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Functionally Dysfunctional Part 3

Kagome was a highly affectionate person. He knew that. After all, he had married her and was devoted to her always.

But drunk Kagome was next level affectionate. Holding him closer than normal, patting his face, tell him she loved him. While it was awkward, especially with Miroku watching in glee, it was nice to realize how much she loved him.

“I like your face. Can I kiss it?” Kagome was running her delicate fingers all over his features, surprisingly soft considering how hard the liquor was that she had consumed.

“Yeah.” He closed the eye she was now caressing.

“Oh really?! Thank you!!!” She squealed with delight before planting a hard kiss near his mouth. He presumed she meant to kiss his mouth, but missed.

“Oh I just really like you. I’d like to marry you, Inuyasha.” She crawled even further into his laugh, and Inuyasha tried to ignore the howl of laughter that erupted out of Miroku. 

“You did,” he told her, already pinning his ears back to try to fight off the loud squeal of happiness that was going to come out of her. 

Inuyasha on his human night was always a sight to hold. He was a beautiful man, beyond her understanding. The way he was built was something that Michelangelo could only have dreamed to have painted. 

It was a wonder to her that others would have looked at him and not see how beautiful he was.

On his human night, he didn’t like to leave the house. Period. Kagome was fine with it, because she knew if he stepped outside, there would be flocks of women on him. And she wasn’t going to have that at all.

So they played games until he felt relaxed enough to sleep just a little bit. 

“Uno!” She giggled at him, knowing how much he hated card games. His eyebrows furrowed as he regarded her over his large hand of cards. 

He tried, she’ll give him that. He played a really good game, but in the end she was the one who prevailed (as was typical on game night).

He was shuffling for another game when Kagome stuck out the box instead.

“What? You’re tired of kicking my ass?” His eyes glinted as he realized what she was suggesting with her move, but he wasn’t about to let his opportunity to mock her go. 

“Maybe. Or maybe I think it’s time for a bath…” she trailed off as he put the cards in the battered UNO box.

Kaede had only seen them holding hands once. And it was by accident. She happened to look up at the two of them in a window where Inuyasha was ‘surveying his landscape’ for a lack of a better understanding of what he was doing, when Kagome walked over and took his hand. Kaede had thought that maybe a kiss or two would follow, but the two just stood and looked out the window together for a while.

She doesn’t know how long though, because she quickly looked away, feeling as though she had trespassed on an intimate moment. 

“He calls her ‘woman’ and ‘wench’ on a regular basis. I’ve heard it!” One of the neighbors,Hojo, had come to gossip about the odd pair. He had clearly had eyes for Kagome, and for some reason, Inuyasha was the only one out of the two who had realized it.

Kaede smoothly responded with “she calls him ‘dog-boy’ too. I think it’s just their pet names for each other.”

“I just don’t get it! How does a man like that get a woman as beautiful as Kagome?!” 

“She loves him. You don’t pick the people you love, you just love them with all your heart and soul. Those two are a living example if there ever has been one.” Kaede continued to look at her garden. Inuyasha had done a nice job trimming the rose bushes. She’d have to tell Kagome to thank him for her, since anytime she attempted to start a conversation, he managed to vanish. 

“Maybe she’s bewitched!” Hojo continued. “Clearly, he has her under some spell! I should save her before her lack of judgment ruins her!”

“The only thing with a lack of judgment is you, HOBO! Stay away from my wife!” Inuyasha hollered through his living room’s open window. 

Kagome let out an indignant “Inuyasha!” while Kaede had to catch her breath over how hard she had laughed. 

Hojo made himself scarce for a while, but he was too dense for his own good, and Kaede knew he would be back after a bit. And Inuyasha would be waiting for him.

 Where Kagome was oblivious, Inuyasha saw all, and where Inuyasha was blind, Kagome saw it all. It made them quite the pair. 

anonymous asked:

Hi Mizuki! Congratulations on graduating! I was hoping if you could please make a scenario where Kakashi is currently trying to court Kagome only to realize that Yamato and maybe a few other coworkers are quite interested in her as well?

Thank you hon! Graduated and soon going back to school!

This will be the last Naruto request I do because I feel like I don’t capture the Naruto character correctly, so I will be going back to rewatch a few episodes. Maybe more characters will come out! But Kakashi will always have a special place in my heart <3

“Still haven’t asked her huh?”

Looking at his former student of the ANBU corps, Kakashi stopped mid-way from taking a sip of sake (even with his mask still on). Placing the small ceramic cup down, Kakashi scoffed, eyes returning to the bowl of edamame. “That woman can be very oblivious; she is a difficult one. I’ve tried it all, Yamato: dinner, lunch, flowers, even took the scolding of being late to meeting with my team all the time.”

Yamato chuckled as he heard the team seven sensei talk about his love troubles. It was a rare sight only alcohol brought out. He could not blame him though. The miko-doctor was a woman many shinobi were after, but all of them came out with broken hearts. Not that she rejected them directly, but more like…Kagome was very oblivious to the whole thing about affection. Taking a bite of gyoza, Yamato shrugged. “Tsunade-sama has been keeping her busy with finding cures and such, so maybe she just isn’t paying attention to her personal love life, or life in general.”

“Perhaps.” Kakashi rolled his eyes. That girl was definitely a curse to the heart. Of all people he could have chosen, his heart chose that one. He even made sure to leave his book behind each time he visited her after she labeled him as one of ‘those’ guy. Lips raising to lower his mask, he stopped the moment the ramen shop owner placed a new bottle of sake in front of him.

“You are not getting any older, Kakashi.” The ramen owner laughed. “Time will fly; men will swarm to get her, you know?”

Kakashi could not deny that.

“He is right,” Yamato pointed his cup to him, “they will. I already saw two shinobi asking her out on a date.”

“Did she accept?” Kakashi’s brow rose.

Trying to think back, Yamato shook his head slowly. “I don’t think so…?”

“Figures.” Kakashi sighed, pouring himself another cup. “The first time I tried asking her out for lunch, it took me two months until she finally accepted. That girl is too much into her work.”

“Look who is talking.”

If it were not for Naruto and Sakura convincing Kagome to go, the wait would have been longer. For once, Kakashi was thankful for their meddling.

“I heard Yamato also tried last time.” The ramen owner laughed again as he took the empty bottle of sake in front of the brunette.

Kakashi’s hands stopped from bringing the cup to his lips once more; the gyoza between Yamato’s chopsticks slipped. Slowly turning his head to the brunette shinobi, Kakashi spoke. “Wait…,” Yamato remained still, “you too?”

“It…was only once!” Yamato’s lips twitched seeing the shock on the Kakashi’s expression. “I promise only once! But she also turned me down!”

Shoulders dropping back down, Kakashi shook his head. “Of course. By the end of this month she may already be rejecting the whole village. I’m not even mad. Why should I when we are both on the same boat.”

“Oi,” Yamato’s eyes narrowed, “you are making it sound like we are losers here.”


Plagiarism: Krissy Reynolds on Amazon

This person is profiting off the works of numerous authors. I’m on mobile but from what I’ve seen thus far this person has stolen works from several fandoms including:

Law and Order by (TWD)
Bottled Genius by Torenreza (Inuyasha)
Sealskin by Loupee (Hunger Games)

I’m not sure how to report but please go review/rate them 1 star and include the names of the original works so others know to avoid this scammer.

Update 3: Reynolds has been removed from both Amazon and Goodreads!!!

This costest is to all the SESSKAG fics I’ve ever read out there. ( and also to) @youkaiyume (sorry this is just a closet costest!) whose fanfictions, art, and Raindrops doujin have been some of the most beautiful and wonderfully made fanwork I’ve ever been fortunate enough to stumble across. So I’m sure people say it all the time but thank you for sharing your beautiful work!
Also, side note, if you’re looking for an awesome SESSKAG read, I’m currently re reading the once and future taiyoukai and it just as amazing the second time through!

Knit and Lace

Prompt: Family/Pink
Warning: NSFW!

Inuyasha knew he hated Kagome for an irrational reason. She couldn’t help the fact that she looked like the ex that stomped on his heart ‘til it was ground meat. But, it was the principle of it all.

“I’d really like it if you put your differences aside to get along with her,” Miroku said beseechingly. “Sango and I are getting married, and you two are going to play a huge part in it.”

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Why all my favorite characters end up being dead/unnoticed and have no good “x reader” fanfictions?



Watery, angry eyes turned and regarded the person who spoke her name. Her face had a comically large frown on it, her eyebrows furrowed fiercely, her upset obvious to anyone who looked at her. And boy were the villagers looking.

“Kagome. You are over tired. Come on now.”

“I’m mad at you, Inuyasha. I don’t want to listen to you.” With a loud ‘humpf’ she turned on her heel and gave him her back. It was quite the sight, the local priestess with her heavily pregnant body telling her husband off in the center of the village.

“Think of the baby, Kagome. Come on. Sango will let you rest at her house if you are that mad at me.” Inuyasha held his arms out to his wife. She was due any day now, and while the thought of her in labor scared him, he was ready to be able to hold his baby, and maybe have a wife who was a little less upset with him.

Kagome considered his proposal for a bit, before beginning to waddle her way across the village to where Sango and Miroku lived. Inuyasha patiently waited for Kagome to indicate he should follow. She made it 10 steps for exclaiming “Inuyasha! I can’t balance right!”

Inuyasha went to her and took her small hand in his, and together they walked slowly to Sango’s.

One of the men of the village who had seen all of it, vocalized what everyone was thinking. “What happened?”

One of the oldest women in the village, who still remembered the right when Inuyasha had attacked the village, responded, “Inuyasha’s met his match, and found himself a family along the way.”

Just Wanna Hold Your Hand

This story is a (belated) birthday gift for my wonderful friend, @grapefruitwannabe! But since I’m posting it on Valentine’s Day, I figure it can be her valentine too (cc: @inuyasha-valentines). So, happy birthday, my lovely! And on this Day of Valentines, I offer you the gift of InuKag love.

Inuyasha had never faced a challenge like this one. Nothing else he’d ever come up against—surviving childhood, fighting bloodthirsty demons out to skin hanyō hide, enduring ubiquitous contempt and ostracization from both humans and demons, being pinned to a damned tree for 50 years—none of it compared to the sheer heart-pounding terror of the task ahead of him.

He was going to try holding Kagome’s hand.

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Idk I made a thing. Because I felt like it.

It was silent inside his pick-up as he drove his date home that night, but it wasn’t an uncomfortable or awkward quiet. The date, in Inuyasha’s opinion, had been a complete success and the corner of his lips quirked upward as he recalled it. He shot a sidelong glance at the beautiful woman to his right and as it always did when he looked at her, his heart sped a little faster and his stomach did those stupid little flip-flops he’d become acquainted with the past month.

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A little bit late for Day 1 but here it is, my contribution for @inukag-week

A small post-canon story about Inuyasha and Kagome’s first trip as a family.


They were looking their way again. Even after he glared at the stupid humans. He had promised her not to growl at the people on the road or the townsmen. But he has not promised to avoid sending mental threats and murderous wishes around them.

He hated traveling. He had always hated it. It meant leaving the place he liked, his home–their home–, it also meant being around people who didn’t know them, that didn’t trust them and he was positive they didn’t want them there.

Inuyasha bit back another growl as a middle-aged woman saw them, took her whatever-she-was-carrying and turned away with a nasty scowl on their way.

“Come on, Inuyasha! Try to enjoy the day, it’s our first trip together,” Kagome said with a bright smile as she walked beside him, way too close to him for the liking of the stupid humans.

“I’m trying… see?”  

Kagome laughed at his fake smile, it was only a display of his white teeth and twitching eyebrows over half closed eyes.  After it stopped being funny, she stopped walking and faced him, using those way-too-intelligent eyes of hers to stare at his face and his tense pose.

Knowing he was not uncomfortable for the weight he was carrying, that it was something else, she asked with a serious voice “Why are you on edge? Do you feel something bad around?”

His bangs covered his eyes as he shook his head. “Then what is it, Inuyasha? and don’t you say nothing.”  

He rapidly closed his lips before that exact word left his lips. Trying to avoid her discomfort, ti shield her from some of the ugly aspects of being the wife of a halfbreed and protecting that happiness she constantly radiated was part of him, was part of who he was for her. Of the man he had become thanks to her. And even when she discovered he was holding something from her, he was not going to spill it so easy.

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She Will Be Loved

For @drxgnel

Summary: Basorexia-an overwhelming desire to kiss

He watched her in the light of the setting sun, holding his hand in hers as she led him into the forest. His forest. She wanted to go back to where they’d met, the Goshinboku.

She had grown a bit in her three-year absence. She was taller, curvier, her hair longer and fuller than it used to be. She was still as beautiful as he remembered.

He had physically felt her presence throughout the day. He held her hand, exchanged soft touches in passing as they had visited with their friends. He had not had the chance to kiss her.

The only kiss they had ever shared was within the eternal and endless darkness of the meido, wonderful and all too brief. He wanted to kiss her in the daylight, where there was no fear of the evil or blackness around them. He needed to feel her lips on his so he could convey to her what his words alone would never be enough to impart to her.

“InuYasha?” he heard her say, bringing him back to the present as they both stood beneath the ancient tree.

“What are you thinking about?”

Without hesitating, he leaned down and captured her lips with his own in a tender kiss.

“You,” he answered against her mouth.

I got a message from a certain fanfic author and I never thought this day would come but it did and I’m so happy. Also doing all the shading all on one layer in one color is weird how do people do this. 

Back To You

A/N: In which Kagome comes back eight years later to be reunited with her one true love, whom is no longer the teenager she knew from before. Hello, Inuyasha Tashio.

Okay, look. This too way too damn long to write because I don’t know how to write a drabble or a ficlet, apparently. So fourteen pages later, this happened. I wrote this for the ever lovely @keichanz and also added underwear model Inuyasha for @mmhinman and even used some pointers from my waifu @inunanna to complete this piece.

As much as I love my girls, I still think I could have written this better so forgive me. But like I always say; I could always improve in my writing. This is pure, shitty SMUT and I was ten shades of red as I wrote it, so I hope you enjoy. Now, I am going to hide under my covers with the lights off.

For my girls. I love you all.

@keichanz @inunanna @mmhinman @dreamer-of-the-wandering-suns @akiza-hades-rose @astarisms @kagomeforever @inukag-4ever @ryupioupiou and for anyone else who likes my work.

Warning: This is NSFW and has detailed intimacy at the end. Incase anyone does not like that sort of thing. 

Yours truly, Kuddles.


Eight years ago

“What do you mean eight fucking years?!”

“It means I’ll be going to college for my PHD for at least eight years, Inuyasha.”

“I thought you were only going to be gone for a few weeks to look at colleges. This is bullshit. Can’t you go to school here, where you live instead of in a fucking foreign country?!”

Kagome sighed. “Well, I decided on Yale. It’s a great opportunity for me. I want to be the best doctor I can be, and if that means moving to a country where the best school offers me that, then so be it. You knew this was going to happen eventually.”

Inuyasha growled low in his throat. “It’s bullshit.”

“Be that as it may, I am still going.” Her delicate hand cupped his strong jaw. “I’ll be back in a few years. And I will visit whenever I can.”

“Promise?” Golden eyes so intense, Kagome had to choke back a sob.

“I promise-” Her big, brown eyes lined with tears as she held up her left hand, sticking out her pinky. “Pinky promise.” Kagome smiled despite the feeling of her heart shattering at the way he was staring at her.

With a keh, Inuyasha met her pinky with his right, hooking it firmly to hers. “Pinky promise.” He confirmed.

It was no secret that he yearned for Kagome. That he needed her in his life like he needed air to breath. She was his best friend, his soulmate, his first love. He couldn’t imagine his life without her and at that moment he couldn’t fathom his heartbreak, not with her doe eyes staring at him like they were.

Without really thinking about it, Inuyasha bent forward and kissed her lips lightly, just a faint brush of the lips, then he was hugging her close. “Don’t ask me to let go.” He whispered. Kagome only held him tighter.

“Flight 260 departing for New York is now boarding. Please head to gate six.”

Kagome pulled back first, tears falling freely down her flushed cheeks. She wiped her thumb across her nose before giving Inuyasha the best smile she could muster. “I have to go.” Kagome bent down and grabbed her bag turning slightly.

“You can’t-” His clawed hand shot out to grab her.

“Please.” It was faint, barely a whisper, but he heard it nonetheless. “I want to do this. No, I have to do this, for me. I’ll come back. I promise.”

He couldn’t see her eyes hidden beneath her bangs as her head was hung forward, but he did see the tears falling like rain drops off her chin. Inuyasha reluctantly released her, sticking his clenched fists in his pockets to keep from reaching out again. “Feh. Fine. Go- see if I care.” The sentence couldn’t have been farther from the truth and it hurt the moment he said it out loud. But that was how he dealt with his feelings, using his I-dont-give-a fuck attitude to cover up how he truly felt.

Kagome choked back another sob as she flung herself at him, kissing him with all she had, then turning to jolt through the crowded airport leaving a stunned half-demon behind. Stupid Inuyasha. Why couldn’t you just have said I love you and I’ll miss you and left it at that?! She didn’t even have the heart to turn around and look back.

“Kagome-” Inuyasha was for once in his life left speechless. He never would have guessed that she wouldn’t be returning at all until exactly eight years later.

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