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I thought it would be interesting to get a variety of opinions on topics related to writing fanfiction and Olicity, so I invited a number of fanfiction writers to discuss a topic with me. 

This week’s top is…CONDOMS and their use in fanfic, and our guests will be:





There are more of these coming as well. I’m getting my feet wet to see what kinds of conversations we can have about fic things. I’m excited, and I hope you will be too. Part of me wants to call this feature, the Salon, but it strikes me as maybe a little pretentious and literary. What do you think? 

M/F Shipping & Its Troubling Obsession with Marriage & Babies

As a predominantly “het”* shipper I’ve gotta say my biggest annoyance with m/f relationships within fandom is fandom’s way of taking them and making them fit societal standards for a happy, working m/f relationship.

I mean, fandom’s all about m/m (and to a much lesser extent, f/f) relationships. Sometimes they do cool things** with them, too, like make them feel like real relationships instead of some fetishized bullshit where one person has to “be the man” and the other “the woman.” Sometimes these ships are written getting married or having kids (and various options in doing so may be explored, such as adoption & surrogacy), but it always seemed to me that, at least with the better-written pieces of ‘fic, these pieces explored these concepts with characterization in mind. Like, would Ymir and Krista want to get married? Would they want to adopt a buncha kids or carry a baby/babies to term? What about Levi and Erwin; it’s clear Erwin’s really the one who wants a family, so is there compromise? Is this not something they can reach together?

The m/m and f/f shippers have to think heavily about this stuff because the characters in question can’t have these things–especially children–without taking drastic measures; this forces the characters to think about the concept…as well as the authors.

Meanwhile we have the het side of fandom, where m/f shippers overwhelmingly ignore characterization in favor of subscribing to society’s longstanding idea of what makes a relationship workable and real and happy: marriage and children.

I’ve considered this concept before but never really felt like writing it down until I dipped into Roy/ai for five seconds and realized that a great many fans felt that it wasn’t fair or was exceedingly sad that laws against fraternization forbade the two to get married. Well, yes: it is sad for them if they want to get married (or even, y’know, mess around). The obsession with getting these two characters married aside, following right on its heels is the fandom’s need for these characters to reproduce. I’ve seen this in Levi/han’s sub-fandom, too: this weird idea that seems to exist that the relationship is missing something until there’s marriage (and in many cases, a “real wedding”–as if the event matters more than the concept/emotional component to the author/fans & the characters alike) and that the marriage is missing something until there are babies.

Marriage and children are not inherently bad things, of course! Many people want to get married and/or someday have kids; this post isn’t taking that away from anyone. My concern–and annoyance, if I’m being honest–really sits with the complete lack of regard for the characters and what they might want. This lack of regard is what makes me believe that this obsession with children and marriage (which is much more prominent in het sub-fandoms than m/m or f/f sub-fandoms) stems from subconscious author thoughts/feelings about marriage and children rather than actual critical thought about the characters; it’s as if they believe that because reproduction can happen naturally with a m/f couple…it should. (The reasons for this thought process makes sense, as most of the people I grew up with were taught from a young age that marriage and babies were natural parts of life; not only were they expected of them, but they were told they would not be fulfilled otherwise.)

Marriage is less of a concern for me in fiction because it’s something more universally desired by people; it also only involves two people and can be ended easily in most cases. Children, on the other hand, are a huge commitment. Considering Roy/ai and Levi/han are ~30 years old+ and military career-minded people, you’d think that children would be something they would talk about a lot before actually considering. (Also, just because you want children doesn’t mean 1.) it’s a good idea [right now/ever], or 2.) it comes without major sacrifices.)

I want to also stress that no matter what you’re shipping, people’s feelings about getting married and having kids are widespread and unique; I know several people who want to be in long-term committed relationships but don’t want marriage as they dislike the concept and what it once stood for. I know tons of people who love kids and want them, a few people who like kids and want them, and some people who would compromise to have kids ‘cause they’re all right but not required for their own happiness. I also know people who don’t want kids, and those reasons are incredibly diverse, from “I’d rather have a career” to “I just don’t care to have kids” to “I like having money” to “Pregnancy/giving birth scares me/freaks me out.”

Even worse than fandom subscribing automatically to the idea that every m/f relationship needs marriage and/or kids to be happy and fulfilled is the fact that far too often the characters are written in a manner that suggests they need kids/marriage to be happy and fulfilled. While it’s not a farfetched idea in the case of a few characters (and not just for het relationships, of course!), it’s closed-minded to write every character that way. People are diverse!

Just like the myriad of reasons people may not want to have children, there is a list just as long for people who do want them. While the idea of a nuclear family does appeal greatly to a lot of people…is this something that fulfills the character? That they think they’re missing? Or is it just something they want or would like to have? Is their concept of family different/not likely to include kids? Will having kids throw a wrench in their plans for their own future? Will it give them an exploitable weak spot by enemies they’ve made in their lifetime? I mean, these are things characters across various fandoms would think about and consider. 

Of course surprise children have a way of showing up, but the reaction of the characters to this kind of event should be in line with their characterization. If Hitch finds herself pregnant and she has to tell Marlowe about it, you know that is not going to be easy for her to do or for him to accept; he’d probably do the right thing (because he seems like he’s all about doing what’s right), but it would be a struggle initially because Marlowe is especially career-focused & goal-oriented and a baby could throw big wrenches into his plans.

TL;DR: Shippers, consider characterization when you want to write about your characters getting married/having babies. Most people think about these things a lot! You should be doing it, too; just because your m/f pairing can produce babies ad infinitum doesn’t mean that you’re excused from thinking about if they’d actually want these things/about the impact these situations would have on their lives. So again: it’s totally okay if you think your characters would really want kids…but don’t ignore characterization in favor of making it happen, because then you’re just subscribing to the “nuclear family as automatic fulfillment of self”–and that’s bullshit. There’s no such thing as automatic fulfillment; even people who are fulfilled by having kids get that way with time and work. 

*i do realize that m/f relationships aren’t necessarily heterosexual and can include characters of varying orientations, including bi and pan folks.
**sarcasm at its finest; this shit should be mainstream common sense.
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anonymous asked:

Hey hope this doesn't come off as weird but I AGGRESSIVELY love your Fontcest fic already with only having one chapter. I love how you capture the UnderSwap bros, especially since you share my headcanon that UnderSwap!Pap loves practical jokes instead of puns.

Appreciate the compliment!

I find that the interactions between them would be about the same, though since that the younger of the two is now Sans, they would have more playful roughhousing with each other. In my input, I really do like the idea itself of UnderSwap!Paps pulling pranks off more than puns since it gives interaction with him and other characters. And with some news of chapter 2, I’ve currently got some things written down, but I’ll need to try adding details here and there some time later. 

Have a nice time! :)

goddess-poet asked:

I loved your Kamui/Marx ficlet! I hadn't even given the 3rd route any thought yet--I think I just assumed it would have everyone getting along, but now I hope it's more like this. Twice the family drama!

Thank you. I really enjoyed writing it! I’ve actually been wondering about the mystery 3rd route since they mentioned it. 

Honestly I have heard of people just all getting along and whatnot and but honestly, if these countries have been fighting each other for a long time I don’t think it’ll be that simple. I have a feeling the king of Nohr would be a “if you’re not for us you’re against us sort of thing”, whereas I think Hoshido’s reaction might be a bit more tame, though I can see them begging Kamui to reconsider and change their mind on the matter.

While I do think you’ll get people from both sides, I don’t think getting everyone will be possible, though if this is a thing. But if it is it will probably be very hard to achieve.And once you recruit people? Getting them to work together will be another challenge entirely. But will it be worth it? I think it will be and the results will be incredible.

Also, I agree. I do think a more dramatic route would be more interesting storywise. :)

Save The Last Dance For Me: fic discussion begins Wednesday!

On Wednesday we begin discussing the Mrs. Hudson-centered fic Save The Last Dance for Me by Lilith (citrine). Have you started reading yet?

To see what other fics are being discussed this round, take a look at our full calendar. We have a couple of great discussions up and running already - you are welcome to join in!

gruntysrevenge asked:

am i the only one who's really bothered by the fact that "kyle in chains" seems to be like the "definitive" kyman fanfic? it's just... so BAD

I’m not too bothered by it. It happened to be my first kyman fanfic just because I read so much good feedback about it. It’s definitely not the best; gets pretty cringey the longer it goes on and you could tell the person was running out of ideas with the sex. But I have to say, I’ve read worse. 

If I had to guess it’s one of the more popular ones because it was probably the only decent multichapter fic at one time or another, that also had a ‘shocking’ amount of bdsm.


notclosenough-deactivated201406 asked:

EEEEK you published that fanfiction question we discussed! Thank you so, so much! And thank you to all the other writers/readers that answered until now. It truly means the world to me, because it comes from other Hiddlestoners and from adult women living a homelife, as you called it :P I cannot confirm or deny this point for obvious reasons, but it's good to know "fanfiction helps". JTFM said is "life-changing", I couldn't agree more. THANK YOU THANK YOU xx

You’re very welcome! I thought it was a very interesting discussion to have, and I knew other writers would have something to say on it. For me its therapeutic and cathartic and a creative outlet for my mostly very direct mind.

I have a 9-5 job that requires me to pay attention to details and specifics. It can get very monotonous. Writing, for me, is a way to work my mind in another direction…  expand it outwards. To find to find new and unique and creative ways of expressing things…  and almost play director in my character’s lives. (Although sometimes these characters have ideas of their own.)

I can sit down with one idea in my head, and it’ll come out COMPLETELY different on the other side! Whether its where I am, what kind of day I’m having, once I put the characters in the situation, they tell me how it’s going to go. Sometimes I’m just a long for the ride and it’s so much fun!

Thank you so much for the discussion!!

anonymous asked:

Hey! I hope it's okay to ask you a question about writing, since I think your super good at it. Do you have any tips for writing longer stories (like more than 15 chapters)? I have no idea how to plan them.

Hello, Anon! Questions about writing are always welcome.

I actually…don’t write long fiction anymore, not with any sort of regularity, but I think my experiences have still granted me a modicum of insight regarding the process that might be useful to you—and I have some friends who write longfic who may have additional advice to add, so be sure to come back to check on the reblogs. :)

I started writing fanfiction by writing longfic, and back then I took a very common approach to writing it:

  1. Get an idea.
  2. Write.

There was no other thought to it than that. I had an idea for a conflict and immediately started writing it: Character A is blinded in an accident; Character B’s house catches fire; Character C is homeless; Character D adopts a pet—and so on. I had no idea where the conflict was coming from or how it would be resolved. I didn’t worry about anything except having conflict. It was a very by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of approach. Most of my chapters were a thousand words long or less and I had nothing planned at all, yet the reviews poured in (remember that these were good review days on, and I saw nothing wrong with my approach because I still managed to somehow finish my stories.

However, my streak of luck ran out and eventually, particularly in fandoms that were not my first, I started abandoning ‘fics. A cycle was born, and remained unbroken for a great many years, where I would write on a whim and abandon stories the moment I ran into a wall.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

wut r u doin plz just STAHP and gave us, the thirsty sinners, more brocest. no pressure of course we luv yo and ready to wait but damn the cliffhanger was frickin awsome srry i'm thisty and drunk just a lil bit anyway send you hug and magic to crush yo problems irl

Well, I had some of the dialogue written for the third chapter alongwiththefourthspoilers  while writing the current two that’s posted. Also tomorrow’s practically my last day before break, which is a half day, so I may fully attend to working on the fic. Maybe it might be finished on my bday/christmas day, maybe not… who knows, including me?

Anyways, for now, I’m going to sleep pretty soon because I’m tired af. :P

Have a chill day, and drink something for that thirst. :3

vroumlecanardlaque asked:

Hello (´・ω・)ノ I wanted to know if there was a fill or something to join the fanfiction reading group..

I’m not sure what you mean by “fill” - but there’s NO requirement to join the fanfic reading group (which is HERE - reading221b at LJ).  Well, you do have to have an LJ to participate, since we’re going to lock the actual discussions to members only to try to cut down on possible wank.  (Also, that’s what a recent poll about the comm indicated people wanted.)  But LJs at a basic level are completely free and I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to provide whatever support ANYONE needs in navigating over there. 

(You certainly don’t have to nominate or even vote on the fics we read in order to participate - but no complaining about what we read if you don’t!)

And just to remind everyone: nominations at reading221b are open!  We have thirteen categories that should cover just about every kind of fic out there.  We’ll vote on what everyone wants to read starting on 1 September and we plan to start discussing fics on September 10. 


anonymous asked:

How out-of-character do you think it'd be to write niall as sort of a dick bc that's what wall street bankers are

Okay so listen, I don’t think you need to worry about ~in-character, ~out-of-character BS. If a fic is well written and the world building is strong, you can paint these boys how ever you want to and the reader will believe it and it will be a good ass fic that everyone will love. I mean yeah it’s good to cling to some of the person’s natural mannerisms because it helps us connect them to the living, breathing person we see in vids/interviews/concerts etc.

But I’ll just use Escapade as an example, Harry’s character is very unique and while it has small comparisons to the ~Harry we know, he is also written very different than I think we read in a lot of fic. But it totally fucking works. BTW I’ve also read fics where Harry was a dick in them and if that isn’t the opposite of everything we’ve ever known about Harry I don’t know what is, but it worked because the writing was good. So yeah, I would definitely not worry about whether it is OOC. Just go with it.

And BTW, I live for dick!Niall, like idk if you even know this, but I can’t stand how everyone eats up his happy-go-lucky, good-times, chuckling lad act. I’m not saying it’s ALL an act, but people tend to treat him like that is the ONLY side to his personality, when in fact I really do believe there is a very real dickhead kinda side to Niall (when the situation warrants it). So personally I don’t think it would be that OOC anyway.

I’m actually going to reblog a post I made awhile ago about dick!Niall if you are curious! And btw I hope my response to your other ask didn’t get buried by other posts, I’m assuming you saw it because you’re asking me about wall street banker Niall. And for all of our viewing pleasure, this is totally him-

Oh god, you know what’s the most annoying thing? When you’re trying to write a fun post-game romantic smutty sex-comedy fic and all of a sudden, you can feel it warping into this enormous beast that suddenly starts talking about the psychological effects of a “happy ending” that also includes a great deal of stress, pain, time away from your loved one, and dealing with all the psychological and social ramifications of infertility while living in an era that extols motherhood as the most important occupation a woman can aspire to.

(Seriously though… “happily ever after” automatically becomes a lot more complicated when you can’t even touch the woman you love).

Damn it, Cardia and Van. You two are bloody adorable together during your happy endings. Why am I finding it so hard to talk about your ever-after without touching on the darker aspects of your life together?

Anyway, back to trying to wrangle these two into less murky waters…

(Unless anyone’s interested in actually reading that fic? But oh, I just wanted to write some light-hearted, sweet smut, damn it…!)

one time i saw this fanfic author’s profile and it said that they only posted completed stories; even their chaptered ‘fics were completed before they actually began posting them. 

at first i thought that was pretty neat. convenient, at any rate.

but then the author went on to say that they did this because “[their] readers deserved to have finished stories because it’s just not right to make people wonder if a story will ever get done or not.”


d e s e r v e d

nah man nah. i appreciate my readers but they don’t deserve to have a guarantee of a finished story at the start any more than i do. they’re not paying me to write the story. they’re not paying me for the 5-10+ hours i spend on each chapter, let alone the 20+ hours it takes to plan the story and fix worldbuilding and so on. half of them only come around to comment when the story hasn’t been updated in a week, anyway.

i mean i get wanting a finished story. trust me, we all want that. but your readers are getting all this for free. they don’t “deserve” anything because you don’t owe them anything.

if you wanna be nice and finish stories first for your own sanity, that’s fine. it’s very kind of you. but don’t act like the entertainment you provide, the hours you sunk into creating it, isn’t enough, especially when it’s coupled with being fucking free.