he 

Fic Recommendations #2

* Credit to all the authors who wrote these amazing reads! Keep up the good work!!! 

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Repost:The Evil Within: Fanfiction and Author Recommendations

Bored, lamenting unemployment, and waiting for Evo 2015, so here’s a list of TEW fics and authors I think you should read.

Carrion (Unfinished) and Corpseflower by Angelas - RuviSeb, well-written, and slow placed, explicit. Sadly doesn’t write for the fandom anymore, but still quality work.

Snowblind and Lick the Blood from the Sword by PsychoMantis - JoSeb, fluff, good porn, I like the way the author writes Joseph, yeah, the author still victimizes him, but at least he isn’t the whinny, naggy, 17 year old girl that a lot of authors like to write Jo as.

Eager Ashes (Unfinished) and Anywhere but Here by Beckon - Works are mostly Jouli, there’s also some much appreciated Seb/Jo/Juli “bonding” and actual bonding, too. Slow-paced, lengthy works with interesting characterization. Give the author some love.

Bedroom Hymns and Reprise by Reveneration - Beautiful, romantic, pornographic JoSeb one-shots. Mostly deal with the PTSD Jo and Seb deal with in post-game fics, but it doesn’t include overwrought angst, or a self-harm fetish. There’s angst there, but it brief, just enough there to invoke an emotion out of you if you let it. Also Joseph tops.

Mind Fuck by HarleyRoux - Only one TEW fic from this author, but it’s good, fun RuviSeb porn. Can’t go wrong with that.

Episodic and The Donor Market (Unfinished) by Owlosaurus - Similar in style to Beckon’s works, lengthy, descriptive works. JoSeb. Episodic in particular, is stellar and brutal. Recommended for those who like crazy Jo.

The Note (Unfinished) by funeralfiona - Something different here, Seb actually acts like a detective. The author says there’s some JoSeb, but ships aren’t what this fic is about. Give it a read and you’ll see. Not explicit

The Crow and the Butterfly and Gravity by warbreaker - I think this author’s works are pretty popular? Oh, well I just say it again. Read this stuff. You don’t get well-written, multi-chapter works that have a plot AND are finished very often. Mostly JoSeb and Jouli stuff. There’s some porn here, though.

A Nail through a Star (Unfinished) and Level 5 Stamina by Croik - The author has a ongoing multi-chapter work that shaping up to be something special. There’s also some great RuviSeb and JoSeb one-shots. Her chapters are lengthy and full of well written characters. Give these a go too. Explicit.

I Carry your Heart and Silent and Still by lotuskasumi - One is a dark fantasy Joseb AU, and the other features slight angst with awkward kissing. Either way you’re getting something good so read her stuff. 

If there’s anything I missed, or if you have stuff to recommend, drop me a message and I’ll add it to the list. Hope this helps someone!

Destiny’s Collection of Kokichi Ouma Fanfiction(aka a Kokichi Fic Rec) PART 1

(Edit: take a shot everytime I say the word “so”)

Umm hi. I don’t really know how to start this so uh. Kokichi.

So the whole point of this fanfiction master list is mainly so I can clear off the like 50 tabs I have up on my phone.

Hopefully somebody besides me can use this.

The fanfiction will be separated by ship and then put in order by word count. So. Enjoy. I guess.



an ocean’s worth of longing - ninata

Word Count: 1330

Rating: NSFW

Summary: Oh, I don’t know what love is, I never will / But when you’re gone from me I know I’ll still / Want you to be with me and wonder why / There never was a love for you and I – Shuuichi finds himself drowning in what may be love.

Notes: It’s literally just smut. But with feelings. Like Kokichi’s a mess, but so is Shuichi and it’s just great.

sentimental - ninata

Word Count: 3193

Rating: mostly SFW(references sex)

Summary: Feelings do not come easy for Kokichi. After a particularly exhausting night, he tries (and fails) not to ruminate.

Notes: Oh my god I love this so much. It’s hard to explain just. Read it. Please. Also, ninata is an amazing writer and if you like sentimental and an ocean’s worth of longing, you should definitely take a look at their other works.

find out games you don’t want to play - mediocre_kazoo_player

Word Count: 4178

Rating: sorta NSFW(implied sex)

Summary: If interesting is what Ouma wants, Saihara will make it his job to become the most unpredictable motherfucker the little bastard has ever laid eyes on.

Notes: oof I love this. There’s the perfect mixture of fluff and angst for those who don’t like too much of either.

Dream Demon - Kerouge

Word Count: 4795

Rating: SFW

Summary: If you asked Saihara if he had feelings for Akamatsu, the answer would be “at first.”

If you asked Saihara if he had feelings for Momota, the answer would be “probably.”

If you asked Saihara if he had feelings for Ouma, he would’ve laughed.


Notes: This is one of the few fanfictions that has made me cry. It’s not even that sad. It’s just so bittersweet. I just.

A Phantom Desire - YoUnG_22

Word Count: 5882

Rating: NSFW

Summary: Detective Shuichi Saihara finally gets the opportunity he deserves when the notorious Phantom Thief leaves a note for him to come to Hotel Kumasutra and get him. Shuichi jumps on the opportunity to capture the thief, so he rushes over to the Thief’s location without a second thought. But little dose he know that is exactly what the Phantom Thief wants. The Phantom Thief’s has other plans for the detective

Note: Porn with slight plot. It’s good.

Omega Motive - Silver_Serpent

Word Count: 12457

Rating: NSFW

Summary: Monokuma uses the heat of an omega within the group to work as the new motive, but (un)fortunately it doesn’t quite go to plan.

Dynamics are swapped in the next chapter.

Notes: I normally don’t like ABO AU’s but this is an exception. The first chapter is Omega! Shuichi and the next is Omega! Kokichi sooo.

let me see your world - curiosity

Word Count: 13371

Rating: SFW

Summary: “Saihara-chan, don’t you think the idea of a phantom thief and a detective having a secret romance would be really fun?”

Notes: I. Love. This. There’s a first part that’s linked in the author’s note. I’m just too lazy to link it.

Fastern’s Den of Oumasai Sin - Fastern

Word Count: 19760

Rating: NSFW

Summary: (first oneshot) In which the Love Hotel scene between Kokichi and Shuichi ends a little differently

Notes: So this is a series of three connected oneshots and ugh. At first, I thought it was just porn without plot but then. Feelings. And it’s sooo good.

The REAL Disaster of the Ultimate Academy - PeppermintPretzels

UNFINISHED: regular updates

Word Count: 25180

Rating: SFW

Summary: Kokichi Oma added 15 people to the chat

Kokichi Oma changed the group name to The REAL Disaster of the Ultimate Academy

Kokichi Oma changed their name to omaGOD

omaGOD changed 15 names

omaGOD: welcome!! to your worst nightmare ;)))

kokichi begins a group chat for the members of the harmony dorm. you can guess how that turns out.

Notes: two things. One. This is a chatfic if you didn’t know that already. Two. I accidentally linked the ninth chapter so you’ll have to go to chapter one. I lied. Three thing. Three. The main focus isn’t on Oumasai but it’s. Good.



Show Me What I Want To See - Otakumikulovinggamer4life

Word Count: 1673

Rating: NSFW

Summary: Ouma has this annoying little habit during sex that drives Kaito crazy!

Kaito just wants to see his boyfriend’s face, for crying out loud!

Notes: Porn without plot. But FUCK Kokichi is so cute in this.

Getting Along - rev_eerie

UNFINISHED - regular updates

Word Count: 22887

Rating: SFW(could change)

Summary: When Ouma woke up, his first thought was: ‘I need to get out of here.’

It was stupid, being knocked out by some dirty sneak attack from the fake aikido master, being tied up with his tools taken away from him and locked inside the room with none other than the annoying Momota Kaito… it just irritated him to the core. He still has a lot of places to investigate and a lot of secrets to uncover. His time is precious, no one can tell who or when the next person is going to snap and commit their own murder. He’s still worried about Harukawa who’s walking about outside, and the people actively ignoring how much of a danger she’s posing to the group… 'Idiots. They’re all idiots. It’s all up to me now. I don’t have time for this crap.’

And yet, he’s still here, In this stupid Love Hotel. With stupid Momota-chan. Locked in by a stupid cult.

Notes: Nothing between the two has actually happened yet but iT IS SO GOOD JUST TRUST ME READ IT

i missed you (m)

Originally posted by boyfriendjungkookie

↠ author’s note: just a cute and smutty piece. first time i’m posting my writing so feedback will be highly appreciated :)

↠ genre: smut, fluff, college au, athlete!jeongukk 

↠ pairing: jeongukk x reader

↠ word count: 6.3 k

↠ warnings: unprotected sex, oral sex, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, dry humping 

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barba-fan  asked:

Can I request one where H and the reader are best friends and she came to see him on tour and they are very fluffy, touching kissing and hugging each other, so Jeff and the others of the band are teasing him and don’t believe that they are just friends. Thank youuu💙💙💙

“And they’re still claiming to be just friends?”

All members of the band followed Jeff’s eyes, which had been fixated upon the shining star himself, Harry Styles. Standing beside him on the other side of the stage was his best friend, who had flown thousands of miles to visit him on his live tour. Harry and the band were supposed to be rehearsing for the next concert of the tour, but he instead had been carrying on playfully with his best friend, both of them unable to conceal their excitement at being reunited once again.

“I don’t know who they think they’re fooling,” Mitch commented.

They all nodded their heads in agreement, for nobody could argue the evident chemistry that Harry and Y/N shared with one another. They had been denying relationship rumors for months and argued to be nothing more than best friends, but this had been a clear lie to anyone who knew the couple. When he was asked of her, he became nervous yet loved to talk about her in any way that he could. When she attended his concerts, he would show off more than usual and would spend his night staring at her amongst the crowd. And most of all, when she was with him, it was if nothing else in the world mattered.

They observed from afar as Harry knelt down beside Y/N, who had been sitting upon a chair. They noticed Harry reach for her hand and gently caress his thumb over the top her hand. Although they appeared to be in a heartfelt conversation, he also could not break his stare from her soft lips. 

“Give her a smooch!” Adam had hollered from across the stage. 

Harry turned his body towards Adam’s voice and broke into a hardy laugh in response to his friends’ teasing. Pulling himself into a standing position, Harry strolled across the stage to join his mates. Noticing that each of them wore an amused smile, Harry’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. 

“What?” Harry questioned, curiously.

“You and your best friend have an interesting relationship,” Jeff joked.  

Harry rolled his eyes and lightly chuckled in response. “I’m not going through this again,” he argued.

Mitch shrugged his shoulders. “So I guess you don’t mind if I ask Y/N out then right?”

Harry’s eyes fired towards Mitch, shooting him a deep glare that nearly burned a hole in Mitch’s forehead. Harry’s protective and jealous reaction instantly caused Jeff and the band to fall into hysterical laughter. Harry shook his head at his friends’ playful manner before turning his back and leaving them in their continuous state of laughter. Returning to Y/N, he threw his arm around her shoulder and escorted her from the stage. 

As the night dragged on, fans had begun gathering into the venue, anxious to see their idol perform. Backstage, however, Jeff was anxiously searching for the superstar, who had somehow disappeared and been missing for the past while. However, as Jeff pushed open the door to Harry’s dressing room, he was startled at the sight. Having walked right into Harry and Y/N sharing a passionate kiss, the couple immediately broke apart at the sound of Jeff entering the room. A smirk jumped to Jeff’s face and he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“I should go,” Y/N had said, shyly.

As she parted from Harry, their hands lingered in one another’s before they broke apart. Harry’s eyes had remained focused upon her body until she left the room.

“Is this what friends do?” Jeff had asked through his smirk.

Harry laughed. “No,” he responded, “But best friends do.

PART 2!!!! PART 2!!!!

Originally posted by thestylesgifs

anonymous asked:

Hi! Any super angsty harry fic u recommend? Just read important phone calls, my aching heart needs more 😢😢

All the following writers have amazing work on their timelines but here’s a list of my favourite (angsty) ones! I will be adding more as they come to mind x


  • Committed
  • Let Down
  • Slipped My Mind
  • Worry


  • Emotional Cheating
  • Temporary Reality
  • One-sided


  • From The Dining Table

SOS5IM | Masterlist

  • Where Were You When I Needed You
  • Don’t You Remember
  • Ruins
  • Hold Me Down
  • But It’s Important


  • Au Revoir: Breakup Novella
  • Never Far Away
  • Four Little Reasons
  • High Hopes
  • We’ll Be Better In The Morning
  • Don’t Let Me Go


(There’s an amazing angst list!)

  • Santorini
  • You Can’t Keep Doing This
  • All I Needed Was A Call
  • Didn’t I tell You