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Cops&Criminals AU prompts
  • Disclaimer: All of these are mine, free for grabs. I just want to know if you write them because I want to read them. Some are darker, some are crack material. Enjoy!
  • 1: You’re holding me in a chokehold and there’s a gun pressed against my temple, I shouldn’t feel the way I’m feeling about it, but I can’t help it, fuck.
  • 2: I came to make a deal with some shady gang and there you are, tied up and bruised, great, now I have to make the deal about you so that I can get you out of there.
  • 3: You turned me in to the police and I’m going to jail, but you keep saying it was for my own good, are you fucking serious? Also why can’t I hate you?
  • 4: My boss ordered me to drive you to the desert and kill you there, god damn it stop crying there, it’s so pathetic, no, I’m not letting you go, are you mad, oh god, stop, it’s starting to get on my nerves and… am I starting to feel sorry for you?
  • 5: My boss ordered me to drive you to the desert and kill you there, but you have no idea and keep talking about our future, please stop, I can’t take it.
  • 6: I’m a priest and you’re that one guy who comes to confess his crimes every week, son, could you go to the police already, I’ve had enough of hearing about murders, also, stop saying how much you love my voice, okay, it makes me really uncomfortable.
  • 7: We’re holding you captive and I’m supposed to feed you, I swear if you try to bite me again, I’ll punch you in the face.
  • 8: We’re holding you captive and I take care of you, I had to leave, now I’ve come back and you’re not in the state I left you in, what the hell have they done to you?
  • 9: I’m a hooker and you are a cop, you gave me your number like a year ago during some investigation in this area and sorry, I know it’s 2 am but I’m in real trouble and could you please come and save me?
  • 10: I’ve kidnapped you and I’m trying to film a very menacing video of me asking for ransom but you keep giggling and apparently I’ll have to gag you, you stupid idiot.
  • 11: My partners in crime finally decided to kill you, but after the weeks of holding you captive I grew kinda fond of you. I was trying to keep cool, but when they held the gun to your head, you looked at me and whispered you weren’t afraid, and I lost my shit.
  • 12: I’m a cop, we found you in the dark alley during my patrol and I thought you were dead, but then you grabbed my hand, what the fuck, you scared the hell out of me.
  • 13: We’re held hostage together and you keep coming up with crazy plans to escape, just shut up, you’re delusional and it annoys me.
  • 14: Hi, I’m your cellmate, welcome to hell. Oh… damn, shouldn’t you be like in juvenile, you’re a fucking baby, are you alright, do you want me to hold you?
  • 15: I’m on the run, jumped into your car, aimed a gun at you and yelled at you to drive but oh my god, you’re like the worst driver in the world, I’m fucked.
  • 16: I’m at Starbucks ordering coffee late at night, you’re the barista and why the hell are you staring at me like that, oh shit, I didn’t notice I had blood on my clothes.
  • 17: I accidentally witnessed your kidnapping, now I’m no hero but hold on tight, I’m still coming to the rescue.
  • 18: We’re holding you captive but you got really sick, hell we need you alive, you can’t die on us, what’s wrong with you, is it pneumonia or what, what am I supposed to do, will some Advil do or do I need to rob a pharmacy now?
  • 19: I’m a cop, you’re resisting arrest and now I’m practically sitting on you trying to handcuff you and… are you actually laughing?
  • 20: Listen, I’d be okay with you breaking in my apartment and stealing my things, but you managed to kill my hamster in the process, now I’m coming for you, you bastard, do you hear me?
Kobayashi Gives Kanna “The Talk” (This Time It’s Not What You Think It Is)

More Dragon Maid family feels.  Today we’re serving some “shit I adopted a dragon baby” stress and partially reluctant grappling with mom-ing feelings on Kobayashi’s part. Just the kind of unabashed fluff I usually produce, this time in the g rated spectrum.

If Dragon Maid fic is your thing, there’s two more on my handy dandy fanfic masterlist.

Kobayashi feigns getting up from her desk to get coffee when her phone lights up with an incoming call. It’s Tohru, which isn’t unusual. She doesn’t know how to text and Kobayashi doesn’t feel she can really be trusted with much more than the landline at the apartment quite yet. Although she usually waits until lunch to call. She wonders what’s so urgent that she couldn’t wait the half hour. 

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How I got my Honors Psychology class to discuss Destiel fanfiction

Today I had my Psychology and Philosophy of War class, which I absolutely love. It’s part of a larger, nation-wide honors program and we discuss the effects of war on people, cultures and society. We split into discussion groups to think of examples for what the professor had spoken about.

I brought up a fictional story I’d read about a man named Dean going off to fight in Vietnam, leaving behind his distraught loved ones, and how when he got back everything, including himself, was changed and he couldn’t handle it and had to leave it all behind. My group loved it and we all debated various points of the story.

Yup. My honors class debated Twist and Shout.

Your move, Supernatural fandom.

A Heated Discussion

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Reader where they have rough sex after an argument. @coveofmemories @sweetg


“Why wouldn’t you tell me where you were, Y/N?” Spencer asked angrily as you walked back into the apartment. “I was worried about you and you were gone for hours. You didn’t answer my phone, what was I supposed to do. I thought you were dead on the side of the road somewhere.”

After weeks of searching, you had found an amazing antique wall clock in an antique store a state away. It was a four hour drive and you didn’t want him to know because it was for his birthday. So what did he do? He asked Penelope to track your phone because he was ‘worried,’ which meant that he knew exactly where you were and had been spoiled about his birthday present. You were pissed. It had taken you forever to find something and he was so hard to surprise, so now you were going to have to find something else to surprise him. “Spence, it took me forever to find you a gift and you ruined it!”

“You wouldn’t answer my call! What was I supposed to do?” he exclaimed. 

As you walked into the kitchen for a drink, you started yelling, this time into the refrigerator. “Did we not discuss what either of us would do if we were in trouble? Did we not talk about a code word that we would either text or say in the event of an emergency?” You spun around with a bottle of water in hand and nearly spilled half of it on yourself in anger.

“Orange,” he replied meekly. “The word is orange.”

“Exactly!” Normally, you didn’t get so worked up, but you were pissed about his birthday. “So you should’ve trusted me,” you said, crossing your arms in front of your chest and tapping your foot on the tiled floor of the kitchen. 

His timid look disappeared as he started to get heated again. “It’s not about me trusting you! It’s about me not trusting anyone else!” He crossed the space between you and grabbed your arms. “Something could’ve been wrong.” He only did it because he cared about you and he thought something was wrong.

Just before you jumped into his arms, his heated look softened. “I’m sorry I ruined your surprise,” he muttered against your lips as he carried you toward the bedroom.  As you crashed into the wall, you whimpered, feeling his arousal graze across your center.

“I’m sorry I got so pissed,” you replied, peeling your sweaty shirt up over your head. After throwing it across the room, you moved your attention to his belt buckle, ripping it off and throwing it near your shirt. “I just have no idea what to get you for your birthday now.” 

“All I need is you,” he mumbled, unhooking your bra and allowing you to fall backward onto the bed. Splayed before him, your breasts moving back and forth with the force of the fall, you reached down peel your jeans off, but he did it for you. 

With one finger, you slid up you slit, collecting the evidence of your arousal and pushing it into his mouth. A groan escaped him as he lifted you from your position and flipped you over. Now facing the wall, all you could hear was the rubbing of fabric as Spencer pushed his pants to the floor and stepped out of them. You needed to be taken. With a moan, you moved your ass upwards, which forced your head into the mattress. “Fuck me,” you mumbled, the cushion of the mattress absorbing your plea. 

Spencer leaned down and kissed the small of your back before pulling your ass up just slightly with his hands on either side of your hips. Immediately, he sheathed himself inside you with a groan, slapping against your legs over and over again. At first, your legs were practically tied together, but as he thrusted into you, you found yourself opening for him, your legs sliding further and further apart. “Oh, god, fuck me,” you screamed into the mattress, biting down on the sheet and clutching it with your hands outstretched for something to hold on to.

Before you knew it, Spencer had thrusted into you to the hilt and leaned forward to grab your arms, pulling you back toward him. It was a good thing you had strong legs, because he had lifted your top half off the bed. There was something oddly comforting about having his hands firmly grasped around you. It didn’t hurt at all, but you could tell his grip was strong enough to leave bruises, which you’d blush at in the morning. 

With you now suspended in midair, he slowed down, jutting his movements upward so he was hitting a new angle. As you focused in on his movements, you could feel your slickness dripping down your leg. “Ah fuck!” you cried as he pulled out completely and thrusted all the way back in. “Do that again, please.” Again, he pulled out all the way and then pounded back into you. Despite his grip on you, your body fell forward, which caused him to reel you back flush against him. 

“Mine,” he grunted against your neck as he fucked you. “All mine.” With one arm keeping your hands behind your back, he reached the other around to encompass your breasts. You started to moan again, but before you could take any control of the situation, he turned you around, his cock still pounding into you as he bent you over the dresser. Each thrust sent another item flying off the top.

When you looked up, you realized that you were in front of a mirror. Anyone who said that orgasm faces were sexy was full of it, both yours’ and Spencer’s faces were flushed with heat, and contorted into near screams. The sexy thing about it was knowing that your heated core was the reason his face looked the way it did. You tightened around him as he thrusted into you one last time, emptying himself inside you.

Once again, he turned you around and let go of his grip on your arms. “Oh fuck,” you breathed, turning over and pulling Spencer down on top of you. “Where did that come from?” He normally wasn’t that rough with you - it was actually kind of hot. 

“A little pent up anger that you would think I didn’t trust you,” he said, kissing the side of your neck as he pulled you up toward the pillow. “But for some reason, I’m over it.”

“I think that reason might be a warm pussy,” you laughed, biting down on his earlobe. “Speaking of, maybe for your birthday, I can get a really special piece of lingerie that you can rip off. Or, maybe you can think of something that you’ve always wanted to do in the bedroom and I’ll try it. Sound good?”

Groaning, he buried his head in your neck and kissed along your jawline. “That sounds amazing. What on earth could we do in here that we haven’t already done?” he laughed.

Historical AU prompts
  • Disclaimer: All of these are mine, free for grabs, I just want to know if you write them so that I could read it. Some are tear-jerkers, some are actually crack material.
  • 1: I’m the royal executioner and I’ve just received an execution warrant and oh God it’s you I have to put to sword.
  • 2: I was supposed to poison the king during a feast but I didn’t know you were his food taster, now how do I save you without actually losing my head?
  • 3: We met in the dungeon, you’re a petty thief and I’m a murderer, but I didn’t want to frighten you so I said I was a thief too, but the day of my execution is approaching and should I tell you the truth?
  • 4: You are a nobleman and your enemies sent me to kill you, but damn you are cute and I really don’t want to do it now.
  • 5: You are a knight and you’ve just won the tourney and put the wreath on my head in front of everyone, why the hell did you do that?
  • 6: You’re the king, I’m your cook, you were really sick last night and you think I tried to poison you, but I’m just really clumsy and I messed up, please don’t chop my head off.
  • 7: I’m a member of your guard escorting you to your future bride, but we fell in love on the way and now you don’t want to marry her, her father and your father are going to kill us.
  • 8: You’re a bandit and you kidnapped me for ransom, my family is poor, but I still keep pretending I am noble and rich so you won’t kill me, also I think you kinda fancy me, we could work with that.
  • 9: You’re a messenger delivering a top secret message, you’ve mistaken me for the recipient and now I’ve read it and fuck if they find out we’re both dead.
  • 10: You’re a slave being auctioned, I know the guy bidding for you is a horrible person and I feel sorry for you, so I keep bidding as well, but I don’t actually have the money, oh God, how is this going to end?
  • 11: I stole your horse when I was running from someone, now I came to return it, please don’t be mad.
  • 12: I’m a painter decorating a church and I kinda gave one of the angels your face, now you are sitting at that church and you’ve just seen it, just kill me know.
  • 13: I don’t actually have an explanation for hiding naked in your courtyard, but please don’t call the guards?
  • 14: I’ve stolen one of your soldiers’ uniform when he fell asleep at the inn, so that I could steal some things in your camp, you’re the commander and now you think I’m really one of your soldiers and how am I going to get out of here, also I can’t fight to save my life, this was a really bad idea.
  • 15: You’re the best swordsman in town and I bragged I could beat you when I was drunk, but I can’t actually fight, I just fancied you, please don’t kill me.
  • 16: I’m a physician, you’re our king’s only son and they called me to cure you of this mysterious illness, please, don’t die on me or I’m dead too.
  • 17: I’m a poet and I wrote a bunch of erotic poems about you, the lord of this city, as a joke, but then I got drunk and lost them somewhere, if you see them I’m dead oh shit.
  • 18: You saved me from the guys who wanted to ritually sacrifice me, but damn you, it was supposed to happen, I’m pretty sure we’ve angered the gods now just because you totally didn’t get it.
  • 19: I was just about to be executed when you invaded the city and now that the fight’s over you don’t know whether to actually finish that execution or not, like hello, if you could take the gag out, I’d like to have my say in this, thank you.
  • 20: You’re imprisoned in the castle where I work and whenever I pass that tiny window of your cell, you beg me to bring you food, I don’t have the heart not to do it but if they catch me I’m dead. Also you say you’re not a bad person, should I trust you?
  • 21: No, I swear I’m not a criminal and these men are not taking me to prison, I’m their hostage and they will probably kill me, please I know I can’t speak with the gag in my mouth but read my eyes or something and save me, please please please.
  • 22: What the hell do you mean that you misplaced the king’s crown accidentally, I know I’m the royal jeweler but I DON’T have a replica, oh God, fine, fine, calm down, we’ll think of something.
  • 23: They locked us together in a room because they thought we had plague, I know for sure I don’t have it but what if you do, stay away from me, actually no, stop crying, you’re not going to die, I’m sure it’s just a weird looking bruise, come here, I’ll hold you.
  • 24: You’re a mad alchemist and you need my blood, but I’m sure we can do this without you killing me, surely you don’t need that much, woah, put down the machete, I’m sure a small puncture wound will be enough.
  • 25: I took off my shirt in front of you and you’ve just seen my birthmark, no, my father is not the Devil, it’s just a birthmark, but if you tell anyone, I’ll kill you, I swear.
girls like dollies chapter 5 (trixya) - lale

Here’s the next chapter of girls like dollies! Poor Trixie’s struggling with her feelings a lot this chapter – bear in mind the warning for internalised homophobia – and it was kind of cathartic to write this after spending all of my teenage years convincing myself that I had ‘girl crushes’ instead of crushes! I hope you all enjoy!

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One Condition

A/N: I had a couple requests on here and another couple on AO3 for a follow-up to Nothing to Discuss, where the reader and Spencer work things out. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn


After leaving Spencer to take Henry to the hospital, you drove home in tears and crawled into bed, hoping to fall asleep, wake up tomorrow, and have all of this disappear. But apparently luck wasn’t on your side today. It was less than an hour later when you heard a steady stream of knocks at your door. “Y/N, open up!” Spencer screamed. “I’m not leaving, so you might as well just talk to me.”

He wasn’t going to leave and you knew it, so instead of screaming back, you walked to the door in a coma, your blanket still wrapped around you, and opened the door, quickly turning back toward the couch to take a seat as he let himself in. “How could you not tell me I’m going to be a father?” he yelled, his face red with rage. He must’ve dropped Henry off and run straight back here.

For some reason, you were almost zen. He was in the wrong, but so were you. You both had faults that you needed to work on. These had just been the cards life had dealt you. “Why did we break up?” you asked him flatly, your voice giving no indication to how you actually felt. 

You could see he wanted to yell, but he took a deep breath. “Because I was always at work, even when I didn’t have to be I wasn’t home. I was there.”

“Exactly,” you said. The tears had filled up in your eyes, but you weren’t actively crying. They just sort of fell from you. “For a reason I may never truly understand, you weren’t ready to commit to an actual give and take relationship with me. I was there for you when you needed me, but I rarely got the same in return. You stayed late in the office when you didn’t have to. And it’s not work, Spencer, I get that your job is unique, but it was as if you didn’t care to be home. I was second to your job, and I didn’t deserve to be, so I left.”

He knew you were right in that regard. After his few failed relationships coupled with the restraints of his job, he’d had a difficult time learning to balance the two - pretty much failing in regards to the relationship. “I’ve been comfortable in my job for over a decade,” he said softly, staring down to where your hand lay on your stomach. “I get that I was not ready for a relationship and I didn’t give you what you needed, but it’s hard and that doesn’t excuse you not telling me that I’m going to be a father.”

Your lip quivered as the tears fell, cascading in your mouth. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, but when I found out, I was devastated. I’d always imagined having a baby, but I imagined having one when I was happy and in love, not reeling from hurt that my boyfriend couldn’t prioritize me in a relationship. Once I got over the initial shock, my mind immediately went to this baby being my be all and end all. This baby comes before everything else.” Standing up from the couch, you walked over to your bag and grabbed the sonogram picture for him. “If you couldn’t prioritize me, which you admit yourself was a problem, how was I supposed to expect you to do that for a child?”

“But I would’ve,” he said. “I will. I want to do right by you both.”

That was the problem. “That’s just it, Spence. I don’t want you to do right by this baby or me because you feel you need to. I have money. I have a mom and aunts that can help me. I don’t “need” your help. I want it. I want you to want us in your life. I want you to want to make us a priority. We aren’t a responsibility, we’re your family.” In your rambling, you hadn’t realized how worked up you’d gotten. You placed your hands on your hips and took a deep breath, not wanting to get worked up anymore for fear of what it would do to the baby. “You didn’t prioritize me then. How am I to expect that you want to do that for us now?”

He knew you had a point, sitting down on the chair across from you and staring at you for a moment. “Because I’ve changed. You’ve changed me. I know that I didn’t prioritize you like I should have. It’s difficult to learn how after years of being on your own. And I was scared. But I did and do still love you…and I want this baby.” He hadn’t looked up at you, his eyes and forefinger slowly glancing over the picture of the baby inside you. “Please give me the chance to prove that.”

When you’d come to the realization that you weren’t a priority for him, no matter how much he loved you, you’d been broken. “One condition,” you said, patting the seat next to you. He stood up and nodded, taking his place at your side. “Talk to JJ and Will. Ask them how they manage to do what they do. I mean in this case I would be Will, the one that’s home more often, but they seem to be able to do this successfully. Ask them how.” The guilt over not telling him overflowed, causing you to cry into his shoulder. “We both grew up without fathers, Spence. Yours walked out and never returned, and mine came in and out of my life as he pleased, when it was convenient for him. So I felt like an inconvenience. If you, for even one second, make this baby feel like they aren’t a priority, we are gone. I will not have our baby feeling the same way I did.”

Spencer placed his thumb under your chin and brought you up to meet his gaze. “I promise you I want this baby. And I want you. I understand you’re scared, and that we both have a lot of work to do, but let me prove that this is what I want.”

“Okay,” you said, allowing a smile to form on your face. It was a tentative one - and you were petrified of once again not feeling good enough, but you would give yourselves a chance to succeed at this. More than anything, you wanted a happy family. “I have an appointment next week to find out the sex of the baby. Do you wanna come?”

“Yes,” he replied quickly, placing his hand on your stomach. He took you off guard and bent his head down, kissing the top of your stomach and saying hello to the baby. “I’m your daddy. I promise you’ll know every day how loved you are.”

SunSkype Week!

So I’ve been thinkin guys. I have faced the reality that I won’t be able to visit everyone in the fandom. I know, I know, very sad day indeed. SO I wanna try something to make up for it and still see all your beautiful faces!!


From May 15th - 21st, 5pm till midnight CST each day!

I want to have groups of four streaming at a time but anyone can pop in and text us as we chat about anything we want and get to know each other more! I hope I don’t take up all the internet at my dad’s house. lol.

I have a google docs sign up sheet here

Perhaps we can read some fanfiction to each other! Having fun trying to voice the Inuyasha gang? Talk about life? Any ideas?

@adorableears7 @keichanz @mmhinman @inunanna @sankontesu @kuddle-cakes @hireikotsu @kags09 @inukag-4ever @inukag @sinuyasha @ryupioupiou @little-known-artist @artistefish @grapefruitwannabe @hanyoukiichi @justafewsmallsteps @bakaryuha @mirsan

My heart has no way out, L. No way out from you. No independence from you. You have stolen it from me, and I do not even want it back.
—  Light Yagami to L Lawliet, Seeking His Hand

After a full year of saving Solus, it’s around that time our band of misfits got the anniversary celebration they deserve! Bringing back the Countdown once again from June 3rd to June 20th, Fans of Battleborn are welcome to create content ranging from fanart, fanfiction, discussions, and much more. We do ask, that those participating in the Countdown avoid reposting. This is about creating new content that came from you personally!

The Countdown days are as follows:

  1. Favorite Character (playable or NPC)
  2. Favorite Faction
  3. Favorite Map/Landscape (Overgrowth, Tempest, Snowblind, etc)
  4. Support, Defend, or Attack
  5. Favorite Female Battleborn
  6. Favorite Male Battleborn
  7. Favorite Story Operation
  8. Swords or Guns
  9. Your Top 5 Most Played Characters (PVP or PVE)
  10. Favorite Competitive Mode (Incursion, Capture, Meltdown, or Face-Off)
  11. Favorite Rumble Event (Big Head, Chaos, Gravity, etc)
  12. Favorite Ultimate skill
  13. Jim Foronda Day (Oscar Mike, Whiskey Foxtrot, ISIC, or MINREC)
  14. Favorite Character Skin(s)
  15. Favorite Character Taunt(s)
  16. Favorite Villain (Rendain, Sister Aria, etc)
  17. That One Platinum Purchase YOU JUST HAD TO BUY
  18. Free-for-All

Want to keep track of the event or wish to participate? Possibly both?! Feel free to follow and tag your posts with #BBCII to see all the goodies! For any questions or concerns, please direct them to the mods @leftcircle or @pendlespromise ask boxes and we will answered them as soon as possible. Happy Countdown!

megaclassytaco  asked:

Black and Mint!

MINT: already answered

BLACK: have you ever met rainbow/would you want to? 

Why yes I have :D And she’s just as lovely and funny and smart and as obsessed with Harry Potter as you’d expect!

I’m really hoping she’ll make it over to Germany sometime because I would LOVE an excuse to meet @susannedraws and @bethanyactually !!

A rainbow of Rainbow Rowell asks

Calling all Heroes fans!

To all the survivors in the small Heroes fandom:

Do you ever feel like you’re the only one left supporting our precious Heroes? I can promise that you’re not. There are still some of us out there, even though it’s difficult to connect because it seems like we don’t know where to look to find each other <3

Maybe now, we can?


This is a brand new Heroes forum currently being set up over on by Amytb85 - for fanfic, to discuss any and everything about the show, and even to role-play if you wish! But I think the most important thing about it is that it’s a space where we could all gather to share our love of the show <3 Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a main hub of activity instead of small, isolated groups dotted all over the internet? 

Maybe this could be something extraordinary - I hope so - and we’ll never know unless we give it a try ^.^

So please check it out, or at least spread the word, so that maybe even the most lonely of Heroes fans can reach out and be part of a more active fandom ^.^ I don’t even know if this post will even reach most of you, but it never harms to try, right? X)

anonymous asked:

Do you have no regard for other people's sexuality, honestly cassandra is straight and she should stay that way.

I’m sorry that you’re upset that I wrote a piece of fanfiction about a sex dream between two women of differing sexualities that was not real.

That’s what fanfic is for, Anon. 

You can block me if you want, or we can have an adult conversation off anon. Whatever you want to do.

Why can't my hair be as perfect as Cheryl Blossom's?
Thank You

I have been staring out into the ocean all day thinking about how I’m not going to be sending asks around to everyone in the morning.

The EENE Appreciation Months have been going on since January. SEVEN MONTHS. I honestly have no idea how I did it through classes, a show, working. I made it part of my life. It was honestly really enjoyable reading all your answers to my questions and seeing what you all came up for fanfiction. You are all such talented people and I am glad to be a part of this fandom.

In that time I have learned so much about the eene world and I have met so many amazing people. I’d name all of you, but that would take too much time.

Thank you all for your participation in discussions, questions, fanfiction, fanart, and everything else that we have made up for these months.

I’m so glad you all have had a wonderful ride as well whether you were doing them for seven, four or even a month. They have also really opened up my mind. I came back into this fandom two years ago. We have displayed so many head canons or theories about each character.

The EENE Appreciation Months will return in January. From now until then I’ll be busy with my senior year in college.

From here until January I will be analyzing Big Picture Show, writing all kinds of fanfiction and stories, and I want to draw more. Please send requests during that time.

I’m going to miss these months, but that does not mean we’re going to let Ed, Edd n Eddy drift into the shadows. And just because the appreciation months are over doesn’t mean we can’t still have discussions. Those are fun.

No, we have kept this fandom going which is what AKA wants. Some of us have had our posts or artwork shown on the AKA Facebook page.

The eene appreciation months will return as soon as 2018 arrives. Until then don’t let this fandom drift away.

Thank you all fellow Ed-Heads. It’s been great.

I can’t help but feel my work as a writer is done….

Also if the lovely person who left these (and the other) brilliant comments sees this, you have 1000% made my day. The same goes to anyone who has ever taken the time out to drop me a line about one of my fics. There is nothing better than going to your inbox and hearing from someone so engaged with a story you’ve crafted :) 

I never expect comments, especially as I know some people find it a challenge to reach out (I do myself sometimes). But to receive them is wonderful and makes me want to continue. Especially on a longfic such as this one, when people come and go and you can get thoroughly discouraged. 

Comments matter to writers. That is all.